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The Ambush on the Border (Travel) Empty The Ambush on the Border (Travel)

Wed Oct 28, 2015 11:40 pm
Kenshin sighed in annoyance as he walked towards the border to Waterfall Country, this really was taking a lot longer then he expected, when he had gone down the small, secluded path earlier to rob a traveler he hadn't realized that the path he was going down was one of the longest roads to Waterfall Country, an old abandoned path that was filled with countless twists and turns

'Must be why the road was abandoned in the first place' thought Kenshin in annoyance, not only was he annoyed by the path itself, he was also annoyed with the sheer humidity in the area, it had appeared suddenly as if out of nowhere and made him feel a lot hotter, but he was able to see the upside, to suddenly be feeling humidity like that meant that he was getting close to Waterfall Country and its dense jungles

With that thought in mind Kenshin increased his pace a little, hoping that he would find himself in one of Waterfall Countries massive jungles soon, but it seems that fate had something else in store for him. Kenshin stopped walking and listened, hearing absolutely nothing, and that immediately put him on guard, absolute silence was a very bad thing, it meant that something had scared off all the animals in the area, and in his experience when that happen on old, abandoned roads like this one the most likely answer was bandits

Kenshin continued on down the path, but all the while keeping a close eye on his surroundings, but then he heard it, it was faint but he could hear laughter coming from further down the path, confirming that there was indeed some people ahead of him, and the odds of them being bandits were high. So Kenshin slipped into the forest that surrounded the path and began stealthily making his way to where the laughter was coming from

When he found where the laughter was coming from he found that he was right, they were bandits, it was a group of five men, three of them were absolute mountains of muscles, while the other two were more of an average size, but all five of them were carrying some form of weapon, one of the big guys was wielding a sledgehammer, another was wielding a spiked club while the final one had an axe, while one of the smaller men had a sword strapped to his back and the other had a butchers knife. All in all they looked to be idiots, they were all sitting around the embers of a campfire and were drinking like there was no tomorrow

"'Ey boss, when do ya think more people will come this was?" asked the big man wielding the axe

"Who knows, this road ain't used much no more" said the small man with the sword, glaring at the guy who spoke and the guy glared right back

'That guys the boss, this is gonna be easier than I thought' thought Kenshin to himself, thinking of how easy it would be to manipulate one of the bigger guys into betraying the others

"Well, lets get this show on the road" muttered Kenshin to himself, slipping back onto the road and walking into the groups line of sight, making them all get up and run in front of him

"Oi brat, this ere's a toll road, ya gotta pay if ya wanna pass" called the buy guy with the sledge hammer, pointing said sledge hammer at Kenshin threateningly

"Get that damn hammer out of my face before I take it and the arm holding it" snapped Kenshin angrily, he was already in a bad mood but when this fool pointed the hammer at him he just snapped

The man jumped slightly and lowered the hammer, he was not expecting someone so young to be unafraid of him, and all of the others laughed at him because of it

"What you afraid the brats gonna hurt ya" laughed the big man with the axe, making the sledgehammer wielding man glare

"If you fools are quite finished I would prefer we get this over with" said Kenshin boredly, making the leader smirk at him

"I like how you think kid, hand over all ya ryo" he said, extending his hand out

"Fine, but keep in mind I don't have all that much, and split five ways you'd only get 200 each" he said, making the others give small sneers at the thought of sharing

"What, only 200 each, thas not much boss" said the small man with the butchers knife

"Well, you would get more if there were less people in your group" said Kenshin, smirking when he saw the man with the axe grip it tightly

"Yeah, but can't do noth-" was all the man with the spiked club could saw before a sledge hammer smashed into his head, causing it to burst like a baloon

"What the hell are you-" asked the leader, before getting stabbed in the throat by a butchers knife, and as this was happening the final big guy, the one who struck first, received an axe to the face, killing him instantly

Kenshin watched the scene with a frown, that was far too easy, which could only mean that they were already planning to do this before he came along, he just made it happen a little faster, and that actually annoyed him, it took all the joy out of manipulating someone

Now that his fun had been interrupted Kenshin was no longer in the mood to play, so he extended his hands out at the two remaining men, both of whom were covered in the blood of their former comrades. When the two men saw him extending his hands they got confused, at least until sharp threads burst out of the tips of his fingers and impaled them through the center of their foreheads, killing them instantly

Kenshin retracted his threads and kept walking, his slightly good mood ruined, he liked manipulating people to do his bidding, not making them speed up their own plans. He had seen that the axe wielding man was about to strike when the other man killed him, and that truly pissed him off because he knew that the axe wielder wasn't part of the plan, and thus was only going to strike because of his manipulation, but he was killed before it could happen.

Kenshin began walking once more, walking over the dead bodies of the bandits like the trash they were, and once again focused on getting to Waterfall Country


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The Ambush on the Border (Travel) Empty Re: The Ambush on the Border (Travel)

Wed Oct 28, 2015 11:49 pm
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