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Queen and the Crow, Part 1. [P, NK] - Page 3 Empty Re: Queen and the Crow, Part 1. [P, NK]

Fri Feb 19, 2016 10:40 pm
(you better take me to the damn hospital now snow)

It looked like Jace's fireball was gonna hit it's target. He was hoping he wouldnt hurt the girl too badly though. A smile crept across the boy's face for an instant before the giant fireball stopped midway to its intended target by some opposing force and then it dispersed. The smile was quickly replaced by a look of confusion as he could now clearly see straight toward the blonde girl only 5 meters in front of him. Unfortunately, the boy's confused facial expression wouldn't even have a chance to register with Queen before the Uchiha was hit with a massive force that he couldn't see. The force was so strong it lifted Jace a few feet off the ground and sent him flying backward to land on his back a few meters back from where he had been standing. The cracking sound of breaking bones could be heard throughout the training fields as the unseen attack had hit the boy. He felt the wind being knocked out of him while he was in the air. A cough escaped from his mouth as blood trickled down his chin, the crimson fluid glistening over his wet lips. When he hit the ground his vision went white and his entire body was in excruciating pain. He tried to move but couldn't. Even his chest was struggling to rise and fall as he took shallow ragged breaths. His eyes returned to their brilliant shade of green as his strength faded from him. The crows that he had summoned would disappear as the boy lost consciousness, his last thoughts were that of sheer confusion before everything turned black and the boy passed out from his injuries. 

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Queen and the Crow, Part 1. [P, NK] - Page 3 Empty Re: Queen and the Crow, Part 1. [P, NK]

Sat Feb 20, 2016 7:42 pm
Ita was beginning to become bored with the fight until he noticed that his friend Jace would perform a fire style jutsu. The illumination and heat from the fire was enough to bring Ita back into the fight. Moments later, Ita would notice the blonde girl begin to make some weird type of hand sign Ita had never seen before. What was she about to do Ita thought and why wasn’t she currently attempting to get out of the way of the large blazing fireball heading straight towards her? The next thing Ita knew, the blonde girl had released a powerful attack which Ita couldn’t see with his sharingan, but could obviously tell existed due to the surroundings of the attack. Was it wind style? If it was wind style Ita would have been able to see her chakra clearly. Now that Ita was thinking about it, he couldn’t see her chakra at all. Whatever it was, he would ask her later. The two forces of energy collided causing them to disperse. What happened next may have caught Jace more off guard than Ita.
Ita watched his friend get absolutely wrecked by what appeared to be a second coming of the first technique the girl had used, although he didn’t remember seeing her remake the strange hand sign just as she had done before. Whatever it was, it was a pretty unique technique. For now, Ita thought it was best that he should get his friend some medical attention seeing as he was unconscious. Ita probably wouldn’t let Jace live this moment down.
Without any more thought, Ita stood up and stretched. The battle was over. Ita then took an elegant, but powerful step and HoHo’d over to Jace’s body, making it appear to the girl as he would just appear out of nowhere in a blur of speed. Total badass. Ita smiled at the girl and then grabbed his unconscious friend by the back of his shirt and pulled him up off the ground and positioned him over his shoulder. Ita then directed his attention towards the blonde girl. “Sorry about earlier. I am Ita. You seem to be pretty strong. You gotta tell me about that technique you just did some other time. I’m gonna take Jace to the hospital, but I gotta run afterwards. You should probably visit him to see if he’s okay.

If the girl and the boy would appear by their unconscious friend at the same time and she refused to let Ita take him. Then Ita would simply allow for her to take him, but would require a proper meeting this time around. Regardless Jace needed help, and Ita didn’t really care who provided it as long as he was okay. If this was the case, Ita and Queen would have a proper introduction so he could now refer to her as Queen and not ‘the blonde girl’ and he would be on his way, body flickering out of the scene.  
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Queen and the Crow, Part 1. [P, NK] - Page 3 Empty Re: Queen and the Crow, Part 1. [P, NK]

Sat Feb 20, 2016 10:43 pm
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Queen and the Crow, Part 1. [P, NK] - Page 3 Empty Re: Queen and the Crow, Part 1. [P, NK]

Sun Feb 21, 2016 4:30 am
The two techniques clashed in a rage to overpower one another. In nature, they were equal in strength and took out one another just as Queen had predicted. What she hadn’t known is that the technique she had used had two phases. The first initial phase, and a secondary explosion that would cause devastating blow to her future lover. The girl dashed forward, a slight look of despair on her face not even comparing to what she felt internally. She was as the pressurized air sent the boy the boy flying up and back before he crashed dramatically into the ground. The sounds of broken bounds echoing through the fields as a gush of blood left his mouth. The birds he had summoned disintegrating as the boy would lose consciousness. What had she done.

Without realizing it, her feet had failed her and she had stopped moving. her brows burrowed, her face restful as she only stared at what she had caused. On one hand, she was delighted to see she was able to perform quite the technique, but on the other, she was flabbergasted that she could have possibly killed the only person that she’s liked on a humanly level besides her friend, Moonyoung. Out of nowhere, the other boy had appeared in an instant besides Jace. Rei had almost forgotten about him since he had been off to the site throughout the course of the duo’s training. He gave her a warm smile the the blonde fighter was unable to return. Partially because she wasn’t one to smile, but also because of the current circumstances.

Ita wasted no time throwing the boy over his shoulder. Due to the matter in which he did it, it surely only caused Jace even more pain, instinctively causing the girl to flinch slightly. He would introduce himself once more before before completely vanishing with the boy over his shoulder. Without a moment to waste, Queen gathered her physical strength in order to improve her movement, body flickering away towards the hospital. At her current rate, she would get there shortly after Ita would have dropped him off.

Once she arrived at the hospital, she wold rush in and ask for Jace’s room number. Upon finding room 376, she would enter it and see Jace sleeping comfortably up one of the hospital beds. He looked so peaceful, and most importantly, he looked as if he was going to make a full recovery. The girl would just sit in a chair that was off to the site, and wait.

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Queen and the Crow, Part 1. [P, NK] - Page 3 Empty Re: Queen and the Crow, Part 1. [P, NK]

Sun Feb 21, 2016 9:14 am

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