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Hiroyushi Senju
Hiroyushi Senju
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Hiroyushi Senju's Water clone training Empty Hiroyushi Senju's Water clone training

Sat Mar 12, 2016 11:43 pm
Hiro knew of his apparent weakness's, after fighting two fellow ninja he could feel it. He had tried all his life to acheive the title of 'ninja' but that wasn't enough, not for the village, and not for him. To him being a ninja was all about becoming the best, even though at a young age he had been known for outpacing other students drasticly, or learning how to control his chakra better than most other ninja his age. He had felt that it wasn't enough, he needed to push himself for the first time. He never tried to accel in class's, nor did he have the time to; inbetween studying and taking care of his mother he had been less than capable in training. He would wake up in his bed, after a long needed rest from the days before. His eyes weighed heavily upon him, he knew that there was only so much time he had to get ready and prepare for the day ahead of him. He would get up and wander over to his kitchen before eating the leftover rice he had made for yesterdays supper; whatever he didn't eat he would pack into a bento and eat later. He had planned for all the esential preperations needed to train, a water bottle, loose fitting clothes so as to not constrict his movement, food; something his mother would deem essential, and he would know better than to contridict her, He would also bring along a small notebook, so as to mark down what he had done; a way of keeping track of time and to keep himself accountable for his training.

It wouldn't be until around 9:00 am he would finally leave the building he called home, The house itself was rather small; only big enough to fit him and his mother in the back, seeing as the front had been repurposed as a cafe that his mother would be able to run without having to leave the house unguarded. as he left he would walk by some of the usual customers having their usual coffee in their usual spots, as usual. He would walk out the door, wearing his headband proudly around his forehead; pushing his hair back slightly, but Hiro didn't care too much, especially not on today of all days, He had planned on running the entireity of the way from his house to the village training grounds in order to build up his stamina; something he had taken for granted before he was a ninja. He would begin with a small jog, pacing himself so he didn't get overly exhausted when he began running, it would be roughtly ten minutes before he had broke into a full on run, around the halfway point between his home and the training ground. This was an easy way for him to see more of the village he had grown up in without full on exploring; he would occasionally have to stop and ask some of the old timers in the village for direction's some he knew, some he didn't. along the way he would help a small girl get her cat out of a tree; an anchient cleche, but apparently a true one. After around a half hour of run-walking he would finally make it to the training ground, wiping the sweat off his brow and taking a quick breather before going on to his actual training.

The goal he had in mind was to create some clones with actual physical properties even if those properties where made entirely transparent by the water they could still be very real, as opposed to the ones he had that where only illusions to surprise the enemy. His goal was to create a clone, fully made of water, so that he would be able to better attack an enemy, even if the water was only half as good as a regular hit he still thought it would be better than creating something that cant take a hit or give on at all. He would move over to a small body of water and place his hands into the Tiger seal, focusing on his chakra, and its relation to water. Even at his best in the Academy the best he could ever do was move a small body of water, while other kids where able to manpulate flame, or electricity, he found himself becoming attuned to water. Water was something similar to chakra, at least from Hiro's perspective, water flows between rivers to lakes, from lakes to oceans; much like chakra moving throughout a persons chakra system he could feel himself controlling the water in such a way it would ripple unaturally bobbing up and down as it was in some kind of wave making machine. It would begin to lift up into droplets of water, defying gravity by their shear existance as they floated upwards from the pool, many of them moving over to a cental location about four feet from Hiroyushi, blobbing up until it reached a small mass roughly the size of his chest, Hiroyushi would grit his teeth, he hand used quite a bit of chakra creating even the most base part of this clone, but he would not give in. Not now. He would focus again, lifting more droplets of water, each growing in size as they where pulled from the body of water, his chakra moving over into this new aqua based body, the legs would form first, giving it some kind of stability within the confines of being made of water. The arms and chest of the clone would begin to form, each perfectly matching the size and shape of himself; he had gotten some extra practice in with dimensions due to his training with Risako, making him perfect his transformation before getting a promotion to genin. He would, at last lift an orb of water roughly the same size as his head that would fly over to his headless clone and begin taking shape. The orb would take the shape of Hiro's face, making it somehow complete. Hiroyushi would give this new body some chakra of his own; allowing it to function based on various thoughts and commands the regular Hiroyushi could give, such as walking or attacking. Hiroyushi would walk over to the water clone and inspect it closely; his clone matching his movements to a T. after a satisfactory nod he would release his gaze from the clone and go over to his waterbottle, lifting it up to his lips and pressing down on the bottle; flooding his mouth with much needed water. he wasn't done yet though; he had heard of other water techniques he had yet to try out.

He would begin carefully prepareing himself for his next technique; setting up soda cans and other targets for his next technique he would try, He was now convinced he knew how to manipulate water; He had some other intentions than just using clones in order to attack his enemy. He knew of offensive water techniques that he had been told of by his teacher and mentor Kyouya; allowing him access to some of his own personal jutsu. One that had captivated Hiro's imagination since he was a young boy, He had stumbled upon Kyouya doing some practice at this very stall. Watching him create several slivers of water, capable of destroying targets and being deadly acurate; This had been something Hiro had only dreamed of doing years before. He had always wondered how Kyouya was capable of the simultanious creation of the 'water needles' but now that he had a water jutsu of his own he could clearly see that he needed to quickly separate the water with his chakra and form them into the small needles simultainiously much like he had to do when creating multiple clones, a process that could take multiple tries if not a few days of practice alone; though, he clearly knew that his chakra pool itself was vast he didn't want to try anything too risky so that he didn't injure himself or anyone else nearby should the trials go wrong. Hiro would stand up and take off his Dark blue T-shirt he had loved since he bought it a couple months ago. Wearing it every opportunity he could. He would take it off so as to not damage it should the needles hit him or somehting else go wrong in the process of learning this new jutsu through sheer memory and trial and error. Hiro would go to great extents to create and destroy his water clones again so as to make sure he had the process down; creating everything semi-instantly so that he could focus on the sheer manipulation of his own chakra. He had practiced many jutsu now, and gotten used to the feeling of his chakra expanding and contracting into the forms he had specified it to become; mostly clones and the transfer of objects, like in his substitiution jutsu he had learned from several of the academy teachers. Which had took him until now to truely master the switching of the log and himself in order to avoid various attacks. Hiro would walk out onto the body of water, using chakra to keep him from falling into it as he had walked over it. He liked the feeling of walking on water. as it was something that was both calming and exciting at the same time. He would walk out into the center of the open body of water, roughly the size of a swimming pool and think to himself about what exactly he should do in order to begin the creation of this offensive technique of jutsu; seeing as he had no real way of knowing how to increase the speed or force of an object without it being some kind of body itself. He would think long and hard, his body bobbing up and down slightly as the water below him rippled with the previous steps he had taken in order to get out to where he was now. Hiro thought the best way to propell them would be a quick push of chakra from the sourse of the attack, either through the water or through his own body; using either as a conduit for the the push of chakra. He would continue thinking long and hard until he had gotten used to the bobbing below his feet; getting something to the equivolent of 'sea legs' a sailor's term for when he or she had finally gotten used to the bobbing of the boat. Though this was a much different kind of bobbing to that of the open sea it was very capable of brining out the same feelings to a ninja.

WC: 2032
(claiming 10 stats and Water clone jutsu)
Hiroyushi Senju
Hiroyushi Senju
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Hiroyushi Senju's Water clone training Empty Re: Hiroyushi Senju's Water clone training

Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:55 pm
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Hiroyushi Senju's Water clone training Empty Re: Hiroyushi Senju's Water clone training

Tue Mar 15, 2016 9:40 pm

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