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Fri Mar 08, 2013 4:08 am
Shinji sat atop the village gates in a repose much like a stereotypical Buddha. It had been a hard day of croc wrangling, but it seemed that it was all worth it as the crocs were finally being driven back to a small degree. His eyes closed Shinji had the eye of kagura active. It was indeed a helpful jutsu. Once the duck man came within 10km of the village Shinji already knew there was someone coming. He did not feel like making out specifics, but in the back of his mind he would keep track of this moving chakra signature. He was not too worried, because it was rather small. In the meantime Shinji tried to find inner peace. His ANBU were no doubt scrambling to find him seeing as he had gone AWOL to meditate above the gates. It was normal occurrence, so who knows? Maybe they just gave up and figured he would be back in his own time, which he would. At last the chakra signature would have neared the gate.

Upon hearing a voice call out his eyes shot open. What he saw standing at the gate was rather odd to say the least. It was what seemed to be a person in white robes, but there was something off: his head was what seemed to be a rubber duck-odd. It was then that Shinji figured he must be dreaming or something. So, taking the odd man's appearance in stride Shinji jumped down from the gates and made a perfect landing. Speaking of appearances Shinji looked nothing like a kage should. He wore what some would call a Hawaiian shirt if there was such a place called Hawaii in the ninja world. It was orange in color and littered with floral patterns in the same color. He also wore a pair of khaki shorts. To top it all off Shinji's hair was rather messy-battling crocs would do that to one. However naturally he also wore his battle gear as well-just in case. Shinji now stood below the arch of the gates and was thus a fair distance from the odd duck man. With still no identifying marks of a kage Shinji spoke up with a lazy tone that matched the lazy look on his face: "Howdy, friend. How can I help you?" Shinji, still thinking this was some weird dream, was not going to really take this seriously. After all it was just some random duck headed guy that wandered into his dream.
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