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Mako Mitsurugi
Mako Mitsurugi
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Bloodsports (P, Sinai, IO) Empty Bloodsports (P, Sinai, IO)

Thu Apr 06, 2017 12:13 pm
The sun had no influence over the darkened land of Kirigakure, formerly Tenga.  The storm shield that surrounded the land ensured that and it was these sorts of days that Yazu loved, it was in fact what kept his skin so pale.  He could not remember a time that he had ever left the fortress of Kiri, he had no reason to having turned it into his own psychotic playground.  Those beneath him, feared him. Those above, avoided him., and those who did not know of him were better for it.  That's not to say he was without friends in the land, a few came to mind; the several Shinkou he had met, Kozata and the other boy, Then there was Mitako Raicho the sand user he had fought in the blood games, who had gone on a few missions with.  However Kirigakure was not a land of friendship and happiness, it was not a place where dreaming big and doing nothing would ever be rewarded.  A land of action where only those willing to take what they desired would ever achieve what they sought.  Yazu had already begun his schemes and had them laid out before him, he simply needed to do something, something to earn the admiration of Xyxer.  He had not figured it out yet but he knew, the time of Yazu of the Mist was coming.

The constant clock work of his mind rotated as he worked out solutions and bypasses for jutsu to allow them to work for him, and focusing on what he needed to achieve.  The beasts were not quite perfect yet, lacking variety of techs that he could use through them.  Needing several Suiton techs and more Raiton and Katon.  This would give them a vast amount of stopping power allowing him to kill on a whim from a distance with no real difficulty or fear of entering close quarters combat.  So today would be a general training day, hoping to learn some more variety to his Raiton masked beast.  Removing the kimono top off of his torso, letting it drape over the thick rope belt tied about his waist.  His body would arch as the yellow mask would begin to move about and the tentacles would burst out of the back seemingly carrying the mask with it.  The threads streamed forth for several moments, appearing that it would never end, much like sitting at a train stop.  The threads would finally finish their exit forming a massive wad of threads, roughly 10 meters in length from head to tail, shaped similar to a snake except for two wings sprouted from its back, with the mask rested where the head would be.  Raiton Mask: Coatl.  This was the form he had decided to see this particular mask take.  Immediately after forming in the dense woodland on a deserted island, the gap on Yazu's back would close, and would appear as normal, just one mask shy.

The beast would coil its tail in a circle like a cobra a few meters from its master, enough that it could sit up and be face to face with the white haired boy.  Yazu would take several steps over to his own creation and place his left hand upon its head and stroking the threads gently.  A grin from ear to ear forming upon the boy's face, as he would speak, "Are you prepared to learn some new tricks today my beauty?"  In response to the phrase the tentacles would shiver with excitement, as Yazu's other hand would produce a scroll from his belt and open it.  "Raiton Arc Lightning seems to be the perfect option for you, it would be quite powerful."

Before preparing to cast the jutsu Yazu would activate his sharingan just to check that no spying eyes were watching.  No one can see how his bloodline worked, otherwise it would ruin the surprise.

Sinai <3
Sinai <3
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Bloodsports (P, Sinai, IO) Empty Re: Bloodsports (P, Sinai, IO)

Fri Apr 07, 2017 11:59 am
Sinai stood as still as  a one thousand-year-old boulder, hanging to the tree branch so tightly that the bark bit into his skin. He took long silent breaths, drawn out to blend into the rhythmic rustle and sway of the tree tops, slowly covering the ground in a green blanket as the leaves fell noiselessly. Albeit he was nearly 20 metres off the soil, He too himself was covered in this natural blanket; causing his presence to hide even more from the unwary passerby, or in this case, Swimmers. Among the low babbling of the lake, the splashing of the bathing figures could faintly heard, with the occasional accompanying giggle. If anyone would have glanced at the tree where the peeping shinobi lay, one would notice his transfixed on the scene in front of him. Three relatively young girls were bathing together, their clothes folded neatly on the nearby rocks, away from the light backwash. Sinai had stumbled on this lake by mistake, having lost his way while searching for another lake that was routinely used by busty maidens to wash in. As if some twisted power was guiding him, Sinai stumbled on the women just arriving and using his knowledge of shinobi stealth manoeuvres, he skillfully climbed the tree and lay in wait as they slowly undid their vestments; His eyes transfixed to their exposed bodies. It seemed that today was his lucky day.  They all had an amazing BHW and they were all taking their time splashing each other and talking; What about Sinai had no clue as at the sight of exposed breasts, nothing short of a great shinobi war would snap him out of the euphoric state he found himself. All they needed to do now was swim a bit further from the grassy shore so he could slither down undetected so he could attempt to get himself a little souvenir from the rocks below.

Yet, a bizarre thing was happening that was slowly destroying the harmony and bliss of Sinai’s situation. Sometimes; when of the ladies moved and he had to relocate his gaze back to their jiggling breasts; just as they pass on a  face, he would see a familiar face. A face that has haunted him since that fateful mission. Her face seemed to appear just momentarily as his gaze moved; just before he would backtrack to find that it wasn’t her. Yet, this was not normal. She was in his dreams. He saw her every time he closed his eyes. Even now? She had already turned his life upside down by what she had done on that fateful day; Now her face seemed to haunt him at every waking and sleeping moment. He had gazed upon maybe naked women and none of them imposed this effect on him; let alone one who humiliated him and shaken him to his core with her actions. What was happening to him? Had Rakka broke his mind? Was the fear that she entrenched in him so deep into his mind that he lost the ability to see the greatest sights man could ever witness and enjoy the jiggling and subtle bounces of breasts, in their full beauty? As these thoughts filled his mind; his concentration waned and he leaned too far onto the end of the branch. This caused it to stoop and such tree wailed loudly; with all eyes ending on Sinai’s position The cloak of leaves fell; exposing him now to those below; who shrieked and covered themselves with their hands.  Sinai panicked; he was used to getting caught but he was caught flat-footed and thus fumbled about as he tried to hide himself once again; albeit it was all in vain as the branch under him snapped; sending him spiralling down onto the grass below.

Sinai landed with a resounding crash yet somehow not breaking any bones. He got up groggily; the woman all rushing at him as they clung with towels to cover themselves from his hungry eyes. He knew fully that being beaten by a scorned woman was both humiliating and painful and these women looked really scorned so he turned tails and bolted it as fast as he could. He ran through the underwoods, snapping branches and tearing off anything that lay in his way. He ran for a solid five minutes before he realised he got himself even deeper in the woods; immersing himself even more in uncharted territory. The Trees were naked and dark, fog weaving through their bare branches; forming shadowy hands that were reaching for the skies, the sun nowhere to be seen. Even though there seemed to be no wind; the mist itself was chilling. Sinai stopped; taking in where he was and trying to find some kind of direction. Except for his laboured breath; no one sound made its way to his ears. No Birds chirping, No sway of the wind; Nothing. Deciding to keep running ahead to reach the end of this island; He set off in a rushed sprint. As he ran; the clawed branches seemed to be reaching for him and surrounding him and having to break through them to keep going. He broke through a particularly thick branch and displaced himself; sending himself sprawling into an opening.

In front of him lay a tall figure; naked from the waist up; Its body all stitched up. Next to it stood some horrific masked beast that seemed to be formed out some kind of shadow. His hand flared with Raiton and he crawled back and reached to the left side for his sword. It was not there; He had tied it around his back to reduce noise when he was climbing the tree. He went to reach for it, but a hand seemed to grab his outstretched hand as a familiar voice echoed in his head. “You can’t Fight The Stitched One. You are not powerful enough; Fighting is futile; the best you can do is surrender.”. Sinai wanted to heed these words; yet he was frozen in fear, staring at the malevolent grin that seemed to inhumanly stretch from ear to ear. Was this the end of his tale?!


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Mako Mitsurugi
Mako Mitsurugi
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Bloodsports (P, Sinai, IO) Empty Re: Bloodsports (P, Sinai, IO)

Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:11 am
The clump of chakra would become apparent and obvious to Yazu hiding behind a nearby tree, the flare of Raiton chakra had an aggressive feeling to it.  Was it fear that drove this new force to prepare an attack? Yazu was certain that was the cause, of course regardless of intention Yazu knew he couldn't continue without addressing it.  He had allowed very few individuals within the village to actually see one of his heart beasts, and this man invaded his privacy, raping his poor innocent beast with his eyes.  So as Yazu's sharingan fell upon the alien man and watched the chakra flow to his finger tips in preparation for an attack Yazu would already spring into action, moving to the left and squaring his body so that he no longer was in between the invader and the beast, but instead facing the boy directly, the beast would also move just slightly to its left so that it now formed a barrier between the two.  The white haired Earth Grudge Fear user would charge the beast with chakra commanding it to blast the tree behind which Sinai hid with one hard shock of Raiton energy, holding the other small burst for wherever the boy decided to go.  The ball of lightning with a 60 power would launch forth from the beasts mouth at a speed of 60 flying toward the tree, hitting it and splintering the entirety of the bottom half of the trunk while exploding outward with a massive burst of electrical energy which if not dodged would stun and electrocute Sinai where he stood rendering him unconscious and leaving Yazu to do his work.  Had the blast been direct it most certainly would have been fatal, this was the power of false darkness.  Three concentrated balls of energy capable of moderately destructive force, which due to his unique anatomy he was capable of using with just a mere thought, the beast coiled in front of him, standing like a cobra had two charges of the powerful False Darkness balls of lightning remaining.  He wondered what this foreign entity might do with the information gleaned from his peeping would he venture forth and share this information, or could he be extorted. Yazu refused to be extorted, it might be simpler to kill him.  However there was something about the chakra, something odd indeed, something that would be immediately recognizable, which gave Yazu a feeling of familiarity.

Yazu would ponder for the briefest of moments the relations between the False Darkness and the Arc Lightning very similar in nature but very different in practice, one had a great deal of versatility while the other was nigh impossible to dodge. So as he watched the bottom half of the tree splintering under the force of the electrical blast that was fired at it he would draw conclusions on the nature of Raiton energy.  The genius that was Yazu of the mist when dealing with chakra energies was unrivaled within the village.  Yazu continued to watch the individual who had encroached upon him in a time of study and contemplation.

"Do not hide within the shadows, that is a coward's option, come forth and speak with me,"  Yazu would demand, knowing that the False Lightning would be easily dodged and that he had not scored a direct hit.
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Sinai <3
Sinai <3
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Bloodsports (P, Sinai, IO) Empty Re: Bloodsports (P, Sinai, IO)

Sat Apr 22, 2017 5:01 am
This being in front of him was fast, much faster than he could ever hope to be. His eyes had already been gazing on him from the moment he had fallen into the opening; moving into a more tactical position; chakra visibly pulsing through his fingertips; like an ebbing snake jumping from knuckle to knuckle. His eyes were outwordly; a red iris with and he seemingly had 3 pupils surrounding the central one as it honed in on every minute movement he did. Was this thing in front of him even human? Yet something far more urgent diverted his attention; the masked eerily moved; as if it was truly a living thing yet still in a robotic manner as a ball of pure raiton lightning buzzed erratically in the beast’s mouth seconds before it shot out at the tree that he lay against; Sinai hurriedly stumbled off from its trajectory, the trunk behind him splintering into a million fragments and the tree creaking loudly before it snapped and crashed down; effectively cutting any means of exit for him.

He found himself a few meters away from the being. He surely wasn’t going to escape now. In his panic, his eyes had awakened, giving him the sight of chakra as it burned and obliterated the wood. He saw the raw power that it gave out, unprecedented power like he had never seen before. If he hadn't known better, he would have even thought that the being in front of him was the great Mizukage himself but the titanic statues of him did not resemble the being in front of him. Mixed in with his fear, he could feel a sense of admiration at the raw power of such a technique. It was leagues beyond what he could do. Maybe, just maybe, He could learn under him? He looked up, words ready in his mouth to say such a statement yet those words got stuck in his throat as he looked upon the stitched being; fear once again took hold of him. This was no human. His chakra network was...simply inhuman. He had far more Tenketsu that a normal person would ever have and he seemingly had 4 pulsing chakra points that looked to what usually would have been a heart.

At this distance, he could clearly see the snaking stitches that seemingly slithered across his chest and arms. He opened his mouth and as he spoke; Sinai found himself transfixed onto his mouth as he tongue wiggled eerily like a lashing whip. His voice was snake-like, edge dripping with venom, giving each word a heavy meaning as they embedded themselves the listener’s mind, each word an order as it filled him with fear. It's not as if he had any other option. “Forgive me for the intrusion…” he said, unsure what to call the being. “I got lost in the forest while bird watching and ended up into a region I do not frequent and lost my way even more. Yet, If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have witnessed such raw power.” After speaking these words; he would lay down into a bow of submission, his forehead touching the dirt. “I beg of you, spare my life and teach me. Take me as your student and I obey your every command.” The wraith-like voice of his mystery ally flowed into his ears. “You do not understand what you have just done. Doom is forthcoming for your soul.” Even though these words didn't really bode good news, Sinai was too busy hoping not to get smitten to ponder on the doom of his soul.

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Mako Mitsurugi
Mako Mitsurugi
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Bloodsports (P, Sinai, IO) Empty Re: Bloodsports (P, Sinai, IO)

Fri Jun 16, 2017 4:15 pm
The white-haired boy would smile, still standing complacently in the same spot watching for the intruder.  The massive beast coiled nearby facing the now collapsed tree.  He would hear the boy speak the words flowing to him allowing him to quickly readjust his plans while Sinai made his actions.


“I have no reason to take your life today, I am actually forbidden from harming you as it stands, so take solace in that fact.”  Yazu would say bowing to the boy, a coy smile upon his face.  “Of course, I would be willing to take you under wing, and show you more.  However, I cannot do it today, I have a meeting with the Mizukage in a few hours and need to address that first, but I will find you and teach you what you wish to learn in the future.  My apologies.” 


Yazu would walk over to the boy, closing his hand and preparing a mark seal so that by the time he got to the boy, he could place it upon him.  This would aid Yazu in the teaching of the youth of the village, it would seem that he had a pupil with some great potential.  It would be worth keeping it upon the boy for a short period of time. 


Once Yazu reached the boy he would out stretch his right hand and place the index finger upon the boy’s neck placing the small one centimeter mark there.  After ward Yazu would summon the snake to him, it would move rhythmically and fluidly sliding over to the white haired Earth Grudge Fear user moving up to his left, just close enough so that when Yazu placed his left hand upon the construct it would jerk and fly upward, taking Yazu with it.  The speed of 100 would have Yazu pulled out and taken away in a very short period of time.

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Here you go, proof the site is dying

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Makashi Nara
Makashi Nara
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Bloodsports (P, Sinai, IO) Empty Re: Bloodsports (P, Sinai, IO)

Sat Jun 17, 2017 2:23 pm
Madrigal Kaguya
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Bloodsports (P, Sinai, IO) Empty Re: Bloodsports (P, Sinai, IO)

Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:29 pm
Approved for 1523 words and the exit, Yaz :P Your second post is a few short of what you put down <3
Sinai <3
Sinai <3
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Bloodsports (P, Sinai, IO) Empty Re: Bloodsports (P, Sinai, IO)

Mon Jul 10, 2017 6:03 pm
The humanoid figure in front of him smiled the widest grin that Sinai ever saw in his possibly short life. Until this moment, he was convinced that no being could ever grin that wide or look as serpentine as it did. The Chakra being stood coiled to the side, Sinai too scared and enthralled by the being in front of him to really take notice of it. It took in his words and then, keeping its outwardly grin; assured Sinai that he would be keeping his life; That infect he was prohibited from inflicting harm onto him; The reason why was well beyond Sinai, as the eerie smile made it impossible for him to see if he was dissing him before sending him to a gory end, like a predator toying with his prey. Even if he wanted to ask, he could not as his throat was as dry as the empty planes of Sunagakure. Yet, that was not the biggest surprise; The being in front of him continued talking in his silken voice to tell him that he would be willing to train the Shinkou yet he was unable to do so currently as he had a meeting with the Mizukage. Even in his state of panic and shock, respect welled for the being in front of him a that was possibly the coolest excuse one could ever make. The fact that it was probably true only amplified that feeling.

“N-no need to ap-pologize my...” Sinai began, but the rest of his sentence trailed into silence as the being approached him, his relief cut short. This was it, the end. He had his fun now he was drawing in for the kill. His eyes found themselves onto the man’s teeth, whom with every passing second looked to be getting more fanglike and elongated. Tears welled at the brink of his eyes as he closed them and his body shivered with sheer terror. All the training, effort and time spent and this was going to be his end; cowed down in fear. The being touched his neck, his skin abnormally cold and oily; then nothing. He waited for his body to rapture in pure pain and suffering yet the seconds turned into minutes and nothing occurred.

Abruptly; pain flared through his whole body; jolting wide awake to a static buzzing noise.  He hastily got up, his body contorting with pain, his eyes wide open. His right hand was pulsing visibly with flaring ration. The Darkness in front of him was only lit by his rampant ball of chakra, the moon’s light trapped out by the thick branches overhead. What had happened? He had been here late in the afternoon and now he found himself being jolted awake in the middle of the night. His mind wound back onto the events. The serpentine being had touched him then blackness; only to be awoken like this. He looked around for clues to what had happened or any sign of the serpentine being.  There were no chakra systems in the vicinity yet under him, there seemed to be a puddle of water reflecting yet at closer examination of himself; he quickly realized it was no water at all. It seemed that his brain had shut itself off with terror yet his tenketsu kept pumping chakra until he ended up hurting himself.

Humiliated and at the same time enraged at his position, he knew full well that he had little to no chance of finding back the path back out in the middle of the night. Staring into the raving ball of ration in his hand; he only saw one option. Even though the serpentine being was the key to him becoming stronger, his mind and body were still too weak to provide a good foundation. As always, there was only one remedy to that. Training. Taking a deep breath; he focused onto his right hand and shaped the chakra as he slammed it into a nearby tree trunk. As he did so, his body tensed as the ghastly voice rang into the corners of his mind. “You have stood atop the tower of hell and rang its bell. You have forsaken yourself to a dark path which you can’t walk back from.” Sinai pushed the voice out of his mind, focusing wholly on perfecting this ration technique. He will have enough time to think about this cryptic advice in the morning.

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Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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Bloodsports (P, Sinai, IO) Empty Re: Bloodsports (P, Sinai, IO)

Tue Jul 11, 2017 9:01 pm
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