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to learn how to dance (Nk) Empty to learn how to dance (Nk)

Fri Nov 28, 2014 7:34 pm
Zachariah had headed out to the plains just outside of Tengakure he was determined on  one thing that he needed to become much stronger to have a chance to survive it seemed everyone so far that he had forced to fight was stronger then him. Zachariah growled at the thought but knew it was a realization that he had to live with the only way he could keep up was if he continued to train something he had been getting lazy about recently. Zachariah could only think of his training sessions well he was in konoha but none of them could even compare to the way he needed to train now things were at higher states it was all life or death he had no time to hold back now. Zachariah had finally made it to the plains scanning the area to make sure no one was there in the dead of the night as he looked up at the moon only reminding him of the death match he had not so long ago. Zachariah started running laps around the plains as he hadn't counted any of them just kept running until his legs felt like they couldn't hold him as he stumbled down to the ground. The boys eyes closed briefly as he hit the ground before opening again he looked at this flower that he had almost crushed as he observed the lone flower. Zachariah could only think of the loneliness this place had brought him as even in konoha he didn't feel alone. Zach wondered if this was all part of that demons plan to tear there friendships whatever they felt as allies apart.  Zachariah felt he had wasted enough time with these ideal thoughts as they had stopped him from training as he tossed them out of his mind and started to do push ups it was something he needed to do he needed to make himself faster. He needed to make himself stronger and learn new abilities or he would always remain the one seen as the weakest. Zachariah arms felt like jello as he had done a lot of push ups before his arms gave out on him. The boy needed to make himself feel significant in some way or else he would be better off being dead as he continued to push the limits of his body.

Zachariah had worn himself out completely as he had passed out from exhaustion or over exertion his body. Zachariah had been dreaming about a time he had with Estella before he started the ninja academy. Zachariah had looked around as the house seemed so familiar but his body was definitely shorter and he watched as Estella approached him she had moved everything out of the way of them to make a large enough area in this common room that was barely ever used. Zachariah's eyes widened as he watched Estella's lips move. “Today your going to learn how to dance.” Were the words he had made out.  Zachariah must've forgotten all about her trying to teach him as he always would get mad when he messed up. Zachariah felt her place his hands in the appropriate spots as she took the lead and guided him around the room. Zachariah had messed up a couple of times but completely ignored them as he continued to dance with her in his dream. The light he could see through his eye lids it must've been the sun as his eyes opened slowly. Zachariah knew exactly how he was going to learn a new ability as he grinned and thought thank you Estella to himself.

Zachariah had gotten himself to his feet as he needed to get used to manipulating more then one bone at a time it was easy enough to do with the ten finger drilling bullets but he needed to be able to make many bones come out of his body all at once. Zachariah had focused as he felt the bones from his ribs come out first then the bones from his back then his knees and shoulders. This was unacceptable to Zach the bones needed to come out simotaniously if he couldn't get his body to do that then all of this was a waste of time. Zachariah thought about how he could use the ten drilling finger bullets and manipulate all his bones in his finger tips simultaneously. This was using the same concept but on a bigger scale it needed to be any bone in his body that he willed at that point and it just didn't seem to be as easy as the small bones in ones fingertips.  Zachariah continued to practice having his bones come out of his body one at a time before he would try doing bones simultaneously each time seemed to get faster but it still wasn't the perfection that Zach was looking for.  Zachariah let out a sigh as he continued this it must've been so a while as he found himself not training anymore but staring at this flower again not feeling loneliness this time he could only feel the determination he had to get stronger.

Zachariah was now able to make both the bones from his ribs and his back come out simultaneously it did take come time but Zachariah still knew he was unsatisfied with this he needed more so much more just to catch up wasn't enough he needed to pass them all. Zachariah couldn't say he hated any of  them not even the demon that had dragged him away from the place he was calling home he could only thank him although he would never tell him that.  Zachariah continued to strive and endure as he stood in the plains manipulating his bones as if he could get them to come out of his body at a greater speed. Zachariah growled as he continued it still wasn't enough even though the bones from his shoulders, back , and ribs would all come out together now. Zachariah still felt as though he had accomplished nothing. Zachariah closed his eyes as he started panting he was exhausting himself and knew it he couldn't keep this up forever although he wished he could. Zachariah kept his eyes closed as he imagined someone else was there with him and started doing the dance that Estella had taught him around the plains.  This had continued for a little while until Zachariah had fallen backwards into the tall grass of the plains he still needed more time to train but right now was the time to rest.  Zachariahs didn't dream this time everything he saw was black and he didn't hear anything as he tossed and turned in his sleep. Zachariahs eyes opened up how much time had gone by he wondered but wasn't sure. Zachariah made his rise to his feet again as it was going to be another attempt to be able to manipulate his bones faster and get bones to pop out simultaneously he had gotten a few of them down but if he could get them all down it would make for a great counter attack the boy had thought to himself.  

It must've been the longest training session of his life as he could know get almost all of his bones but the ones in his shoulders to pop out at once there was something missing to this though even if someone attacked him and he could catch there attack with his bones what would come next the boy thought about it for a couple minutes before he started spinning around. “That's perfect.” The boy instinctively acted like it was something that no one else could do or heard of. Zachariah only needed a way to practice this good thing it wasn't a dry day like the other day he could see the puddles in the plains and knew how he was going to train. Zachariah made the handsign of tiger watching as two water clones formed this was going to be a very messy way to train but it was what needed to be done. Zachariah nodded to the two clones as he watched one distance himself from him and the other charge straight in for a direct attack as he waited for the one to get close enough to launch a attack before he used his bone manipulate simotaniously his ribs, back, knees , and shoulder bones all came out he wasn't even trying to do that but it certainly did stop his water clone as he starting spinning to add to the damage as he watched the water clone disappear. “One done one to go.”  Zachariah saw this water clone was going to use his only bone manipulation the ten drilling finger bullets of course it would only be water moving at him but he needed to counter it as he used his ten drilling finger bullets to stop the water clones attack before he ran at the clone all of his bones still out as they started to go back into his body with the charge he simply put up his fist raised his arm he made it rather close to the water clone as it got ready to block and Zach used his bone manipulation again making the bones come out of his chest and knees as he grinned. “I'm improving.” Zachariah was happy about that at least as he now needed more water clones so again he formed the handsign of tiger and watched two more water clones form. “Come at me with everything you got.” Zachariah's voice was cocky as he demanded his water clones.  

Zachariah had continued to train this way for many hours as he made messes of water all over the plains he would continue as he needed to push himself to his limit to make sure he could do learn this new ability and gain new strength it was all fun for him destroying his water clones though. Zachariah seemed to be enjoying destroying his own water clones as he felt himself becoming lighter on his feet. Zachariahs sighed as he continued to fight as there was no real danger and fighting ones own water clones was a way to use up chakra quickly as if he were in a death match it would be real but that what this was all about he needed to be prepared and the last one he was no where close to ready for it. Zachariah kept himself calm though as his water clones started to bore him they had tried what seemed like every tactic besides for working together against each one failing as he would form the tiger hand sign and make two more to replace them. “You two work as a team and try and make this challenging.” Zachariah couldn't believe the words coming out of his mouth as he seemed to be sounding more like the demon.  Zachariah watched as these water clones stayed in a formation as they were both going to attack together one from the front the other from the back as Zachariah already knew how he was going to defeat them he waited for them to get closer as he stood completely still waiting for them to make it close enough to hit him before manipulating his bones again his bones coming out of his back catching the water clone behind Zachariah kick. Well the bones coming out of his chest had caught the water clones punched but pierced into him and made him turn back into a pile of water of the ground as Zachariah could only smile before he started spinning watching as the water went everywhere. Zachariah was truly getting bored of fighting them but there wasn't much other choice as he wanted this to be a secret he didn't want anyone knowing what he was learning as he spent much of his time in Tengakure doing absolutely nothing but he had found a better use for his time now. Zachariah formed the handsign of  Tiger watching two more Water clones form as Zach was breathing heavily now he hadn't noticed how exhausted he was from doing this so many times it was as if he could drop at any time but he had to push himself if he couldn't take out these last two water clones all this training in his mind would still be for nothing. Zachariah watched as his vision blurred and he felt his body hit as he knew he needed to end this as soon as he could. Zachariah started running towards one of the clones as he went to punch it but knew he didn't connect as he felt himself hit again. Zachariah raised his hands to his eyes as he rubbed them it made things a little bit better things weren't as blurry. Zachariah knew what he had to do as he stood still the clones had stopped as if they weren't going to charge in this would be a problem if they didn't do anything. Zachariah smiled as he made a ton of small bones come out of his arms  they looked like spikes and more come out of his legs as he ran towards the water clones quickly sweeping the first one before he stopped right in front of the second one putting his hand up like a stop sign as he made a ton of bones come out of his body and started spinning around again. Zachariah had fallen onto the ground as he fell asleep he had wasted to much energy creating all the clones and battling them.

Zachariah had entered his dreams again as he watched him and estella dancing around this time he was in the background of the dream as he could hear everything. “This dance i'm going to teach you is called the waltz.” Estella's voice was gentle “That sounds stupid.” A voice of a young Zachariah had let out. Zachariah watched as he saw Estella trying to teach him but how stubborn he was at the slightest mess up he would get mad and tell her he was never going to learn how to dance in the first place it wasn't a skill a ninja needed.  Zachariah could only think of how stupid of a statement it was how many ninja used any skills they had to gain a advantage. Zachariah eyes opened it had been awhile but he could see the moon again was this a bad thing as his body shivered he wasn't finished training but it was getting cold it couldn't have been because the plains that he had fallen asleep in were covered by water from all the water clones he had destroyed. Zachariah pushed through the fact that he was cold his training had to come before everything even his own life if that was the cost of becoming stronger. Zachariah drifted off into deep thoughts about being on the cross of that sword wielding manic maybe he could pay him a visit maybe that sword wielding manic could actually teach him something.  Zachariah knew that if he followed that thought it could be extremely risky and he could even end up dead from it but it was a necessary risk. Zachariah pushed these thoughts into the back of his mind as he still had his task of training to finish it was one that he couldn't afford to waste a lot of time on although he had already felt he had wasted more then enough of his time as it seemed like days had passed since he started this training process. Zachariah made multiple bones come out of his body from his back to his chest to all down his arms and his shoulders to his knees and down his legs he felt he could move quite a bit faster like this and the strength it gave him was always greater as he started attacking the trees that were in the plains. Zachariah could leave marks on these trees as he didn't wish to cut them down he knew there wasn't many trees in the plains so cutting them down wouldn't be a good thing as Zachariah started doing laps with all these bones out he had to get used to this new speed it made his body feel so light he wasn't used to it compared to his normal movements which were really slow and sluggish like he wasn't moving at all no wonder all the other ninja seemed to be able to get to him so easily the answer was he was slower then them. Zachariah hoped that within this new found power that would change as he continued doing laps around plains as he started spinning when he got close to trees on each lap as he left different markings on the trees each time. Zachariah had continued doing this for a little while before he felt like he was used to the new speed and power this ability had given him as he knew it was time for him to use this power in a fight that would be against his water clones again. Zachariah made the hand sign for tiger as he watched the water clones form it. Zachariah waiting for the clones to completely be made before he made his first pass by them destroying both of the water clones instantly it was way to easy this way but he needed to get used to this power beyond the point he had already this was the only way he could think of to do so seeing how it seemed most everyone was away or busy doing there own thing. Zachariah formed the handsign of tiger again this time he wasn't going to kill them so easily as he would wait for them to attack him as he would move and dodge there attacks until they would eventually fall into his trap and get caught by the many bones that had were sticking out of his body it made for a beautiful transition from defense to offense. Zachariah had grown so tired of fighting his pathetic water clones they couldn't even hold there own in a fight with him. Zachariah let out a sigh before letting all the bones come back into his body as he crossed his legs and sat down in the grass as he put his hands together and closed his eyes as he took in a few deep breaths and thought about the lessons he had learned throughout this training sessions some of them were good others were bad and some were in different. Zachariah didn't do this often but it seemed like a appropriate thing to do at this time it would give him time to reflect on things that he had done wrong in the past and things he could hopefully look forward to in the future. Zachariah stayed like this for a while before he opened his eyes went over to where the flower was a area of the plains he made sure he didn't go it was unharmed as he smiled and looked at this flower. “Two of a kind just striving to survive in this crazy world.” Zachariah knew if anyone heard him they would think he was crazy for the fact he was talking to a flower but this didn't matter to him as he knew it was just about time for him to leave the plains and go back into the village of tenga as he had a certain person he wanted to go visit. Zachariah looked up at the sky
then down to the flower. “I'll be going now stay strong my little friend.”   Zach slowly got his body up to his feet as he took his time making his leave from the plains. Zachariah made it to the edge of the plains taking one look back at the plains as he watched as it was still covered in water from the battles he had while training with his water clones.  Zachariah started walking down the path towards Tengakure as the boy didn't waste anytime getting back to this village known as Tengakure. Zachariah would make his way to find a place to eat in this village before he would look for a place to sleep as he still needed to make up his mind about what his next move was going to be. Zachariah couldn't stand sleeping outside any longer it was getting to uncomfortable as he had found a room to stay in it wasn't the most comfortable thing but it would do. Zachariah had laid in the bed staring at the ceiling of the room as he was trying to decide if he should go meet the sword wielding manic. Zachariah shook his head as he let out a loud yawn man he was still so tired from training his body even his bones ached. Zachariahs eyes closed as he faded into the dream world again. Zachariahs dream had him standing in a field much like the one he had just came from with blood covering the grass was he dreaming about his battle with Tatsuya or was this something else. Zach could see a imagine of himself he had been covered in blood but he couldn't see anyone else who was there as his eyes shot open again and Zach hand rushed to his face he would pull his hand away looking as he didn't see any blood. “Just a nightmare.” Zachariah tried calming himself down.
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Sat Nov 29, 2014 12:49 am
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