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Blaisa Sarutobi
Blaisa Sarutobi
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Hatomaru the Prankster Empty Hatomaru the Prankster

Mon Dec 07, 2020 11:40 pm
Mission Name:Capture the Prankster
Rank: D
Type: Retrieval
Character Requirements: Genin or higher
Mission Location: Village
Word Count Requirements: 1000
Repeatable? Yes
Reward: 1000 Ryo

Task: A boy has been putting graffiti on the wall of buildings. He has thus far managed to escape custody, and posses skills equal to that of an Academy ninja, able to move around on rooftops to escape capture. Now it is your turn to try and capture him, good luck!
Hatomaru the Prankster 340?cb=20141124191932

Walking out of her home in the Sarutobi District, Blaisa began to stretch her arms as the day had been particularly beautiful.  With the sun shining and the birds chirping, Blaisa knew that today was going to be a day that she would be active in.  Deciding to make her way towards the Mission Board, Blaisa set off on the busy pathway full of villagers with a heightened morale.  Viewing her surroundings, the Sarutobi noticed something strange occurring on the rooftop of Ichiraku Ramen.  Upon closer inspection, she realized that it was a boy with a can of paint and a paintbrush, seemingly running away from another shinobi in a flak jacket. 
Get back here!”, you could hear the flak jacketed shinobi yell as he is met with nothing else but chaotic laughter from the child.  Blaisa looked into the child’s devilish eyes as she could tell that the boy was plotting something to stall the shinobi with.  The boy then stopped in his tracks and turned around towards the stalking shinobi, shuffling his hand around in a circular motion in the can of paint.  It almost seemed as if he was imbuing his own chakra within the liquid.  A few moments go by as the shinobi approaches closer and closer, the boy now standing in a position to dump the paint all over him.
I’ve finally got you now Hatomaru-!”, the shinobi began to speak as the boy dumped the entire can of paint all over him, covering the man from head to toe.  In a flash of a moment, Hatomaru formed the rat hand seal causing the paint to turn into a crystallized form, rendering the shinobi who was trying to catch him immobile.  “Hatomaru!!!!”, the shinobi would scream as his words would fade into the background over the boy’s menacing laughter.  Leaping away from the rooftop in order to get away, the boy left his sensei in crystal, flipping him off as he hopped from building to building.
Although laughing at this occurrence of events herself, the Sarutobi could not help but feel a little sorry for the shinobi who got bested by his student.  Leaping up onto the rooftop, Blaisa began to approach the shinobi who leaned his head down in embarrassing agony.  “Uh… Hey-there…”, Blaisa began to speak to the shinobi, not sure which tone to speak to him in.  “All I want… is just ONE day where Hatomaru sits still!”, he began to exclaim in frustration, “He has a power that not most have… He’s needs to take this seriously and hone his skills!”. 
Blaisa listened as the shinobi spoke, still being unsure on how to reply.  “I could maybe talk to him, if you think it would help”, the Sarutobi would saying trying to lend a hand in order to amend the situation.  “Yeah…. If you could even catch him!”, the shinobi began to say in an annoyed tone, “A Genin like you would have no chance…”.  Blaisa’s face of uncertainty quickly changed to a look of shock, as she was baffled on how someone could think that she could not catch a mere child.  Blaisa looked down towards the shinobi in a condescending way, before replying, “Well…. Tough talk for a fella’ who’s trapped in crystal, now isn’t it?”, she would finish in a snarky tone. 
The Sarutobi stood straight up before turning away from the shinobi, tilting her head back towards his direction slightly to make one last remark, “I’ll bring him back to the Academy.  You’ll find him there.”, she would finish in a tone of confidence.  The shinobi did not have the opportunity to respond as Blaisa had already sprung with a quick speed from the rooftop in search of the rebellious child.  Eyes pierced towards the skyline of the village, the young shinobi began to scan through each alleyway and road in order to gain eyes on her target.
This would be MUCH easier with shadow clones…’, she would speak before forming the clone hand seal.  “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!”, she would quietly let out before spawning two shadow clones two meters on her left and right sides.  Continuing their search, the shadow clones gave no rebuttal to the original as they were spawned in.  Both Blaisa and the shadow clones knew they had to find this boy, solely for the reason being his sensei claimed she could not do it, even though he could not either.  A few minutes pass with the Sarutobi yielding no results, until she heard an old man’s voice scream in anger off in the distance.
As the trio of Blaisa’s attention begins to be directed towards the scream, they all land on the same rooftop before jetting off into the eastern direction.  Upon arrival to the old man who had been screaming, Blaisa’s face turned into one of shock as she saw the owner’s restaurant graffitied all over the front side of it with the same paint he had thrown at his sensei.  “You, shinobi!”, the old man began to yell at Blaisa, “Stop him!  I will pay you handsomely!”.  As the old man pointed west, Blaisa nodded her head and immediately began to continue her search for the boy.
Approaching the outskirts of the Okinaga District, Blaisa found the boy checking his surroundings to make sure he wasn’t followed before going down a dark alleyway.  Seizing the opportunity, Blaisa landed on the rooftop above him in order to get a sense of what he was doing.  “Heh… Now no one can tell me what to do.  I will get revenge on the Mist for my parents death, with or without the village’s help!  Even if it requires me to go rogu-“, the boy began to say before both of Blaisa’s shadow clones jumped him, taking him down to the ground in a position that he couldn’t move from.
Ah, what are you doing!”, he would yell in frustration as the original Blaisa leaped down from the rooftop to stand in front of the imprisoned boy.  Blaisa looked down at Hatomaru as he spoke words that she could resonate with.  ‘Looks like even ones younger than me have suffered loss from the invasion’, she would think to herself in silence, looking down at the boy with a warm and thoughtful tone.  “I understand your pain.  You’re not alone here.”, she would begin to explain to Hatomaru, trying to connect with him through words.
Hatomaru continued to struggle, trying to get free from Blaisa’s shadow clones as she spoke to him.  “You don’t know a single thing about me!  No one does!  You think you can hold me down here forever!?”, he began to speak, “I am Hantomaru Haruno!”.  Being overcome with a look of shock, Blaisa took notice as Hatomaru began to break free from her shadow clones grasp, once again forming that same hand seal that he used before freezing his sensei.  Wasting no time in hesitation, Blaisa immediately body flickered behind the boy, karate chopping his neck in order to render him unconscious safely. 
As Hatomaru began to fall to the ground after her attack, Blaisa softly catches the boy in his arms before he had the chance to completely hit the rocky surface.  Raising up to stand on her own two feet, she begins to walk out of the alleyway and look up to the sky with a look of determination.  ‘I understand you better than you think, Hantomaru..’, she would think to herself, once again gazing her eyes upon the boy.  As the two shadow clones evaporated in a puff of smoke, Blaisa made her way back to the Academy in order to deliver the boy back to his sensei. 
Upon arrival, Blaisa greets the boy’s sensei with a serious look on her face.  In response, the sensei jogs to the Sarutobi in a fast pace in order to receive his unconscious body, bowing his head gratefully.  “I-I hope he didn’t cause you too much trouble!”, he begins to speak in a grateful tone, “I’m sorry for doubting your ability, as well.”.  Handing over Hantomaru, Blaisa shows a smile on her face before responding, “Don’t worry about it.  I can tell, he’s been through a lot.  Go easy on him.”.  The sensei receives Hatomaru before nodding his head in acknowledgement before turning around to lay the boy in rest. 
Leaving the Academy to head towards the marketplace, it was time for Blaisa to gather groceries in order to prepare this night’s meal.  Thinking back on Hatomaru, she leaves with a look of sadness, quickly turning it back into a look of determination.  'I hope they don't punish him too bad...', she begins to think to herself in silence, 'He's just a kid... And he's grieving', she would go on to finish.  Approaching closer to the marketplace, she passes by the same old man who had his restaurant graffitied on by Hatomaru.  It had already begun being cleaned off and rid of all damages caused by the boy, which put another smile on the young Sarutobi's face.  'See?  It wasn't even that big of a deal...', she would continue to think to herself, entering one of the nearby stores that occupied Konohagakure's wide variety of buildings.


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Hatomaru the Prankster Empty Re: Hatomaru the Prankster

Tue Dec 08, 2020 2:52 pm
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