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Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 500

Uta Hoshigake [WIP] Empty Uta Hoshigake [WIP]

Fri Jul 05, 2024 3:26 pm
Uta Hoshigake
Uta Hoshigake [WIP] TFmJfVE

Basic Information

Age: 18
Birthday:  June 23
Gender: Male

Height: 6'
Weight: 223lbs
Appearance: At first glance Uta appears to just be a strong and tall man, white hair unkept and wild running down to his neck at all angles but behind, where his hair reaches the center of his back but is kept neatly braided in a long thin strand compared to the rest of his hair. However at a closer inspection it's clear to see the sharklike physiology he possess. Sharp rows of teeth in place of the normal blunted human ones, gills resting on either side of his neck, as well as the clear scale-like sensation his skin offers mixed with a more pale colorization, and more intense and focused pupils. His body is almost all bulk, a mixture of toned muscle with an athlete's cut to his figure. It doesn't take a lot to notice his left forearm is missing either, while he does wear a prosthetic it lacks the same feeling or full motion his other arm allows. A look at his torso shows a tattoo that runs from along his right pec and over his shoulder to down his back, showing a beautiful scenery of ocean waves and splashes with sealife. Mostly sharks.

His attire is loose fitting, a mixture of blue and white fabrics that make up his clothing with the sleeve missing on his natural arm, and a longer more draped sleeve that trails down to hide where his missing forearm is as needed. His outfit is worn with his chest on display, showing both the mix of his tattoo, scars, and muscle all at once. He wears a number of beaded necklaces as well, though none seem to carry any real significance. Instead of shoes, or boots, or even ninja wear he has his feet bound with wrapping that exposes just the the ball of his foot and his toes, the wrapping dissapearing up into his equally open and flowing pantlegs.

Personality: Playful, smart assed, a jokester. He seems to take no situation seriously even in the most dire of times and will turn most anything into a reason to make a snide comment. While he clearly detests an idea of command, he follows through under the guidance or leadership of those he recognizes is better. However when it becomes time to battle and bloodshed is a must his joking facade falls to a much more manic one, seeing the dance of battle as a game or dance more than an actual risk to his life.
Likes: Sparring, alchohol, battle, being near water, fish, jokes, dancing, good reads, meat
Dislikes: Being bound, leadership, overt seriousness, shark and fish puns, one armed puns

History: History Here

Ninja Traits

Rank: E-Rank
Village: Vagabond
Element(s): Water
Clan: Hoshigake
Clan Specialty: Taijutsu
Bloodline: Shark Physiology


Health: Health Here
Vigor: Vigor Here
Chakra: Chakra Here
Speed: Speed Here
Strength: Strength Here

The Player

Other Characters: Other Characters Here
Faceclaim Name and Series: Info Here[Any character can share the same faceclaim on this forum.]
Roleplay Sample: RP Sample Here
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