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Saya Yuka
Saya Yuka
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A Rather Tough Day (P, NK Anri) - Page 2 Empty Re: A Rather Tough Day (P, NK Anri)

Thu Apr 07, 2016 9:50 pm
Using her master as reference she would try her best to shape it t olook like this some times it would be too much at the bottom another time it would be too much at the tip. "Ugh. This is tough." Saya was to focused on the superficial and not on the substance come on Saya you can do this." She says aloud to herself. Her pep talk was inspiring because it managed to help her concentrate enough to look like Anri's. "Oh my ..I did it I finally did it." This tough day is finally turn around she turns off her Shining medical eye in order to guage the chakra ut put for her self to get the feel. "Sensei I did it." 
Anri Uchiha
Anri Uchiha
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A Rather Tough Day (P, NK Anri) - Page 2 Empty Re: A Rather Tough Day (P, NK Anri)

Thu Apr 07, 2016 10:28 pm
Anri squinted a little bit with her Sharingan still active while inspecting the smooth-flow of chakra around Saya's hand. Upon seeing how refined the scalpel made of chakra was she'd provide her student with an approving smile. The chakra around her own hand faded from view. She'd tap the rock cane against the surface of the blade, slipping it across to make a screeching sound of two metallic blades slipping across one another. The black-haired Uchiha pushed a few long locks aside with her hand, proceeding to raise the earth cane and extend her arm out to her side, disengaging the flow of Doton chakra to the transformed stone and making it turn into a bundle of rock again.

"Hmm... brilliant. Now then.." She'd stand up from her crouched position and leap back, performing a backflip and stopping in a crouch. "Come at me with them. Stay as focused as possible with the chakra you're manipulating. If you lose focus for a mere second it'll disengage. Come now, my pupil!" She'd beckon the girl forth with a confident, excited look on her youthful, beautiful facial features.
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