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Celeste Uchiha
Celeste Uchiha
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Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:18 am
For others it was a simple day, but for Celeste it was only another day bearing the information that she has received from Ita Uchiha. Only two days ago did she encounter the Jounin Ranked Uchiha and had been tormented for reasons she did not know. Was it because of her father's position within the clan? Was it due to her following the clan's rules? Whatever it may be, she would probably never know. Though, she continued to hold to burden of how to awaken a level of Sharingan above the Three Tomoe within her. If the memories that Ita had showed her were the truth instead of lies, then it would be quite of predicament if the Uchiha learned of an old power that had been erased from the clan's history. She loved her clan and had known that they were quite greedy and ambitious, just like herself. However she didn't want to pursue the awaking of the Mangekyo Sharingan. She was a twelve year old who hasn't even really experienced what it means to be a Genin leveled Ninja. So experiencing death at a young age to awaken a mythic ability would be quite hard on her.

Current she was within the Ninja Academy. Inside of Classroom #9. The instructor was teaching everyone the final Jutsu so that the Academy Students could take their Genin Exams within the next few days. Celeste had already learned the Clone Jutsu, but before she had the chance to learn the Transformation Jutsu she had been rudely interrupted by Ita, so she had to resort to peasant tactics and learn it within the academy where all of the snot nose brats were located. "The Transformation Jutsu is quite hard for some of you to perform. It requires rolling chakra over your body and molding it into the shape or form that you want." While the instructor babbled, Celeste would only wait for the handseals that were required to learn the Jutsu. For some reason she was able to learn Jutsu just by looking at the handseals. If she knew the basics of the Jutsu, such as what to do. Then she could easily perform it.

Most think it is due to her high intellect and chakra reserves or maybe her being the once in a generation Uchiha and she was slowly coming to believe that. Uchiha were plentiful within the world and Konoha, but there was always the one Uchiha who was born different from the others. The previous generation was the man who was known as the Fourth Hokage, Viper Uchiha. His brothers Koroshi Uchiha and Echo Uchiha were said to be powerful as well, but Viper was said to be a God amongst man. And that title wouldn't be given to just a random person.

The instructor having explained the Jutsu, he would begin performing it. The handseals making a mark within the memory of her brain. Upon the final handseal created by the instructor, Celeste would begin to them herself. There would be a loud gasp among the crowd of children as it appeared as if their instructor had teleported into the desk area. "May I leave now?" Asked Celeste as she stared at the Jounin. The man knew of Celeste's expertise with molding chakra, so he knew that it was her who had transformed into him. Nodding his head, he would allow Celeste to leave the class. Walking out of the classroom the Jutsu would begin to prepare. Her body was ready, but her mind wasn't. If she was to pass the Genin exams then she needed to clear her mind.

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Claiming Transformation Jutsu and 3 Stats
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Almost There (P) Empty Re: Almost There (P)

Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:23 am
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