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An terrifying test (solo, training) Empty An terrifying test (solo, training)

Thu Aug 04, 2016 6:28 pm
Yen gazed through the mountain of notes he finished. His head retaining most of the recent brainstorming that he had gone through while observing his past notes. The paths that did not add up seemed a bit more clear.. yet even then he noted that upon all of his observations of his chakra use. It was becomming apparent that the use of his techniques and such were ever increasing with how much he had to put in to utilize them.

something wasn't right and he knew it. Yet he couldnt stop it fully. A sigh escaped yens mouth as he put down the pen and closed his eyes. His insects hummed and to this he called out to hils kilkikaichu. Upon the simple command the male and female verson appeared and yet his eye caught the web strand on their abdomen. The dark blue strand that while they reside within him the strand was the proof of the point despite his usual technique study that indeed there was something there. The fact he recalled upon their first appearance after the painful culling of his insects evolving and changing within him. He recalled the serum they used. Something which he was long since immune to thanks to them. But ever lingered. A secret he wouldnt disclose to many but so few. Infact none knew minus his wife the truth of the serum. It would to his preference remain that way. As its not something but his own to trifel with. 

Kilkikaichu. Offspring and the evolution of kikaichu the very insect that came from his use of webbing. The dark blue webs that while taxing beyond his belife could mean many things overall. Despite this yen scoured through his notes on his body and chakra use till he came upon his webbing infomation. The breaking down of his web formation and creation step by step and the alterations involved. Yet now he was curious as he called to his kilkikaichu to form up and create the webbing. A spit out later and a large thunk as the webbing hit the wall. Dark blue and pulsating. 

To the wall the webs must stick on normal circumstances to cost one their chakra. Yet. Looking at this. Its composed mostly of solidified water and fluids to create this. As the serum is like an accent. A little kick in order to add its effect. However. What to do if i add more to it? Yet im not certain if the mass kilkikaichu serum is truely avoidable. But even mixed with my chakra that could easily change the serum efficency.

yet it was only just a thought. But a curious thought nontheless as it could easily lead to very interesting combinations, and further very disrupting and unerving developments in the chakra destructive serum. And yet it was a way to further develop and gain a complete understanding of his insects and how they affect him. The use of nedical as an act of enhancing a forgin substance being cultivated. And overall utilized. A truely interesting concept to yen as while remaining within the boundaries of his abilities yen could feasibly move the parameters around in an understandable manner. This was the key he has been seeking for awhile. And with a gleam of realization yen picked up his notes once more with a smile on his face as he read and thought to himself.

Perhaps as a liquid it can with a greater push can take up liquid for in a raw form and maintain such a form. Hence why like the webbing it can take the form flawlessly. Yen thought as by simple command the insects scurried in a circle on his desk. The thought rolled around a bit more as a simple command to bite him lead a clear liquid to form. It was with a finger yen scooped it up as the insects returned to his body. Yen carefully examined the little liquid as he long since had to suffer its drawbacks. But he knew it all too well. Although small in stature the serum packed a punch that few could truely appreciate. Well that were not aburame. That being said yen easily sighed as he studied the serum and nodded slowly. It was fresh as he recalled.

Well a clear liquid for certain but also by the looks of it harmless. Any person without decent recilience wouldnt notice it at first. But as its noted 10 bites does the trick. The spreading through the body as well as chakra system being affected causes simply the most tedious of effects . Yet for a risk of losing the insects. It would be far more effective to simply increase its base paremeters and use the insects in emergency. Thats of course with their cooperation. It becomes that more important. For the later uses of such an ability will make this all the more noticeable. Yen thought as he took a knife and cut down the web.

Yen then shook his head as he tucked the notes away and headed down outside to test the idea in practice as he headed outside the screen and looked upon his nice quiet back yard and garden he and hota worked on.  Taking a moment to calm himself yen silenced his mind as he began to communicate to his insects. Reahing within the depths of his control yen went to commanding and calling upon the forces of his true family. The insects as they were one in whole. As the clan lives by yen had to develope an even greater control even then but now was to hear their hums and their disire to be used.

The low hum of the kilkikaichu yen heard their call as he also kept the ear out for his kilshiku peacefully and passively staying  in the background lest he calked out to them. In turn each speciecs hummed in response as he made sure each one was content. Naturally as each were in respectful boundaries of each one. Like lines being drawn. However yen now had his kilkikaichu under his attention as they hummed in confirmation. A simple thought in confirmation as the kilkikaichu scurried in increased anticipation. They wanted to be used and were ready. As the aburame. As their home, and their partener. Yen was ready.

Time to see where this leads... come and show me your serum. Dont hold back poduce and show me the serum. Yen commanded as he felt a wierd cold sensation flow through his body. The chakra pressing was not an issue yet it mixed with his body liquids as he focused it towards his stomach where he naturally form his webs. It was then he felt it. The largest drain hence far with the webs as he spat out a deep dark blue pulsating web and even a drop of sweat comming to play. His web broke apart and yen shook his head.

No wonder why i forced so much with natural web production. While i might not suffer the low end of the stick. The cost is further increased this way. I could sure as hell blaze through my reserves if i do not utilize this carefully. And by the looks of this i wont be able to use much more then a few uses of webs this way... yen thought as he spat out the remaining bit of web in his mouth.

There his eye caught gilmps of the pulsating web but also a lighter pulsating liquid as his spit. Thats defintley new... through asking internal  production of the serum. Water based substances become pulsating in the simular fasion? Yen thought as he breathed out a thick mist. Except he noted the two things immediatly. First being that his usual control over water felt further forced and was notebly. Secondly that the mist was pulsating light blue in shade. An interesting development but one he figured was a interesting by product of the command.

Hm isnt that an interesting development not only do the webs change but also the water jutsu in question. Naturally as it must originate from me and just cannot be formed from any other surface yet substance. However i must test this a little further. Where is the limit overall? And where does it truely cost me? Overall the effectiveness has increased. But to what means?

Yen  thought to himself as shook his head and noted the pulsation in the mist had faded. It defintly was going to take alot more then that to utilize the serum and mix it proportionly in with his own chakra and fluids. To make it work rather effectively. The fact that he noted the chakra increase was one that caught his attention fairly quickly. As the increase was slight yet very noteable. A technique he could do with relative ease was infact costing himself much more then usual. However that was only the tip of the iceberg.  The depths being soo muchmore. And even at that moment yen suspected as much.

Soooo.... im going to have to enhance it a bit further. Well like my own body, thinking back to body and soul as well as any other enhancement. Chakra is utilized to furuther grasp a certain concept. As the cost i noted was further increased but also the pulastion is the mixing of liquid and serum as well as chakra. Adding an additional component means that while the overall outside elements are composed the serum is capeable of a short time remaining fused in its form. This easily meaning that while the justu used it may take on the form of the  technique in question. Just like the simple web its enhanced was deeper yes. But that is tempoary.

Yen thought to himself as he dispelled the hidden mist jutsu and thought on another test. The in one case and point he needed a moment to think of the proper solidifying technique minus creating a water clone nor running with water prison. As he took  the moment to take up the pros and cons of each technique in practical use. From the ammount of time for preperation to the number  of seals to be used. As yen thought it through and finally by noting the way it was intermingled with his own body. The personal scource of the water overall but also where the concentration of the serum could be focused and further enhanced to an even greater level then his insects could utilized.

Lets give water whip a go with this. However balencing the chakra load of this will require handseals.... hm so which seals to exibit the dominance of such an enhanced surpressive ability. At an controlled and understandable rate. Too many and it will become pointlessly complex. As its a serum an enhancement normally requires a couple seals. So if we go by the rare seal first as its hidden. Lets say  (rabbit) a typical seal nontheless rare in many for its unique nature as well as accoupled with high knowledge and secrecy. Followed by the ever elusive (bird) form and free from the clutches of an humans hand. Ever up high they soar beyond our reach with sight beyond our own natural sight. (Snake) the ever elusive and forever secrets lie. Its beauty further despicts its fangs as they lay bare and powerful. (Dog) the ever loyal and forever by thee side of man. But to me it sings true to me and my kilkikaichu.

Upon the final handsign yen took command once more of his kilkikaichu as he surged his chakra internally fluxing it once more and feeling their serum flow through him again yen now felt the pulling and costly taxing of his chakra as he maintained focus and once more placed his idea into theory. This time as yen simply weaved. (Rat, dog,ox) and even as a simple jutsu he felt the jutsu form from merely the sweat from his left hand. Yet even he had to blink twice as the cost in total nearly cost him a tenth of his reserves.  Yen exhaled as he felt the strain on his chakra once more. 

By me this alone as merely simple as it is to do could be taxing... what madness yet the effect alone is proficeint. As well as defying... holding this up will cost me dearly if not used corectly. Yet i can see it clearly. Its effective and working as expected. The drain overall but also the necessity to gain a higher gain in its effectiveness has caused the water to gain its taint. Truely facinating. The marvel the light blue has on the water. Yet it remains  amazing in whole.

Yen thought as he took mental note of the effective increase on himself. Yet the water whip became a nice light blue pulsating whip of uniqness. As iy was composed of his own body's liquid. It was a beauty and yet he knew the truth. The serum could only be maintained in such a form or actively used outside unless inside for a certain ammount of time. As sad as it was with the pulsating whip in his left hand yen took a quick snap at it as he noted its power overall. The same as any ordinary water whip he could make except its overall addition to the whip was the serm. Now completely with tbe water. However like all substances with water they eventually seperate easily. Also as yen noted with his eye he noted the pulsating and nodded solemly as he took the mental note.

The scources full use is as an enhancement not a weapom. And a costly one as well. Such a drain in strength its maddening. Yet the glow alone is what drives it to an iteresting technique. Where its power lies is its ability and flexibility in use. Not many have that overall. But it is easily overlooked and misunderstood. The medics overall strength is fighting through the inhkbitations. This being said a medic has a greater chance against this then most. Yet its incredible. However its time to grant this test an even greater test.

Yen thought as he weaved a single tiger handsign. Spitting out from his mouth yen grunted in exertion as he felt his chakra mold the water within him easily able to knock out the lowest of reserves yen molded the water nice pulsating water formed within him into two like copies of him. The water clones stood infront of yen as they fully formed. And stood up straight as yen now breathing heavily  looked at bothe of the clones. And to his pleasure and rather discomfort he noted the pulsating of the serum fuled by chakra surging through the clones. And to that effect also the  clones nice and solid as well.

So it does work in a suscess and powerful note. The serum maintains its properties as well as its strength. Integrated in its glory. However  its to be expected. That while it lasts  in its form. Its full expectency is not long at all. Infact unless im right its effective timelimit outside a body thats not mine is very short. But enough to enable its effective use. And at the increase alone its crazy but subquent uses of this will defintly wipe me out in no time flat... yet it must work at its increased level. An marvel yet a terror to the unfortunate caught in its wake. Like a storm if ingested and or taken in it will be very much devistating. I dare say to the induviduals affected. Theres no telling how they will react. But it wont be pleasent.

Yen thought as he sat down in thought impressed as he was it was unerving that such a idea was tezted in the feild. This he noted as his insects slowed the production of the serum and stopped yen heaved a sigh as he felt beads of sweat fall from his forehead. The strain was real as the enhancing was indeed at an great level. But he needed a moment to re grasp the loss of chakra. After a few moments yen got up and took note to himself. "Thats gonna be seldomly used. Its uses drain me close to mad. Even if conservative in my chakra use its power consists of more then just a powerful serum. But a hefty cost. Battle might draw it out. But to the strong its no everyday technique. Its a rarity."

Yen thought as he entered his home again and scribbled a few notes down to the additions to his body and chakra use chart he added a star and a star to the kilkikaichu. Writting down connected and further a circle on the serum with an added note of "difficult but possible" the note scribling continued for a few more hours as he compared the rough draft and final notes together. "Yeah this can go much further... but to what ends... and what about the kilshiku overall. Theres something i must toss down." Yen thought as he connected the notes and then shredded the work as he had composed it all down to one simple page. "Lots of chakra use be careful" yen sat back in thought. Although in the face of suscess he felt defeat. The uses compromise alot for him. And yet surpresses alot more. Easily his eye saw the path before him. Darker and the risks ever ammounting. Risks blind to the eyes of even the strongest dojutsu users. Except risks that yen could see plain as day. "Its getting surpressive yet i must press on forward. The road unmarked and the mountains uncharted... this is going to get hard. I can defintly see it." Yen said to himself as he tossed the file and notes in his desk and composed himself. It was the duty to grow stronger and this he accepted fully. Despite the risk he openly hesitated. For even yen knew it was a bleak sunrise. And a dark sunset.

The sound of cute giggles caught yens attention as the world came to him a bit later. "My little ones are home, and the light in my sky is here" yen said to himself still exhuasted and tired yen smiled and headed down the stairs as he turned the light off he glanced back at his desk. His thoughts still at discomfort but he knew better. Notes later family now. Yen took a deep breath and closed the door. Happy and pleased the children were home and with a large smile yen was out of the depths of himself and among the world. Grins and all. The shadows of his fears behind him in the back of his mind.

Setting up and preparing yen kissed his son and daughter on the forehead pleased as hota rested from the day out. "Looks like you two wore your mother out. Im soo proud of you. Yep. Well who is hungry for some food. A yummy treat for the two growing loves." Yen said with a smile as he sat them next to their mother and off to the kitchen he rushed. Sounds of a roaring stove and the sweet smell of scauces soon filled the house. As with firey passion and joy yen went to work on a dish his heart and soul burning for his passion of cooking driving away the darker thoughts... for now. Yet in the scapes kf his subconcious the looming darkness of a theory was forming. One that caused him discomfort within. Was he burning himself dry with power? A question to be awnsered another time.



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An terrifying test (solo, training) Empty Re: An terrifying test (solo, training)

Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:18 pm

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