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Mon Jun 17, 2024 11:09 pm
Mission 1:

Mission 2:
Mission 3:

Kairo looked out into the bustlng streets of Tsukigakure. The jungle like environment was serene and had a beautiful feel to it. The way the moonlight showered the village at night was another spectacle. All true and natural wonderment that was bestowed upon these great lands. He looked to his mother as she drank from her morning tea. His mind kept flashing with the horrors of that night. He admired his mother's resilience. It wasn't as if he was the only to suffer in this scenario. She had lost all she had ever known as well. Except for son and he his mother. He cared that he was adopted just that someone had taken him in.

Maybe while he was here he could even find his brothers. If they were even still alive out there. Being only half related to them he would have been forgotten. He was almost certain of it. With a heavy sigh he looked down to the food of this fine morning. He had ordered a perfectly braised egg's benedict. It was his favorite back home a childhood delicacy. He sliced the poached egg down the middle with his knife. The yolk and hollandaise sauce mixing perfectly with the eye of steak.

His eating was meticulous and precise like most of his actions. The position of his arms and elbows were tight. To most it would look even a little stiff to move so cleanly. But repeated actions had become repeated nature and habits for him. It made doing it such a norm it felt uncomfortable to not do so. Never once did it ever paint him in a bad light during his time as nobility. Even if on a lower scale as a noble and then a city official. His train of thought was broken as he finished more than half his plate.  "How are you adjusting to the village mother?" He let slip softly before taking a drink of his tea. The warm liquid gold smoothing and washing all his worries down.

Arisa's head peaked up with a smile in response to her son's words. "I'd say quite well my son. Despite everything all we can do is put our best foot forward." She would say glancing towards the sky. The large clouds painting the sky and covering the sun from being too blinding. "You're Father would expect us to keep looking forward and to honor his memory. That would make him truly happy." She said a graciously large grin growing on her face. However even he saw the wavering pain behind her eyes. He took her hand into his own to reassure her. "You're right Mother. As a matter of fact I will be finishing the procedures to become a shinobi today. After digging around I discovered I would be able to become a genin with my current abilities."

He chimed with pure energy radiating from his being. From his perspective the more work through missions the more money. The more missions completed the more experience he could gain. In the end he needed unbridled power in all forms to never again allow such tragedies. He snatched the documents at the side reading through all three of the processes he would need to become a shinobi here. His first set of business was going to the hospital. It seemed a medical examination was in order. Secondly a written exam followed by a trial by combat. It seemed he would have a packed day of activities.

Kairo made quick work of the rest of his breakfast. He placed what money he had left over on to the table as he rose. Tucking in his chair he kneeled and hugged his mother. "I'll see you later at the apartment Mother. I will return a shinobi tonight." With a peck on her cheek he would disperse in a sudden blur. His first order of business was the Hospital. He had spent  day or so exploring the village and was now familiar with the area. The people of the village had been warm and welcoming. At the cultural exchange center he went through with what would be similar to a guild process.

From there his established residence and records were stored and recorded. It was truly breath taking traveling through the village. Despite the humidity of the jungle it was a nice change of pace. Being stuck in high stone walls and mountains got dull overtime. While the beauty of the woodlands added such a natural tone to life. Breaking through the last set of trees he landed in the first open clearing he could find. The Tsukiko Institution of Medicine was a true site to behold. Kairo was mesmerized by the massive fountain.The marvel of it all made him chuckle with amusement.

After embracing the marvel before him he headed towards the inside of the Hospital. To his luck there was a sign in the front as a guide for those attempting to become shinobi."Well how truly thoughtful." He said in bewilderment following the directions of the sign. A few lefts and a right and he was outside of the door for the examination . Spotting the nurse's desk he promptly made way before standing upright with his documents ready.The process from there was rather quick . It was simply first come first serve and there was an on call nurse to take the charts for the day.

It was considered to be the easy and relaxing shift or so his nurse said. As for as the results of his examination it seemed he had much to work on. For as it came to his physicality he was rather weak in the realm of strength. Notably his striking abiltiy and lifting short of 200 lbs. It wounded his pride almost but was one who had always focused on his jutsu. However  he didn't fully want to neglect his strength as a man. Once everything had been recorded he was medically cleared to move forward towards the next phase.  

The next phase was an exam of some sorts. Kairo was now walking into what was known as the academy.Another truly grand building he thought to himself. The architect behind these masterpieces is a master mind. A true genius in his own right with such a prowess for imagination. A sign near the entrance also signaled for new comers to gather. It was a time's table of open testing rooms that started every other 30 minutes. It was staggered to prevent wait times and keep the applicant's flowing through.
Everything was so seamless here. This had to be modeled for future civilizations to come.

Within the next 30 minute interval he sat amongst the next seed. The proctor for the exam explained they have 2 hours to answer all 30 questions. If anyone were caught cheating they would be punished. That particular line forcing Kairo to scoff under his breath. Surely anyone worth two cence would use ninjutsu at the slightest chance. He rather not risk it regardless and would use his own knowledge.

On the plus side you could leave once you finished. Your exam would be graded on the spot by one of the 5 graders along the wall. Once given the signal Kairo began reading over the test questions.1.You are ambushed by three enemy ninja in a forest. One uses fire style, one uses water style, and the third uses earth Style. How do you prioritize your targets and why?

Well Kairo thought over the scenario with his head. Realistically he would target the earth style user. They can directly manipulate the battlefield and create strong barriers. Second would be the fire style user because in a forest setting expanding flames were deadly. It would be easy to coral someone with fire alone.

2.You are tasked with protecting a VIP. During the mission, you are attacked by a group of rogue ninja. Describe your immediate actions to ensure the safety of the VIP. Kairo went to town with this question due to his work experience. Immediately counter attack/defend while moving the target to cover.  Never leave target alone as the enemy's goal is to separate you to get the target. If unable to defend with 360 defense the next best course is to create an exit and limit exposure. Be decreasing line of site you force the enemy to have to go through you.

3.During a mission, you encounter an enemy with a genjutsu that causes hallucinations. What is your strategy to break free from the genjutsu and continue the fight? This was another question that he was familiar with. As he began to write he would do what made the most sense. When combating against genjutsu one must first be aware of their surroundings. Is the grass a different color, is there a tree that wasn't there before. A true genjutsu wielder made sure their creations were just a part of reality itself. As such the best countermeasure is the use of chakra visualization. To then release chakra through your body to break the illusion.

In worst case scenario situations one could also cause serious pain to themselves. 4.You are in the middle of a desert and are being pursued by an enemy. Water supplies are limited. How do you use your environment to your advantage? Having never fought in a desert before Kairo felt somewhat stumped. Regardless he managed what he could and simply chose to write. In an open plain like a desert one would be forced to fight. If dunes are nearby false track amongst the sand and using the dunes for a counter attack. If some distance is between the pursuers then moving during the night and cooler times to save energy. Water style jutsu would be the best for drinkable water. If near by, cactus may also serve beneficial.

5.You are leading a team of three Genin on a mission. One of your team members is injured and unable to continue. What do you do? Secure a safe location and then reassess the situation. Either have two people retreat or retire from battle and 2 finish the mission. Or if unable then all 4 will escape to save the wounded. He figured this was not the kind of place which waged war for no reason. He had witnessed the culture first hand after all.

Kairo's eyes danced and scanned over the rest of the test. It seemed it was moving on to word problems for the remainder of this portion.6.If a ninja can throw a shuriken at a speed of 30 meters per second and the target is 90 meters away, how long does it take for the shuriken to reach the target? Simple it was distance over speed so the answer was 3 seconds.

7.During a mission, you and your team cover a distance of 15 kilometers in 3 hours. What is your average speed in kilometers per hour? He grinned at another easy answer, of course it was 5m. 8.A ninja's chakra reserves decrease by 5% every minute during an intense battle. If they start with 100% chakra, how much chakra do they have left after 10 minutes?9.If a ninja team needs to reach a location 120 kilometers away and they travel at a constant speed of 10 kilometers per hour, how many hours will it take them to arrive?

He answered promptly with  50% chakra considering the following. The equation was something like 100% - (5% * 10 minutes) = 50%). And the travel time would be a measly 12 hours. The rest of the test questions were filled out with ease. The majority of his answers would lead him to look logical. Doing what was most efficient and beneficial to keep everyone alive. He was the first of his seed to finish the exam. Standing up and walking towards the grader he handed over his test. Cracking his knuckles he stood idly by as the grader used the cheat sheet. "Perfect score Kairo Valtor you may go to the final exam." With a nod Kairo  left for the final act of today.

For the third and final exam happened to be trial by combat. It  would be perfect time to show off what he had been secretly working on this entire time. It gave him joy to finally showcase the fruits of his efforts. Luckily the third exam took place here at the academy as well. They had  a small sparring space where people came up. Apparently you could keep fighting until you showed some promise. Signing in to the third exam he was given a current number for the next 2 hours. He could keep fighting until accepted before being required to relinquish his number.

It would seem his opponent was a massive muscular meat head. He looked to be quite the unsavory fellow.  The proctor threw up a signal kicking off the match.Kairo's face dropped into a blank glare as the giant man gloated. He wondered what he was so fucking amused about. It was starting to piss hm off forcing a sigh. "It's a shame comrade" He would utter as the large man rushed him like a bull dog. But he had already began his seals and the genjutsu was in place. "Summoning Jutsu." With this his first trap was already in place.

By confusing his target by mixing in a lie he set the foundation for this jutsu. Preforming the few seals needed he would spawn the creation of glowing lilac colored butterflies.   With the 10m of distance and him claiming to use a summoning jutsu the big oaf chased. This way he was able to force the man to follow the butterflies. Next was his the following jutsu now that he forced him to keep his eyes on Kairo. His hands continued with more seals as he activated the next genjutsu.

Both traps now laid down Kairo would cast his final sets of seals as he rushed towards the large man. From his perspective everything would look as if it were 30m away. He just needed to avoid stepping within 5m. He dare say his final string of seals for a fire style jutsu. With a heavy heave he would fire off this fireball while circling around the large man. Once he and the fireball entered wtihin 5m it would have seemed as if they instantly traveled 25m.

This momentary stunt left him confused as two sides raced towards him. With a leaping kick Kairo spun with a tucked leg. Wthin in range she spun backwards before firing the heel of his foot into the man's chest. He was sent flying backwards only to be met with the explosive fireball. He landed on top of his back before sighing and stepping off and looking to the Proctor.  And with that he passed all three examinations to become a shinobi. It truly was a blessed day.

Promptly after joining Kairo had went on a shopping spree through the natural jungle. He had collected some delicious fish from the river. And to his luck plenty of wild spices. A small pouch of white rice to go with it all as a side dish. Knocking on the apartment door it was a strange rhythm. A specific song from his homeland to ease and allow his Mother to know it was him. Opening the door he ducked inside with a warm smile. "Mother I was able to become a shinobi today."  His poor mother shuffled in to hug her baby boy prompting a smile on both. "I knew you would fair succusful my son. I'm sure your Father is quite proud."

Kairo couldn't help but melt especially since he missed him so. But he still had his Mother and would focus on her now. He had to keep his family safe and alive this time. Failure was not an option. "I found some treats for us i'll get dinner started Mom." He said showing off his bounty as he removed his shoes. He soon made way into the kitchen as he cut the lights on. Setting down and separating his ingredients he rounded up the dishes.

Firstly in a large colander and tossed in all the herbs and vegetables. He gave everything a good wash down to remove any dirt and other small critters. One could never be too safe when preparing their food. It was a basic human necessity after all. Finally he used scissors to cut off the spines and fins of the fish. Tossing the scraps away not needing them to make a fish stock. He washed the fish and began to descale it under the running water. He went over both sides of the fish about two times or so.

He set up his two pans one filled with oil and the heat on a medium high. The other filled with seasoned water as it was set to high for rolling boil. Kairo quickly grabbed breadcrumbs from a cabinet and corn starch. He filled the bowl with cornstrarch before adding seasonings. Garlic,Paprika, Onion powder,Black Pepper, Oregano, and some hot sauce. Adding water he made a cornstarch slurry to cover and season the batter.  Before that he took his knife and filleted the fish spooning out the bones and spine.

Adding the fillet's to the bowl swished them around until they were completely covered in slurry. The beautiful mix of seasonings gave it a colorful look. Seeing the oil start to bubble he took his chop sticks and added breadcrumbs. He coated each fish individually in breadcrumbs before setting it in the oil. Once all the fillets were set he threw his rice into the boiling water.  Now he prepared his vegetables. He diced up zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, and celery into fine cubes.

Once the bottom of the fish was a perfect golden crisp he flipped them over. With that he added vegetables to the pan with the frying fish. He took a pinch of salt and spread it over the whole pan evenly.  He chopped up the fresh herbs as well such as cilantro and basil. He saved it once the fish fried it's other side and the vegetables were cooked through.

He searched the fridge and found some pickled plumb and added it to the rice. He plated the now purplish red rice on a bed of lettuce. Next he added the fish over the rice and scooped vegetables over it all. Grabbing a small glass of wine he added it to the left over oil and vegetables in the pan. With a gentle heat he mixed it all together making a quick reduction. He steadily glazed both plates before adding a knife and a fork. He carried both plates to the dining room and began to set the table. "Dinner is ready Mother!" He called as he quickly cleaned the kitchen and finished the dishes.

Washing his hands and wiping down the counter he went to go sit down. Him and Arisa had a long thoughtful about the village. Also his new goals as a shinobi here in the village. He simply just wanted to get strong and rich. He would keep taking on more and more missions until he gained all he could. This was a village dedicated to the arts after all he could become almost anything here.  Once he earned 4 million ryo in savings then he would relax a bit. Until he became a shinobi strong enough to earn such revenue.

Kairo would wake up the next morning. The early morning sun filtered through the dense canopy casting a soft dappled light across his room. As he got ready he noted to himself that his paperwork would take some time before he could get his headband. Despite the wait he was determined to make the most of his day planning to go on a few missions to pass the time.

The first mission on his list was working at the local museum of jutsu. The museum was an impressive structure nestled in the heart of the village dedicated to preserving and showcasing the various jutsus developed throughout the history of Tsukigakure. It was a place where knowledge and history converged offering insights into the village’s rich heritage.

Kairo arrived at the museum just as it was opening. The entrance was adorned with intricate carvings depicting famous battles and legendary ninjas each telling a story of valor and mastery. Inside the air was cool and filled with the faint scent of old parchment and polished wood. The exhibits were arranged in chronological order guiding visitors through the evolution of jutsu techniques.

His task for the day was to assist with the cataloging and maintenance of some of the older scrolls. These ancient documents held invaluable information and their preservation was crucial. Kairo was entrusted with handling these delicate artifacts a responsibility he took seriously. As he carefully unrolled each scroll he couldn't help but feel a deep connection to the history and knowledge they contained.

One particular scroll caught his eye. It was older than the rest its parchment yellowed with age and its ink faded but still legible. The jutsu detailed within was one he had never encountered before a technique that combined both water and fire elements. He marveled at the ingenuity of the past ninjas who had created such a powerful and complex jutsu.

While working he couldn't shake the feeling of excitement and curiosity. He imagined the scenarios in which these jutsus were used the battles fought and the wisdom passed down through generations. It was a humbling experience reminding him of the long lineage of ninjas who had come before him.

As the morning passed Kairo's work was interrupted by a commotion near the entrance. A group of children on a school trip had arrived their excited chatter filling the usually quiet halls. Kairo smiled remembering his own childhood visits to similar places. He watched as a museum guide began to explain the exhibits the children’s eyes wide with wonder.

One of the children a boy with bright curious eyes broke away from the group and approached Kairo. "Mister are you a shinobi?" he asked his voice filled with awe.

Kairo nodded kneeling down to the boy’s level. "Yes I am. Well almost. I'm still waiting for my headband," he replied with a warm smile.The boy's eyes widened even more. "That's so cool! Do you know a lot of jutsus?"Kairo chuckled softly a sparking gleam growing in his eyes. "I'm learning every day. There's always something new to discover especially in a place like this." He gestured to the scrolls and artifacts around them. He remembered himself once in this boys shoes. Enamored by the mysteries that was the art of jutsu. Who wouldn't be when manipulating reality itself was at your fingertips.

The boy beamed clearly inspired. "I want to be a shinobi too! Maybe I'll come here and learn all these jutsus one day."
Kairo ruffled the boy's hair gently. "Keep studying and training and I'm sure you will. Who knows you might even discover new jutsus of your own." The boy rejoined his group and Kairo returned to his work feeling a renewed sense of purpose. By the end of the day he had finished cataloging several scrolls and felt a deep sense of accomplishment. He knew that every task no matter how small was a step towards becoming a better shinobi.

Kairo taking it upon himself to begin deep cleaning the venue. He made quick work using this as training as well. He was paying attention to the flow of people. Learnng to move with and around the crowds while still keeping momentum. Eventually his mind relaxed as it felt as if he was flowing everywhere. He cleaned all he could and began taking the trash out. Heading out back he interuppted a coversation. "We need reinforcements right this second!" Two shinobi would look towards Kairo. He would recognize one as the proctor from his spar. "Kairo Valtor is it? Come with us it's a emergency mission." Tossing the trashbags he nodded and cracked his knuckles.

"Well shall we ?" In a burst of speed they all raced towards the back of the village. It seemed more missing ninja were causing a ruckus again. It was due to the village offering sanctum and sanctuary for even unsavory individuals. This time it was a group of 5 who thought they could intrude and take on the poor people of the Moon. Kairo would aide in its defense not allowing such things to occur. Within moments they were on the scene. To his surprise one of the targets happeend to be the man he defeated the other day. What a small world he thought.

"What's wrong their fellow? Rampaging after a one sided ass whooping?!" He called with a raspy bass in his voice. A confident grin as he alerted the missing ninja to his location. He watched as all 5 heads turned towards him."That's right all eyes on me." He egged them as his hands started to fly. He already had informed his comrades to let him take on three by himself. He was confident as he had learned a new technique for him to try. It was a beautiful technique as a genjutsu and one to enhance his ability. It was a sort of auto suggestion and mood changer.

By influencing his own mind he could activate his 120% potential max state. His gaze grew serious as he felt the heightened sence the endorphins in his own body. He raised his chakra and released his power. The autosuggestive state he chose was the flow state. Kairo had forced himself to be in the zone and all of his sharpness was enhanced.

He quickly activated his shadow clone jutsu creating 4 copies of himself. His main body activated his flower genjutsu affecting the three he focused on. The other clones all activated their own genjutsu which would have made the three shinobi feel isolated. The distance between him and them would grow to 30m. Small poison tree frogs would spawn and surround the shinobi. Kairo was going to make them tire themselves out.

They all attempted to use some modified form of jutsu to his luck. The frogs would all react in unison and shooting darts into their throat causing them a great deal of pain. Letting the pain ring in and causing them to suffer this is when he activated more genjutsu. Once fear had set in and horror controlled the mind. This was when it was ok to layer more and more. When the overhwhelming stress of the situation made them forget. This was the essence of genjutsu. Destroy reality shield the mind and destroy the target. This was how he fought in combat.

The genjutsu made all three of the targets foam at the mouth as they dropped to their knees. He had his shadow clones restrain them and tie them up. The other two ninja looked at him with fear and awe as they also subdued their opponents. "Well it seems  I had to get a little rough...unfortunately." He would say with a small smrik.

After subduing the three targets he realized he needed to become more seamless with his illusions. Just casting jutsu was not enough he had to actively use jutsu as well to become truly powerful. The experience made him acutely aware of the gaps in his technique. He needed to weave his genjutsu more naturally into his fighting style ensuring that his opponents were constantly on edge unable to distinguish reality from illusion.

Backup arrived soon after taking the subdued ninja into custody. The presence of the reinforcements allowed Kairo a moment to reflect on his performance. His illusions had been effective, but they felt disjointed, separate from the rest of his fighting style. To truly master genjutsu he needed to make it an integral part of his combat seamless and fluid.

The other shinobi nodded at him briefly acknowledging his effort. They exchanged a few words about paperwork and headbands and Kairo's face lit up with delight. He recognized that this was just the beginning. The path ahead promised long and challenging but he felt ready to embrace it.

As Kairo walked back home he thought about how he could improve his technique. He envisioned a future where his genjutsu would be indistinguishable from reality trapping his enemies in a web of illusions. This vision fueled his determination to train harder and smarter. He needed to integrate his genjutsu with his physical movements and other techniques making it a natural extension of his fighting style.

Inspired by these thoughts Kairo decided to train that night for a few hours. He knew he couldn't wait until morning. Arriving home he quickly grabbed a small meal and headed to the training grounds. The moonlight provided just enough illumination as he began his exercises.

He focused on his auto-suggestion technique determined to perfect it. He wanted his flow state to be more than just a temporary boost. He needed it to refresh his mind and body completely putting him in the zone without any residual fatigue. As he practiced he felt his focus sharpening his mind clearing of all distractions.

Kairo moved through his training drills combining physical maneuvers with genjutsu casting. He visualized each move and illusion blending seamlessly into one another. His mind was taxed and on fire with his imagination. His mind was constantly making minute adjustments over and over. Until his illusions were damn near flawless. He was trying to imbed the sensation to make it effortless.

He made his clone flow through a multitude of taijutsu forms and movements. Things he had seen before done himself thousands of times. The best lie was always blended with a little truth. He was reaching his limit again and once more activated his autosuggestion. It was such a rush having your brain just refreshed. It was like waking up after an 8 hour nap with a shot of adrenaline.


Claiming Stats
[Permission to perform missions as Vagabond.]
Ryo: 3,500  AP: 17

50 stat points to Chakra
Autosuggestion WC:2500 A rank
Flower Garden Illusion  WC:1000 C rank
Lightweight Fabric Smoke WC: 1000 C rank
Gen Release WC: 500 Handseals x1

Sharingan WC: 10/2000
Himari Hyuuga
Himari Hyuuga
Stat Page : Stats' Link

Health: 300
AP: 1,250
Vigor: 25
Chakra: 100
Speed: 150
Strength: 25
Mission Record : Mission Log
Summoning Contract : Slugs of Shikkotsu Forest
Salamanders of Rain Country
Living Clones : Hisaki
Taijutsu Iryōjutsu Remove Jikūjutsu Default
Wind Remove Water Lightning Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 181150

New Troop Empty Re: New Troop

Wed Jun 19, 2024 7:55 pm
Kairo Uchiha-Valtor wrote:

Claiming Stats
[Permission to perform missions as Vagabond.]
Ryo: 3,500  AP: 17

50 stat points to Chakra
Autosuggestion WC:2500 A rank
Flower Garden Illusion  WC:1000 C rank
Lightweight Fabric Smoke WC: 1000 C rank
Gen Release WC: 500 Handseals x1

Sharingan WC: 10/2000

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