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Discombobulate Empty Discombobulate

Wed Jun 01, 2016 4:49 pm
Atem was very fond of his ability to use fuuinjutsu, but he knew he needed something else. Kenjutsu wasn’t really working out for him although he also enjoyed his Fatal Attraction and how the creation of it came about, but he just needed another outlet to distribute his chakra to. He figured that since he enjoyed genjutsu so much that is the route he would go with, the cerebral nervous system knowledge would also come in handy when fighting ninja sense that spot is fairly sensitive. “I’m not one to say anything cliche like I’m going to be the master of genjutsu or anything, but I will try my damnest to become one of the greats, no one will be able to tell me that I am not able to defeat another person. If he bleeds like I do then he is able to be brought down to his knees. It’s just a matter of how.” Atem said to himself pumping himself up before he went out to train, as he did so he grabbed all of his gear and left the house, he was in no hurry to begin the training of genjutsu because he really wanted to work on his craft, this wasn’t something that could be done in a day or two, no, he needed about a week to actually get a feel for genjutsu as it was no simple technique. Atem would walk one foot in front of the other as he began to access his brain about the knowledge of genjutsu, “How does one use sound based genjutsu?” He questioned himself. “It must be the sound that it makes travels through the ears and into the brain to be processed which trips the brain up in some way, I think I will stick to visual based genjutsus because it has more of an appeal to it. I might train one or two sound based genjutsu just to widen the diversity of my genjutsu abilities. Plus, opponents come in all shapes and sizes which can bring forth different abilities that can counter mine, but that is to be expected.”

Atem continued to walk as he rent through multiple rants inside of his head thinking of the complexity of battle, there were so many combinations that could be strung together to end in a win that the number is unimaginable. When Atem snapped back into it he felt his feet walking through the soft sand slowly sinking him in with every step, “Ah, it seems I have made it to the training grounds already. First things first I need to practice my aiming because precise and accurate movements are needed, there is no point in using genjutsu if I can’t hit my opponent.” Atem said as he took a kunai out of his pocket with a string attached to it, he then wrapped the wire around the kunai’s handle and strung it up on a palm tree near an oasis. Once he did this he would then back up 15 meters and from this distance he would train himself to be immune to his own genjutsu while working on the efficiency of his genjutsu all at the same time. Atem would wave his hand at the kunai seeing if he could hit it from this distance, the first time he missed, “I knew it wouldn’t be easy, I just need to imagine it as some sort of kunai or I can form my chakra into a cone shape that will make it easier to hit the target.” Atem said as he did just that. He waved his palm once more, but this time he used his chakra in such a way that it had an area of effect. It bounced off of the kunai invisibly, but it hit Atem. He couldn’t tell until he began to see nothing but blurry green bamboo or foliage. He really couldn’t tell what he was looking at so he closed his eyes to stop the confusion, he had placed himself in this genjutsu before so he knew what it looked like and although the symptoms felt very real he was able to differentiate this from the real world almost immediately.

“Hm, I need to make my chakra force others to see things that aren’t really there, like that false surrounding jutsu that that Jounin was speaking of a while back.” Atem said as he noticed that his genjutsu would no longer work on him, but his aiming was getting better now that he knew how to mold his chakra and form it into something that had a low chance of missing. Atem began to test out this new jutsu on himself, as he released his chakra he began to target the eye portion of the cerebral nervous system in a different way. Not one that would just shut it off, but one that would alter it, make it sense things that it really doesn’t sense causing it to send signals that never really existed. As Atem began to formulate this new jutsu that he would use to train his mind against genjutsu and his genjutsu in general he would begin to sharpen, he knew a lot more about genjutsu than. “I see you think you are good at genjutsu, I can tell by the uncontrollable smug face you are showing, the youth are something else I tell ya.” And old grizzled voice would say from afar. At that range Atem should have been able to hear him, but he was as silent as could be, even after Atem had recognized that he was there he still could not pinpoint his exact location. Sometime had passed since he had came to train at the training grounds so night had fallen fairly fast. “So, would you like a self-proclaimed master to train you or do you want to do it solo.” The man would ask. Atem was not hubris and would learn anything in order to benefit himself in a future battle and it wasn’t like he was asking for anything so this should go along pretty smoothly. “Yes, I will take up your training but how could you tell I was training genjutsu.” Atem asked the man, genjutsu was pretty much invisible to anyone who didn’t have chakra vision and that was almost limited to anyone who had the byakugan. That is when it hit him, the man walked out of the shadows and opened his pale purple eyes that seemed to be almost white at this point. “Well, I have the byakugan you see, I can see the waves of chakra that you were sending to the kunai and sending it back to yourself. I’m pretty good a genjutsu, but never once have I been in it, well longer than I should have been.” The man said as he held his hand out for Atem to shake it. Atem met his hand and shook it firmly, he wasn’t always one to be so respectful, but it seemed as though the man commanded it silently.

“Now, let me show you some secrets that I have learned over the years, this is why i was able to keep my eyes you see. There are a lot of people out there for them so it is a test within itself.” The man said laughing. “Anyhow, in order to actually put someone in a genjutsu that is hard for them to get out of due to them not knowing it from reality you will have to create a scenario before hand that allows you to recreate it while the genjutsu takes place. Say for example you were a fire user and you shot five fireballs at your enemy and they dodged them, but they felt the heat. Then you would follow up with a genjutsu that could bring the world a blaze and act like it was one of your jutsus.” The man said knowledgeably. “I see, that is very wise, I should have thought of that myself but then again with wisdom comes power.” Atem said. “I’m glad, now I will put you in a genjutsu, but first I will do something before hand. I don’t want you to move because you might die so watch this.” The man would say as he began to weave hand seals. Atem didn’t move as instructed and he would feel a force of air creating a shockwaves that would blow right through him, he knew this took a considerable amount control of the chakra and the body to be able to do something of this magnitude. Then the man would do a few hand gestures which reminded Atem of his open palm move leading into the genjutsu. Soon Atem would begin to feel a strong gust of air that seemed to be pushing him back at great speeds, he could not budge or fight against it but it seemed like the more he tried the faller he fell into the genjutsu. Atem went through this for what seemed like hours, but when the man snapped his fingers Atem woke up to see that there was no wind, he was just in a genjutsu where the man acted as though he had used a wind jutsu. “See what i mean, it was nearly impossible for you to get out of that one even though i explained right after and that shows how potent the genjutsu is. It was fairly hard for me to get you in it though due to your large chakra reserves because that can sometimes distort the wave I sen to you I had to add more chakra than I had in awhile which i should congratulate you for. Especially at your young age.” the man said with a close-eyes smile that radiated nothing but gentleness, kind of like the move he just used. Gentle fist.

“Now that you have some general understanding of how genjutsu is supposed to work you should now be able to put me in one although it will be quite hard.” The man chuckled as he back up a few meters. “Here I go.” Atem said as he began to weave some hand seals and then released a ton of fireballs which would head towards the man but then curve away the moment before they would touch his skin in order for him to feel the heat that he had mentioned earlier. Atem would then weave some more hand seals and in the midst of that he would show his palm to the old man which would be followed by a giant fireball, around 100 meters in diameter falling out of the sky at the speed of 50 towards the man, as the ball got closer the man would begin to feel the very heat he had just felt before this gigantic fireball met the earth. Right before the man was engulfed into the flames he would break out. “Whew, that was very convincing, that is how it is done right there.” The old man said sweating profusely. “You are a very fast learner, you took me for a dazzle there as I didn’t expect you to have gotten it that fast and the way you put the open palm gesture into the hand seal weaving which enacted the genjutsu. It was all well done. Well, from here on out I will only give you one more piece of advise before I am on my way. You can never die from a genjutsu, just remember that as you go along your journey, you can never die from a genjutsu.” The man repeated. He then disappeared at that very moment as if he were a genjutsu himself. “Well, it seems that I can say i have some sort of affinity for genjutsu now that I had trained it, I didn’t expect that man to come in and reduce the amount of time it would take for me to actually become fairly well at genjutsu, but it worked out nevertheless. Now time to start training some genjutsu, higher rank ones at that.” Atem said as he climbed a tree and laid in it. Something he hadn’t done in quite some time.
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Wed Jun 01, 2016 7:57 pm

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