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Uchiha Kisuke
Uchiha Kisuke
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Sun Aug 09, 2015 5:46 pm
The young Uchiha fell in and out of conciousness as he dozed off on the couch that was a little to small for him. Kisuke mumbled to himself and slightly shifted his sleeping position as his body subconsciously reacted to his dream. Then, without warning Kisuke awoke. His eye lids quickly shot open, revealing his bright yellow eyes. Staring up at the ceiling light up by the rays of the morning sun, Kisuke groaned as he slid his legs off of the couch and sat up. Bending forward, he would wipe the drowsinesses out of his eyes as he tried to piece together the shady fragment of his dream that he still remembered. "That was a weird dream." He grumbled to himself as images of some strange burly man, sharingan, and confusion rippled through his mind. Could this be an after effect of the hells he went through out in the forest with Kouse? It was not a nightmare but it was an awfully confusing dream. Kisuke sat there with his face stuffed in his hand for a couple minutes as he tried piecing together the entire dream. Finally giving up, Kisuke rolled his head over in his hand to look over to the lock that sat on the tiny table next to his couch. 10:00 am it read. Slowly pushing himself to his feet, he yelled out "Akira! Time to wake up." 

Stumbling through the wood floor hallway bare footed, Kisuke would make his way strait to Akira's tiny room. Kicking the door open, Kisuke would step into the room of his younger brother. The much smaller kid snored on his back tangled in a mess of covers with one pillow on the floor and the other resting at his feet. Kicking Akira in the ribs, Kisuke said "Stop pretending to sleep and get up." Akira whined from the kick and cried "Alright, alright Oniisan, I'm up." "Good get ready." Kisuke said as he step aside, watching his brother lazily stride down the hall and towards the kitchen. "Yeah yeah." complained Akira. Making his way over to the closet, Kisuke would slide the door open and went to grab his clothing.

Walking out with a white t-shirt and his usual leather black jacket draped over it, the elder of the Uchiha brothers walked into the kitchen while his younger brother who was now in a better mood was eating his breakfast. "Hurry up, you have a lot to learn if you want to be ahead of everyone tomorrow when the Academy starts." "You got it!" Exclaimed Akira as he scoffed down the rest of his food and bolted back down the hall of their very tiny apartment. Slipping in hands into his leather jacket pockets, Kisuke made his way towards the door. Grabbing the gold colored knob, he would hesitate before opening it as he looked down at the entrance table. Looking down at his Uchiha crest necklace, a flash of the strange man in his dream came to mind. Pondering for a few moments, Kisuke would finally mumble to himself "I'll leave that there today." Swinging the door open, Kisuke stepped out into the fresh morning air, leaving the necklace he had always worn since a very young age behind.

Taking a few steps forward, Kisuke would lean onto the railing that lined the floor of his room in the massive apartment complex. Right smack in front of him was another giant apartment complex. Kisuke was pretty much broke therefore he lived in a poor area of Konoha so the buildings were extremely close to one another for maximum capacity. However the fresh air still blew in between the two buildings and as the cool breeze brushed past Kisuke and waved through his air, the young Uchiha took in a deep breath of enjoyment. Removing his hands from his pockets, his right hand pulled out a single white cigarette while his left hand held a shiny rectangular lighting. Slipping the cigarette onto the edge of his lips, Kisuke would flick his wrist, swinging open the silver cap of his lighter. Placing his thumb over the metallic gear of a switch, Kisuke sparked his lighter and light up the tiny  orange and white flame. Cupping his right hand over he flame as he brought the lighter over his mouth, Kisuke burnt the end of his cigarette. Taking in a few quick puffs, a thin stream of smoke rose from the end of the cigarette as Kisuke closed his lighter with another flick of his wrist. His left hand receded back into his pocket while his right hand pulled the cigarette out of his mouth, allowing his lips to relax while he exhaled and enjoyed the relaxing mood of his sweet cigarette and the smell of the fresh morning breeze.

Once his cigarette had dwindled down to a fragment of its original size, the door to his apartment swing open from behind him. Akira came running out yelling "I'm ready Kisuke!" "Finally." Kisuke replied as he flicked his cigarette over the railing and walked past Akira. Locking the door to his apartment, Kisuke slid the key into the pocket of his pants and walked over to Akira. Placing his hand onto his brothers head and scuffing up his hair, Kisuke said with a slight grin of enjoyment "Let's get to the training grounds now." "Hey Oniisan, it took me forever to fix my hair." Akira yelled as the two of them made their way towards the stairs that led down. "I know." replied Kisuke. "I was waiting outside forever for you."

The two Uchiha siblings now made their way down a dirt path as they walked through the streets of the Uchiha district, making their way towards the village training grounds. Other Uchiha's and occasional other civilians and shinobi also made their way down the main district road as the district was already booming with activity. Without paying any attention to the strangers around them, Akira asked "So what are you going to be teaching me today? Dragon fire jutsus and shadow clone?" Only half joking, Kisuke looked down at his brother with an "are you fucking kidding me look" and replied "No Akira. You are no where near strong enough to learn those jutsus. As a matter of fact I'm not even strong enough. I'm going to be teaching you the jutsus required for you to pass your Genin exams." "Really, I havent even started the academy yet." Shaking his head, Kisuke would say "Exactly. That way you'll be ahead of the class when you start and then when you have to actually do the exam you'll pass with flying colors. Also, if I teach them to you now that means later on  I can teach you stronger jutsus. Maybe like that... what was it? Dragon fire jutsu." Kisuke chuckled as Akira exclaimed "Really! Thats amazing Kisuke. Nevermind E-rank jutsus, I want to learn all the strongest fire jutsus right now! Now now now!"

"Here we are." Kisuke said as he stood in the middle of an empty field with his hands in his pockets. The grass around him swayed with the breeze of the wind as the echoes of other shinobi training off in the distance flew along with the breeze. The two Uchiha brothers stood facing each other several feet away from one other. "Alright Akira. Before we begin your training there is something I want to test out. It's a basic Genjutsu I've been working on. Ill perform it on you to see if I have it down packed." "What! Dont place me under a horrifying Genjutsu Oniisan!" "No no no. Its nothing like that. All that will happen is something in your surroundings will change. Dont worry, nothing terrifying will happen Akira. Plus this will be good practice for you when we eventually fight each other. The more I place you under Genjutsus the more accustomed you will become to being in one. Now, your ready... cry baby." Kisuke grinned as Akira said with a serious face, trying not to show his still apparent fear "Yeah, Im ready."

"Alright, here goes." Because the Genjutsu required no hand seals, which was pretty convenient considering the effects of the jutsu, Kisuke closed his eyes as he began welling up the chakra from within. Once Kisuke had closed his eyes, Akira activated his 1st tomoe as he too had unlocked it when their mother died. However his at not progressed any further, unlike his brother's, which had progressed onto the 3rd tomoe since them. Akira would watch as the chakra welled up within his brothers body and then as suddenly as hydro dam opening the chakra spilled out into he surrounding area. Kisuke's chakra spilled out into a 50 meter radius from where he stood and as it did the Genjutsus began taking effect in Akira's mind. Making sure not to scare his brother too much, Kisuke kept the Genjutsu as censored as possible. Now poisioning Akira's brain with the Genjutsu, his eyes would not begin to see the grass around them start turning black. Like a visible plague sweeping the field, the grass would begin turning black and dying, also releasing a foul smell that affected Akira's nose. Swiftly placing his hand over his mouth as to not gag, the foul smell of death clouded his nose and lungs as the lush green field around them had now turned to nothing but a field of death and decay. "This is disgusting Kisuke. Cancel it please, it worked! It worked!" 

Kisuke with his hands still in his pockets chuckled and said "Alright wuss." as he stopped the flow of his chakra  and cancelled the Genjutsu on his brother. "That was disgusting." Akira complained as his surrounding turned back into their normal state. "Alright, once your over that theres a few more things I want to test out on you before we begin your training. One is a basic seal, one.." "What!" Interrupted Akira. "More you want to show me. I though we came here for my training." "We did." Chuckled Kisuke. "But one of them is a fire ball jutsu. Wouldnt that be cool to see Akira?" Reluctantly Akira nodded as he wanted to see a fire ball jutsu more than his own training.

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Sun Aug 09, 2015 7:08 pm
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