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Kuroda Momiji
Kuroda Momiji
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Patrol #2 Empty Patrol #2

Tue Apr 23, 2013 8:08 pm
Mission Name: Patrol
Rank: D
Type: Scouting
Character Requirements: N/A
Mission Location: Village Gates, Tengakure.
Word Count Requirements: 300
Repeatable? Yes.
Reward: 450

Scout around the village to make sure the area is secure. If anyone who doesn't seem to be an ally is seen, report it to higher ranking shinobi.

It had been a week since Kuroda had done his last patrol of the Tengakure border, and he was back again, the pay last time had been quite good, and this time, he knew just how to pass the time. He had brought his puzzle book, and that allowed him to keep his mind busy while he watched the perimeter. So, he was on his way again. He was just outside the gates and on page fifty of his book, and being the third in the series, the puzzles were rather difficult, just the way he liked them. Now, just to make his way around the village.

It was already noon, but he had allocated a good two hours of time to make it around the village, two hours which he would likely need to use all of considering how large the city was. First was the area to the southwest of the village, it was the most exposed because of the valley that lead down to the lowlands and the plains, it was the main supply route to other villages. So, Kuroda checked that area first. There wasn't a whole lot there, just a buncha rocks and old wagon tracks. But still, it was good that he had checked it, because there appeared to be some loose rock on the valley wall, he would need to report that to the Tengakage as it was a danger to anyone who used the valley to pass.

Next it was the Northwest land, it was pretty secure, so, it didn't take long to search, There wasn't much more than there was normally, maybe a few fallen boulders, but aside from that, nothing was out of ordinary.

Lastly were the Southeast and Northeast corners, though, the Northeast wasn't even worth checking, as it was just a cliff, and the Southeast was a quick check. So, with a final inspection of the area, he headed back tot he village, once again ready to give his report.

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