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Operation: "Principle" Reflection and Resolution Empty Operation: "Principle" Reflection and Resolution

Fri May 12, 2017 11:16 pm
Genri’s body is contained in a scroll held in Shiro’s hands. Atsuko walks next to him, both with a somber mood about them. Hanzo is ahead of the two, allowing them privacy to converse. He understands that the events that had transpired in the previous hours did not concern him and that they were more strongly tied to his partners and their own circumstances. With respect, Hanzo leaves Shiro and Atsuko to reflect upon the heavy situation and its outcome.

    Just as was explained, Shiro and Atsuko walk side by side with Shiro holding the scroll in which Genri’s body is contained. He clutches it with both hands and looks at it as he walks. After thinking for a period of time about what would be most appropriate to say, Atsuko speaks.

    “Shiro…”She begins, wanting to get his attention before entering a conversation. It may also be that Shiro is not quite ready to talk about anything at the moment. She knows that if he does not want to talk, he will say so. By Shiro’s silence, Atsuko understands that she may continue for maybe a moment longer. If she speaks convincingly enough, he may completely open up to conversation. “You feel like you did the wrong thing.” This is a statement, not a question.

    “...Yes, I do.” Shiro responds. He speaks slowly.

    Atsuko knows that saying she feels differently will not help him in any way. Shiro is not ready to hear that his actions were reasonable or just. To him, he has committed a great evil from which he cannot be cleansed. Clouds of self hate congest his thought process, In an effort to somehow ease his emotional pain, Atsuko takes her time explaining her view. She first slowly puts her arm around Shiro and grasps his right shoulder. She is on his left side. “You did as you were told.”

    “That doesn’t change the fact that it conflicts with my moral standards.” Shiro opens more easily than Atsuko had thought, speaking in larger sentences and touching upon morals which are the main topics of interest for Atsuko. She believes that Shiro must see that his moral code does not and should not restrict his actions in the confrontation with Genri.

    “I know that.” Her voice eases into a comforting tone. Atsuko also knows that her voice contributes greatly to Shiro’s mood. She notices that he is not quite angry but also more upset than simply being saddened. Frustrated is the most accurate adjective. “And I know that you’re frustrated about it. You think that what you did was unforgivable based upon your current understanding of how things ought to be done. Can I ask you a question?”

    Shiro sighs and wraps his left arm around Atsuko’s midsection. Holding her close this way lifts some stress from his heart. “If it would satisfy you, ask away.” His hand squeezes her side and rubs around the area. Affection, yes, but also longing. Refusing to drink alcohol excessively or abusively, Shiro’s heart desires some form of relaxation in which he can indulge other than drunkenness. However, it should be noted that his thinking is not completely straight and that his judgement is not what is normally is.

    “Ok.” Atsuko chooses her next words carefully, knowing that how she words her question determines its effectiveness. She does her best to ignore his hand as it caresses her side tenderly. Maybe when they return home but not within the next few days. She understands his want but she also has an obligation to oversee his emotional recovery. The solution he seeks is not the best route to take. One should not use pleasure alone to overshadow their sorrows, that’s not how this particular problem should be resolved. Or else it will come back and he will once again use pleasure to treat himself. That is in no way a healthy relationship. “Do you know what Genri wanted you to do? Remember what it was that he said.”

    Shiro thinks for a moment and loosens his grip from Atsuko’s side. “He told me that his life of solitude was not a pleasure. And that going to prison would not be any better. By our being there, he had a choice to make: whatever happens, he leaves and continues to run, or he returns to Hoshigakure with us and spends probably the rest of his life in prison. As he noted, neither prospect is one to look forward to. So, to ensure that his efforts were not wasted, he decided to test my moral resolve. He presented me with a choice in the same way that we presented him with a choice. I could either go against my moral compass and kill him or let you die.”

    “Yes.” She says patiently. Shiro still has yet to touch the idea that she wants him to touch. He is however dancing very close to it.

    “Understandably, I can’t live without you. I also vowed to your father that you would return home safely. What I did… I can’t decide whether or not it was right or wrong. He wanted me to kill him. He wanted me to prove to him that his purpose had been realized that I was strong enough emotionally to protect the ones I loved. If I hadn’t done what he had asked me to do, it would have been a disservice. I would in effect be telling him that all of his efforts had been wasted. He lived that life of unhappiness for my sake. And that side of the coin is so strong. I know that above all, I would choose you but I had to decide between losing a leg or losing my arms. Without one of my legs, I cannot walk; without you, I would never again feel happiness through making you happy. Then again, who really wants to lose both of their arms?  I would cope, sure, but to consciously have to make that choice… it was straining knowing that I was going to lose something either way.”

    “Ok, hold on.” Atsuko interjects, her voice still that resembling silk.”I’m sorry but I don’t understand why it is that you’re conflicted about your actions. You performed a service for both Genri and myself. Where do you think you went wrong? To kill is not wrong should the person ask for it to be done, should it prove to be a mercy upon one’s soul. There was absolutely no better way to handle the situation than what you chose to do. And it’s true that you have lost him, a part of your mind and a part of your past. But you don’t have to face that alone. I’m here.” Shiro is greatly moved by Atsuko’s words of genuine healing. Without equipment, even without chakra, she has proven to be capable of mending his heart when it is in pain. She pauses and allows Shiro to process this information. Afterwards, she continues for a short amount of time. “Is anything else the matter? If so, I can -”

    “I don’t know.” Shiro says as he slowly shakes his head.

    “...Do you just need time? I understand if you do.” Her hand leaves his shoulder and rests as her side. “You know, pleasure is no replacement for mourning. If you want something, I can attend to it at a later date. Alright? Don’t think I don’t want it as much as .” you do.” She says with a smirk.

    He slowly removes his hand from around her. “Yes. I can understand that. I think that this should pass shortly.”

    “Good.” She replies. “I want you back to normal.” Slowly, she uses her right hand to lift herself up slightly and plant a kiss upon his cheek. Then, she returns to walking the same as before.

    Shiro takes a deep breath in and lets it out, lifting his head up to look straight ahead. Again, in and out. The scroll in his hands is clutched tightly and then his left lets go of it. His right hand raises it to his chest and he places it upon the left side. “He will rest peacefully.” He thinks to himself.

    “I’m going to talk to Hanzo.” Shiro tells Atsuko, letting her follow him if she would like to. He will discuss with Hanzo their course for returning to Hoshigakure and what will be done once they return.

    Meters ahead, Shiro and Hanzo converse. “We will return the same way we came, through Iwagakure’s ruins and the mountains of Rock Country. We stop to set up camp at sunset everyday until arrival. With the mission over, we can take our time. Any questions?”

    “Yes.” Hanzo answers, turning to look at the scroll held against Shiro’s chest. “Genri’s body is in that scroll. They need it for proof of our success on this mission, right? Who is it that we’re giving it to?”

    “I will be handing it to the nearest Queen's Guard and letting him know that Shiro Kaguya’s squad has completed its mission. The three of us will fill out reports of the events and then the mission is archived. We move on after that.” Shiro looks at Hanzo. “And if you ever need anything you can send for me. I’ll do the same for you. In my opinion, we would benefit from each other’s acquaintance. Do you think so?”

    “Yeah, yeah. We did well. I didn’t actually fight but I saw what you were capable of. You see, I’m not combat oriented, I specialize in sensory abilities and the like. Next time I’m put on a squad for combat, I’ll be sure to request your aid.” Hanzo answers, looking straight ahead again. “Those black marks across you body during the fight. What was that? It seemed dangerous. You were safe, right?”

    “Perfectly safe, yeah. It’s a fuinjutsu seal which enhances my physical speed and strength. Quite appropriate as I specialize first in taijutsu.”

    “Alright. I was just curious, it looked interesting. Now, what about that oe technique you used where -”

    And Hanzo would continue to ask questions and converse with Shiro on multiple occasions while travelling back to Hoshigakure. This, of course, is Atsuko’s doing. She made it a point to Hanzo that he should take whatever opportunity he has on their way home to talk to Shiro and have Shiro engage in conversation. Seeing him explain his techniques, Atsuko smiles at his slow recovery to normal Shiro. She wishes to move ahead with their relationship. What he had implied to want moments ago (when Shiro had put his arm around her side, he had meant that he wanted pleasure maybe next time they set up camp) is also what Atsuko is starting to long for.

    “Maybe the next time he comes back from a mission. I’ll surprise him. He deserves it for how he’s conducted himself lately, patient and respectful, always implying to ask and never taking for himself. I adore his compassion.” Close behind the two young men, Atsuko looks at Shiro’s silhouette. She takes in his broad shoulders, his notably masculine shoulder to hip ratio, the way in which he walks subtly commanding respect with each footstep, that deliciously dark skin, his deep brown eyes, the way his strong arms are so relaxed…. Atsuko blushes, realizing the she has been lost in Shiro’s features. “I… I want to. And so does he. The two of us are eighteen years old, we are at that threshold.” She thinks further on it and decides for finalization. “I won’t have to wait much longer.”

Once in Hoshigakure, the three of them go their seperate ways until Shiro and Atsuko are to meet again.

(10,286/10,000 towards mission completion)

[Exit to Haven Country Borders]
[Claims: Completion of Operation: "Principle", 5,000 ryo, 15 AP]
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Operation: "Principle" Reflection and Resolution Empty Re: Operation: "Principle" Reflection and Resolution

Sat May 13, 2017 3:06 am
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