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TIme to get back home [Travel Topic].  Empty TIme to get back home [Travel Topic].

Sat Jun 14, 2014 4:48 am
Travelling back home to the village that he called his home was going to be somber and off for the young ninja. Seeing that he had spent most of his time going to places that he had never seen before… going to places that were familiar to him wasn’t his cup of tea. He wanted to enjoy the rest of the world and see it all, but of course something had to change all that. He was summoned back to his village when he knew that he wasn’t supposed to. Seeing that his former Kage, the Mizukage had died and he had become a refuge of the skyscraper village it appeared as though once he got his way up to genin he was ok to do whatever he wanted. Aqua even met with the former Tenkage, who would have been able to make the decision of him not to leave. Well even though he did leave it could have been a lot different and he couldn’t have been able to wander the world. No matter he was going to be going now.
Aqua would find his way into the borders of skyscraper country. He would be greeted by some people who would be walking into and out of the village. To be safe Aqua had used his weapon, Thunderfury, to fly above the road and float to make sure that he was safe. People don’t usually look up to see if there is anybody in the air so it was nice to get out there and just take in the view. He would love to see more of the land and see all of the people there but now it was time for him to get back and become a chuunin. As he was floating on he would notice that he would have time to reflect on his journey thus far, Allowing him to really get his mind in order for the fight that he was going to have. He had a lot of questions for his opponent and the village he was in, but he didn’t know when he was going to be able to ask them or how he was going to be able to ask them given that he was really an outsider of the village.
He would begin to remember how he left the village and what he was doing leaving the safety of a major village after so many of the people he knew had died because of what happened to the hidden mist village, the entire thing, just gone and away for some reason. Leaving the village he was asked by shinji to give him information about his adventure and what he did when he got back, Aqua did feel bad for not talking to him through letters and such during his adventure, but now he would be given the chance, once he got the village, to tell him about everything that he had to do. When he got closer the village he would remember the time that he had spent in the caves surrounding Suna and how he learned how to manipulate water to his will that was when he truly had become a shaman of his ninja world in his eyes. He would remember his meeting and time in the sand village, the few months that he was there, he would remember looking on to see the one tails destroy the village yet again like it did so many times in the past and then get subdued by Koroshi, he then leaving to the hidden snow village and meeting their leading, he would remember how he didn’t spend a lot of time in the village because they did not seem welcoming to him, and he would remember the time that it took him to get to the hidden cloud village from there so that he would only be able to spend a few precious days there before he had to leave from there. As he entered the gates of Tengakure, he didn’t feel like he was home, he didn’t have a home at this point, rather he felt as though he was returning out of honor, he had things he needed to do.
[WC: 701, Requesting to Enter Tenga.]
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TIme to get back home [Travel Topic].  Empty Re: TIme to get back home [Travel Topic].

Sat Jun 14, 2014 5:39 am
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