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Haru Hyuuga
Haru Hyuuga
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Escort (Team 1, NK) Empty Escort (Team 1, NK)

Tue Jun 25, 2013 6:14 pm

Haru leaned against the wall, tapping his foot rhythmically as he waited at the meeting point for Dante and Yuri. A small Siberian Husky named Timber, his new Ninken, sat at his feet patiently.
"They'll be along any minute now, I sent that letter a while ago." He said to the agents from Village in the Clouds. He was the first to know about the mission, as Rin out sick, and he took it upon himself to send for his other teammates. 
When both of them they finally arrived, Haru would point to the gates, indicating they should walk. 
"Rin's out sick, so it's just us this time." He would explain as they walked, passing the gates. "And these fine gentlemen are agents from the village in the clouds. We're escorting them home."  He would say as they grew further from the village. Haru would take point for the majority of the journey, exited to be traveling again, for the first time since his Chunin exams. 

As they passed through the mountains that separated The Village Hidden in the Sky from The Village Hidden in the Clouds, Haru watched their blind spots with the Byakugan. About halfway through the pass, Haru spotted several people moving quickly and quietly through the overhangs above them. He would send Timber to guard the agents from kumo as he whistled, trying to catch Yuri and Dante's attention, then nodding his head in their potential attacker's direction. 
"Timber and I can move to engage in close quarters. I'll let you two direct yourselves, but we need to keep these guys safe. Use lethal force if necessary." He said. As soon as he finished speaking, the people watching them attacked. Missing Ninja by the looks of them. Haru would sprint to meet the attackers, using the gentle fist to incapacitate them, and the hidden blade if they got too close to their targets. Once the fighting was over, They would finish their mission, escorting the Agents the rest of the way to the village in the clouds. They would then head back to the village in the sky, where Haru would report their mission, and give his team their money.
"I'll send you guys another letter when we get another mission. Get some rest, and be ready for tomorrow's mission." He would tell them as he and Timber walked off, back to the Hyuuga towers, where he would fall into bed, and sleep off the fatigue from a long day's walking.

(WC: 415)
Nero Yuki
Nero Yuki
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Escort (Team 1, NK) Empty Re: Escort (Team 1, NK)

Wed Jun 26, 2013 5:21 am
"Hey Haru." Dante would have said, upon appearing at the meeting place that he had learnedthrough the letter. "Rin is sick ?" Dante would have then said, laughing so it was clear he was joking "He ditched us didn't he ? What's a Chuunin good for if he can't beat sickness ? Ahh, just kidding. Anyway, after you.". He would then start tailing him and the men that they were meant to escort to the gates of Kumogakure no Sato. During the walk he would have been chatting with one of those agents from the village hidden in the mountains. They would have been randomly chatting about regular life in Tengakure and Kumogakure, and how different they were. The man sounded too excited when he talked about his own village. He talked so much, in the end Dante was thinking to himsef "God why don't you marry your village already ?". 

Upon being alerted by his teammate Haru, Dante would get ready to fight the enemy. But he knew that his own strength was not great enough to help others, so he would instead play an aiding role, using the Chakra Transfer Technique on Yuri, if she indeed needed it, seeing as haru chose to fight hand-to-hand instead. He would also distract the enemy with his chakra chains, the signature move, bloodline of the Uzumaki. Once the battle finally ended, Dante would have deactiveated both of the Jutsu, or the one he had activated, according to what Yuri did. The rest of the way would have been much more boring for the Uzumaki. The men didn't drive his attention at all now. When they return, upon hearing haru's words, he understood something else. Haru had to be the second in charge in the team. "Sure." Dante said, "See you two tomorrow, then !".

After that, Dante would have turned his back to the spot they were scattering, and would start walking blindly into the village. He was still not sure if he knew the streets well or not. He could have gotten lost easily. He used the tree climbing technique to climb to the rooftop of one of the houses nearby. Once he reached the top, he would have looked around, trying to spot at least one building he was familiar with. Be it the training towers, his house or the Ninja Academy. (As he did not quite know the rest, perhaps some of the shops, but they couldn't have been spotted from Dante's point of view, since nearly all of them were low on ground.). Dante finally spotted the highest training tower. Fortunately, he knew how to return to his house from that point, so he fisrt went to the entrance of the tower, by jumping from one rooftop to another, and then he jumped down to the street and walked back to his house. He would then fall to bed, getting energy for the mission they were going to do the next day.

[EXIT, WC: 490/400]
Yuri Yamikumo
Yuri Yamikumo
Missing-Nin (C-rank)
Missing-Nin (C-rank)
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Escort (Team 1, NK) Empty Re: Escort (Team 1, NK)

Wed Jun 26, 2013 6:55 am
[I'm in the aiding role too!]

As the latest team 1 member, Yuri would live up to the name yet and again. She almost thought she got lucky when Haru said her leader was down with issues himself. She thought a while to consider teams safety since they are on their own for now. But seeing Haru being confident and him being the main firepower of the team, Yuri chose not to bring the team morale down thinking that it might bear consequences.

When the mission valuables arrived, Haru went forward with the introduction as Yuri looked at them. Among the agents, Yuri saw one of them whispering to the lord. This was when she saw herself in him when her sensei gave her his role to slack off, she stepped forward to him. Would you mind reaching your hand to me? She asked as the agent raised his right hand palms opened. Throw this should the need arises She jumped as she finished talking and turned herself into a shuriken landing at his hand, the mission begins.

Yuri had calculated the distance for the mission beforehand, she knows that she had no problems holding the transformation for such distances without any rest. She would not be in her current state if the distance was the only problem as there is bound to be disturbances that threatens the safety of the group. They came a little later than Yuri expected as the agent threw the shuriken out aiming at someone. The ninja was about to deflect her when she break her transformation and knocked him out with her sheathe before he could land a hit on her. Realizing that she is now in midair, she would catch onto the falling fainted ninja to get a foothold above the main group. She felt the difference in her strength due to Dante's technique.

Using what he gave her, she drew her sword as her finger nails switched color. Extending her sword to 20 meters long, attention above was simply diverted to her as she attempts to maneuver with the limitations the situation has. Hitting them was not her plan, but giving Haru an easier time by letting them closing down to Haru themselves without them knowing is more efficient from her perspective. That was all she did to make the mission a success.

At the end of the mission, she thanked Dante for his assistance. But ultimately, the pay is the most important and happy thing to her.

TWC: 410

Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
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Escort (Team 1, NK) Empty Re: Escort (Team 1, NK)

Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:38 am
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