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More Uncle Gao's BBQ for Kiri [open] Empty More Uncle Gao's BBQ for Kiri [open]

Sat Dec 08, 2018 3:51 am
[this is set right after Round one of the chuunin exams, where it was announced the second round would now be mixed village 3 way fights]

[Shinoskay and Hato are banned from this thread because i didn't know them at the start of round2 and this is before that.]

Busy streets full of people parted slightly for the path of the boy in Blue, with the occasional glance to his kiri headband, the bright blue standing out among the shaggy blone mess.  He didn't have any obvious weapons on him, though he did have his pouch tied to his dark combat pants.  He knew from experience there would be no outright violence against him, at least none he couldn't deal with, even if some of the glances held more venom then the mostly curious people.  He had decided to leave the half mask up for some reason even he wasn't sure of, perhaps to prevent recognition from before, or in the future.  But also missing was his armor, as he wore a simple white T-shirt over his black compression shirt, with the Logo of one of his favorite bands displayed proudly on the front.

He was alone, retracing his steps from the last time he was here.  That day with Asami, after her first round, where she had started to act a bit off, and never stopped since.  But still, the last time they spoke completely freely.... His mind drifted back to the excitement, the nervousness, the victories and bitter disappointment, letting his feet guide him.  It was an eventful trip.  This time, he had Nero who he barely knew, and Oriton who he had barely met.  He had left both notes of where he was going, but neither was there when he stopped back.  He didn't particularly mind to be honest, and went ahead anyway.

And the Kage himself was watching.  It had been a strange, mostly silent trip, way more tense than the jaunt over with Naoki, despite no longer having first time nerves.

As he approached the wooden door under the comically oversized sign that had lead them to Uncle Gao's BBQ restaurant last time, his mouth started to water.  He had forgotten how good it smelled.  Konoha may lack in some ways, but they certainly had the advantage in smoked and seared livestock.   The place was busier than he remembered, but then again, all the fights were done for the day.  And he couldn't forget Uncle Gao, a plump man who looked every bit the part of a happy butcher and chef, cutting away in the back.  This time, though, more help was here, and a server took him to an open booth against the wall.

He ordered two types of meat with some rice and asparagus, then added on a teriyaki shish kabob when his stomach rumbled a him.  The seiteki brand was performing as promised, but damn it made him hungry.  The old ways were powerful, but not without their drawbacks.

He clicked on the cassette player on his belt and lifted the headphones to his ears, jamming away.   He couldn't believe they had just announced a surprise twist, round two was to be three way battles, mixed so as to be all different villages.   Xyxer hadn't given any hint or indication.  But from all accounts, he wasn't one to hand out favors, even to his own.  He wasn't sure he felt about it, as he specialized in 1v1 or surprise combat, and here was a three way where you started out in the open. Luckily he didn't have to feel a particular way about it.  It was how it was, and he would do as he was told.  And win.  And that was enough for them.  The other villages were proving to be a bit tougher than Konoha, but it still felt do-able.

The server came back with the food and turned on the burners in the center of the table.  For the true BBQ experience, nothing beat finishing the final cooking right at the table, as you were ready to eat it.  He gave thanks for the food, and set the first pieces of meat on the now warm burners, along with the vegetables, making the juices begin to sizzle.

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More Uncle Gao's BBQ for Kiri [open] Empty Re: More Uncle Gao's BBQ for Kiri [open]

Sat Dec 15, 2018 12:36 am
It was every bit as good as the genin remembered.  He almost forgot all about his day, his worries, his situation.  The gentle sizzle of coming from the prime cuts of meat and fresh, crisp vegetables, the slight escape of juices from the browning succulent morsels was enough to completely occupy his focus.

He took his time, fully enjoying the feast before him.  It was only when a figure approached the table that he snapped out of his reverie, as he was just leaning back and enjoying being full.  Uncle Gao himself had taken a moment to swing by, and stood at the edge of the table.

"I see you enjoyed it, good, good.  You're the same boy that was in here last Exams, correct?  We dont get many people with that headband in here, so Uncle Gao remembers."  He nodded up at the boy's visible Ninja Insignia.   "You had a girl with you last time though, no?  The one that won, I hear.  No doubt thanks to Uncle Gao's cooking".  His smile seemed genuine, and half as a joke and half at pride in his own cooking.  "I hear you did ok too.  Maybe this time my food will make YOU win."  This time he laughed.  "Ha!   But everything is fine, yes?"

Hayate, too full to want to make conversation and possibly let some of the deliciousness back out, simply left one hand on his stomach and gave a firm thumbs up, obviously satisfied.

"Ha!  Good, good.  I'll have the girl bring the check then, but dont worry, you take your time.  Enjoy, young man".  And with that he was off, back to his station to continue his masterful performance of his craft.

Hayate, for his part, would take the man up on his offer of hanging around.  Putting the headphones back over his ears, he slumped back in the booth, content for a little while longer. He didn't even take note of when the check appeared at the edge of the table. There were seats and tables left, and he wasn't bothering anyone.

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More Uncle Gao's BBQ for Kiri [open] Empty Re: More Uncle Gao's BBQ for Kiri [open]

Sun Dec 16, 2018 12:43 am
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More Uncle Gao's BBQ for Kiri [open] Empty Re: More Uncle Gao's BBQ for Kiri [open]

Sun Dec 16, 2018 1:25 am
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More Uncle Gao's BBQ for Kiri [open] Empty Re: More Uncle Gao's BBQ for Kiri [open]

Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:56 pm
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More Uncle Gao's BBQ for Kiri [open] Empty Re: More Uncle Gao's BBQ for Kiri [open]

Wed Dec 19, 2018 9:46 pm
Sorry, I wanted to join in, but time and such

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