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Masked Together Empty Masked Together

Thu Nov 13, 2014 11:19 pm
Kasai sat, gazing deep into the sun. If the bright rays could damage the eyes, then Kasai’s eyes were damaged beyond repair by now. Yet, he could not tear his gaze away. Sometimes he felt as if it were his father. The flame was all he knew since the day he became Kasai. Before that, he could not remember his name, yet, that day onward, the mask came on, Kasai knew who he was, and where he stood in the world.
Others may stare at him and think him insane, and perhaps he was. He did not care though. Insane or not, Kasai knew the flame, and truly knew it. Very few could claim the same. Perhaps the first of the Uchiha could, but no longer. The Uchiha had changed, and very few remained that deserved the honor that their house had. It seemed that the world forgot just what the elements of the world were, and what the spirits of those elements looked like.
Closing his eyes, Kasai reached down to his side and put his mask back on his face, where it belonged. Allowing it to slide over the scar covered face, he sighed to himself. Every inch of his face practically destroyed, the cool breeze could hurt sometimes. His eyes barely able to close properly anymore, the few strands of hair left on his head had ceased to grow, no eyebrows or eyelashes left, Kasai knew that he must look like a monster under his mask to anyone unsuspecting. The scars and burns did not stop there, and stretched over the entirety of his body, leaving very few places unscathed. He knew he could get it healed, and perhaps one day he would. Yet, he left them there for a reason. That reason being that he could not, and would not heal until the day that he fully mastered the element which had destroyed him.
“Fire, fire, burning bright, in the darkness, I see your light,” he muttered to himself, standing, and fixing his mask into place. Standing, he began walking to the field which he had burned to a cinder just a few days ago. He chuckled, remembering how he had woken up somewhere within the tall grass just that morning, just as he had the day after the spar with Youka. Well, Kasai would not delay. He had much work ahead of him to do, and he would not hesitate. While he still ached from the previous night, he would push himself further this time. Fire had no rest nor did respite, so neither will he.
He did wonder though, where to begin. There were so many possibilities of jutsu to master, and even what specific part of jutsu. Genjutsu, he would indeed like to learn, however, he knew of none that would serve the purpose that he sought. Perhaps once he made his own, then he would master the ways of the mind. For now though, he would have to work on simple jutsu. Sadly there was a lack of fire in the world (and being only a genin, I am not allowed to make my own jutsu, cough cough) , and he would have to master the art of creating jutsu.
He then gazed at the sun once more, taking in its heat. He felt as if it were the soul source of his power. The reason why his element was fire. The reason why he was the way he was. Raising his hands to his chest, he thought that it no doubt was. Just as a warm up, he launched his phoenix fire into the air. Six fire balls, each not the largest went flying upwards, until they exploded 30 or so meters upwards, creating large 3 meter explosions each. As he watched them fly through the air, he had an idea. Perhaps, there were other creatures, not humans, that too knew the ways of fire. Perhaps he could meet them here, in this strange land of the moon. Perhaps he could learn from them, and create a similar contract, just as Makussu had with the birds.
But where to start? Where to look? What to look for? He knew that he was indeed looking for an animal, but what animal is the question? He knew that he could not choose, but rather, the creatures would choose him. It was indeed a strange idea, but he resolved that he was ready. If he failed to find such creatures, then he would simply have a fine walk through the massive plains of the country of the moon. He hoped deeply that, if he were to find such creatures, they too would know of the sun. Thinking further about this, he knew for a fact that they would. If the creatures would choose him, then they would appear to him because of the fire they saw. He knew he would have to gain their respect, but first, he would have to find them, or them, him.
Kasai, sadly, was lost. Not in his place in the plains, but at where to go, where to search. He had been walking for an hour, and was close to the forest in which Makussu had discovered the birds, but he did not know where to go. Instead of venturing inside of the forest in search, and most likely losing himself, he sat down, crossed his legs, rested his hands in his lap, and closed his eyes, being a hundred or so feet away from the forest edge.
Here it was that he sat, pondering the questions of life, and going into deep meditation. He was unaware of all that was going on around him, and seemed nearly oblivious. However, that changed as soon as he felt a heavy breath upon his face. Kasai tuned back into the world around him, and felt a large chakra presence before him, much larger than his own. Opening his eyes and looking up, Kasai saw a massive ape before him. Large, and covered in complete black fur, the beast also wore a mask upon its face, although this one was plain wood, and not painted. Standing before him with its hands pressed into the ground, the arms of the creature looked strong enough to crush a human under each one. Large and intimidating, Kasai could see a pair of glowing eyes from under the mask, and its warm breath came out in a steam from the mask holes. Truly, it was a wonder for him to behold.
“Little one, what business have you here?” The beast rumbled; a deep noise that came from within. If it had to move its mouth to speak, Kasai could not tell, because the mask was there. Already, he felt a strong connection to the masked being before him. This was indeed what he was looking for.
“I seek strength where others have been too weak to find it. I search for the flame, where the embers have long died out,” Kasai said, attempting to remain calm. This beast could kill him instantly it seemed. He had to do his best to stay on its good side.
“That is… a very strange answer, small one,” was the rumbling reply. “Yet, you seem aware of what you speak about.”
They stood in silence, staring at each other. The small Genin from the village hidden in the leaf, and the massive beast, mysterious and awe-inspiring in its being.
After a moment, Kasai bowed his head to the beast, and hung it there.
“What do you feel, small one. Are you in sorrow?” The large ape lowered itself down so that it could gaze into the eyes of Kasai.
“In sorrow, or perhaps in awe,” Kasai bowed deeply. “It has been a life time since I have felt… normal, accepted, by anyone or anything.”
“Ah… I know what you speak of, small one. You see a connection in the masks that we wear upon our faces. Perhaps, you may find yourself more correct than you know. You are a shinobi, are you not, small one?” The beast slowly raised itself back up to its full height.
“I am,” Kasai replied.
“And what element might you find yourself in?”
“Fire,” Kasai replied simply.
“And yet, it seems that you find yourself lost. Without family or many friends, you seek guidance in this world,” the beast rumbled, more of telling this to Kasai, rather than asking.
“I…yes,” Kasai said, losing himself in the awe of the being.
“Then perhaps, little one, this meeting was not by chance,” the beast said, holding out a hand, not to shake, but as if expecting something to be placed in it. “I am Ruijin. Climb into my palm, small child, and we will speak further.”
Kasai looked up into the face of this masked being.
“I… am Kasai Senshi…and I… I thank you,” he said, before stepping lightly into the hand of the massive ape.
The ape grabbed hold of him, wrapping his hand around Kasai’s waist, being close to eight feet tall, and gently placed Kasai on top of his back. Then, the two of them went into the forest.
“It is interesting that you chose to follow the way of fire, even though it has hurt you so, small one. Your decision is your own, but I admire it,” the rumble came from Ruijin, beneath Kasai.
Kasai gazed in wonder at the beast. How could he know that he had been hurt so? There was something truly amazing about him.
“I have said the same to myself, ever since the day I was burned by that which I now exert. It is strange indeed, but it makes sense to me,” Kasai said. He wondered what the beast wanted.
“You are a very strange one, small child. Though, I sense a will from you. I ask you, do you know what I am?” The question came quite suddenly, and Kasai did not expect it.
“I believe so, and I may or may not. I believe you are a beast of legend. I have heard of such, only recently, by a friend of mine. He claims to have made a contract with birds, but very special birds. I believe you to be similar in concept, yet far difference in what you truly are,” Kasai said, all very carefully.
“Indeed, little one, you are correct,” Ruijin said, nodding his head. “And it is true that such a contract exists with beings such as ourselves. Those whom we deem worthy are allowed to sign the contract, and we then aid them when we are needed.”
“Why do you tell me these things, great one? And, if I may humbly ask, how many are there of beings, colossal as yourself?” Kasai trembled slightly. It was something he had never experienced before.
“There are hundreds of the race of which encompasses us all. For the ape clan, we are many in numbers, both great and small. There is a counsel of apes, all far greater than myself, who look over us, and protect us,” Ruijin said, continuing into the forest. “As for why I tell you, I believe you already know. I have a hold of this contract, and I am allowed to choose those certain humans whom we see as equals to ourselves. I have come to you, because I believe you to be such, young Kasai.”
Kasai sat, not knowing what to say. After a while, he bowed his head, and merely uttered “I am honored.”
“I, little one, am the one who honored,” Ruijin said, reaching back, and placing Kasai on the ground in front of him. “Do you wish to sign the contract?”
“If I have ever wished greater, it was now, at this moment. I am sure,” Kasai said, bowing to Ruijin.
“Very well, little one,” he said, pulling a massive scroll, seemingly out of nowhere.
“I am afraid you must sign in blood, there is no other way,” he said, looming over Kasai.
“I am well aware, and accept this.” Kasai lifted his mask, and bit deep into the tip of his finger, imprinting his blood upon the scroll, signing it.

“Very good, little one. I feel we have just begun here.”
[to be continued... requesting contract with apes, and 10 stats from the 2038 words]
Stat Page : The Plague
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Masked Together Empty Re: Masked Together

Thu Nov 13, 2014 11:26 pm
Love all of you putting work in. Approved
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