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Naoki Gekou
Naoki Gekou
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Darkness withers in Sunlight (Training) Empty Darkness withers in Sunlight (Training)

Fri Feb 01, 2013 2:36 pm
Yozora was walking through streets of Tengakure. Today she did not have any missions and she could guess why. The other day she heard about an unexpected death of her mission partner named Hisuke. It was saddening, the guy seemed interesting and he had this unusual ability, which he did not get to show her, even though they kind of promised to show each other's abilities. And while Yozora showed her swordplay, she still had an ace up her sleeve. Apparently, she had some sort of unique power herself and she found out about it just a few days before Hisuke's death. It started happening after that terrifying dream she had. At first she noticed he reaction time increased and she could see better, then she once noticed she was reading a book in pitch black darkness, after she forgot to light up the room. Finally she sometimes could actually see chakra, how it flowed out of people as they were performing ninjutsu techniques. She also noticed her own chakra being slightly different and it wasn't her wind element, it was something else. After getting curious about this new found ability of hers, Yozora visited village library and read everything she could find about such abilities. She found out that there actually was a specification for such abilities and techniques - they were called Doujutsu or Douryouku and revolved most around eyes and visual powers. Most common and probably also most powerful were Byakugan of Hyuuga clan and Sharingan of Uchiha clan. Both of these could see chakra, so Yozora checked. Her eyes did not bear any of Sharingan's or Byakugan's marks, although they were kind of similar to activated Sharingan without its tomoe, but she knew her eyes always looked like that even before and so did her mother's and father's. The girl then looked for any other doujutsu like her own, but could not find anything. That meant Yozora's ability had more mystery to it, than most of the other doujutsu. At least there was no mention of it in Tegakure's library, while there was plenty of information on Sharingan and Byakugan. The girl took her time and studied those two doujutsu and although they were not the same as hers, she did learn something from it. There was some information about doujutsu being active and inactive. With this Yozora learned how to control her chakra seeing and dark vision powers. But there was something else...

Yozora finally reached the village gates. She was going out into the plains to train. The girl walked up to the guards, who were a bit suspicious, which was not surprising seeing as many people have left the village recently and in the past. She smiled saying "Don't worry, I'm not going far. I just want to have a private training session in the plains, will be back in a few hours." Then she signed the documents, indicating her going out of the village for a while. Only after passing through the gates did the girl notice how good the weather was - it was sunny with a few clouds in the sky, it was warm and bright, almost perfect. Yozora smiled to herself and kept on walking, leaving the gates and guards behind her, going deeper into an open grassland which was the plains around Tengakure. It wasn't completely open, there were small forests here and there, perfect if you want some shade, but the rest was flat grassland as far as the eye could see. Yozora walked some and stopped when she could no longer be seen from the village. She was also some way from the road, so not to bump into somebody randomly traveling from or to the village. The girl looked around, there was a small forest nearby, she decided the spot would suit her training and dropped most of her gear on the ground. She had a plan for her training, but first she had to do a warm up round. The warm up was mostly physical, push ups and the such. Then she started her kenjutsu exercises. Pretty repetitive slashes and strikes, not that fast either. Then bit by bit they became more intense. At some point Yozora began fighting imagined opponents. For some reason they seemed quite real, detailed like real and even using unique approaches. The girl noted her being slightly amazed with her own imagination. The opponents kept on coming, one by one appearing a few meters around Yozora, they were not appearing faster and in greater numbers. At first simple slashes, parries and strikes were enough to repel them. Now Yozora was using complex acrobatics to avoid their phantom attacks and even using her Iaijutsu to dispel the attackers. Finally she reached the peak. Already fairly tired with sweat running on her face, she slashed two phantoms beheading them both with a single move only to see five more behind them and three more around her, all coming at the same time. For a moment Yozora closed her eyes and when she opened them again, they were different. With her ability now active she could clearly see the attackers being nothing more than fruits of her own imagination, but there was something that immediately caught her attention. Her own body was emitting this strange black and blue aura. It looked like chakra but she knew it was not, because it was leaking out of her as if her body was overflowing with it, which it could not be with her so tired. It must have been something else. Having now lost her interesting in fighting ghost, that she herself created, the girl decided to finish the fight eliminating the remaining eight. She lunged forward cutting through the nearest opponent and channeling her wind chakra into her blade. She then released the chakra in a horizontal slash which defeated the remaining four in front of her. Her blade sang as she flipped it grabbing it backwards and stabbing one from behind her in a single motion. Then focusing more chakra into the blade she spun around and cut the other two with the same technique. The fight was now over and the warming up more than complete. The girl stood there looking at herself, while dust raised with her wind attacks was slowly settling down. She was most interested in what this aura was, with her eyes it looked in a way similar to chakra, but since instead of being exhausted it began to overflow during her fight, it was clear this was no normal chakra. Maybe some sort of unregistered nature, but that did not really makes sense. Unless it had a whole separate reserve from that of chakra. When the air was clear around her, Yozora began walking towards the forest nearby, she wanted to rest in the shade.

The sun was now high in the sky and it was turning hot outside, which is why Yozora sought shade of the forest to rest. She brought her stuff with her and dropped it on the ground, then falling herself on the soft grass and turning face up. And then she made a discovery. With her right hand raised into the air her crimson eyes could still faintly see the strange chakra even with her doujutsu deactivated. At first she assumed she could now see it without even activating the doujutsu. Smiling to herself she was just laying there when a single ray of light got past all the leaves above her and touched her hand dispersing the strange aura. Yozora's eyes narrowed, she moved her hand away from the ray and saw the aura again. A theory appeared in the girl's head and she wanted to test it. The way to do that was to walk into the sunlight out side of the shade provided by the forest. When she did, the aura disappeared, which confirmed her theory. She could see it in dark places. Taking the next step Yozora activated her doujutsu in the daylight and the strange chakra appeared again. It was not clear that her doujutsu could see it in daylight, but it could also be seen in the dark without active doujutsu. Only question remained - if only she could see it in the dark or if anybody could, however the girl did not want to test that, she was more than happy with keeping it all a secret. Yozora sat down, feeling a bit rested, and relaxed in meditative pose. She was in the light, so her eyes were active to see what she needed to see. The idea was the following. If this was somewhat similar to chakra nature, then hopefully it could be trained to control, same as her Wind element. The girl took a deep breath and after closing her eyes slowly exhaled.

When she opened her eyes again she was no longer sitting on a grass in the daylight. She was standing in front of the tower she saw in her dream right before her doujutsu started to manifest. This was unexpected, but she sensed a connection between those two things. Yozora looked at the sky above the tower. It looked to same as the last time she was here, so did the tower and everything else. And there was also the shrouded figure she saw the last time. It was standing right in front of her and entrance to the tower was behind it. "Welcome back." The voice echoed, it seemed distant at first, but then gained some base. Yozora was about to open her mouth when the voice interrupted her. "Do not bother, I already know why you're here..." Strangely this did not surprise her, maybe because she had guessed who, or actually what, was standing there and speaking to her. "Well, then, would you help me?" After her question came an unpleasant silence and a slight fear struck her. What if it was here to stop her? But then the words spoken made her feel relieved. "Of course. This is why I'm here - to guide you. It is why I gave you the gift last time we met." After a light pause it continued. "But in order to gain what you seek you will have to fight me." "Here?" "Yes, this is the only place I can appear to you, after all. And going inside..." The figure gestured towards to tower. "... is yet to early for you." "Alright..." Yozora her katana's hilt. She was sure she left the blade in the forest, but now it was on her back. "I'm ready." The blue eyes under the figure's hood blinked as if acknowledging. Suddenly a shadowy blade appeared in the figure's hand and it lunged forward with speed that rivaled that of Yozora's. She barely blocked the initial attack. Apparently there was no warming up in this fight, her opponent clearly wanted to push her, to force her instead of poking and analyzing her responses. Pretty soon Yozora understood that she could not afford to hold back in this fight, she could barely keep up with her attacker, only able to parry and dodge, not even counter attack. The girl attempted her blade illusion technique when she parried one of the strikes, but it had absolutely no effect. Then she activated her Doujutsu, but it did not help much. There was no chakra she could see in her opponent's body, only a mass of dark energy. "I believe you do not know how those eyes are called..." The shade's voice seemed completely normal, one could think he was out for a walk, but certainly not in a middle of a fight. Yozora hardly had enough air to reply. "W-What?" "I mean the doujutsu that manifested in you right after our last encounter. You parents never told you about it. So you do not know how it's called." Suddenly it broke through Yozora's defense and the dark blade was now coming straight for her heart. It happened very fast and the girl did not get it at first. Before she was struck she had a very strong desire to have some other way to prevent the blade from hitting, she wanted to stop it. When she came to her senses again, she was uninjured. The figure was standing a couple meters away and Yozora now had this dark aura around her. She raised he eyebrows. "What happened?..." "You stopped my blade. You commanded it to dissolve and protect you, which transformed it into this dark cloak you have right now." The girl was still dull from the experience, looking at herself with obvious surprise. Then she looked at the figure in front of her. "What is your name?" The voice sounded satisfied or even happy one could say. "Yuumei. That is how people like you call me. I am the essence of the dark that dwells in the deep... my gift, which lets you see the world differently, is called Meigan." Yozora wanted to thank, but then suddenly everything blacked out and then she opened her eyes in the real world. She was still sitting in a meditative pose, but judging from the sun it was a good hour since she sat down. After getting all her stuff she went back into the village.

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Yasahiro Yagami
Yasahiro Yagami
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Darkness withers in Sunlight (Training) Empty Re: Darkness withers in Sunlight (Training)

Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:43 pm
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