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Rikaro Shinkou
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Looking for the Angels Empty Looking for the Angels

Sun Nov 30, 2014 1:30 pm
Here he go again Kage thought. This time instead of training he was looking for the land of Angels. Kage heard about it while traveling it is said that you can summon them. But Kage also heard that no one has been ever to find the place and that no one has ever summoned an Angel. Kage wanted to be the first one to do it making his name appear in the history books around the world. But Kage thought is this just a myth or is it real. He will find out one way or another. He was right now along the borders of the Moon Country he didnt know how he ended up there but he didnt care he had his mission now he was going to complete it Kage thought. Angels he thought where do they live. Most people said high up in the clouds. He wondered if they were looking down on him right now awaiting to see if he would find them. He was right angels were looking at him right now and they new he was going to find them and be there first summoner. Kage felt like something lead him here to the moon country and when he said it he meant it. One doeant just walk and end up in a place he wasnt going. The moon country was buetiful. Small mountains arose everywhere and somewhere by those mountains laid Tengakure said to be the most wealthy and advanced villiage. Kage continued walking along the borders and saw the plains strecthing far and wide. There was nothing but open space everywhere. Everything was green and beutiful. He wondered what the angels looked liked. Were they elegant and beutiful like he heard. Or are they inelgant and hideous. He guess he will found out. Kage looked up at the sky it was getting dark he would have to camp out here in the open plains where he could be attacked anytime. He looked around so open. He layed down his sleeping bag and got in it. The next day Kage awoke to the sound of heavy footsteps. He turned and saw a smalll army. He layed on the ground low as he could hoping the army would just pass by and contulinue where ever they were going. I frowned breathing in the smell of must from the army. Traveling by my self was good I thought. I have no one holding me back. I smiled thinking about the battle in yuki. I heard alot of people talking about it. Apparently Youka a member of Akatsuki is starting to take over. As long he doesnt innterupt me I am good I thought. I began walking along the plains looking for a good place to train in my speed and chakra the angels have to hold I thought. While I was walking I tripped over an log while yelling " what the hell ". I got up and dusted my self off and looked at the log."This is between you and me now " I said while laughing evily. I powered up my hand with chakra and closed it into an fist. I punched the log as hard as I could and it splintered into pieces. That will teach stuff to stop tripping me I thought. But I was still irritated by the smell of must. I came up to an tree why the hell was a tree in the plains and just one tre he thought. I started feeling chakra roll off the tree. A chakra tree I exclaimed in my head. I took out a Kunai from my weapon pouch and cut a piece of bark from the tree. As soon as it touched my hand it crumbled. I smiled so my element is Lightning. I contiued on from the tree and found a good spot to train. I decided to train by the tree. I chose not to activate my doujutsu and started training im chakra first I went and sat on the ground. While I am here training I might as well train in speed and become faster I thought.. I begun meditating with an leaf in my hand. I put the leaf on my forhead and started meditating. The leaf started floating then it fell right between my hands where it started back floating. I was good in chakra control I thought. Now speed I thought I begun running around the tree fast as I could pushing my legs harder and harder and harder each time. While I was running I started running even faster faster and faster. I was running so fast around the clearing it looked like a tornado was forming. I stopped running and started smileing. I am fast but not fast enough I thought. I am finished training I thought I left the tree and began walking through the plains again. I must become faster I thought. I wonder how I can become faster I thought. I can't find a trainer, missing-nin are disgraced threw the whole villiage as black sheep. I will train myself then I thought. Sooner or later people will start calling me the god of speed. I laughed at my thoughts sooner rather then later. I begun walking walking threw the plains. But I still need to find the angels I thought maybe they can help me become stronger. Now instead of getting irritated by the must it was now the contiuis walking threw the plains. I looked down at my cloths will the angels accept me by the way I looked. I had bandages going up my arms baggy black pants black shinobi sandles no shirt and teeth sharp as a kunai. They will have to accept me I thought take it or leave it. But he hoped these angels werent a myth." ANGELS WHERE ARE YOU SHOW ME A WAY TO YOU " I screamed the loudest I could in the sky. Then I saw it a path of stairs coming from the clouds and finally hitting the ground. But these stairs were made of light. What he thought this coulsnt be true he screan one time and they show him the way. But could it be the angels he thought. He touched the stairs and checked to see if they were solid. They were he thought. He begun walking up the stairs one step at a time hoping he wouldnt fall. The stairy was very thin and very high up in the sky. He looked up he was now going threw the clouds. So it was true the angels are real he thought. I was now past the clouds but there was another roe of clouds but these clouds were very thick and surrounded the whole sky. Maybe that is where "they" live he thought. Finally arriving at the thick clouds he saw an opening in the clouda where the passage way was going threw. He went threw the opening and almost fainted at the buety of the land of the Angles. Everywhere you saw gold or silver. There was a passage way leading up to a humongous palace that was pure white marble. This was the most elegant place he ever seen. Then he started to see them. People no angels coming from everywhere. Pure white wings all of them were over 6 ft tall. They had either white eyeballs or gold ones. This is it he thought he made it but now he must find the one where he must sign the contract with. The angels started clapping there hands. Even the claps were elegant. He started to think everything about this place was elegant. Then a man in white robes came up to him." You have finally arrived this place has many names but the main two names are Heaven and The Land of The Angels but the true name is Kouten and my name is Allfather ". I almost fainted at the power this man radiated he had long wavy golden hair and golden eyes." It is an honor to be here Allfather " I said while bowing on one knee." There is no need to bow you are the first person to make it here so now you are our equal " the man who revealed his self as Allfather said." Ok " I said. The place was so buetiful tenples everywhere there were no houses everywhere there were mansions." Does this place only cover up the Moon Country " I said " No this place covers the whole world we are the watchers of the world and now we have seen great evil come and go but now an evil has came and we need a champion to defeat this great evil will you become this champion and take up the name Tenrai the name meaning pure of light " Allfather said. I thought about it, it took me days to find this place and I wasnt going to say no to this offer." Yes I will " I said. Allfather pulled out a scroll from thin air " sign this with your blood " . It was a contract I took out a Kunai and pricked my finger with it. Blood. dripped on the paper I then began ti write my name on it Tenrai Hikaru the name meaning Angel of Light. Allfather took the paper and said  to everyone " Our first summoner has become one of us soon he will began to change appearance we must help this boy and bring peace to the world ". Everyone clapped I beamed out a smile showing my sharp teeth they clapped even louder. I did it I thought and I will complete the name thus becoming the Angel of Light." You can now travel freely around this world of ours " Allfather said while leaving to the temple that was the largest. I walked threw the crowd of angels all of them waving at me. I then saw shops and everything. He then heard a voice say hello. He turned around and saw an angeo that looked about 16 years old and the same height as him which was really tall." I am Yueh I was appointed to teach you the history of our race " she said while smiling. She was the most beutiful girl or Angel I seen she had Golden eyes and Gold hair that was at her knees." Ok when shall we start " ." Now " she said. She begun talking about that Allfather had an Father named Kami and how he created the angels and that how long ago it was told that long ago that they will have a summoner who will be name the Angel of Light and that he would take on appearance as an angel." I stopped her right in the middle of her sentence " will I get wings " I said." You may " she replied. She told me that was the end of the lesson. I smiled this was the life I am now an summoner of a powerful race. I thought about it I have to live up to the name Angel of Light. I smirked and to think I have a doujutsu that uses light powers. I started walking and thought about something how the hell do I get out of here. What if they're keeping me hostage. What if rhe contrct was fake. Stop being stupid Kage I said to myself. Maybe I can just leave the way I came in. I walked towards the opening in the clouds and saw the stairs were gone. Maybe if I step down they will appear I thought. I stepped on the spot where the stair was supposed to be. When my feet touched the spot the stairs appeared. I looked back " I'll be back " I screamed to no one while walking down the stairs. I saw the first layer of clouds and went past them. Almost at the bottom I thought. I arrived at the bottom. If I wanted to become the Angel of Light I needed to change my cloths. Even though I said I wouldnt but the angels are just so elegant I cant be an Angel Summoner looking like this I thought. Hmm will see I thought while walking back through the plains heading nowhere and anywhere.

Claiming Angel Contract

Wordcount: 2038

How the city looks:

How the stairway looks:
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Looking for the Angels Empty Re: Looking for the Angels

Mon Dec 01, 2014 3:10 pm
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