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Zakari Akari
Zakari Akari
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The Desire to Grow [Open] Empty The Desire to Grow [Open]

Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:40 am
Becoming a genin had been one of the happiest moments of Zakari's life, but he could not let himself grow content. If he wanted to impress his teammates, when he finally joined a team. He was going to have to be stronger than what he is now, a lot stronger.

How was one suppose to become strong, well, he had no idea. Which was why he was currently sitting in the middle of the training field, sitting cross legged on the ground. Not to mention, his hands were tied behind his back. He was struggling to free his hands, and currently failing. The scene would look rather comical to others passing by. 

The young genin had originally come to the training grounds to train in the rope escape jutsu, but after failing the first three times. He completely forgot about why he was out their, and was just trying to break out of the ropes with strength and grit.

"This is impossible."

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Zakari Akari
Zakari Akari
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The Desire to Grow [Open] Empty Re: The Desire to Grow [Open]

Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:23 pm
The hours were beginning to drag longer and longer for the young genin. His mouth had long gone dry, and it was getting hot. He had given up his struggle to get out, and was just sitting their thinking about whatever came to mind. 

First, it was how he got here. His dad had suggested the training, and that was where he went wrong. He should never listen to that man. When the man had suggested the training, it sounded like a bad idea. He had looked to his mom for help, but she had done nothing but shrug. That is what she always did, just blindly following her husband. Still, he could not be mad at his mom. He focused his anger towards his dad.

He thought about his dad. Zakari held a high opinion of his dad, even though he hated the man, but now that he thought about it. Why did he respect the man. Yeah, he was a ninja, but nothing special. He was maybe, a little above average. When he was young, he had wanted to be just like his dad, but now. No, way in hell. He was not going to be some forgotten ninja like others. He was going to be famous, super famous. He would be known through the entire world as a superior ninja.
He was going to become a ninja that made the Akari can members in Konohagakure rethink their views on the world.

However, to become a great genin, he was going to need a good team. He did not even know who his teammates were, yet. How was he going to be a great ninja, if he did not even have a team. He could not be a chunin without a team. Even worse, what if his teammates slowed him down. Even worse than that, what if he slowed them down.

All of this was going through his head, when he realized where he was. He started laughing, How am I going to become famous when I can not even get out of these dumb ropes? Alright, this was it. He had to get out now, or he was screwed. He closed his eyes and focused all of his chakra around his wrist, where the ropes were tied. He pushed as much as he could out, focusing on the chakra pushing out against the rope. Eventually he felt the ropes begin to move. They did not fall all the way off like he planned, but they did loosen up enough for him to get both of his hands free. 

He finally got up from his spot on the ground. He wrist were soar, and his legs were stiff from not moving. 

"Well, it was not perfect, but close enough. Time to get out of here."

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Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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The Desire to Grow [Open] Empty Re: The Desire to Grow [Open]

Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:44 pm
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