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The Epic Training Sessions of Raito Yamaki

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The Epic Training Sessions of Raito Yamaki - Page 3 Empty Re: The Epic Training Sessions of Raito Yamaki

Sat Jul 14, 2012 11:45 pm
Speed Training

It was a sunny day and Raito had woken up late. "Ugh...what time is it?" he asked as he was being awaken by the sound of birds and people. He looked at his watch and was shocked at the time. He got dressed and left the building. He sprinted towards the training field and continued until he reached the speed training area. "Well...Here I go." said Raito as he ran through punching bags and sticks that move alot and that hurt ALOT."ugh!!" said Raito as he got hit in the face by the punching bag. He continued as was getting hit all over his body. When he finished his right arm, left leg, and head all had cuts and were bleeding very badly. "I need to continue..." he said as he went for another round. "Damn!!" said Raito as his collapsed after he passed the first object. He crawled away from the training course and sat under a tree and began to rest.

Raito awoke to the sound of birds chirping. "I need to go again" said Raito as he realized that his hurting body parts wear bandaged. He got up and started the machine again. "lets hope I can at least reach the spinning sticks." said Raito as he ran through the course in his mind "First: Fist that hit you, then Spinning fists, then stick that hurt, last but not least the spinning sticks" Raito began to run into the course. He dodged the first fist. He jumped over the second. Dodged the third and went on towards the Spinning fists. "Damn" said Raito as he got caught off guard and got hit in the chin. He coughed out blood as he dodged the next three fists. He then began to randomly try dodging the sticks and ended up being hit over and over again. When he reached the spinning sicks he knew he was going to fail. He got hit in the face first. Then the legs and last but not least the spinning sticks beat the living soul out of him. When the spinning sticks stopped Raito was crawling out again this time the cuts were less sore and he began to get up and start the machine again. he ran in and dodged the fists and went straight to the spinning fists. He dodged all of it with taking no damage. "Well no I just got to beat the sticks!!" shouted Raito as he began to dodge the sticks only taking one hit to the face. He continued until he got to the spinning fists. "Lets see I need to dodge ten in a row to classify that I am good enough to stop." said Raito under his breath as the first stick juts missed his face. "One" said Raito as he dodged a stick that came to his mid-section. "Two!!" said Raito as he just dodged the second one. "Thr-" Raito was cut off as he got hit in the face and hit the ground hard. "One" said Raito as he dodged a stick as he got up. "Two!!" shouted Raito as the stick collided with the tree behind him. "Three!!" shouted Raito as the stick just missed his bleeding arm. "Yes..Four" said Raito as he ducked under another. "Five,Six,Seven" Said Raito as he dodged three in one movement. "Eight!!" said Raito as he dodged the one that broke. "Nine!!!" shouted Raito as he dodged one that was about to hit his foot. "Ten!!!" shouted Raito as he dodged the last one. Raito jumped over the spinning sticks and went to go turn off the machine. "Yes...I finally beat it!!!" shouted Raito after he put off the Machine. He sat down and began to think if he should try the more advanced one. He walked up to the switch and pressed the Expert Mode. He pressed start and ran at the Machine. He dodged the punching and the sticks but it was the spinning sticks which became sharp blades that he was worrying about. "Damn" said Raito as the blade cut off his shirt. He dodged about five before he got cut on the face. "AAAH!!!" shouted Raito as he dodged one more and turned off the machine. "I think I should wait a little longer before I do that mode" said Raito as he bandaged up his cuts and fell asleep.

He then woke up and began to train again this time he put on expert mode. He then went in and tried his hardest. He felt that if he could beat this mode then he could do anything. He felt like something had stung him on the shoulder when the blade cut him. He then collapsed to the floor and crawled away. He then got up and began again this time he reached ten with ease and then jumped out and turned off the machine. "That was good" said Raito as he walked back home thinking what he would eat tonight and whether or not to train again tomorrow. He had an argue to run up to that machine and do twenty but he knew that if he tried over doing it he would either die or be injured badly and he was beat anyway.
WC=883 words

4 - Speed and 4JP
Haru Glory
Haru Glory
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The Epic Training Sessions of Raito Yamaki - Page 3 Empty Re: The Epic Training Sessions of Raito Yamaki

Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:16 am
The Robin Hood
The Robin Hood
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The Epic Training Sessions of Raito Yamaki - Page 3 Empty Re: The Epic Training Sessions of Raito Yamaki

Thu Sep 27, 2012 2:47 pm
Weapon Training (Ultima Sword)

Raito woke up feeling a bit out of it today, he can't remember the last time he had trained, he was tired and felt a bit lazy, he decided to sleep a bit more, he then closed his eyes only to be woken by someone who he would never want to see again, this was the shadow, this thing had been watching over him, maybe it was Raito's imagination playing on him, since he had returned from his rest, he was seeing weird shadows all over the place, maybe they were Shadow people or maybe they were figures of his imagination, He then got up and grabbed his Ultima Sword and swung at the shadow which just swirled and stayed in place, this was beyond weird, maybe it was a sign from the Ultima Sword, maybe it wanted to be trained more, Raito then got up and went to go and train the sword before things got out of hand and he had to do it to save his sanity,he then got up from the bed and put his clothes on, first he put on a white top and put on his blue pants and put on his gloves, he then put on his black tracksuit pants and his black shoes, he then went to the bathroom and went to go brush his teeth, he then went over to the mirror and went to go and fix his hair which was standing up, he then took the buster sword and put it in its sheathe, he then walked with the blade on his back, he then made his way towards the training field, this would help the sword improve, Raito's dark hair then became blue as his hair met the sun, this was a normal thing for the Jounin, he then unsheathed his sword as the shadows appeared again, "This must be my imagination.." said Raito as he was trying to get rid of the shadows as they came closer to him, his Ultima Sword was giving off a strange light as he was attacking the shadows, the shadows were burning and disappeared, Raito then put the sword in the ground and did the clone seal, two shadow clones appeared and were ready for action, they each had an Ultima Sword in there hands, this was going to be a very equal fight, it started with them staring down each other, this would be something that Raito would always want to do, he then ran forward and he struck the clone and it disappeared, "This is too easy.." said Raito as the other clone threw the blade at Raito, Raito dodged the blade as it wedged into a tree and disappeared as Raito struck the second clone, "This is too easy" said Raito as he made his way too the other side of the training grounds where he would just slash at the trees with all his might and hope that he would at least get the buster sword to its next and final level, he then slashed at the tree and left a huge and deep mark, he then slashed again and this time in the opposite direction and from a different angle, he had made an X, he then walked deeper into the training grounds where he normally trained was deep withing the training grounds it was in the corner stone of the place, he then headed there and saw shadows everywhere, "this is bad" said Raito as he lifted the Ultima Sword with one hand and pointed it at the shadows, his sword then began to glow yellow again just like the light, he then ran at the shadows and was slashing at them, this was Raito's training area and it was him only, not some shadow people who haunted him, he then went on a killing spree as he killed all the shadows, he then went back to practicing with his Ultima Sword, it was weird that the sword would react in such a way that there would be light surrounding it, he knew that there would be problems and he didn't want that to happen to him, his sanity was at the brink, he knew that if he didn't do something fast he was going to go out of control, he then began to practice with his shadow clones, they each had a Ultima Sword and they were attacking each other, the clones were good, they had the same speed as Raito its just that they were a bit too sloppy, this was a reflection on how Raito looked when he fought, they then ended off with the buster swords being held to each others necks, Raito then backed away and went to the ground and cut the clones legs making then disappear, the Ultima sword then began to give off the strange light again, "Ohh..come..on.." said Raito as the shadow people began to appear this time they had swords of there own, "This isn't going to be easy.." said Raito as he tried to dodged all the attacks, he then blocked one attack with his Ultima Sword and the shadows blade disappeared, he then threw the blade up in the air and preformed the clone seal, two clones with Ultima Swords in there hands appeared, Raito then grabbed his sword as it hit the ground and was stuck in the ground, the clones got rid of the shadows while Raito was trying to pull his sword out of the ground, the clones were surrounded, Raito then pulled with all his might as the sword came out from the ground and Raito quickly ran towards the clones at full speed, he then jumped in the middle of the circle and the clones ducked, he then spun around striking all the shadows, he then looked at the clones as they ran towards the remaining shadows, Raito then looked to the left and saw a huge shadow appear, "Is this how I'm going to die..fighting a giant shadow!!!" thought Raito a little outraged, he then looked at the giants red eyes and it was scaring the hell out of the Jounin, he then jumped up and stabbed the giant in the eye with the glowing sword, the best hit Raito and the sword at the same time thus letting the sword cut straight through the other eye as Raito hit a tree and was knocked out, a few minutes later. Raito woke up to see him surrounded by shadows and his sword within a box and it was glowing black, this was weird these shadows were after the Yamaki weapons, this wasn't a normal training day, Raito had thought this whole thing was set up by people who wanted to get stronger and Raito had activated the training sequence by mistake, he then tried to get up and found himself tied up by black chains, this was weird they wanted the Yamaki's Ultima Sword, this was the last Ultima Sword and had belonged to Raito's father and his father before him and his father before him, well you get the point, he then looked up and saw that there was a huge shadow cloud around the area, "this must be where the shadows are coming from.." thought Raito as he tried to break lose but failed and then out of nowhere the sword exploded and light was shone everywhere, Raito closed his eyes and when the light had finished, Raito could move his arms. He was no longer tied by the chains of darkness and his sword was now on its final level, Raito when to go and get the Ultma Sword, as soon as his hands touched it the sword feel straight to the ground and was now in its final form, now he could use all the moves that require the Ultima Sword, he was tired but wanted to test out the new sword so he went to the training field and preformed the clone seal and two clones appeared with the level three Ultima Sword, he then ran towards the clones at full strength and swung at the clone the clone blocked it as the other clone jumped over them and wanted to attack Raito from behind, Raito then ducked and the clone had hit the other clone square in the jaw with the sword, the clone disappeared and Raito was left with no only fighting against one clone, they began the stare down before the fight began, Raito then broke the stare down when he ran towards the clone at full speed and began to swing the Ultima Sword at the clone, the clone dodged three strikes and then got hit in the arm, the clone disappeared and left Raito to his thinking, Raito then began to walk home and wondered how this day could have gotten worse, there was bad thing but there was also good things, he then reached his house and unlocked the door. He then went up to his room and collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.

[WC= 1513 words
Words required for Ultima Sword Level 3 = 1500/1500
Ultima Sword Level 3 and +15 JP and +7 stats]
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The Epic Training Sessions of Raito Yamaki - Page 3 Empty Re: The Epic Training Sessions of Raito Yamaki

Fri Sep 28, 2012 6:49 am
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