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The Start of Something Grim Empty The Start of Something Grim

Sat Feb 27, 2016 11:36 pm
The sounds of birds chirping slightly startled Queen as she awoke within her luxurious bed. Nightmares had plagued her sleep, and the dark circles under her eyes proved that. Her dream had felt so vivid and real, as if the events within it had been real. In her dream, she had walked into her home and was greeted by none one, which was usually, but there was a weird air within the mansion, something that just felt off. Queen couldn’t exactly put her finger on it, so she decided to make her way towards the kitchen where she could at least usually find her uncle making dinner. Upon entering the marble floored room, the blonde hair was horrified to the scene that she witnessed. There she lay, next to her father, both in a pool of their own blood. The walls, the counter, everything covered in streaks of their red paint. The girl couldn’t comprehend what was going on. How was it possible? Was she a ghost? was that how she was viewing herself? and her father!? she had never really had much love for him, but seeing him like that was not something she would wish upon him.

Luckily, the girl had woken up. A cold bed of sweat dripping from her forehead. The amount of sleep she had gotten had been slim, but she would have to suck it up. The day was filled with business meets and studies as she continued to plan her way to running her family business, something that she had no interest in whatsoever. yet, if she expected her father to continue on with her dream of becoming the world’s best fighter, then she would have to live up to his expectations, whether she wanted to or not. Still faed from her nightmare, Queen got out of her bed and looked at herself in the mirror. Like expected, she looked terrible, though nothing a few tough ups can’t fix. She had to look rather presentable for these meetings. Queen made her way towards her bathroom and turned on the shower. The steaming water started to pour and the her undressed and walked into the water’s line of fire. It felt nice to feel the steaming drops crash against her skin. She could sit in the shower for hours, but she only had all of five minutes to enjoy its warmth.

Queen quickly dried herself off once she was done, and got herself dress. She wore a rather nice navy blue dress, and curled up her hair for the business meeting that she had to attend. While she would be physically present at the meeting, her mind would be focusing on training. The only thing that really mattered to her. Rei made her way downstaires where her uncle awaited to take her towards the meet. “You’re father has already left. He said he would meet with you later at the meeting with a representative from Sakura Corp.” The girl simply just nodded. She expected no less from her father. He wanted to raise her to be a successful heir to the company, yet he always seemed to be blowing her off to attend separate meetings. Something about the whole thing was odd, but Queen didn’t question it too much. He was a rather odd guy himself, so it seemed only natural.

The girl sat down at the dinner table and had a quick simple breakfast before heading out the door with her uncle. The first of company she was meeting with today was the Yamanaka’s. There flower shops had grown tremendously over the years, and selling some of Yamano Industries product at their stores would see an increase in profit within both companies. The girl ate at a steady paste before leaving her plate in the sink and heading out the door alongside her uncle, or otherwise known as her butler.

It didn’t take them love to arrive at the Yamanaka district, where the girl and her uncle met up with the head of the clan. The blonde fighter (or business woman in this case) took a seat at a long round table along with three yamanaka members; her uncle stood behind her. “Shall we begin the meeting?” asked the long haired man. Rei nodded her head in agreement as he began.

“Our flower shops have been in Konoha since near the start of the village’s construction. We are the go to corporation for all events that take place in the village, as well as all ceremonies and private events. We are doing quite well, very well actually, so tell me why you believe adding the Yamano Industries products will be fruitful to us?”

During this time, Queen’s thoughts remained thinking of her training, thinking of new ways to push her bodies to new limits while remaining eye contact with the man speaking. There was a slight gap of unoccupied air between when the man finished talking and before Queen had given him a response. Finally, the girl’s mine finally cleared and she began to speak. “Just like your flower shops Mr. Yamanaka, Yamano Industries is a well evolved company thought the fire country, and is continuously expanding to new parts of the ninja world. By adding our products to your shops, not only will we see an increase in revenues, but you will see an increase in business as well.” The girl left a short pause, observing the reactions of the clansmen before continuing. She could see the interest in their face before she decided to continue to speak.

The meeting lasted for about another twenty minutes or so as Queen discussed business plans with the three men. At the end of the meet, the two shook hands, concluding the business meet and the beginning of a new partnership between the two parties. The blonde girl spent no time in leaving the facility. Her interest in the whole business world was quickly diminishing as all she wanted to do was train. She could just envision the dojo and training within the constraints of the fighting ring. The smell of sweat in the humid air, her fist making contact with someone jaw. The whole picture sent tingles down her skin. Too bad she wasn’t going to be able to train until later tonight. For now, it would be time to meet her with malicious father that she oh so much adored (if you couldn’t sense it, that was pure sarcasm). Though her mind would still be wandering on how to perform a specific technique that she had been trying to work on. One where her fist would ignite in flames, and break new boundaries for fighting against chakra endured techniques. It was quite revolutionary actually, but Queen just hope she could master it since she couldn’t find any scrolls on it in the ninja library.

With her mind wandering about the capabilities of this new technique, she hadn’t realized that her and her uncle had arrive to the Yamano Industries main building. Upon arrival, Queen was surprised to find her father waiting for her near the front entrance. The only times he had bothered to actually go out of his way to greet her there is when there was something that he wanted. Surely, this would be the case this time around.

“Hello Father.” Queen spoke as she entered the huge stain glass doors at the front entrance. “Why hell there my lovely daughter.” He seemed a little more upbeat than usual. Surely something was off, but the blonde girl couldn’t quite put her finger on it. “Let’s head into my office, we have much to discuss.” Her father put a soft hand on her back, leading her to the spacious and elegantly decorated room. Queen took a seat on the opposite end of her father at the glass table that stood in the middle of the room, a fur carpet right beneath. “So how was the meeting with the Yamanaka’s?” Her father asked, signalling to one of the workers for some drinks. “Fine. They have agreed to include our products in their stores.” The girl spoke in her usual monotone manner. This time, because she was truly uninterested in the topic at hand. “Excellent! a tough business deal, but you handled it like a true CEO. You were born for business!” He seemed highly thrilled, taking a sip of his rum and coke that had just arrived, while a cup of tea was place in front of Rei. “I was born to fight.” Queen responses, a slight annoyance in her voice. To this, her father’s smile had faded. It always disappointed him to hear his daughter talk about fighting. All he wanted was for her to take over the business, for her to have the same passions as he did, but it just never seemed to work out that way. Their family weren’t born to be ninja, yet Queen pushed to be one anyways, to show everyone what she was made of. Something that her father would never understand.

He sighed before taking another sip of his drink. “That’s why I called you here today. I have news that you might find pleasant.” He said slowly, trying to return his smile upon his face. Queen just stared blankly into his eyes. Whatever this little surprise was, she doubted it would be to her favour. She would surely find out she was right. “Come out… Rei.” At first, The blonde girl was was confused. She had already been sitting with her father, so who was he referring to? All her questions were soon to be answered.

A girl came through the glass doors. At first, all she saw was this blonde head. The height of this girl was approximately the same as Queen’s, same figure, same… well everything. She wore a black and white dress the complimented well. It was getting weird, almost as if looking into a mirror. Well that is exactly what it was. The girl face where the two were sitting and lord and behold, it was… Queen. “What’s going on.” The blonde girl slammed her hands on the table, rising off the chair at the same time. It was clear that she was completely furious. On the other and, her father was completely calm, the dobbleganger standing practically right behind him as if some sort of minion. “Well Rei.. Or Queen.. Whatever you call yourself these days. I had out scientist conduct an experiment to use your dna to form, well, another you.” He said calmly, yet practically smiling. “You’re sick.” Queen snarled, she could feel her blood practically boiling. “Look at the bigger picture Rei. This way, you can continue your fighting, and I get my heir!” With every word that left his mouth, the girl just grew more and more upset. “Are you going to have her kill me too?” She asked, truly serious. “Of course not, why would you ask that.?” He responded right after. “Ishi. Our God states that we gain the capabilities of those we kill. You’re going to have her kill me so she can fully become your daughter.” She was practically yelling at this point. To her surprise, it was the fake queen who responded, sounding just like the original. “I have no interest in killing you, rest assured. My interest is in seeking that Yamano industries continues to grow successfully as a major corporation.” Her voice seemed neutral and precise, no fault or error in her speech. Queen’s muscles tensed. Just as she was about to leap forward to kill the fake, her father stopped her. “Don’t” Was the only words that left his mouth. “We would just create another.” Not another word left Queen’s lips as she stormed out of the office. The girl headed straight home with her head down. She was afraid to even look at anyone since one wrong look and she’d send someone to the hospital.

Upon arriving, Queen kicked the front door straight open, shattering the glass that decorated it. She walked in and quickly made it up to her room. She practically tore of the outfit that she wore and put on her typical go to attire. You know the drill. Black leggings, white tank top, and some sneakers. It took her all of three minutes to get in, and get out. She wanted nothing to do with her family, not even staying her own home. Her first instinct was to go see Jace. Surely the boy would have know how to comfort her. She always felt calm and relaxed when she was around him, like nothing else mattered; but she didn’t want to trouble him with this news. She wasn’t even sure if they even had that kind of relationship where she could just talk to him about her problems. So instead, she went with her second instinct. Moonyoung.

The girl arrived to the apartment complex after about five minutes of anger walking. She knocked on the door repeatedly until the red hair girl answered with a sense of sleepiness in her eyes. “what?” she said in between yawns. “get dressed, we’re training today.” Queen let herself into the apartment. “You haven’t trained with me in weeks.” Moonyoung said rather somber. “I know I’m sorry, I’ve been… busy.” Queen replied to a now rather bitter friend. “Busy being a ninja? right. I guess the dojo just wasn’t enough for you.” Queen’s heart sank as her friend actually sounded serious. Relief came over her once a smile began to creep onto the red haired face. “nah I’m just kidding. Just give me five minutes to get ready.

Queen waited patiently on the girl’s couch. It seemed forever for the girl to come out wearing a red jumpsuit, her air put up into a messy bun. “ready?” She asked, before the two headed out towards the dojo. The two made it to the dojo and did a little warm up exercise. Stretching out the muscles, skipping rope, and doing a little running so they could begin to work up a sweat. That they did indeed. The two would begin to train, exchanging fist and kicks in the ring, but they had always been evenly match so they would go at it for quite a while it no change in who had the lead. “you’re blows feel stronger today.” Moonyoung said between strikes. It was true, Queen was still thinking about the even that had happened earlier today, and she was livid.

The girl began to think of a technique she had been working on. sure there was the flaming fist thing she wanted to try, but there was something else that she wanted to put to the works. It was a breathing technique, and through the breathing, she could enhance not only her speed but her strength as well. “Let’s take a second break.” Said queen, as moonyoung shrugged and went for her water bottle. Queen entered a meditative state, and placed her fingertips together as she began to concentrate on her breathing. Inhale, exhale. inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Her eyes stayed closed as she envisioned the oxygen entering and leaving her body. She didn’t need her eyes to be open to know that Moonyoung was giving her a weird glare. With each breath she took, she felt more and more confident of her ability to use the technique. “All right, let us continue.” She said before forming the hand sign the one uses to perform the seven heavens breathing method. She took a deep breathe and exhaled as her eyes turned completely white, a yellow forming around here. Moonyoung let out a weird noise of disgust and horror mixed together. “Queen! your… eyes?” She pointed out..

“Oh, that’s right.” She said momentarily, forgetting that the first activation caused the user’s eyes to go completely white. “Don’t worry, it’s just a new technique Im trying out, are you ready or not?” Queen asked, antsy to get back to the fight. After a bit of delay fro the red haired girl, the two were back at it again, exchanging fist yet this time, it was clear the Queen had a slight advantage. Fist to fist, block, kick to kick, block. Fist and contact. Queen got an uppercut right to the girl’s chin. It was a good thing they were wearing gloves or else the girl would have been in some serious trouble.

the girl got back up slowing, oddly confused as to what had just happened, and confused as the how she got struck. “how?” moonyoung asked, slightly dazed. Queen just simply smirked, and said “through the power of will and might.” No just joking, she didn’t actually say that. She just continued to stare at her before she finally answered. “It’s a technique that increases the amount of oxygen I can hold in my lungs. It improves my physical capabilities.” The girl just seemed to look at her with a dumbfounded look, as if she was just talking pure nonsense. “What what what!? That’s cheating!” She scoffed. seeming upset, but mainly just jealous over the fact that Queen now had the advantage. “I’m not done yet.” The girl took another deep breathe, forming the same hand sign before Queen’s muscles sudden started to become more defined. Moonyoung seemed shocked right before the blonde fighter dashed forwards and kicked moonyoung straight in the chest. The girl blocked in time, but the force was still enough to send her out of the ring, landing on one of them mats near the wall. She began to cough as she tried to get the air back into her lungs

“Jeez, that technique is so op!” The girl led out, trying to get back onto her feet. Queen couldn’t help but give a wry smile at the remark. The technique was strong, but it was not good enough. She would need something more eventually. sure it would be good enough for now, but there will come a time where she would have to up her game, and make something even better. Thought, For the time being, it would have to do.


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The Start of Something Grim Empty Re: The Start of Something Grim

Sat Feb 27, 2016 11:41 pm
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