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Mejiro Hyuga
Mejiro Hyuga
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Mejiro's Genin Exam Empty Mejiro's Genin Exam

Sat Mar 23, 2013 1:45 am
So the day had finally come and he was going to be graduating the Ninja Academy. It was bitter sweet, really, because he had always pictured it going a little differently. In his fantasy he always saw his father congratulating him and saying some one liner about how he was proud. Instead, he was alone, but he had gotten over it. He was stronger now then he ever had been and surpassing his brothers was getting more and more in reach with every day.

He took his spot at the back of the room and he put his chin in his hands and waited for the class to start. He always hated the beginning of class because it was when everyone was talking openly with each other. He noticed how happy everyone around him was and how this was one of the biggest days of their lives. This was just another stepping stone for Mejiro to surpass his brothers and become the next leader of the Hyuga.
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Mejiro's Genin Exam Empty Re: Mejiro's Genin Exam

Sat Mar 23, 2013 4:21 pm
The proctor enters the room, looking around at the students who would be taking the exam. There were quite a few, he wondered how many of them would pass the test and become official Genin of the village. The young man held a clipboard in his hand as he walked towards the front of the room. He glanced down at it, looking over the names of all of the students taking the test and wondering who he should pick first.

"Mejiro, you shall be first. Come over here and perform the Henge No Jutsu and the Bunchin No Jutsu. If you succeed you pass and become a Genin of the Village, good luck!"

{Type 800 words in one post of you doing the requested, if you do then you pass, if not, you fail.}
Mejiro Hyuga
Mejiro Hyuga
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Mejiro's Genin Exam Empty Re: Mejiro's Genin Exam

Sat Mar 23, 2013 4:47 pm
He was called first, and he could not have been happier, the sooner he passed the test the better. He was ready to get out of the Academy, get a team, and start doing missions. The more he proved himself the quicker he would get his fathers attention. He remembered hearing about his brother brag about being top of the class when he graduated the academy, and so far, Mejiro felt as if he was surpassing him. On top of gaining the third level of the Byakugan it was obvious that most of the students in the room knew they were not on the same level as Mejiro. He enjoyed it because it made them want to avoid him for fear of being attacked. Of course he was not as loose of a cannon as a lot of the people in the room believed he was, but he enjoyed them thinking he was, it made getting in and out of academy seamless.

He made his way to the front of the room and he stood in the place that the proctor had designated. The Henge No Jutsu and the Bunshin No Jutsu were extremely easy jutsu and he had learned them before he had even come to the Academy. He was still not sure why his father had forced him to come to the Leaf Academy. In his words it was the most prestigious of all the academies and all of the main houses went there. Well, to him, it was a joke. There was no one that was as skilled as him and he even thought he was stronger than some of the instructors.

"I will do the Henge No Jutsu first." He said casually before he put his hands together in the traditional hand sign. He was not sparring but all the instructors were all about the students using the hand sign because it was "tradition". Blah, so many stupid traditions in the ninja world, he would change that one day.

He looked at the proctor and made sure to get a great mental image of him in his head. Once he was satisfied that he would be able to transform into the man, he nodded his head, and he performed the hand sign "Henge No Jutsu!" With a puff of smoke he turned himself into the proctor. The jutsu went properly and he looked down at himself to make sure he had not turned into a fat slob or anything. Looking good, he turned to the proctor and presented himself for inspection.

Once he felt satisfied, he released the Jutsu, and now it was on to the next task. Before he could say anything the most annoying person in Mejiro's world had to chime in. "You think you are so cool because you can do jutsu with ease! Screw you, if I had been born into the Hyuga clan I would kick your ass!" Mejiro sighed and he looked up at the boy. He was the only person who ever tested Mejiro. He was constantly talking about how he could kick his ass but he never got a chance to do anything. Someone else either restrained him or the instructors interfered. Mejiro would have loved to get at him just once and teach him a lesson.

"If you can do better, I welcome you to try." Mejiro said rather lazily. The boy immediately responded to the challenge and jumped down to the same area as Mejiro.

"I'll show your cocky ass! Henge No Jutsu!" The boy transformed, but he failed miserably, the boy morphed into what could only be described as a mutant. The entire class erupted into laughter and Mejiro could do nothing but facepalm. The boy transformed back and his anger was more than ever. But before he could do anything the proctor forced him back to his seat. "I will prove to you one day that you aren't all that you spoiled Hyuga brat!"

Mejiro had to admit, the insult got under his skin, how could he think he was a brat. Mejiro trained every single day of his life so that he could be where he is today, and yet this boy thought everything was given to him, what did he know? Who did he think he was insulting Mejiro and calling him a brat? If it was just the two of them Mejiro would have taught him a lesson in manors, but now, he had to finish the exam.

"Sorry about that..... He is always out of control."

"Go to hell!" The boy shouted from the back of the room.

The Bunshin No Jutsu was a little more complicated because he had to create three clones of himself. By a little more complicated he meant he had to go from five percent to six percent. "I will now do the Bunshin No Jutsu." He nodded his head and he put his hands together. "Bunshin No Jutsu!" Three clones appeared beside of him and he could feel that their chakra was split evenly.

Satisfied, he looked up to the proctor, clones still standing behind him.

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Mejiro's Genin Exam Empty Re: Mejiro's Genin Exam

Sat Mar 23, 2013 4:59 pm
The proctor had been more than a little annoyed when the other boy attempted to interrupt the exam, and marked him for a failing grade. Both his behavior, and the poor quality of his transformation jutsu had earned him that.

The boy Majiro however, performed well and was allowed to pass, "Good job, welcome into the ranks of Konoha's Genin!" he then handed the boy a headband, and pointed towards the door, "You will recieve information on your team soon enough, for now you can go and enjoy the rest of your day."

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