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Filling in the Blanks:Training to become a Gennin Empty Filling in the Blanks:Training to become a Gennin

Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:35 pm
Han wakes up after his rough training session. He recalls all the horrible visions and illusions that the Genjutsu gave him. He remembers all the pain and suffering he endured, and he winces just from thinking about it. He picks up his charm, the one his mother gave him, and reads it over again. "Protect..." He says looking longingly at the charm. He puts the charm around his neck and looks at a picture of his mother. He smiles reminiscing about his mother. He stands up and takes a shower. He starts thinking about his nightmare in the Genjutsu over and over again. Analyzing it to a greater extent. He remembers his helplessness and the pain and suffering of those he cared about. He realized that he cannot protect them if he cannot protect himself. After his shower, he opens up his Jutsu Encyclopedia and starts reading it again. He reads "Chakra is made up of two parts, the physical and the mental". He starts to read about the physical jutsu or the Taijutsu. His eyes look at the Inside to Outside Block and he seems determined to learn it. He bursts out of his house, running at full speed towards the training grounds. 

He goes next to a training dummy and gets into an offensive stance. He performs a few combinations and strikes all around the dummy. Then, he switches into a defensive stance, imagining the dummy as an enemy ninja approaching him to strike. As he walks closer to the dummy, cautiously, he starts preparing this technique. He stalks ever closer and focuses. He sweeps his left hand outwardly to block a strike in a closed fist while leaving his right hand lower, near the center of the body. With his imaginary opponent stunned by the block, he starts with an elbow coming upward from below, aiming for the bottom of the chin. He starts to perform a combination, with a left hook across his face, followed up by another elbow to his stomach, then a leg sweep, and finally a hammer fist to bash into the face of the dummy after the dummy falls. He picks the dummy back up and prepares his stance once more, sweat dripping down his brow. He focuses harder than ever before as he realizes that he is weak. He realizes that he is not yet prepared for the world. His techniques are weak, he is weak. He can't handle the pain of the world, not yet. He feels anger and helplessness as he tries all he can to get stronger, only to be let down or stepped upon. He feels a deep rage that he has not felt before and he uses it. This anger drives him to be better, it makes him work harder. He uses this to motivate himself, pushing himself harder than ever before. He will become strong, no matter what. He will be an unstoppable force, rushing ever forward. Like a hurricane, he will tear through all his obstacles and blow them away. He goes for an open handed Inside to Outside Block, and does so fluidly and almost perfectly. He grabs onto the arm of his imaginary opponent and pulls it towards his body. He knees it in the stomach and throws it away from him. He runs after it with what seems like strands of wind pushing his feet off the ground. He does a spinning kick and kicks the dummy into the ground with enough force to create a small crater in the ground. He continues practicing like this for the entire day until he is bruised and cut from repeatedly hitting this wooden dummy. 

He reads his Jutsu Encyclopedia and looks for anything he can find and use on Medical Ninjutsu. He finds the Basic Medical Ninjutsu and reads about level one. "The user speeds up blood clotting to seal light cuts and heal bruises. I need that right about now. Ok, let's give it a try." He says as he starts focusing his chakra. He pushes his chakra into his hands and feels it rushing through him. He expels the chakra out of his hands only to see that it formed a sharp edged aura of chakra around the palm of his hand. As he tries to apply it to his bruises, he ends up hurting himself more. He winces in pain. "Ouch. I made a mistake. Let's try something else." He focuses his chakra all around his hand and makes his chakra gentle and soft. He makes it move slowly and gently, like a light breeze, as he slowly expels it around his hand evenly. A gentle flowing chakra aura starts to appear around his hand. It feels warm and gentle. "That feels better. Now, let's try it." He says uncertainly. He starts to put it on his wounds before hesitating one more time. He pulls back his hand and steadies it again. "Ok, don't worry, you can do this." He places his hand on his wounds and closes his eyes.  "It stings a little, but it does the job right." He says as he closes his wounds.He starts to use it all over his body and closes all his wounds. "Ok, I did it. I need to practice this more though. I can close wounds but they seem to take longer than it should." He says as he slowly opens and close his hand, feeling his newly sealed and healed wound. He walks to his classmates that were injured in the Substitution Technique training and starts healing their wounds. He applies a gentle flow of chakra sealing small cuts and bruises all across their body. He is met with many thanks and gratitude. Over the day, the entire class becomes healed by Han's new medical ninjutsu. He starts healing the ninja in the academy, regardless of rank. He receives thanks and praise for his advanced training and interest in learning jutsu such as this. He helps ninjas of all rank speed up their healing, and he is happy about it. He knows that he can help ease the pain and end the suffering and finds himself doing this jutsu easily and his chakra control is faster and more fluid than before. He finds himself healing the elderly and the sick in the village. Advancing their recovery helps him relax and fell better. He thinks this may become a regular occurrence. He starts spreading joy and health all throughout the village. He smiles and looks at his charm as he remembers his mother. "I can finally ease others' suffering, mom. I wish you were here to see this." He says with a smile and a tear falling down his face.

After a long day of training and helping, he decides to go home and rest. He reflects on his actions today, and notices a stark difference. He feels that his Will of Fire truly shone in his training, and his mother's kindness was spread through his medical ninjutsu. He feels that using these two in conjunction will result in the protection of others and the realization of his goals. "I had a great day today. Lots of hard work paid off. I'll rest up now, so I can have another full day tomorrow!" He says as he slowly falls asleep, preparing for a bright new day to show his Will of Fire to the world.

Claims- Inside to Outside Block+ Basic Medical Ninjutsu Level One+ 6 stat points
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Filling in the Blanks:Training to become a Gennin Empty Re: Filling in the Blanks:Training to become a Gennin

Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:23 am

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