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Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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Completing the family [Invite only please idk idc] - Page 3 Empty Re: Completing the family [Invite only please idk idc]

Tue Oct 13, 2015 4:29 pm
The clone noticed Ari get caught up in the genjutsu, it didn’t seemed to trick Ari enough to make her believe it was real. The clone half expected Ari would attempt to use genjutsu release and the clone would simply allow it to work, however that didn’t happen. It was rather surprising to see Ari break her own finger in order to escape the genjutsu but it was definitely an impressive and smart maneuver. ‘At least she was willing to do that to break free.’ He admired Ari’s determination in this simple training session.
The clone did not pay enough attention to what was happening, having gotten distracted easily from Ari’s broken finger. He still dodged the incoming kunai; however he didn’t take note of the wires on some of them. Before long the clone found himself in a trap of wires that tied it up, although the clone had enough strength to break free it wouldn’t have done much to help stop any following attacks from Ari, so the clone relaxed to let the wires tighten up. In the blink of an eye after being caught up by the wires and just before Ari could follow up, the clone harmlessly exploded into a cloud of smoke.
While Kurisu was preparing to make an ill-fated trip into his mind, the clone’s memories and experience rushed back to him. ‘Oh she beat the clone, good.’ He felt that good progress had been made with Ari being able to take out the clone even with the rather large gap in power and skill. ‘Still not enough for me to really train with her.’ He wasn’t sure if he even wanted to have a real spar at any point, the thought of trying to harm Ari was bad enough. He did know that if Ari could get stronger and close the gap then she’d probably be able seriously challenge him and force the training to become a true spar.
Standing up from the edge of the lake, the storm clouds vanished along with the rain and lightning. He left the lake and made his way over to where the last clone and Ari were at. “Hey good job on that, I’m impressed.” He was sincere about it, even if Ari wasn’t ready to train at the same level it was still clear how much potential was there. “So do you want to keep going against me? Or should we take a break?” he figured that at some point he was going to have to go pick up Kasuga and bring him to see Ari, but if Ari wanted to train more, then Kurisu would continue with the training.

Depending on the response, a number of things take place. If training continues, then Kurisu simply waits to see what Ari tries. If Ari is open to taking a break, the other clone is released and Kurisu asks “You want me to go grab our son real quick?” which if all is accepted then Kurisu would take Ari back to Konohagakure no Sato, back in the same spot in the cafe like before. "Okay, I'm going to go get him, do you want to meet back up later or should I make this trip quick?" He wasn't sure if he needed to forcefully take Kasuga from wherever he was and bring him here immediately or if Ari had anything to take care of.
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Completing the family [Invite only please idk idc] - Page 3 Empty Re: Completing the family [Invite only please idk idc]

Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:24 pm
The assault went without a hitch, leading to the clone dodging her first kunai right into the trap. Ari didn't expect it to be so easy; however, the other kunai quickly wrapped the clone in wires. She had a feeling if the clone really wanted to it could have broken free, but it chose not to. With unstoppable momentum, closing in for what Ari intended to be the final blow; it seemed the clone ended its own existence, or Kurisu did so from afar. She swiped both hands inwards at a retiring opponent, vanishing into a cloud of smoke. This technique had not been learned by Ari, so she wasn't aware of the effect it had after dispersal. Although this was the case, she felt like the trials were over.
The other clone didn't close in to aid its buddy; Ari felt like she'd broken her finger for nothing, but solace in executing her plan flawlessly was taken. Suddenly realizing the pain that immediately crept in once her adrenaline began to drop, she gripped her left hand's pinky finger and hastily attempted to snap it back into place. The method she used wasn't perfect, the bone remained broken; and the flesh surrounding it swollen. A few shakes of Ari's left hand later lead her to reflect on the challenge that took place. Revising every movement made by the clones, the momentum they had during combat, the effects that momentum had on their ability to dodge; her own momentum and the effects it had on her ability to stop and start.
Combat was much more of a challenge fighting an uphill battle; Ari wasn't usually a fan of such things. Yet, she thoroughly enjoyed this experience, perhaps because Kurisu was the one that accompanied her for it. Sudden thoughts of her goals, to be a family and reach the same level both Kurisu and Kasuga had; these ambitious dreams had been more haunting until late. Now that she had been reunited with one of them, Ari felt soon she would get to see her son once more. She was most uncertain of what the future held for her and Kurisu, although she had a positive feeling about it all. In Ari's subconscious she questioned why everything was going so smoothly, some doubt settled in and began to feed on her confidence.
Attempting to discard these feelings wouldn't have helped her, she knew it would make her stronger if she could cope with them, especially if something that justified these feelings happened in the future. Simply gritting one's teeth and moving forward was the appropriate action to take, which Ari did. So absorbed in her thoughts, she didn't realize the storm fading away, nor Kurisu's movement toward her. It wasn't until Ari remembered what made her so angry during the fight that she opened her eyes once more. On this reflection she realized that having to break her finger to escape a Genjutsu wasn't the best course of action. Of course they'd all learned the technique to dispel Genjutsu, however, seeing Kurisu's body had thrown off her ability to think clearly.
"Hotheaded when family's on the line..." Ari mumbled, inaudible even to those who could have pressed their ear into her mouth. At first thinking she'd get mad again, instead she chuckled. This experience was not only physical, but mental, teaching her to take care of herself. Had Kurisu thought ahead this much, to pit her against clones because they were disconnected enough to make her feel alone? Whether or not this was the case, Ari appreciated the thought behind this challenge. She realized there was no physical exhaustion, however, she felt mentally drained after all the strategy and emotional distress. She wondered how Kurisu's training was goi- “Hey good job on that, I’m impressed.” Ari's sight flicked to him immediately, her body shuddering as reality sunk in.
A few seconds passed before she realized the compliment he'd given; an awkward smile was given in response before he spoke again. Being offered a break was appreciated at this stage. "Well, I used most of the kunai and almost half of the wire you gave me... I'm not tired, but... Something came up and I broke my finger because I didn't think." Ari made this statement in as calm a voice as she could muster, raising her left hand to show the swelling around her broken pinky. Unaware of the fact Kurisu could fix it using Asgard, she was convinced they'd be forced to return now so it could be given the proper attention at Konoha's hospital. However, he was most likely to fix it at this point. Whether or not this was the case, Ari had decided on what action she wanted to take.
"I would rather return to Konoha for the moment so we can catch up more and... If it's not too much trouble for you, I'd love to see our son again." Following this decision, Kurisu offered to 'grab their son real quick'. Slightly shocked by the question's blank nature, Ari just laughed and nodded, struggling back up to her feet in the meanwhile. Any help to stand up offered by Kurisu would be accepted, followed by an action to wrap an arm around his waist and a cheeky grin. "Your clones really had me on edge for a bit there you know, but... You look like you've had a harder time than I did?" Nothing really tipped Ari off about what Kurisu had been doing; the culmination of her connection to him and her own subconscious lead to the question being asked.
Almost unaware of asking it herself, if the question went unanswered Ari would not push it further. Leading on from there, Kurisu offered for Ari to accompany him while Kasuga was retrieved. She imagined this could mean leaving Konoha, but still gave the first answer that came to mind. "I'd be remorse if you didn't take me to get him." Although commitments with Konoha meant that she might have been punished; as a mother she had commitments that were more important. Trusting that the Hokage would understand these very basic principles and the value of family in such a world, she wouldn't hesitate to leave with Kurisu if he let her. Excitement to see their son again after the year they'd been separated almost caused Ari to shake with anticipation.
She couldn't help but imagine what he looked like, trying to picture a combination of herself and Kurisu, the results varied drastically. Was he larger, smaller, somewhere in between? Did he have stronger features like Kurisu, or feminine features like hers? Although Ari knew her physical condition was stronger than most other women her age, she couldn't really picture their son with a slender frame. She decided that he'd have to be a Taijutsu or Weaponry user, simply based on the fact both her and Kurisu were physically adept in some way. Another thought occurred to Ari as she hadn't been informed about which bloodline manifested itself in Kasuga. Such a thing didn't register as being important enough to keep her focus.
Instead, as a mother does, she wondered whether or not he was happy. Kurisu sought her out, so she could only assume Kasuga needed a motherly figure; Ari couldn't recall whether that was something Kurisu said directly, or if she was making up memories. At this point they were most likely leaving to retrieve Kasuga, wherever he was. Trusting in the judgement of Kurisu, Ari would simply accompany him and stay close so nothing happened. She remained aware of everything around her just encase. Ari hadn't used any of the techniques she'd been attempting to learn before coming here, although she had thoroughly worked on her abilities to mimic cats. Every movement she'd made pouncing off the ground and attempting to sense danger, building upon her ability to react to situations.
The efforts made here would greatly impact her growth soon enough. The next day Ari would be very surprised, for the moment however due to this dimension's effects it didn't feel like she'd grown. This was simply due to her perception being that effort was rewarded with exhaustion, followed by growth. For these reasons Ari didn't feel like she'd changed since coming here and wouldn't until the day after. Since she was with Kurisu now and going to see Kasuga, she deactivated the Advanced Transformation technique, returning to her natural appearance. This action required a fairly simple, single seal, although if he wanted to Kurisu still could have interrupted it. Ari would take this action before leaving Asgard, keeping people outside unaware of the technique.
Hiyu clan members were few and far between, Ari didn't want anybody to know about her abilities before she fought them; this was a principle most shinobi shared concerning secrets. Once they returned to the cafe it would be immediately apparent that the owner was still absent. Ari hadn't given consideration to the reason he left until now, remembering the Genjutsu that was cast on her. "Did you do something to influence the owner, Kurisu?" This question slipped out almost immediately, a sarcastic tone accompanied it since she wasn't sure whether such abilities existed. Being inexperienced was surely her greatest flaw at this point in time, however, learning from the ex-Raikage would quickly rectify this.

The training and education ahead of Ari would have been daunting if she knew; thankfully she remained blissfully unaware. From here Kurisu would either deny her the right to travel with him, or she would accompany him unabated.


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Completing the family [Invite only please idk idc] - Page 3 Empty Re: Completing the family [Invite only please idk idc]

Tue Oct 13, 2015 9:28 pm
Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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Completing the family [Invite only please idk idc] - Page 3 Empty Re: Completing the family [Invite only please idk idc]

Wed Oct 14, 2015 7:36 pm
Kurisu listened as Ari explained how she used a good chunk of gear to get the clone while also showing her broken pinky. “I had a feeling you might have to use a lot to get the job done and you used some pretty creative moves. You’re definitely going to be really good with your taijutsu, it’s only a matter of time.” He smiled, reaching out with his right hand holding the small key that allowed Kurisu access to Asgard. As long as the key touches Ari, Kurisu would have it completely heal her while saying, “Don’t worry about your finger, this will fix it.”
He leaned forward and helped Ari up to her feet after she mentioned wanting to see Kasuga. “You had the clones on edge too. As for my training, it was nothing; pretty sure you got more done then me.” He said it with a smile, even if he gone through some trouble in his training it didn’t negate the fact that Ari had accomplished more in the training session.
The next statement from Ari made things difficult, Kurisu didn’t want to tell no or that she couldn’t come with him to get their son, but it would probably be safer at this point for Ari to stay. “Let me take care of it, I’ll get him to you before you know it.” It wouldn’t take very long to grab Kasuga and return to Konohagakure no Sato, but there was always a chance of things getting delayed.
With that, the two of them left Asgard and went back to the café in Konohagakure no Sato without Kurisu interfering with Ari deactivating her transformation. “Oh right, I don’t think I did.” He laughed off Ari’s question about the owner; he didn’t want to have Ari be concerned about his eye powers. “Now, you can anything you need to. I’ll be able to find you and I’ll bring Kasuga.” As he finished speaking there was a feeling of hesitation, he’d let family be alone before and it had only ended badly. Before he left to use Asgard and make his way to Kasuga, he looked at Ari. Emotions that had been pushed away before were now surfacing again. “I love you Ari.” He always forgot to say those words to people close to him, but at least if something happened to either of them then at least he had actually told Ari that he loved her. After speaking and so long as Ari didn’t argue with his plan he’d use the key once more and vanish into Asgard.
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Completing the family [Invite only please idk idc] - Page 3 Empty Re: Completing the family [Invite only please idk idc]

Wed Oct 14, 2015 9:27 pm

No AP but you can get 4, 300 ryo. Training approved <3
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