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Getting Ahead Empty Getting Ahead

Wed Mar 23, 2016 2:12 am
After finally arriving in Konohagakure no sato with his parents and sister, Kaya, Kurisu Jr learned an interesting fact about his family. It seemed that his father, Kurisu Ametsuchi Sr was in fact the Hokage, the leader of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. After finding this out it was no wonder why Kurisu had spoken so passionately about the village. The boy now understood why his father seemed to regard the village as family, and why he had stressed for Kurisu Jr to do the same. Of course, this put the boy under a large shadow, being the son of the Hokage. His father had enrolled Kurisu Jr and his sister Kaya into the ninja academy as soon as he had gotten a chance. The boy had other plans. He couldn't go through the academy like a normal kid. He was the son of the Hokage and he needed everyone to know. Not to mention he really loved a good challenge. So the boy did something to help him skip those classes at the academy. He snuck into his father's office and found out what the exam to become a genin entailed. It seemed he would be tested on two basic ninjutsu techniques. The first was the clone technique and the second was the transformation technique. He quickly scribbled down how to perform each of the techniques in question, along with the substitution technique, and made his way out of the office and into the training grounds. Once there he found a nice secluded area where no one would interrupt him and he began his own training.

After stretching himself out, Kurisu Jr pulled out the scroll on which he had written his notes and picked one of the three techniques to begin with. He chose to start with the transformation technique. It seemed fairly simple. The basic idea behind the jutsu was changing one's appearance from their usual state to something else entirely. From what the boy could tell the technique could be used to turn himself into anything ranging from a small rock to the exact replica of the Hokage himself. There were only three hand seals required to perform the jutsu. They were Dog, Boar, Ram. After looking over the notes one more time, Kurisu Jr was ready to begin. He closed his eyes as he cleared his mind, focusing on the image he wanted to take on. Of course, with the way he idolized his father, the boy focused on an image of the Hokage in his mind for the technique to transform him into. When he had a good grasp on the image, he opened his eyes and performed the required hand seals. Dog-Boar-Ram. 

There was a cloud of smoke around him for a moment after he used the technique. He couldn't exactly tell if he had done it or not, so he walked over to the river nearby and looked into it to check his appearance. What he saw was a bit comical. His face was the spitting image of his father's, but his hair was still it's usual red color and he was still bite sized instead of the massive six foot five inches that made his father tower over most men. The boy released the technique and closed his eyes, clearing his mind once more. This time he made sure to focus in on every detail of his father, from the tiniest blemish to the monstrous height. When he was ready, Kurisu Jr opened his eyes and once more performed the three hand seals required for the transformation technique. Again he was surrounded by a cloud of smoke for a moment before it cleared away. This time when he looked at his reflection in the water it seemed that he had pulled it off. He looked exactly like his father. He let the transformation stand for a moment longer before releasing it. "Well that's one down, two more to go." the boy said aloud as he walked back over to pick up the scroll once more. 

The next technique on the short list for the boy to learn was the clone technique. This one didn't seem to be as useful in the boy's opinion, but he needed it to accomplish his goal of bypassing the academy and becoming a Genin straight away so he began his training to learn it nonetheless. According to the notes he had taken, this technique simply created a copy of the user that was intangible and could only copy the movements of the original. The boy knew that there were clone techniques that allowed the user to make free thinking physical copies of themselves, which he had to admit were much more useful than simply making what was for all intents and purposes a shadow of himself. He could only assume that this lesser technique would allow him to learn the more advanced clone techniques later on when he was ready to do so, if he ever wanted them. 

This technique required three hand seals as well. The seals needed to perform this jutsu were Ram, Snake, Tiger. The boy was glad his father had taught him the hand seals shinobi needed in order to perform jutsu in their training because if he hadn't the boy would never have been able to use even these simple techniques. He set the scroll with his notes on it down after a few glances at how to perform the second technique. He figured this one would probably be as easy to learn as the transformation jutsu. He would soon find out he was wrong. Not by much, but definitely wrong. He closed his eyes and cleared his mind for the third time that morning. This time, instead of focusing on an image he wanted to transform into, he focused on his own image, intending to use it to create the clone he wanted to. After a few brief moments, he opened his eyes and performed the three required hand seals. Ram-Snake-Tiger. There was a cloud of smoke nearby this time instead of surrounding Kurisu Jr. When it cleared the boy was rather disappointed to see the results. There was what looked like something a two year old would make out of paper mache lying on the ground. It did vaguely look like the boy, but it certainly wasn't what he had been intending on creating. He released the jutsu and it disappeared as quickly as it had came. "Well that wasn't right." he said to himself. 

He pulled out a small bottle of Jack Daniels from within one of his pockets, something he swiped from his father's office when he was taking notes on the techniques, and took a small swig before capping it and putting it away. He found that the alcohol usually calmed him enough for him to think more clearly. At least, a small amount of it did. Too much and he became a bumbling idiot, but his tolerance had greatly increased over the years with his father and 'too much' was not something he even came close to these days. After his small drink, the boy was ready to try again. He closed his eyes to clear his mind as was his habit. He focused himself on his own appearance, making sure to take in every detail the same way he had when he had transformed into his father just minutes before. When he opened his eyes he once more performed the required hand seals. There was another small puff of smoke and the boy held his breath as he anticipated the results of his work. When the smoke cleared a smile spread across the boy's face. He was staring at a mirror image of himself. These jutsu were easier to get down than he had first thought. Already he had mastered the transformation and clone techniques. There was only one more jutsu he wanted to learn before he called it quits for the day. This one he considered to be the most useful of the trio. 

He picked up the scroll he had taken notes on to look at the final technique he intended to learn that day. The substitution technique. This jutsu allowed the user to substitute themselves with an object from the surrounding area. It was a complex jutsu, more so than the previous two. This one required more hand seals in order to use as well. Five of them. They were Tiger, Boar, Ox, Dog, Snake. Before he could even attempt this technique he needed to find a branch or log nearby for him to substitute himself with. After a minute or two of searching he found a fallen branch underneath a nearby tree. That was what he decided to use for this technique. The boy cleared his mind again and performed the five hand seals needed for the substitution technique. Tiger-Boar-Ox-Dog-Snake. He had picked up a sharp edged rock while he was searching for something to substitute with. He used it now to stab his left palm. As soon as the mock attack happened, there was a puff of smoke and he was at least ten meters away from where he had originated. Looking back to where he had been seconds ago, Kurisu Jr saw the branch lying on the ground in his place. He had completed the substitution technique. That made three for three. He pulled out the bottle of Jack from his pocket and took another swig before picking up his scroll and heading back towards the Hokage building. He was going to see his father and demand to take the Genin exam straight away. 
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Getting Ahead Empty Re: Getting Ahead

Wed Mar 23, 2016 2:16 am
Uh, approved.
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