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Finally,REAL progression! Empty Finally,REAL progression!

Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:20 pm
Kosuke rolled out of bed, his sore muscles aching. He rolled his shoulders and his neck before twisting his back hearing a rather satisfying pop. Then he stood from his bed and began to get dressed. He threw on his combat clothes and his cloak and walked over to his mirror, today… he had to get stronger. He had been thinking a lot recently of his own weakness and how he really needed to become strong so that once he got into the field doing high ranked missions he wouldn’t need to rely on a teammate to save his life and risk being killed in the process. He didn’t want to have someone else’s blood on his hands like that. So he decided to go to the training ground today and train until he dropped.
                Walking down the road towards the training grounds he had begun to notice the last couple days his eyes had been itching, as though he had been bitten by a bug or something right around them, but he knew he hadn’t as he would have noticed. But, he just ignored it as he walked onto the grass of the training ground he knew that this would be a day that he got immensely more strong, he could feel it. As he made it onto the training field he noticed that the sun was just beginning to come over the blooming sakura trees showing off their bright pink petals and their aroma travelled in the wind giving the field a pleasantly peaceful atmosphere.
                Kosuke decided that he would start with his usual warm up and then would move on to meditation. So after completing his ritual physical exercise he decided to work on the spiritual and chakra side, so that should he ever need to he would be ready to put his life on the line for his fellow ninja. As he sat down into the lotus position and closed his eyes he noticed that chakra had moved to the area just behind them. He had unconsciously been channeling it to just behind his eyeballs and that must have caused the itch. The question was, why? Why was he subconsciously putting chakra there? He began to think of possible explanations but none would come to mind.
                He decided to try to focus the chakra back there to see what would happen and he was surprised when he felt that the chakra veins there had grown and could now manage more chakra than normal. He wondered why this would be happening. Normally only people with Doujutsu had coils like these behind their eyes. Then he felt like an idiot. The Akari were well known for their Doujutsu the Kin'iro no me. He of course, being an Akari had the potential to unlock this powerful Doujutsu but, it was extremely rare even amongst the highest ranking Akari from the clan head house. He did admit though, having the abilities it offered would make him much stronger. He would finally be making huge steps to accomplish his plans of fixing his broken and misguided clan.
                Thinking of these things made Kosuke let out a long sigh, far befitting someone much older than he. He knew that his clan would only grow and eventually their patriarch would be trying to over throw the current Hokage. So he knew that by the time that happened he needed to be ready to aid in the fight to save his village, his home. He HAD to get stronger. That wasn’t even an option. It had become a necessity to him. A simple fact of life. So with that, Kosuke’s black eyes snapped open. Determination flaring from them, fully showing that he had inherited Konoha’s Will of Fire. He began to run laps around the training field. After his feet had fallen into a steady rhythm he formed a cross with his hands and two clones poofed into existence running beside him before they split off each rushing ahead of him to play the part of enemy shinobi.
                He saw Kosuclone number one coming towards him fast, so he jumped and preformed a falling axe kick at its head which was dodged and followed by a roll into a mule kick sending said clone falling onto its face. Kosuke didn’t have much time to catch his breath as a searing hot fireball raced towards his kneeling position. He immediately formed the ram seal and was gone in a blur of speed. He reappeared just behind the clone and a bit to its right. He then did a spinning elbow to the back of its head followed by a drop kick. By this time the first clone had gotten back into the mix and was pressing Kosuke hard. It was throwing kunai and shuriken left and right and Kosuke knew that if he didn’t do something he would be in big trouble. He flickered again this time to gain some breathing room. He knew that these clones had been told to come as if to kill him but this was ridiculous.
                Panting he had taken to the trees in the forest surrounding the training ground and was trying to find a place to ambush the clones. He suddenly flickered behind a tree so that maybe they would lose him. He got a couple seconds to catch his breath before in a sudden explosion of fire he had one of the clones pressing him again in a speedy Taijutsu bout that ended in a kunai to the throat of the clone. He suddenly back flipped out of the way of a fireball that he had barely registered coming. He knew that this clone knew it was the last one and wouldn’t let him off the hook that easily. He body Flickered back into the main clearing and waited for a sign the clone was coming. He only barely registered the flames swirl behind him before he was forced to duck a haymaker to the back of the head.
He had definitely gotten faster and he was still getting used to this new fighting speed. He saw the clone ready a Kunai and Kosuke had tired himself out and needed to rest but knew he needed to train. He just needed to be STRONGER! Then as the kunai left the clone’s hand, it sailed through the air. Suddenly, to Kosuke it seemed to slow down. He was able to barely move and then managed to catch the kunai on his index finger by its ring. He then, barely even registering what was happening due to his shock sent the kunai back at the clone! The kosuclone’s eyes widened as a kunai went right in between them ending in a loud POP, Kosuke fell to the ground panting eyes wide with shock as the world sped back up around him.
                Kosuke crawled to the pond and looked at his reflection. He saw his natural obsidian colored eyes staring back. He then closed his eyes and channeled chakra to them, and when he opened them, they were golden. His breath hitched in his throat and he fell backwards not believing what he had seen. He, Kosuke Akari, had just awakened the Golden Eye. He ran back to the pond and saw his eyes were still golden and he then stopped the chakra flow and they faded back to his normal black eyes. His world had just changed. He had went from an almost nameless member of the Akari clan, to one of the rare few who had unlocked their prized Doujutsu. A million thoughts began to run through his young mind. What should he do now? Should he continue to shun the loyalists as he was now an owner of their prized Light Eye? Should he still consider running away from his heritage? One question however, did cross his mind and stayed at the forefront. What do I do now? Keep it hidden? Flaunt it? Should I even care?
                Kosuke decided that the questions could wait till later. Now, it was time to train. He had just unlocked eyes that allowed him to see things at a much faster rate and as such react and move faster as well. He activated his eyes and created two clones. Each clone began to throw kunai at him which were blocked or dodged as though a toddler threw them. He could easily tell the path they would take as his mind analyzed the trajectory and speed and power at inhumane speeds all due to the fact that these kunai seemed to be going significantly slower now. He knew that with this new trump card he would be able to surprise and maybe even defeat higher level opponents. But for his new upgrades in speed and reaction time granted by his eyes, he would need to train his normal eyes to make the upgrades even more effective. Kosuke finally had enough and threw his own kunai that came out of his sleeve as a surprise to the clones and deflected a few kunai and destroyed both clones. He had finally began to crack into his own potential and one day he would use these new found powers in the defense of the village. He deactivated his eyes and took a short break.
                Finally having achieved his apparent birthright it was only natural Kosuke would want to train with it. So in order to get used to the heightened reaction time it granted he left it on and had a clone throw kunai and shuriken as he ran laps around the training field. The wind whistling through his hair as he ran, he created a second clone to assist the first. He was amazed at how quickly these eyes could convert light into images that allowed him to notice just how the clones would throw the kunai almost as the kunai left the clones hand due to noticing the slightest body movement and his own analytical mind breaking these movements down into a set path. He got the placement of the kunai right almost every time. He only had a few nicks here and there but these were nothing as his adrenaline was pumping super-fast due to his excitement over improving so much in one day.
                Kosuke began to look around with his eyes activated, after dismissing his clones of course. He began to notice he could see chakra, albeit not the full circulatory system, but he could see how the chakra flow started in the stomach and how each one had a semi-unique pattern it flowed in. His amazement grew as he realized this could potentially allow him to see through Genjutsu or maybe see through sight blocking jutsu. His possible abilities had just expanded. Drastically. He knew that every human had limitless potential, but he had just found a way to reach even beyond that.

                Kosuke activated his eyes and formed the hand seals for the fireball jutsu and he performed them faster than he ever had before! His hands were almost a blur as he sped through the seals and he knew it was thanks to his eyes. He was so excited for the implications this had on his future training. Kosuke had finally taken a large step toward catching up with his idol. He was this much closer to changing his clan. As he shot the fireball he realized that once he learns more jutsu and gets his base speed and reaction time up without his eyes, then his eyes will seem that much more powerful. As he began to wrap up his training with some jumping jacks and hand stand push-ups he knew he would be right back out here tomorrow training the same way. As hard as he can, to reach his goal of becoming the strongest Akari there ever was, to prove that one doesn’t need the ideals of the clan head, they just need determination and the Will of Fire. He began to spring back home to get some much needed rest for his arduous training the day to follow.

WC- 2,014

Golden Eye- lvl. 1
and 10 stats
Saladin Pendragon
Saladin Pendragon
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Finally,REAL progression! Empty Re: Finally,REAL progression!

Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:33 pm
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