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Thu Nov 13, 2014 12:24 am
After finishing his sparing with Youka he is quite frustrated with the outcome. Tatsuya did have to fight a pretty hard opponent but is was still sad. In his frustration Tatsuya wonders off to see what he can find in the region of Tenku. It was quite a divers land full of different plants that Tatsuya had never seen. He skips around feeling better and more happy now that he was in his element.
Tatsuya would look under logs and in holes. He would sniff a tree and dance around a bush as if it was his god. He took in everything he could and really the way he acted was just the way he was, observing, learning and playing.  Looking at each leaf and how each organism interacted with the rest. He would turn over on leaf to find several yellow and orange balls. Plucking one off it is slightly soft and with his finger nail he brakes the small ball in half. Inside there is a single orange worm that is only just slightly larger the the tip of a ball point. "Must be a parasitic worm." Tatsuya leaves the rest and continue on his journey.  

Soon Tatsuya would reach a cave listening closely he could hear the breathing of a bear. The sight of a bear would be quite exciting but dangerous. Tatsuya then almost forgetting he was a ninja uses his cloak of the night. Holding the rat seal Tatsuya walks into the cave. As his eyes adjust too the light he is able to make out the bear. It is sleeping and soon Tatsuya spots two cubs who will walk around the room every once in a wile. Tatsuya sits down still holding the jutsu just watching the cubs play and the mother sleep. After siting for a wile Tatsuya decides to leave and with that Tatsuya leaves the cave as if he had never been there in the first place. Releasing the jutsu he did end up using a fair amount of chakura. Looking up at the sky it's full of large dark clouds as well as the air is full of moist air. Tatsuya enjoyed the rain for the most part he did not really like getting soaking wet but there is always a tree to hide under.

Tatsuya continues his walk on a rustic path that seems to be curving in a loop. He did encounter one or two people but for the most part it was just Tatsuya and all the organisms around him. Soon the rain begins its light at first but then begins to pick up. Tatsuya continues walking on the path until we feels that taking cover by a tree would be best. Finding a nice large oak tree with some low branches  Tatsuya climbs up to about the second branch from the ground and makes him self comfortable. The leaves protect Tatsuya as well as the surround him nicely hiding Tatsuya from the path. He then hears a sound coming from inside the tree.

"Well thats an odd sound" Tatsuya says Tatsuya stand up and runs his ear against the tree. It did not sound like a rodent that was running along the inside of the tree but more like a liquid. Now trees of course had water running and other liquids running through them but it did not sound like this. Tatsuya had the urge to make a slice in the tree but of course he did not want to hurt it. Tatsuya scans the tree from the trunk all the way too the tippey top but he could not find anything that would indicate were the sound was coming from or what the sound was. Tatsuya then jumps down to investigate the ground more.
He noticed that the trunk of the tree had more sound coming from it. Tatsuya notices that the ground is fairly wet and Tatsuya decides to dig down slightly. Tatsuya finds that all along the roots and at the ends of them water is pouring out of them. Tatsuya had never seen soemthing like this before and it was quite strange. How was a tree able to but water in the ground like this? It must need a serrtain environment to do so and it could be possible linked to a reaction with nature energy. Tatsuya sits under the tree for a wile longer admiring the warm sun.

Soon hearing the sound of the rain hit each leaf make Tatsuya get a bit drowsy and he closes his eyes. Snuggling into one of the tree branches Tatsuya fall asleep but too only be welcomed into the dream world. Like any dream it is fuzzy and confusing but has some order to the  events. Tatsuya dreams that he is watching a man torture another person. It would seem that Tatsuya was sitting in a chair and could not move but could only look around. They both had head bands representing there village, the torturer had a hidden leaf band placed at his shoulder but there was a slash through the hidden leaf insignia. The man began to shout different things out like.
"Blasted, impure man!." and "You are a taint and the taint must be destroyed.!"  Saying this he takes out a verity of tools too torture the man.
He takes out every other tooth from the man and with each tooth taken away blood squirts out like dieing water gun. He rips out his alkalis tendon with one swift movement of some pliers. With each damage done the tortured man screams and asks for forgiveness but the torturer only respond with.
 "The tainted must be eliminated! You stained my land, the land of many and now you must be destroyed!!!!" With that the man digs his face into the helpless man's side then biting down. Finally he runs his teeth across his hole stomach region pulling up most of the skin now reviling red muscle. By this point Tatsuya is almost traumatized by the matter but cant seem to sake the dream.
"I hope you feel that your actions were worth it!"
With that the torturer digs his hands into the stomach muscle and digs upwards. The poor man screams and then becomes unconscious when the torturer pulls his hand back out to reveal a sorrowed red heart. The man takes a large bite out of it and then throws in on the ground.
Then the mans attention turn to Tatsuya. Tatsuya had not seen his face yet but is horrified when he dose. He has long blond hair and the face exactly like his own but just older. Was this not a dream that Tatsuya was having but a terrible nightmare showing Tatsuya his future? The final words spoken int he dream soon came out.
"Your turn."
With that Tatsuya falls out of the tree and lands hard on the ground. He lays there with his face in the leaves.
"What am I? What will I become?" Tatsuya begins to cry and then the crying turns into sobbing then soon he lets out a scream the hole forest could hear. "I DONT WANT OT BECOME A MONSTER!!!!!" Was the terror created by his encounters with Xyxer or was it just a simple creation of his brain. Tatsuya then falls backwards with his face now pointing up wards to only see a funny face.  

The face was staring right at Tatsuya but it was not human. It was a face that Tatsuya had only seen sketches of in library.
It had spots that made the cat blend in well and had a tail. The most amazing feature of the animal was its ears. They were huge with white fur coming out. Tatsuya only stairs at what look like some kind of cat before he can pin what it is.
Tatsuya then says. "You must be a serval."
Then to Tatsuya's surprise the cat responds. "Very good not many people know what I am or even for that matter can spot me out."
Stunned Tatsuya watches as the serval stretches and  jumps down from the tree. It was a female from what Tatsuya could gather by her voice as well as the necklace made of silver tied around her neck. They remain still for a bit before more words are shared.
"The planet in some parts are  high in nature energy and can educe strange visions or dreams." Said the serval.
"So im guessing you could see I was having a nightmare?"
"Yes i could tell you were going through some strange activity."
Tatsuya sits up and looks at the servals wide large eyes indicating that she was nocturnal like most cats. "Lets me ask you if you dont mind can you speak?" Tatsuya says.
"Well its simple my self and others that are a part of my race are summoning animals, and by guessing from your chakura i sense that you are a ninja."
Tatsuya is amazed that he had ran across a summoning spices. For a long wile now Tatsuya had begun to think about getting a summoning contract.
"Yes I am a ninja and a ninja of the land of fire."
"The land of fire?" The serval responds "Then what are you doing in moon country?"
"Well its a long story..." Seeing that the serval has sat down Tatsuya decides to share his story about what has happened.

Tatsuya keeps his explanation short but detailed and the serval listens quietly then she speaks when Tatsuya finishes.
"Well im sorry to hear about the situation you are in but im afraid I can help you."
"I understand I am getting some killer training and skill out of it but I still wish I was back in Konoha." Tatsuya responds.
The serval stands back up and starts to walk out. "Hope your situation gets better." She says
Tatsuya remains seated on the ground and then jolts out of his position. What was he thinking! Tatsuya thought he should have asked about signing a contract with the serval. Tatsuya jump out from under the tree to catch the serval.
"Wait i have to ask you something!"
The serval turns around too look at Tatsuya. "What is it?"
"Could i sign a contract with your race?" Tatsuya exclaims
"Well of course I was wondering if you were going to ask me that."

With that a puff of smoke appears and out of it was a large scroll. She unravels the scroll until there is an empty slot. Tatsuya had read up on how summons worked and so he quickly made a bite on this thumb to inscribe his name onto the scroll. Before he does he first thinks for a moment to make sure he wants to make this commitment. 
"Now I am of the cat race and this scroll covers all the cats in the animal kingdom so now you can make a summon to any creature with in the cat kingdom."
"Ahh that so cool. And also this was quite rood of me but my name is Tatsuya Hidaka."
"Nice too meet you you can call me Aki"
The scroll diapers and Aki walks off with he tail flicking around. "See you around Tatsuya."
 Aki dashes into the forest and Tatsuya is left alone.  
Tatsuya leans back and thinks about the events that transpired. The dream he had was certainly frightening and Tatsuya would do anything to prevent something like that to happen. What was more interesting was the fact that he pulled off signing a contract with a summoning race. It was pretty cool and Tatsuya wonders what would be some of the things he might be able to summon. Could he summon a lion or just keep too the serval. He did like the serval and it could be a quite ferocious beast. 

Tatsuya stretches and begins walking again he was now deep in the wood of an unfamiliar place. Tatsuya thinks about turning around before he sees a sign ahead. It says that there is about 2 miles left until he will be back in the main part of Tenku. Tatsuya decides to continue on but also noticing another sign that says
"Beware of wolfs." Tatsuya takes this into consideration and makes sure he stays alert in case of an attack. Skipping along the path Tatsuya takes in the fresh air. He goes up to a spider web and looks at every single water droplet that rest on the web as well on the little hairs of the spider it self.
Tatsuya had to admit even if the people that lives in Tengu were evil the land that surrounds it was surly amazing.

Tatsuya then hears the cry of the dogs coming from all around him. The path was small and the bushes around him were thick.
 "This is bad." Tatsuya said for it would be very hard to react to a pack of wolfs in an environment like this. Tatsuya decides that he will use a moving earth core to lift him over the ground.
As soon as he dose this putting him about 4 meters in the air a number of about 7 dogs dash out of the woods to only be confronted with frustration. Tatsuya smiles and sticks his tongue out at the wolves as they bark. Now Tatsuya was bit stuck up there but he could just use his paralysis technique. Tatsuya decides to wait and allow the dogs to calm down a bit.
Some of them begin to lay down and others keep on barking. It would seem that they were not planning on leaving and so Tatsuya uses the technique. Each dog falls to the ground in silence giving Tatsuya a change to make his leave. Then returning the ground to normal Tatsuya sprints off back to Tengu. 


[TWC 2310: Requesting 2k/2k towards contract with cat summons. And 11 stats]
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Thu Nov 13, 2014 10:33 pm
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