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Emiri Uchiha
Emiri Uchiha
Academy Student
Academy Student
Stat Page : Stats
Mission Record : Sketching
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Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 500

The Eviction  Empty The Eviction

Tue Jan 09, 2024 7:36 pm
Not far different from any other day the past couple weeks, Emiri was on her way back home from the general store holding a couple bags full of over the counter medication having been sick for quite a while her body aching and her head dizzy having been quite forgetful over the last couple weeks she returned back home, coughing quite a bit her chakra reserves seeming to be quite low as of late. She entered a quite decrepit building, the wood peeling quite a bit on the outside as it seemed almost to have been abandoned. Inside the building the paint seemed almost worst, the wallpaper having long since faded, some spots on the wall seemed covered with some black and pinkish speckles on the wall, the air filled with an odd sort of smell. She attempted to turn one of the water facets in the kitchen, struggling a bit as some water came out of it struggling a bit at first, turning from a black to a clear color after a bit. She gulped down some medication and sat down at a broken wooden chair consuming some canned beans she got while at the grocery store, making sure to steer clear of the broken glass on the floor.

While she ate an unexpected or rather expected noise came from the front of the house, a rather large banging noise as she looked towards the door, the wood splintering. She tried her best to rush to the bedroom where her prized stuffed rabbit and dusty books were hoping to wait it out like always. From the voice some intimidating voices spoke up deep and gravely,“We know you are in there Emiri Uchiha your final warning was issued months ago, no more friendliness anymore we are coming in whether you like or not, men bust it open!” Emiri crawled under the bed shivering a bit and trying to avoid the splinters from the old thing as she heard the door being blown off its hinges. The familiar permeating smell of cheap dandelion cologne invading the house, hearing multiple pairs of feet stomping around the house and the crinkling of the glass.

Crashing and tearing off of the kitchen cupboards is heard as she continues to stay as hidden as possible beneath the bed. The steps then start to approach where Emiri is she stiffens up tucking herself up as much as possible looking forward she sees the familiar black loafers enter her view the black slacks over them slightly dirtied. She hears the same gravely voice speak up, “This room seems awfully clean right here for no one to be here, oh well guess we could just burn down the joint, would save the boss some ryo.” Emiri hears the clicking of a lighter as she screams out, “N-no please don’t do it, this place is all I HAVE!” she hears the clack of a lighter flipping shut as she sees a relatively older looking man crouching down, his brown beady eyes and sharp nose showing beneath his ratty and slicked hair, the suit he’s wearing looking almost too skinny on him as he peers in and grabs Emiri roughly pulling her roughly by her arm out from beneath the bed as she looks scared at the rat-like man. The man looks down at him at the hand he’s holding her from and says, “Well the squatter has been found boys! Property reclamation time get going! Take whatever you can find!”

Emiri, suspended and scared, is brought into the living room as she watches the goons tearing apart the place looking for anything valuable. Things are going too fast, too much is happening Emiri begins to freak out as she begins to hyperventilate and screams loudly. The man looks back down at her, “Freaking out when really we are saving you, look at this place mold everywhere how do you stand it? Smells as well, regardless everything here belongs to us, people could pay well to make someone like you into a bandit!” Emiri attempted to squirm out of the man’s grasp and was slammed into the wall letting out a small gasp for air and then attempting to scream out for help, "P-PLEASE ANYONE please someone help me!"

WC: 718
Himari Hyuuga
Himari Hyuuga
Stat Page : Stats' Link

Health: 300
AP: 1,250
Vigor: 25
Chakra: 100
Speed: 150
Strength: 25
Mission Record : Mission Log
Summoning Contract : Slugs of Shikkotsu Forest
Salamanders of Rain Country
Living Clones : Hisaki
Taijutsu Iryōjutsu Remove Jikūjutsu Default
Wind Remove Water Lightning Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 181150

The Eviction  Empty Re: The Eviction

Wed Jan 31, 2024 12:09 pm
Meanwhile, close-by from the scene within the walls of Konohagakure-no-Sato...

A certain spry-looking kunoichi with short black hair whose ears perk up at the faintest commotion nearby. She'd been on yet another errand run for her mother this morning while her elder sister was away at the Training Facility to hone her skills. Typically, today would've—or rather should've—been like any other day, but something felt... off to her. The Hyuuga girl had just returned from the marketplace with a few bags of groceries and other supplies in hand when she heard a faint scream coming from afar. However, she mentally waves off the sound and mistakes it for the ambiance of the village's fauna. That feeling of unease only grew stronger as she heard the distinct, shrill screams of a young girl coming from somewhere outside of the village.

The girl pivots her head and activates her Byakugan as she scans around the village to see if anyone else is around to notice this disturbance. Unfortunately, only nearby passersby are at the scene yet none intervene. And understandably so, as it isn't uncommon for there to be altercations and to not involve oneself unless the circumstance demands. However, what confuses the young Hyūga is that the source of the disarray appears to stem from a dilapidated building a stone's throw away. Why anyone would accost someone over there, moreover living in such poor conditions, is beyond her. But, it's worth investigating at the very least if she can assuage whatever dispute's transpiring.

"Hmm? That sounded like it came from the direction of that abandoned building..." Himari muttered to herself, speeding off towards the area where she thought she heard it coming from. She turns off her Byakugan as she instinctually kicks up into a sprint while running through the village streets. The girl sheds off her groceries and places them on the ground before leaping onto the nearest rooftop for a better vantage point. She makes haste as she tries to pinpoint exactly where it is coming from, hoping that nothing serious is occurring.

As the spry Hyūga gets closer to the source of the commotion, she grows even more concerned as she hears more screams coming from within the weathered house. She lands on another rooftop before leaping down onto the street below, cautiously approaching the front door of the home with caution, which was already swung wide open and without due care, at that, as one of the hinges hangs loosely from its bearer. She knocks on the door a couple of times and calls out, "Hey, is everything alright? I heard some screaming..."

WC: 436
TWC: 436
Emiri Uchiha
Emiri Uchiha
Academy Student
Academy Student
Stat Page : Stats
Mission Record : Sketching
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Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 500

The Eviction  Empty Re: The Eviction

Sun Feb 04, 2024 6:44 pm
From within the confines of a broken interior, Emiri struggles to get to her while trying to crawl away from the rattish man. She doesn’t make it far before the man picks her up without much effort and sits her down on one of the broken wooden chairs before pulling up one of his own and sitting down against the front of the chair before lighting a smoke, “Listen you gotta be quiet or else—-” The man was cut off before he could continue as a knocking was heard from the entryway. A familiar voice came from over that way asking if everything was fine and about the screaming, the rattish man in the chair got up with a start and made an aggressive gesture towards Emiri as if to tell her not to try anything.

The man approached the door with a more calm demeanor trying his best to seem normal, he opened the door, holding it open just a bit so Emiri wasn’t visible. He replied to the woman asking if everything was fine, “Everything in here is fine, there wasn’t any screaming that would have been the sound the oven makes it kind of squeaks when it’s cooking.” He said, slightly cracking a bit as he coughed.

WC: 212
TWC: 930
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