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Imlarith Kaguya
Imlarith Kaguya
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Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 500

Imlarith Kaguya Empty Imlarith Kaguya

Sat Mar 23, 2024 1:05 pm
Imlarith Kaguya "Em-Lah-Rith"
Imlarith Kaguya Th1SrMD

Basic Information

Age: 25
Birthday:  March, 8th
Gender: Male

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150lbs
Appearance: Possessing an almost celestial appearance, Imlarith has flawless skin albeit pale from the mists that frequently cover Krirgakure. His eyes are pupil-less purple eyes and maintains a relaxed expressions most of the time. He has hair that is white like snow, extending to his lower back (much like Jiraiya's hair). Imlarith doesn't really wear anything particular, usually just a assortment of male kimonos, loose pants that cut off at the knees, and open toed sandals. Nothing too tight fitting or adorned in metal or armor.  

Personality: Imlarith is a reserved man. Doing what is practical over chasing what others consider power. Though he does strive for excellence and pride it is for his village and the ones he is charged with protecting over personal gain. On the opposite end of that coin he has a deep obsession with physical perfection in an optimal sense, not so much a flamboyant way. His physical looks and appearance matter very little to him, but pushing the limits of his already superior body to greater limits even if that means scientific advancement and genetic manipulation. These things are not beyond his scope of considerations. Of course he keeps these ambitions more to himself and only speak of them when he feels the need to.

When it comes to his outward demeanor, Imlarith smiles often, Carries conversations and makes jokes. He values the need to be connected to his people, both within his clan and his Village. He aspires to defend and protect those gifted with less than him. He carries no ambitions in his heart that would cause him to betray or corrupt his comrades. He enjoys being part of meetings and plans that involve battle plans, expansions, or defense. Even being someone of lower rank he enjoys learning from those more experienced and knowledgeable than he is. He is aware that he himself is the future of Kirigakure

Imlarith has an affinity for turtles, and fishing. When it comes to hobbies he paints turtles he sees in the wild putting them into canvases. Whenever he is recovering from a training sessions or a mission he will likely be found by one of the rivers or ponds scattered in the land of water fishing.
Likes: Accountability, Honor, Respect, Self Sacrifice
Dislikes: Patronism, Betrayal, Power Hunger, Cowardice

History: Born just before the first days of spring, Imlarith was a quiet baby. He seldomly cried or found needing abundant attention or coddling. His family were that of farmers within the Kaguya that reside within the mist. None of them possessing the kekkie genkai that the ninja and warriors of clan usually possessed. For clan member that do not posses the dead bone pulse find occupations and work that benefits the clan in other ways like growing food or weaving clothes. That was the purpose of Imlarith's family was to supply food to the clan so that in turn it could be sold to the village. It was nothing flashy but it paid for a decent living, enough for Imlarith's dad to afford good land and good work hands. Unlike how Imlarith would grow to be, his father was ambitious. As he grew he learned how to farm and the ways of agriculture, A good son for sure and more than willing to help his father expand his wealth and renowned.

Up until he was about 15 years old he was an ordinary boy, growing to be much more elegant than either one of his parents. He was extremely handsome and had white hair like those blessed with the kekkie genkai while his parents had black hair but had never shown any signs of having the abilities that come with their bloodline. It wasn't until Imlarith was on his way back from the Land of Fire that he discovered his true talents. He had been sent on a task by his father to acquire some seed, livestock, and tools unique to the Land of Fire that could be introduced into economy of Kirigakure. Once he crossed back over into the Land of Water he was ambushed by 2 men. Both men were hired thugs by maybe a rival or just common bandits. Either way Imlarith had never been trained in combat other than picking up a farming utensil as a weapon and swinging it. These men beat him down and began to pillage his cart and oxen.

They began to leave with all Imlarith's belongings when one of the men stopped and told he other that he had decided to kill the boy. Despite protest from the man pulling the cart, the first man approached him with murder in his eyes. In desperate reaction, Imlarith threw out his arm with open palm begging the man to spare him, that he was no threat. Without warning 5 projectiles entered he mans chest in an instant and blood began to seep through his clothes. He began choking it up and suddenly collapsed, dead. The second man dropped the reins on the cart and in clear grief and anger lunged at Imlarith calling him a bastard. With another flinch, Imlarith clovers himself with his arms and curls his knees to his chest. In almost a blackout moment, next thing Imlarith knew he was getting covered with blood and something was surrounding his body. Looking up, he realized that he had sprouted spikes from his body and skewered the man leaping at him. Imlarith realized that he had developed the abilities of his clan.

Leaving the dead men on the road and taking nothing from them. He hurried back home at a weakened state. Having never used these abilities before his pace was slowed to a crawl and the next few nights were excruciating. Having taken so long to get back home, Imlarith's father sent out a party to find him and bring him home. Having never left the path he was but a few hours from home riding unconscious. The oxen just riding home on instinct. Apon being home and receiving the proper care he needed aswell as being fed and bathed, Imlarith took a few days to rest before informing his father of his discovery. His father already had questions about not only the blood and damage on the cart but the state his son arrived in, but loving and respecting his son enough to let him rest.

Imlarith eventually returned to a normal state and at dinner one night revealed to his mother and father that he was blessed with the dead bone pulse. Of course the reactions were predicted by Imlarith. His father being overtly proud and his mother panicking, enough to show concern but not to try and overrule her husbands excitement. Imlarith's father had grown up in a family without the honor and praise that families possessing the kekkie genkai had. Honestly before him, his family were peasants. Imlarith's father had at least brought wealth to his family name and food on his table. But he always longed to be part of the elite, and since he could not but his son had the gift. He urged Imlarith to join the academy and become a shinobi of the mist so they could be known as more than just farmers. Imlarith of course didn't argue with his father. Not eager to please, but being a good son that respected his family over himself quickly followed suit and joined the academy to hone his abilities.

Imlarith's years at the academy were brutal to say the least. He had never seen jutsu or ninja techniques in action. Alot of it in his first few days pushed the bounds of his sanity. Most the other students came from families where one or both parents were shinobi, and what's worse is that most of them were half his age. Imlarith had learned his whole life to be a farmer and used his skills to know that profession. These children had barely started life at all and had plenty of space to fill with new skills and knowledge. For Imlarith it was like scooping his brain out and starting over. Most of the younger students either admired him or feared him, but it was never in a manor akin to bullying or belittling. At the end of the day, he was larger and honestly his physical appearance made it difficult for people to want to treat him poorly.

It ended up taking Imlarith 5 years to complete the academy instead of the normal 4 years on account that he couldn't even preform basic chakra control or a basic grasp on what chakra release even was for the first year. The next 4 years came at a more normal rate. It is true that he was further behind the other students to begin with he he was also older and able to learn quicker once the concepts began to make sense, that and he actually studied and took his schooling more like work than the children did. Still failing that first year had left him one step behind the rest. In the end he did end up graduating and becoming a Genin of the Mist, specializing in his speed and strength over ninjutsu or genjutsu. Not that he doesn't know or practice them, just that he used his body his entire life and was already fit for it unlike his brain was unfit for jutsu originally. That and his kekkie genkai made it an easy choice to focus on his physical prowess.

However Imlarith never got to go on his first mission, or even obtain a sensei. Apon graduating and returning home. He learned that his father had fallen ill. Not only had his father become sick but along with that his father's estate had fallen into a state of disrepair and all his workers had began leaving over lack of pay and bandits beginning to pillage stores of grain and rice. Imlarith's father did not want his son to know of his illness, desperate for his son to become more than what he was. So he forbid Imlarith's mother or anyone else to inform Imlarith of his sickness.

Deeply furious with his father, but maintaining a rational demeanor. Imlarith refused to leave their family estate in such a state even if he also agreed with his father that he was meant for more than just being a farmhand. Regardless, Imlarith Immediately returned to being a farm worker, but now he was in his father's shoes at the head of the family. His father's illness was terminal and though Imlarith and his mother did their best to care for him and return him to health. he passed not very long after Imlarith returned home and decided to save his father's legacy. Imlarith was 20 as this point. He informed his superiors of the events that had taken place and allowed hims to postpone being a shinobi until further notice.

5 years Imlarith spent, restoring an almost doomed legacy into a farmstead that albeit was not as successful as his father had it in it's prime but enough to where he could continue to thrive under his father's business and home. The shinobi skills he had acquired in the academy were more than enough to take care of the bandits that plagued his farm for a time and the wild animals that began to think it was safe to forage the land. He even found creative ways to use his kekkie genkai to till the land and ultimately how to use his body as a tool ontop of what he learned as a shinobi to be a weapon.

In his solitude, Imlarith became obsessed in a since with himself. Not in a vain since of the word, but in terms of research and advancement. He had a lab installed in his home and learned how to study himself and his body. although he is unable to preform any kind of surgery or creating any kind of advancement at all. He used the tools he had to at least advance his knowledge so that one day he might be able to modify himself one day into the perfect being.

As time went by, Imlarith grew to agree with his father's wishes more and more. He no longer had the want to be a simple farmer. Knowing now what he was capable of and what he had learned as a shinobi. Of course he now wanted the life of a warrior, a scholar, a traveler. Being a farmer at this point just felt like he had gone back to what he had grown from and that he never got to fully grow into becoming a shinobi. Once the farmstead had reached what Imlarith would consider the peak of what he alone could manage, especially without having the love for it in his heart. He found a few families with some connections to them understanding of their work ethics and allowed them to buy and split the land that he owned with conditions that he and his mother would be able to live in and maintain their own home on the land and it remain in Imlarith's family name for an undetermined time. The terms agreed to left Imarith free to finally chase what had now become a passion for him. To become a shinobi and eventually join the ranks of the Anbu Black Ops was his goal. To be at the forefront of Kirigakure's military strength so he could protect everything he loved. He also dreamed one day of perfecting his mortal body becoming formidable beyond what he can achieve with his hands alone.

Ninja Traits

Rank: D
Village: Kirigakure
Element(s): Water
Specialties: Taijutsu, Bukijutsu
Clan: Kaguya
Clan Specialty: Taijutsu
Bloodline: Shikotsumyaku, Dead Bone Pulse


Health: 100
Vigor: 35 [25 from bloodline]
Chakra: 10
Speed: 45
Strength: 35

The Player

Other Characters: None
Faceclaim Name and Series: N/A
Roleplay Sample:
Imlarith sat on the bank. Having found an excellent fishing spot he now came to frequently, Imlarith needed a break from the troubles of his day and the pressure's of his own thoughts. He had so much to do, everything he had achieved up until this felt like nothing compared to what he had waiting for him on the path ahead. I am so far behind. He thought to himself giving out a sigh as he readied his fishing pole. Ironically the fishing pole was crafted from his own bones. Having nearly indestructible bones tends to make it an easy choice on what to make tools out of. It saves some coin too.  He chuckled and scanned the shoreline from under the visor of his rice hat to see if anyone else had been disturbing the waters today. So far everything looked undisturbed.

It was mid day, Imlarith's white fishing shirt shown bright in the reflection of the sun. Barely any clouds in the sky and the sun warming the surface of the water. The fish were sure to be biting today. Imlarith's shirt was white, with blue trim almost akin to the color of the water. The clan symbol on the back of it was also the same blue color instead of being red. Imlarith was glad he had dressed appropriately for the day. oh well, it can be a problem for tomorrow. Imlarith again thought to himself as he whips back the fishing pole and casts it out into the water. Grabbing a grass whistle stem and placing it in his mouth he chuckles "Today, I am just a fishermen. I can be a warrior tomorrow." He smiles and maintains a cheerful look as the patiently waits for his first bite.

Hello, Just a quick introduction for myself real quick. I apologize if this roleplay sample is old fashioned or outdated in anyway. It has been roughly 16 years since I roleplayed on a forum like this and before I was practically a child. But I was always good at it, probably more so what I thought than anyone else thought. What do you know as a kid anyway. Anyway I am Imlarith, regardless of this characters name or any other character's name that is what I prefer to be called. or "Em" for short. This is a character that is similar to that of the character I played many years ago but much older and well wiser. I have very much missed this style of roleplay and I am excited to get back into it and see if I still got it. I would much prefer being a Chuunin over a Genin. I wouldn't presume to make demands or cheat my way up. I just remember ending my time on these forums as a chuunin. It would be so fun to continue where I left off. I have a deep knowledge of the Naruto universe and I am very obsessed with the Kaguya bloodline. I've only ever played a Kaguya and a Hyuga. I would also like to know if my background, once approved would allow me maybe some extra starting income considering my story involves someone basically running a business. If not it's no big deal, just a few curiosities. I hope you enjoy my character and I am grateful to be a part of your community.
Also I am very interested in being the 3 tails Jinchūriki even if it is fully asleep. This is just in case you guys happen to like me and if you ever add them to the game and need a character to be it.
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