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  • Land of Shadows

  • The Shadowy Forests [Borders]

    Much of the land is covered by dense, ancient forests where tall, gnarled trees block out much sunlight. The canopy is thick with foliage, casting an almost perpetual twilight on the forest floor. The atmosphere in these woods is heavy with otherworldly energy, making it a place where spirits and yōkai are believed to roam freely.

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    First Leg [Travel]
    Mon Mar 04, 2024 7:38 pm
    Hiroya View latest post
  • Obsidian River

    The Obsidian River, which bisects the land, is a vast and slow-moving body of water known for its peculiar dark hue. The riverbanks are lined with willow trees whose branches mournfully drape over the water. It's rumored that the river holds strange, shadowy secrets beneath its murky depths.

    The "Temple of the Deep" stands upon a solitary island atop the River. This island, miraculously untouched by the disaster that befell the village, remains an enigmatic and eerie presence in the region.

    Temple of the Deep
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    Mystic Journey
    Sat Mar 02, 2024 9:12 pm
    Himari Hyuuga View latest post
  • The Isolated Temples

    Ancient temples and shrines are scattered throughout the Land of Shadows, each with its mystical significance. These sacred sites are often hidden deep within the shadowy forests or perched atop secluded cliffs, contributing to the land's aura of secrecy.

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The Land of Shadows is a remote, mysterious region distinguished by its unique geography and profound connection to the Shinkou clan's Meigan bloodline. It features dense, shadowy forests, a dark-hued river, and ancient temples hidden among enigmatic landscapes. The land's atmosphere is thick with spiritual energy, believed to attract yōkai and spirits. At its heart lies the Hidden Abyss, once a hidden village, now a sacred site.
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