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Learning The Ways Of Fire Empty Learning The Ways Of Fire

Sat May 27, 2017 9:25 pm
Day 1: Azura stood outside on the training ground researching new jutsu and how to control and learn Wind Release. Skimming through the first few pages took him a few minutes but he hit the fire jutsu part of his book and it hit him. He didn't even know one fire jutsu.
     Of course, he knew how to heat up and bend fire chakra to his will, but he just didn't try to make or learn any jutsu requiring fire release. He also knew basic E-rank jutsu and only that. 
     That dealt blow to his confidence as he wanted to help improve his team when he gets assigned to one, not hinder it. So he got ready to learn one of these jutsu, he tightened his Genin headband and went by the tree, which had his stuff hanging off a branch, to get his book to study a new, and first, fire jutsu.
     Azura started to look at the first few pages of the fire jutsu section of his book but didn't find anything that interested him. He kept looking until he found the perfect one. "Fire Release: Piercing Darts," he read aloud, "The user does the Tiger hand seal and up to 6, six-inch darts of fire coalesce in the air around the user, no more than a meter away. The darts have a sharpness of 10. The user can change the darts target up until they're fired but after that, they have no control over them whatsoever. After they've been formed the user can telepathically fire them after deciding the direction they will fire in. The darts travel in a straight line toward the target upon being fired."
     "So basically you use your heated chakra then push it out your body and wait for it to combine then shape it into the form of darts," Azura thought to himself, that sounds easier said than done.
     First, he had to heat up his chakra then push it out his body so the fire chakra can form." Azura said, getting into a meditating pose and started to imagine the chakra flowing through his body and into his stomach so It could be heated up then pushed out his body. He felt that same heat as he always did, relaxing, this only helped further his concentration and imagination. Then, he started to imagine the fire flowing out his body into the air at least, no more than a meter away as the book said. He felt heat appear after he did this step and assumed that he, of course, did the jutsu correctly but he was wrong.
     All he saw were unstable balls of fire, you could look at them and tell they were unstable, they looked like the sun, or at least what he thought the sun looked like. 
     He decided to see what would happen if he threw them;ike the book stated, maybe they just took the form of balls or something like that. Azura commanded the balls to go straight at the testing dummy, but instead, it exploded in his face.
    It would have been a lot worse if he didn't have his clan's bloodline ability to have less reduced damage fire type jutsu.
    After this Azura knew not to throw sun looking fire, but he still wondered what he did wrong. Maybe his imagination for the kunai wasn't perfected. Azura thought if this was the case he should better his imagination or picturing skills on the kunai or darts he has on him.
     When he got home he opened his book of the jutsu he found and started to look at the picture, and he also got one of his 10 kunais to look at for real life example, maybe even the adults of the village could help Azura thought, but that would have to wait for now.

[WC - 642]
[642/1000 Fire Release : Piercing Darts]
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Learning The Ways Of Fire Empty Re: Learning The Ways Of Fire

Sat May 27, 2017 9:28 pm
Day 2:     It has been at least a day or two since Azura started to work on learning his first fire jutsu, which is pretty weird still. He has gotten as far as to be able to make the fire appear around him but he couldn't get it to change into darts, he even tried to do it when he got home but still no luck. So he decided today he will focus on the image of a dart, or rather kunai since he didn't have any darts and couldn't buy any darts since he didn't have any ryo.
     Azura was in his room with a book open and on the other side of him was a kunai. He sat admiring these objects and taking the shape, size, and material they were made of into his brain. If someone saw him they most likely would have asked, "What is wrong with you?" or "Are you ok?", but these actions were needed for him to know the exact shape of a dart so he could perfect this jutsu.
     He has been here for at least 30 minutes, storing and heating up his chakra so he would have enough for the jutsu, but as well imagining the shape of the kunai on his floor and the picture of the dart in the book. He was starting to have a better understanding of the composition of the kunai as well since he went around and asked adults about it. They all mostly said the same thing, "Kunai normally had a leaf-shaped blade and a handle with a ring on the pommel for attaching a rope, blah blah blah."
     He now started to believe he could do this so he closed the book and put the kunai back into his bag and went outside.
     Azura started to use that heated up chakra he has been saving and started to push it out his body and make it form the darts. He started to remember all of the memory training he did with this kunai and hoped so dearly that it would work. He did the hand sign Tiger 6 times to make 6 darts to appear. He looked around him and saw 6 darts there. he yelled joy and wanted to test them out but he realised how late it was and decided to go to sleep very happily that night.

[WC - 397, TWC -  1,039]
[Requesting Fire Release: Piercing Darts, 5 Stat Points]
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Yasahiro Yagami
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Learning The Ways Of Fire Empty Re: Learning The Ways Of Fire

Sat May 27, 2017 9:55 pm
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