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The traval to Nature [NK] Empty The traval to Nature [NK]

Sun Dec 14, 2014 11:59 am
Tatsuya was grateful that Xyxer the leader of Tenka allowed for his passage from his village. Starting off on his journey Tatsuya was a little nervous but new that he would be okay   

Tatsuya stands and with out thinking walks towards the country's boarders. He did not know were he would end up on that it was not going to be the leaf as that was in the south and he was heading west. He had a hunch that in the west was water fall country as well as earth country. The terrain changed and fluctuated. As always noticed it was filled with strange organisms. Maybe Tatsuya will find something new in what ever country he travails too.

Tatsuya brakes out in a run at full speed to make hast. Jumping over large logs and dodging under branches. He has his arm behind him with his palms facing up to save energy. Eventually He jumps up into the trees swinging and jumping from tree to tree. Having more and more excitement building Tatsuya moves faster to his speed of 40.

“What will I do? Who will I meet? What will I learn?” Tatsuya feels as if he has been freed from a curse laied on to him by the village. Thought he was still marked by Youka Tatsuya hops that he will get some free time. Once again thinking about when Youka finds him. Hopefully he wont kill him.

Tatsuya stops to look at a bird resting on branch. It had a yellow stripe across it as it looked into Tatsuya's eyes. Tatsuya then says.
“You look like a bird Makussu would summon...Tell Kasai and Makussu that im okay and im going on an adventure.” Pausing for a moment. “As well as that I miss them.”
With that the bird flew off as fast as its yellow stripe.

Tatsuya sits in the tree for a moment watching the sky. Tatsuya does hope to see the to before things change too much. Then Tatsuya gets up and starts running off again.

Leaping around Tatsuya is soon running along a bank. He sometimes gets a glimpse of a fish reminding him that if he is going to be in the wild then he is going to have to hunt and forage. Tatsuya was not a vegetarian but kept his meat in take at a low level.
No matter Tatsuya will do what he has to do to keep him self alive.
Curving back up to be above the river Tatsuya doges between trees making sure to stay off any paths.
He did not want to run into any one in his travel until he was in a new land.

Tatsuya starts thinking about his summon. Perhaps he could make an alliance with a different cat once he settles down for a bit. Then thinking would he make a camp or just settle down for one night. He would probably would move around. This way he is more likely to find something interesting.

Tatsuya then begins to see the terrain to begin to change. He looks to the far distance to see very large and tall trees. He must be close to the country boundaries by now and so there could be guard outpost scattered around. Tatsuya would slow down to Tatsuya stays alert to have a better change of sppoting something out.

Looking back to the trees it looked more then a forest but more of a jungle. He had herd of a couple of jungles in side the know shinobi world and one of them being water fall country. Because he was not on a path Tatsuya would probably not see and sign to indicate what country he would be in so he would have to find a village to find out.

Tatsuya makes as fast step into the jungle now knowing he is in a new land. Not looking behind Tatsuya continues to run until he is deep in the jungle.

[Exit, 662 TWC to water fall country]
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