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Spit Take Empty Spit Take

Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:01 pm
Sento blinked as he turned his head left and then to the right, repeating the process a couple more times as if it would give him some god forsaken clue as to where he was. Konoha was quite large and Sento was quite forgetful. He scratched his head as he looked at the several streets that just seemed foreign to him, “Well this isn’t good” He thought as began to walk down the nearest street, He had been looking for the library, but it seemed that where he ended up now was simply up to fate.

As he walked he couldn’t help but look around at the plentiful amount of people, the street was lined with vendors selling all kinds of goods. From kunai to grilled fish they had it all, and the people crowded the streets to buy them. Sento smiled as looked at the plentiful amount of people. Konoha was really as lively as it was large, and he was proud to be a part of it. As his head was turned to the crowd he felt his body bump into what felt like a large and well armored man. As his shiny yellow eyes turned to face what he had guessed he realized it had been an accurate assumption and quickly stepped back.

“...Uh sorry sir” He’d mutter as he began to step around him. The man however seemed un phased by Sento’s distracted apology. “What are you looking for?” He’d bark indicating he’d wanted an answer, and that he wanted it fast. The white haired Senju was in no position to deny this man his answers and quickly gave him an honest answer. “Wull… Uh… I’m lost, I was on my way to find the grand Konoha library so that I could study some water ninjutsu, but somewhere along the way I just… Well… Got lost” He’d say nervously.

The armored man merely scoffed as his large arm pointed south. “It’s that way. Now watch where you’re going from here on out will yah!” Sento young and afraid obviously wanted to avoid an encounter with this clearly experienced man, his headband was not shiny like sento’s it had scuffs and rust and years of wear and tear damage that marked him as an experienced shinobi. It was best not to make an enemy out of him. So the young Senju simply gave a polite “Yes sir” with his head down as he scurried south where the man hand ‘Kindly’ pointed him towards.

A couple blocks later a tall well built building began to peer over the horizon, with multiple large wooden pillars holding up the top heavy and elegant shingled roof. On the front lawn directly in front of the marble stairs rested an expertly crafted wooden sign with the words “Grand Konoha Library” Engraved into it and painted yellow so that it stood out from the rough brown texture of the wooden sign.

“Looks like I made it after all!” He’d say out loud for everyone to hear, before he began to make his way up the polished marble stairs. The stair where a bit more extravagant than they had to be for a library in Sento’s opinion, but hey he was no hokage. Not like he had any say in it. As he swiveled his head to look forward his eyes landed on masterfully crafted large wooden doors much taller than even he the six foot fifteen year old. His arms would reach out to push them forward as his body followed closely behind, his feet landing onto a green carpet that ran along the entirety of the large library as he did so.
When the doors closed shut behind him by themselves he couldn’t help but notice how quiet the library was for such a populated area. He supposed it made sense however, He WAS in a library after all. His eyes scanned for the water ninjutsu section of the library as his body began to walk passing by several rows, “Village History… Shinobi Tools… Chuunin Exams for Dummies… Earth Element…. AH! Water Element!” He’d exclaim that last part a little too loud and quickly felt embarrassed as he looked around the vast library and saw several sets of eyes glaring at him as if to show him they were angry. “S.. Sorry” He’d mutter, as he stepped into the aisle to skim through the books until he found what he needed.

“A Rank Water Ninjutsu”

As good a place to start as any for a aspiring shinobi. He wanted to become powerful quick and what better way to do that then to knock out an A rank out of the park right off the bat. As he gripped the binding of the book and pulled it from the shelf he would twist his body so that it was facing the front lobby of the library where a variety of tables stood waiting only a few of them absent of people as the large building filled with books seemed to be quite a popular destination in the village hidden in the leaves.

The young boy took a seat at a vacant bench and table on the far end of the library before flipping the leatherbound book open to reveal the table of contents. His bright yellow eyes would scan it from the bottom to the top of the page as he looked for cool sounding names as that was obviously the best way to decide what technique one should learn. “Water Cutting Sword… Nah, Rain Tiger at Will… Also nah, Suiton Suidanha sounds good” He’d mutter as his left hand extended its index finger along the page to point towards it before sliding over to the page number next to it. “120”

As he mouthed the number his right hand would grab the right side while his thumb held the pages in place and his left hand grabbed hold of the left side of the cover. He’d then flip through the pages until he reached 120 which entailed the details of the Suiton Suidanha technique.

Apparently the technique was one that masters of water techniques had used for a long amount of time before him and the creator of the technique had been long forgotten to history by now.  But the history was not what mattered to sento so that didn’t much matter. His curious gaze continued to rip through the text displayed on the page gathering more and more information. The technique used only a single seal which was convenient and could be used fast in a battle. “But what does it actually do?”

His curiosity could not be tamed and he continued to scan until he found the exact description he was looking for complete with a picture. According to its rather detailed description the jutsu was an exceptionally powerful offensive water technique that came from water in the stomach shooting outwards from the shinobi’s mouth. The stream would be capable of splitting through several trees with ease as well. A smile appeared on sento’s face as he realized how powerful it was, and only made him want to learn it that much more.
Looking over the handseals and the basic way the jutsu worked once more the white haired boy would close his book shut before tucking it under his armpit and walking to the front desk of the library located in front of the large wooden doors. At the moment there didn’t seem to be anyone at the desk, so Sento just kind of tapped his fingers on the hard wooden surface awaiting a librarian or librarians assistant.

After a short wait of about thirty second a small door on the wall behind the desk creaked open due to its poorly oiled hinges unlike the hinges in Kumogakure which are well oiled and amazing. And as the door opened an old woman peeked out from behind it. “Mhm yes I’ll be right with you she said waving one finger out of the door to indicate she was talking to him before closing the door and vanishing out of view once more.

Sento’s head tilted in confusion at this. And he couldn’t help but wonder what she was doing, although he didn’t have to wonder long as the frail old woman came back out wearing obnoxiously large glasses. “Sorry dear… I forgot my glasses. Now what books will you be checking out today” The Senju gennin picked the book that was currently lodged between his under arm and his rib cage with his left hand holding it up in front of his face. “A rank water ninjutsu would be all for today mam” His voice would hold kindness in it as he slipped the book onto the table and waited for her response.

The old lady simply adjusted he glasses is an almost cartoon like way before reaching out at the book to get a better look at the cover, she would then find the books assigned number and write it down on a sheet of paper before asking the boy in front of her for his name. This was so that she could know who was in possession of which of her books to prevent theft and misuse. “The names Sento Senju” He’d say as waited patiently, before following up with a question to serve the purpose of small talk so the wait wouldn’t feel as long. “And what’s yours may I ask?” He’d say politely.

The lady would then scribble his name on the paper and lift up the book with her frail hands withered with age. “Its galia… Good luck with your training gennin” came out of her mouth with an unenthusiastic sound. She didn’t come off as rude however, it was more like bored. “Thank you” Was the simple response he would give her so as to not take too much time before turning back towards the large and marvelous wooden doors at the entrance to the library.

Tucking the book away in his weapons pouch he would use both arms to push open the matching doors simultaneously letting the bright Konoha sun peer into the rather dark library, and almost blinded himself looking directly into it like an idiot. “Ow! Ow! Ow!” He’d say as he bounced around rubbing his eyes and bouncing around while blind. Which proved to be a bit of a mistake as he felt himself falling down the large marble stairs and rolling uncontrollably before he felt himself crash into something that felt quite familiar. As if he had already bumped into it once before.

He placed his hand on the familiar feeling object and gripped it to help himself up before making eye contact with a rather angry armored man once again. “Uh.. Sorry… Again” He’d say as he brushed the dirt off of his clothes. “I really need to be more careful around stairs I guess” The large armored man who stood at least a foot taller than sento looked down on him with flaring nostrils as if he was personally insulted by the Senjus free fall down the hard marble stairs. “You have got to be without a doubt the worst excuse for a gennin this village has ever seen!” He’d say pointing to the headband that marked Sento as a gennin of the hidden leaf. “What kind of shinobi has no spacial awareness! You’re going to get yourself killed someday kid.” The man would then pass him by in a furious stampede mumbling angrily to himself.

“You're going to get yourself killed someday” The words dug deep into Sento’s subconscious as he walked towards the training grounds. Those words were probably the exact reality his father had always told him not to become a shinobi, and the reason it had taken him so long to join the academy. Battling with self doubt was a constant struggle for the gennin, he was forgetful, clumsy… but talented as well. It was an odd balance that had always just been who he was, and he was used to it. He knew full well the risk of being a shinobi, as he had grown up with a father who had suffered from those effects. PTSD was a hell of a problem to get from war and he had often seen his father crying when he thought nobody was around.

“No… Not if I can help it” He’d say responding to the man that was long gone by now, as if to defy him. He wouldn’t let a strangers harsh words get him down, especially not today of all days, he was learning his first offensive jutsu and nothing was going to get in the way of that. Clenching his fist he’d begin to walk before he was cut short by a loud growl in his what was now obvious to be empty stomach.

It appeared he was a bit more than hungry, and his mouth began to water at the remembrance of the plentiful vendors that had lined the streets earlier this morning. And at this moment he decided training could wait for a little bit, after all it was important to have enough energy to train, and what better way to ensure that than to grab a bite to eat along the way. Besides he still wasn’t sure where he was and the vendors where the only area of the village in range that he recognized at the moment. It was best to return to an area he had a better understanding of and avoid getting lost again.

So his decision was made, “TO THE VENDORS!” He’d thing to himself as he raised his hand and pointed it in the markets general direction while running forward. As his sandals clapped against the dirt roads of konoha he turned the corner to the busy street once more, which now that the day had further progressed had become even more crowded than before. “What should I get” He thought as he looked at the several dozen signs poking out from behind the crowds.

As he said this the scent of catfish found its way into his nose and he took a big whiff, which caused his stomach to growl again, drawing the attention of several strangers. He of course ignored them as he pushed forward to the nearest seafood vendor, and entered the back of a rather long line. Leaning to the left so he could see past the head of the surprisingly tall woman in front of him he would count a grand total of 7 people in front of him and watch impatiently as the line seemed to stay completely still refusing to move for him or anyone else for that matter. The wait seemed to take an eternity as the gennin grew lightheaded from hunger but he somehow managed to power through the eight minute wait before he was finally at the front of the line. “I’ll take some fried salmon” He said impatiently before the vendor even had the chance to ask him what he might like.

The man dressed in a white robe and donning a chefs hat simply smiled and told him he would have it ready in a moment before turning around and shouting orders at his cooks. Turning to sento he’d point towards a stool next to the counter and welcome him to sit while he waited, “No point in standing in line any longer than you have to kid” He’d bark in a somewhat bossy manner that the young senju didn’t particularly mind. He was in fact tired from standing and still a bit lightheaded from lack of food so he sat on the barstool before the man popped off some small talk to pass the time.

“So you’re a gennin huh? What’s that like?” The man was now cleaning various kitchen utensils with a rag while waiting on a response for the boy with his head perked up to show interest in the topic of conversation.

Sento laughed before he answered to display amusement, it was the first time anyone had really been interested in the rank of gennin but himself. “Well… I just became one, so I can’t really say. I haven’t gone on any missions yet or anything but I don’t know I guess it’s kinda nice having the rank and all.” As he finished his sentence a plate of fried fish slid down the counter until it bumped into his arm which he had placed on said counter.

“Well good for you mr gennin, that’ll be 20 ryo now” the old man obviously wanted paid and extended his hand to indicate such intentions. Of course Sento would pay the man, he wasn’t a thief and had no intention of becoming one, such an occupation held no appeal to the young white haired Senju. And so he reached his arm into his back pocket and pulled out a couple coins before placing them gently into the man's hands that were surprisingly rough for someone with an occupation as civilian like as his.

“Of course here you go” He’d say paying the nice man before digging into his fish with the utensils provided to him. Bystanders would look in awe as his mouth seemed to unhinge much like a snakes and he devoured the fish with an intensity not many people had seen before in the land of konoha. But he couldn’t help it and nor would he change it, he was hungry and needed the nutrition. There judgement meant nothing to him.

As he finished his plate he handed the dirty dish to the man and thanked him for the meal. “Thank you for the food and everything, but I’m burning daylight gotta go practice some ninjutsu and all” He’d say as the man grabbed the plate. Releasing his own hold on it he would turn and run back down the crowded street before seeing a road sign pointing down a much less crowded street that identified it as a road leading to a training ground. Feeling he had no time to waste he wouldn’t sit around and wait to make a decision instead he’d simply take off down the road and head towards his intended destination.

Pulling the book out of his back pocket he would begin to flip the pages as he ran, going over the several steps to use the A rank water technique so that he would be ready to get started when he arrived, and it’s not like he’d be running into the armored man again on this empty street so he could afford to run while distracted.

A smile appeared on his face as he memorized the single seal, it was one he had used in the academy before for multiple techniques and it was only one so the handseals were without a doubt the easiest part of the technique, but what he found challenging would most likely be the next part. Kneading water chakra into one's stomach sounded hard, he had never attempted it before but he guessed that it would require using the method that the kind woman from the other day had taught him. He would have to remember the properties of water for sure and apply them to his own chakra network.

As he looked up from the book he realized he was standing in the grass patch that was the training ground. It appeared it was time for him to get started, and to get into the swing of things he decided that repeatedly using the tiger seal so that it became common practice would benefit him in the long run, the faster he could create the single seal the faster he could bring harm to his enemies. And like he had said earlier, he had no intention of getting himself killed.

After a solid two minutes of creating the same exact seal however sento found himself growing rather bored due to the mundane task and felt it was time to start attempting the fun part, expelling water chakra from the body. But first he had to figure out how to create it in his stomach so that he could project it in the first place. Keeping a calm mind the white haired senju would take a deep breath before thinking back to the creek with Ashi.

He remembered the cold water that had made him shiver, and the numb feeling in his toes, none of this would help him however so instead he would think to when he had wiggled his toes and brought back feeling to them, and the water rushing between them. That was what he needed to remember, the feeling of himself moving in the water, how fluid his motions had felt. That’s what had helped him to channel the chakra that he would require for this technique and that was the key to learning it.

Sento closed his eyes as he imagined his chakra taking on a fluid state rocking from side to side inside of him. And as he did this he felt the familiar effects that Ashi had described to him, his arms moving in a more relaxed manner and his thoughts becoming more fluid. A smile appeared on his face as he realized he had begun to get pretty good at this, it was becoming more of common practice than intense thought. As he realized that he had the water element down the genning would imagine the water swirling around inside of him like a whirlpool as the book had instructed him to do so. He continued to do this until he was sure that the whirlpool feeling would stay and not disappear as it did so the first couple of times he had attempted it.
And with a high amount of concentration and dedication he decided that it was time to test out the new ninjutsu, as the book had mentioned it should be able to split through several trees Sento decided he better aim away from things like houses, and village structures and walked further back into the woods before calling out to see if any strangers where in the area that might be harmed by his attempts.

When nobody called back he decided it was time and pointed his face towards the nearest grouping of trees before slamming his palms together and sticking up both his index and middle finger parallel to each other on each hand to form the tiger seal. As he did this he felt the water surge up from his stomach and burst outwards with an intense force that he had not been prepared for at all, while the technique worked flawlessly the force of the water leaving his mouth caused him to shoot backwards onto his back, and watch as the stream of water skyrocketed far into the air before losing its momentum and gravity forced it back onto himself.

Now damp and wet Sento lifted himself back up off the ground before pushing his dampened hair to the side and spitting out the remaining water in a comical manner. Now he was going to have to change that was for sure, while winter had left it was still cold outside and the bite of the wind on wet clothes was not a welcome sensation in the slightest.

But Sento couldn’t help but smile with pride as he realized that he had successfully learned an A rank with such ease, obviously he had some work to do with balancing himself if he wanted to avoid getting drenched in battle, but the technique had worked almost flawlessly and the now toppled tree was there for proof of such. Placing his hands in his pockets and shivering in the cold wind Sento would turn his back and head back towards the direction of the village, night was falling and he had spent a long day training, it was about time he got back to his little brother Hiei and made him dinner.

“Now… Where the hell is my house”

WC: 4004
Requesting: 20 Stat points and Suiton Suidanha
Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Ryo : 12000

Spit Take Empty Re: Spit Take

Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:29 pm
Approved. Don't forget to change your rank to Genin on your stat page please
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