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Risako Akara
Risako Akara
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Learning to write without a pen or ink Empty Learning to write without a pen or ink

Fri Aug 07, 2015 10:29 am
The academy was great for a whole bunch of reasons. It taught aspiring (mostly) young ninja how to begin the path that would take them on a long and harrowing journey to what was likely an early death or retirement before the age of forty. It was also a place filled with knowledge, and sometimes books that could teach you things that were really important. On top of being a library boot camp for child soldiers, it was really quiet, most of the time, and thus was good for reading about techniques from books that were written by the best in the world. Thus, the girl sitting at the teacher's desk plopped a nice little black leather book with the picture accompanied by huge crimson letters that read "Echo Uchiha Presents: The Ninja Handbook," with a smaller tag line underneath it, that read "This book looks forward to killing you soon." Of course, the girl behind the desk had read the book once already, and despite the authors silly and hilarious tone, noted some of the knowledge within as applicable. The girl also took note, that if she ever saw him, (since his picture was in the book,) that she was to refer to him as "Master Echo', 'Echo', 'Echo the Invincible', 'Sir Echo' or 'Macdaddy cool." Unknown to her, "Echo the Invincible" was no longer applicable, as he was dead. For now at least....

Risako brushed her hair out of her eyes, because it was that long again, and made note that she needed to cut it before too long, since she liked keeping it shorter than most. Anyway, not too important, moving on. As I had said before, she glanced over the book once already, so why would she need to do it again? Because, people often go with out a picture perfect memory, and as of late Risako has had problems making her self stronger, be it lack of skill or knowledge, she hoped to correct some of that by reading this book and finding something that helped her with anything she could possibly do. Even if it was something as trivial as learning to play tic-tac-toe to confuse your opponent. Cracking the book open, she would flip through the pages, making note of anything that stood out from the normal, err... Skewed normal that the author operated under.  "Fighting fair is a no go, only trust yourself, Don't retreat just advance in another direction, Etc. etc." Having read the book already, she had seen this all. The girl was begin to think that there was really nothing else the book could teach her, when she saw a passage about using chakra to write seals. Well, that would just be the most weird damned thing she had eve- Holy shit. It worked. It took a second to register in her brain that she had just put a mark seal on the desk without even thinking, and when it finally connected and registered with her brain, she almost jumped the fuck out of her seat hugged an academy student, because this was great. No longer would she have to make her seals before she went into battle, [because who in the hell (aside from Sai, but he's been dead some four hundred odd years now,) would bring a source of ink and a pen or brush into battle, thinking that they would have time to craft a seal right then and there. Damn, I mean, she did, but now that was gonna be done with her finger, and some chakra, and no paper.]

Hopping up from her desk, and slamming the book shut before sticking it in her back pocket, she shouted to the Academy Students in her class, "Alrighty kiddies, papa Echo, the macdaddy of cool has freed you of your duties today! Go home and relax!" After that, teacher Akara, master of not improving her own skills to the point that her students often surpassed her, got a few looks from the Academy Students. Then, she herself darted out of the room and too the training ground, I mean, after all, it was a kind of nice day outside. Nice enough to practice some jutsu and/or seals, whichever came first. She was just, so damn ecstatic that she could hug a bear. If those nerds that called themselves ninja wanted to stay all cooped up in a class, then so be it, she was gonna make use of the fine weather that was around. Besides, they were NPC's meaning they're kind of the flunkies of the academy. Good thing she didn't, because she only had the strength to lift a dryer or washer with ease, not a bear. Yet, anyway. 

Once she arrived at the training ground, which was bustling with all sorts of genin, she immediately got to work on a chakra draining seal, attempting to find the right combination of strokes that would lead to a seal that could drain chakra, as per its name. Once finished, she would try it on her self, to no avail. She still hadn't perfected the seal, but had at least made progress, as she could feel something tugging on her chakra. Though it wasn't a success, an improvement is an improvement I suppose. Since I'm lazy I don't wanna type anymore, after going to the training ground, Risako went on home and passed out. 

[869 WC
500/500 for Katakana no Fuin Able to learn cause it says "learn from Echo's Book"
369/3000 for Chakra Draining Seal
+4 stats]
Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
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Learning to write without a pen or ink Empty Re: Learning to write without a pen or ink

Fri Aug 07, 2015 11:34 am
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