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Becoming Slightly Less Useless[P, NK, Artemis] Empty Becoming Slightly Less Useless[P, NK, Artemis]

Tue Mar 22, 2016 3:12 am
Since becoming a Chuunin Jace had begun searching for other ways to enhance his powers. Genjutsu was his main focus, yes, but he needed something more. He wasn't very good with taijutsu, he didn't like to use many weapons and seals were just never his thing. He was decent at using ninjutsu, but the art of space-time manipulation had really caught his interest. He began delving into it's secrets, searching for someone to train him in the ways of bending space and time. He began asking around the village for someone who would be willing to teach him what he wanted. It wasn't long before news spread of his search and he received a letter from someone named Artemis explaining that she would be willing to help him in his training. He was instructed to wait for her at the training grounds today at noon. That was why he was now standing beneath a tree near the river, wearing his usual clothes and his headband shining on his forehead. He had shown up early, eager to be started. He had already been waiting for nearly two hours. It was almost noon now. This 'Artemis' person was bound to arrive any second, and Jace was anxious to begin.
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Becoming Slightly Less Useless[P, NK, Artemis] Empty Re: Becoming Slightly Less Useless[P, NK, Artemis]

Tue Mar 22, 2016 3:22 am
Artemis, being the nurturer that she is agreed to help and up and coming Konoha ninja. Thought due to her busy schedule, she couldn’t stick around for too long to help the boy. Arriving at the training fields, she spotted the boy. Without saying a word, she tossed a scroll that she had written herself explaining the complications of s/t ninjutsu. “I only have ten minutes.” She said before realizing how rude that sounded. “Oh! but no rush though!” She took a seat underneath the shade of a tree where she would watch the boy. Maybe watching him could help her to master her own spacetime technique, mainly her Feint jutsu.
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Becoming Slightly Less Useless[P, NK, Artemis] Empty Re: Becoming Slightly Less Useless[P, NK, Artemis]

Thu Mar 24, 2016 12:02 am
Jace hadn't been waiting long for Artemis to arrive. She seemed to be in a bit of a hurry and not too concerned with the boy's training. When she had arrived she had tossed a scroll at Jace, which the boy caught easily enough. Then she had told the boy that she only had ten minutes to spare. "Er, thanks." the boy said as he opened the scroll the woman had tossed at him. He hadn't thought much of the woman when she had arrived, but what he saw written on the scroll quickly changed his mind. The scroll was full of intricate notes and descriptions detailing the art of space-time. It showed the boy that using space-time was much more complicated than he had originally thought. There were various ways in which someone could manipulate space, time, or both simultaneously. It seemed that the most basic parts of manipulating the fabric of space and time was to infuse your own chakra within the folds of space around the area which the user wishes to manipulate. 

The uses of space-time manipulation were so vast that most people would most likely focus on one aspect or another rather than it as a whole. For Jace it was different. Seeing what was written on the scroll made Jace's mind race with ideas for every aspect of space-time manipulation. His thoughts were one's of manipulating the time stream of other people and objects, or even his own time stream. Surely he could find a way to speed up his own attacks or slow down those of his enemies, perhaps even bringing them to a stand still. Theoretically, it was even possible to revert someone back to the state of a child, or expedite someone's growth to give them the body of an old man or woman. Changing someone's body like that would surely disorient them and affect their ability to fight adequately. There was a lot of potential for time manipulation there. Spacial manipulation was also impressively potent. It was possible to change the laws of physics in an area the user chooses. They could increase or decrease the gravity, create constructs from their mind and even be used to warp space enough for the user to transport themselves from one area to another near instantaneously. 

So what could someone do who was able to manipulate both space and time simultaneously? He wondered if it was possible to create separate planes of existence within small areas. If that was possible, was it too far off for someone to create their own reality entirely? Perhaps not. All of these things would be explored by the boy in due time, but for now he had to focus on actually beginning to even manipulate the fabric of space and time to the smallest degree. He set the scroll down beside him and closed his eyes, clearing his mind so he could focus on what he was about to try to do. He took a few deep breaths as he steadied himself. After only a few moments the boy began to let his chakra flow outward, intending to infuse the immediate area with his chakra so as to bend space. He had no idea whether it was working or not, but he allowed his eyes to open. Everything seemed to be the same at first glance. Probably because he hadn't actually tried to manipulate anything yet and only infused the area with his chakra.

He forced himself to concentrate on one thing in particular as he tried to distort reality. He raised his right hand in front of his face and concentrated with all his might on trying to bend space around it. There was another moment of silence before something happened. His hand seemed to flicker in and out of reality for a moment, bending and distorting itself in ways that were obviously not normal. It only lasted a few seconds before stopping and Jace let himself relax for a moment. Letting his hand fall to his side, he reached into his weapons pouch to retrieve a kunai as he stepped away from the tree to face it, giving himself enough space to throw the kunai at the trunk of the tree. Once more he closed his eyes and let his chakra flow outward. He intended to distort time instead of reality with his next attempt. When he was ready, he opened his eyes once more and launched the kunai toward the tree, attempting to slow down the time stream of the thrown weapon as he did so. It wasn't by much, but the boy could see the kunai slowing down in mid air. It had slowed just enough by the time it reached the tree that there was not enough force to drive it into the trunk and it simply bounced off and landed on the ground in front of the tree. 

Finally he had gotten the basics of space-time down. Smiling, the boy turned to face Artemis. "Thank you for this. I think I've finally gotten the basics of it down. I hope I didn't take too much of your time. I have to go now. See you around!" the boy said to the woman happily before leaving the training grounds. 
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Becoming Slightly Less Useless[P, NK, Artemis] Empty Re: Becoming Slightly Less Useless[P, NK, Artemis]

Thu Mar 24, 2016 12:34 am

I don't think this is what the rules had in mind when they offered a half wc discount for "social" rp but i'll alow it given it doesn't become a common accurrence. More actual teaching next time please. <3
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