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Sei Yuki <3
Sei Yuki <3
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Wed Feb 22, 2017 1:18 pm

Ice Release. The Yuki Clan's speciality and Kekkei Genkai. It was a foreign concept to Sei Yuki, another lost sheep of his clan. He'd spent weeks going over his mother's journal, ignoring his classes almost entirely to study the figurative key to his family history. It was interesting to say the least. So many jutsu she had learned explained in such vivid detail. She must have been a master of Ice Release in her prime.


Despite how amazing each of these jutsu were Sei needed a start, a basic jutsu of his clan to at least prove he was a Yuki and not an impostor. He spent days going over the theory of each and every lower class Ice Release jutsu his mother had written about and now Sei found one perfect to start off with. Ice Release: Ice Breaking Fist. A coat of ice covering the user's arm up to their forearm, perfect for increasing one's attack power. With Sei's focus on speed it would help in hitting harder in his hit-and-run style of fighting thus far.

Closing his mother's journal Sei pushed himself up off of the ground. He was at his favoured training clearing once more, basking in the subtle wind and taking a deep breath before taking his mother's journal and setting it under a tree. If Sei accidentally summon a huge ice block he didn't want to damage the book.

He brought himself into a low crouch, taking a moment to focus, wiping away all thoughts of glory, fantasy and adventure from his mind, his face resting at a neutral expression. With focus achieved Sei slowly slipped on hand over another slightly clenched hand. Focusing his chakra on his right arm, Sei imagined a solid, smooth coat of ice slowly travelling up his arm. What actually appeared was something else. His right sleeve was suddenly torn off but a gust of wind and immediately drenched afterwards. He sighed, his hair unknowingly blasted upwards in an awkward position as he remarked to himself.

"Failure to combine chakra natures properly."

Sei must not be imagining it right. Shaking his arm to at least partially dry it he quickly re-positioned to himself, slowly bringing his hand over the other as he imagined Water and Wind combining, creating Ice. Then, with this combination of elements he imagined it slowly travelling up his ar-cold. ColdColdCold! Sei's concentration broke, the successful ice thus far dissipating as Sei lunged for the lake, dunking his arm in the warmer water. He smiled, before blushing lightly to himself.

"Embarrassing. Just be glad there isn't an audience Sei."

Sei couldn't help but let out a chuckle as he pushed himself upright. A Yuki getting too cold? Funny but it did raise an issue. In the future he'd need to conjure more than an arm's worth of ice. He needed to find a way to get used to it. Seeing as he didn't have an form of instructor besides his journal he figured exposure therapy was best.

This time he sat cross-legged on the ground, closing his eyes in a calm expression as he brought his hands into a Dog hand seal. Instead of pushing the ice up one of his arms Sei simply molded it into his hands, sitting there in silence as he fought against his body's reaction to the cold. He sat there for what felt like hours, shivering despite the sunny weather but eventually the boy was calm once more, his breath cold but apart from touching him or noticing his paler skin no one could guess his body's tempurature.


He released the channelling, glad he was now used to the both temperature of the cold and also channelling his clan's element.

Rising from his seated position, Sei noticed the sun setting. Nanny Martha was going to kill him but verbal abuse and a grounding wasn't going to dissuade him from making his late mother proud.

A perfect Dog seal. Ice was present once more.

"Not too much. Not too little."

He noted, remembering his training of the Transformation technique and Cloning Technique.

Ice seemed to slowly grow from Sei's lower arm, coating it in clear, slightly jagged ice. Satisfied with this first attempt Sei paced up to a nearby oak tree, striking it with a firm, practised punch. There was a distinct crack from the wood, a smirk on Sei's lips as he stared at his handiwork. A single punch burrowing halfway through the tree...but wouldn't that?...A creaking noise replied, the trees slowly falling backwards. Sei flinched as it hit the ground, smiling awkwardly at the mess.

"I really hope no one saw that."

Sei had no idea if he'd been vandalising public property these last few weeks or not. It wouldn't help his shinobi career if it started in debt.

It was as he checked over the nearby journal and flicked through the pages that he noticed something. The jutsu wasn't primarily for offensive damage but defence as well. In fact, his mother had measured how thick the ice should be to be considered strong enough to block most melee attacks. Needless to say Sei hadn't made his thick enough. At least at the arm. It seemed in his focus of offence Sei had made the ice thickest around his fist, partially ignoring his arm in the process.

Sei's expression was annoyed but seemingly more subdued than his usual expressions and he made no effort to appear this way.

"Side effect of the ice?...Possibly..."

He'd have to investigate this further at a later date. Shelving that discovery for now Sei re-assumed a crouched position beside the fallen tree, making a quick Dog seal as he focused water and wind up his arm. The ice was solid, thick and sturdy.

Nodding to himself Sei walked up to the next tree in the clearing, striking it with the same force as last time. The same crack and after a few seconds it began falling. Strength: Check. With perfect speed Sei dashed in the path of the falling tree, holding up his ice-covered arm in defence. It didn't falter. The ice barely so much as cracked under the weight....Sei on the other hand.

"Damn it!"

His legs were buckling but Sei held his ground, struggling against the tree's weight until finally, with a grunt of effort he pushed the tree up ever so slightly before diving out of it's path, panting as the Ice Fist's latest victim hit the ground.

"Adding Strength training to the list of training priorities then..."

Claim (1013 words from --- onwards):

Ice Release: Ice breaking Fist:
5 stats
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Succession Empty Re: Succession

Wed Feb 22, 2017 4:27 pm
Approved for claims.... Did you type the link lol?
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