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Oren Illium
Oren Illium
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Tue Dec 16, 2014 3:20 pm
In the few days past, Oren had encountered a local shinobi, who inconsiderately challenged him into a fight and swiftly lost. Though the rogue never learned the boy's name, during the fight he discovered the boy having a prized ocular Kekkei Genkai ability. When the boy was defeated, one of his eyes was harvested by Oren, along with his kidney to use as a tissue sample, in case one was needed, if not, well, the young criminal knew he could find some use for it anyways. After all of that though, Oren did not actually leave the area. He would add some distance between himself and the boy and then wait for him to regain consciousness. After a while his assailant would rise, gather his equipment and head home. Oren would trail the boy all the way to the plains where Tengakure was located. Now, of course, he would not try to enter the village after him, instead he would go into the plains, at some distance from the village where he could not be spotted easily and where apparently no frequent scouting took place. And for a couple days Oren would camp there. It proved to be quite interesting, during the night he would scout around somewhat, making sure not to get too close to the village. Sadly that meant he would not know much about it, only that it was there. In his spare time, usually during the day, Oren would read his books. All kinds of books. The religious one was steadily becoming his favorite, though. And even now, in the middle of the day, the rogue would be hiding in the shade of some trees deep in the plains, not in the light of sight of the Tengakure village. He would be reading the book and munching on a toasted local lizard, which had a very unique and pleasant smell.
Oren Illium
Oren Illium
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Tue Mar 03, 2015 4:17 am
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