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Natsuki Sarutobi
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Early Morning - Page 2 Empty Re: Early Morning

Sun Feb 19, 2017 4:09 pm
Sento looked at his brother with a blank expression for a little bit, before saying “Oh yah I totally knew that” and grabbing the scroll from his brother. He had no shame, he was going to learn this technique in one go if at all possible, so he knew that he had to seal something, but what to seal, what to seal. He thought to himself as he glanced around their living room. Then he spotted it on the stand beside the couch rested a pencil, something he could seal with ease on his first try, then he looked at the seal his brother had shown him, it seemed relatively easy to draw and replicate so he would give it a go.

Ever so carefully he would unroll the scroll and lay it flat against the ground holding down one end with a hand and the other with his knee, this would leave him with one free hand to perform the seal and he would use that free hand to slam his pencil smack dab in the middle of the scroll before activating the seal, and watching the pencil disperse into nothingness. He couldn’t help but feel a twinge of pride as he did so, four jutsu in two days, if he kept it up at this rate he could be a strong shinobi one day.

Satisfied with himself he looked to his brother and said, “Hope you weren't planning on using that pencil” In a joking manner that would come off as boasting, he enjoyed the friendly competition he was having with his brother. And decided to follow up with yet another smart ass remark to get his brother going. “Looks like I’m just better at ninjutsu than you, I’ve learned three out of four of our techniques before you could” he’d say clearly intending to motivate his brother to learn the technique.

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Requesting: basic medical level 1, generic sealing, and 5 stats.
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Early Morning - Page 2 Empty Re: Early Morning

Sun Feb 19, 2017 4:15 pm
Hiei was clearly annoyed by his brother’s comment and remarked back “I've learned four out of four jutsus at a much younger age than you did, now I've got this technique down pretty much.” He drew the design on several scrolls and got ready to to activate them. He focused his chakra into his palms, kind of like what he had done with the medical ninjutsu technique, and hovered over the scroll. He then grabbed a butter knife, the same one he'd cut himself with earlier, and stabbed it directly into the center of the scroll. He had half expected it to break the paper, but was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it had been sealed before doing so. Hiei proceeded to do the same thing with a chaotic and random assortment of objects that he found around the room. He stopped only once he had filled all the scrolls with random objects, then he went around releasing hem back out of the scrolls. He looked to his older brother and smirked “Guess I can 
add this to the list of jutsu that I learned at a younger age than you.”

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Requesting: Basic Medical Ninjutsu Level 1, Generic Sealing technique, and 5 stats.
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Early Morning - Page 2 Empty Re: Early Morning

Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:54 am

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