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Akiyama Training Empty Akiyama Training

Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:12 pm
(Chakra Training)
Rays from the early morning sun nearly blinded him as they
fell upon his face. The curtain had been pulled back from his window and he was
sure it was courtesy of his mother, he would have to thank her for that…and
also scold her as lightly but seriously as possible.

He was eighteen now after all and thanks to his aunt, had
his own little place in the village. It wasn’t much but it was his. And somehow
for the past week, his mother had found various reasons and excuses to visit her
oldest son. From making sure he decorated his home ‘correctly’ to ensuring he
had enough food to eat.

And by the heavens did she bring him a lot of food.

The overbearing love of one’s mother was one he was somewhat
thankful for. Because of her looking out for him, he was able to take a few
days off and enjoy being back home around his family. Especially knowing it
wasn’t going to last too long.

It seemed to be a time of great upheaval, but that was not
new in the world of Shinobi. Though he was young, he was well aware that both
ninja and non-ninja walked a line between a new age of discovery and a new age
of destruction.

He thought these things over as he rose from his bed and
began to prepare for the day ahead. Clad in only a pair of white shorts and
socks Akiyama lifted his arms to the air and stretched before licking his lips
and running his hand over the top of his dreaded head.

A few moments passed before he made his way to the closet
and removed his outfit for the day. A snug pair of boots and dark blue trousers
that had dual yellow stripes on both sides and a simple black shirt that had
the sleeves ripped off.

He dressed quickly and moved to grab his backpack, though he
lacked any true necessities that any ninja wouldn’t be caught without, it did
hold a mixture of items; from a few pieces of dried jerky and a flask of water
and basic bandages.

A thin smile appeared over his face as he lifted up his backpack
and tossed it across his shoulders. Humming softly he made his way out of his
hut and found himself swiftly sidestepping and moving out of the path of a
group of people who were making their way through the local street.

“Dang Aunt Yuki, you could have chosen a better location for
me.” he thought before taking a look around. It didn’t take him long before he
saw why she choose this place for him.

It was close to the market and center of town while also had
more than enough buildings to use to his advantage should the need ever arise.

Drawing in a small breathe he began to concentrate, it was
as if he was holding his breath and rapidly exhaling at the same time. A shiver
rapidly traveled through his stomach and shifted through his legs and finally
ended up at the bottom of his feet.

Before long he could feel both appendages were filled with
chakra and without a second thought he was running towards the wall of the
nearest building. His calf muscles burned at the sudden burst of energy and
speed but he kept going.

A few people gasped while others ignored him, to a few
inexperienced eyes it looked as if he were going to run straight into the wall,
head and face first, but stretching out his right leg and planting the sole of
his boot into the surface of the wall he stuck and did the same with his left
leg. The motion wouldn’t cease and he would continue to run.

“Easy does it!” he thought to himself as he continued to run
while focusing the chakra at the bottom of his feet and through his boots.

It was easy for him to run up walls while concentrating
chakra at the bottom of his feet, while he was barefoot. But with shoes, after
years it posed a small problem for him and he was currently seeking to overcome
the little issue.

And so far he was doing a pretty decent job.

His body shifted violently as he slowed his chakra filled
run to a slow jog and climbed over the top of the building and stood atop of it’s
sloped roof.

He began to walk slowly making sure his chakra was flowing
in a even direction and not heavy enough to damage the material below his
footing, it would be bad enough to fall off a nearly twenty foot tall building…but
then having to possibly pay for the damages to a roof! That would just be
adding insult to injury.

The chakra continued to flow through his feet at a
incredible rate and between the effort of keeping it at a constant reasonable
level and the heat of the morning sun baring down on him, beads of sweat formed
across his the brown skin of his forehead.

“Dang it. Forgot my headband at home.” he exclaimed before
looking at the buildings around him. Lifting his arm up he quickly brushed the
sweat away and began to walk around the roof until he spotted a building

Smiling he crouched and patted his legs, “Don’t fail me now.”
he shouted before taking a running leap and jumping to the next building. Upon
landing he would roll onto his back and pop back up on his feet, shouting
gleefully at the small accomplishment he continued to run.

And as he leapt from rooftop to rooftop opting to use the
many shops, homes and various buildings themselves as his training ground for
the day as well as to re-familiarize himself with his home.

“Focusing chakra into material is hard but I can see the
benefits of doing so. Running barefoot across these rooftops would be pure
murder on my feet.” he thought as he allowed his arms to slightly dangle at his
side as if they were wings.

He had questioned his aunt at why most ninjas ran that way
and she explained the formation had helped some with wind resistance and others
took to running that way to keep their balance as well as to ensure their teammates
gave them enough room to draw their weapon or to attack when needed. In short,
she had said, it varied from person to person.

As he ran and leapt along rooftops, using the chakra in his
feet to stick to the surfaces, he wondered which applied to him.

With a shake of his head he leapt on his last building and
stopped. The chakra flowing beneath his feet continued to flow as he stood
above the village of the Sand.

It took considerably less effort to vanquish the chakra from
his feet once it was no longer needed yet he was not done.

With a quick clench of his jaw the chakra embedded in his
feet were gone and he took a minute to examine the rooftop he stood on top of.
It was roughly fifteen feet wide and pretty much longer, it was possibly an
apartment building for some.

He didn’t put much effort in figuring out what purpose it
served, for the moment it was going to be his little battle field.

Another intake of breath would be taken and his chest rose
and fell as he began to form hand signs as fast as he could. Within his mind he recalled being a boy and asking his Aunt the purpose of shouting or saying the name of a technique prior to using it and her response made some sense. To young shinobi it was a way to remind their body and mind what seals needed to be formed.

However he didn’t need to shout or say the name of the
technique he performed. His fingers intertwined and his hands clasped together as he finished the seal.

Four feet away from him a puff of smoke shot up from the
surface of the roof and before him stood a replica of himself, from the dreaded hair ontop of his head right down to the boots on his feet. It was a perfect clone.

Before the original and real Akiyama could speak, the clone
lifted his arm up and pointed at the youth. “Let’s see who’s the better man. I’m sure you can appreciate a little one on one action before lunch…your hunger is my hunger after all.” Exclaimed the clone.

Lifting his brow in surprise and slight annoyance Akiyama
nodded and smirked. “Consider your challenge accepted. If you can hold on that is.” shouted Akiyama. He wouldn’t give the clone a chance to speak.

Lifting his hands to his chest he began to form more hand
signs, the clone began to race towards it’s creator but attempted to a stop as a familiar puff of smoke appeared right in front of Akiyama. Another clone stepped forward headbutting it’s brethren in the face.

Upon impact both would ‘explode’ in union forming a puff of
white smoke that dissolved with a gush of wind.

Shaking his head Akiyama would kneel down momentarily to
catch his breath. He knew that taking nearly a month off to travel from the Igloo village to the Sand village was coming back to bite him right in therear. And if his aunt were here she’d be doing the biting and kicking.

It would be enough chakra related training for the moment.
Lifting his head back to the still early morning sky he began to think of how else to spend his day, after he completed a few more training regiments that is.

(Word Count: 1627)
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Akiyama Training Empty Re: Akiyama Training

Sun Jun 17, 2012 11:34 pm
(Speed Training)
Through the Sand village he recalled the many conversations
that were whispered and spoken about aloud, it seemed the village of Konoha had
reached the age of destruction and swiftly recovered to began a new age.

He wouldn’t pretend to know every little detail that
occurred within that village, upon his return to his home he had listened to
many arguments between elderly shop keepers and fellow ninja who strolled
about; either selling their wares or patrolling the area.

There were some who were sympathetic to the plight that had
plagued that village while others knew the harsh truth was: if one village was
being attacked and it wasn’t their own; it was a good day.

Akiyama too knew it would be a good day, not to worry about
one’s parents and allies being killed in the line of fire. And because he had
nothing to do with neither the attack nor the village of the Leaf itself; he
would concentrate on the task at hand…training.

He was no longer concentrating on keeping his chakra
balanced beneath his feet as he raced across the rooftops above him, right now
he was carefully moving between the many people who had flooded the market and
town to go about their daily lives.

Open fruit stands were open for business along with dried
meats and other livestock that had either been born and raised within the
village or obtained through trade with other villages.

The various aromas from stands, shops and people alike
drifted about the air. He would take note of the combined scent that made up
the town and essentially contributed to the village that was Sunagakure.

Inhaling deeply he began to concentrate, the sensation and
technique was one that came naturally over time but it still took focus and
determination. There was no room for a lot of self-doubt when it came to chakra
control, especially in a fight.

Once more the familiar sensations traveled through his lower
body and he found himself digging the heel of his boot into the rough sandy
surface of the ground. With a low grunt he shot forward and began to run.

His body shook as his legs pumped and his arms followed,
each moving in unison with the other to comply with his attempt to perfect the
act and to obtain more speed with each push that he forced from the ground.

The speed at which he ran was normal for a Genin but he was
certain he could move faster if he put more effort into it.

As he traveled forward his eyes widened as he watched for pedestrians,
the last thing he wanted to do was to run or stomp over some little old lady
who was crossing the street or worse; a child!

An all too familiar burning stirred within the back of his
legs as he bolted forward seeking the entrance and exit of the village and soon
enough he spotted it. Spotting a few people ahead of him he leaned to the right
and jumped towards a nearby building, stretching out his leg he would stick to
the wall and with his free leg push off with a audible growl.

Using and focusing on the agility of one who had honed his
body to handle moving at a speed that some couldn’t match, the brown skinned
youth twirled through the air and landed on the ground at the entrance.

He would pause only to breathe deeply and again he began to
run again.

His boots kicked up dirt and soil alike as he sought to find
the haven in the dessert that lay outside the village.

Soon enough he was faced with several challenges that came
with running and even training in the dessert. He was faced with the task of
keeping his balance upon the loose grains of sandy hills that he sprinted over
as well as the wind that would blow unexpectedly and carry even smaller bits of
sand into his open brown eyes; and even worse the male hadn’t been running for
a full hour and was already nearly drenched with sweat.

He was fortunate to have eaten last night and have grabbed a
quick bite and plenty of fluids before choosing to run. And plus he had a flask
filled with water along with a few pieces of dried jerky within his backpack to
eat later, should he need it anyway.

As he neared a large mountain of sand it became more
difficult to run uphill. It shifted beneath the soles of his feet and brought
him to his knees several times as well as forced him to restart the run and

Dull and sharp grains of sand clung to his arms and hands as
well as his neck and face as he struggled to run up the hill of sand. He could
only imagine what his hair looked like and knew his mother was going to raise
all types of hell should she realize she would have to redo the entire thing.

He continued his personal assault on the hill, his legs
pumped furiously as he raced ahead. He wouldn’t use chakra to get a grasp of
the surface and make it easy. Oh no, he loved the challenge it posed.

His feet sunk in slightly and it hurt to pull them free as
he struggled forward, each step he was closer to the top and he felt the
burning increasing within his muscular legs and his entire body. “Oh come now.
You haven’t even started yet and you’re burning out over a little run? What
would your Aunt say if she saw you right now? Or better yet what would –she-
say?” he thought to himself.

It was as if a switch had been turned on within him or as
the saying goes, a fire had been lit under his bottom because once that thought
ran through his mind he was shoving his feet into the ground and running as
fast as he could up the unbalanced surface of the hill.

He scrambled upwards clawing at the hill to catch himself as
he fell forward and eventually he reached the top.

“Self-motivation. Works every time.” He grumbled before
falling flat on his butt and staring down at the opposite side of the hill.

Below there was a training ground of sorts, sand covered
much of the equipment below but it was still useable. From dummies to boulders
and logs that were thrown about. “Time
to stop horsing around and get my training session started.” he exclaimed as he
slowly stood up and slid down the side of the hill and towards the training
area below.

(Word Count, 1114)

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Akiyama Training Empty Re: Akiyama Training

Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:05 am
(Stamina Training)

Today was the day.

The first day of the rest of his life. He almost smiled,
thinking how perfectly that old cliché fit the moment. He had trained here
several times as a youth and he remembered it being pure hell at the time.

A very young boy exposed to the elements and the wraith of
his Aunt; a woman who was a great Sensei but gods forbid she actually have an
actual temper that he often pushed to the limit with his smart aleck remarks
and stubborn ways.

A small squeeze of excitement tightened his chest but it was
brief. He stared at the equipment before him and noticed it was nearly worn out
from being used by others in the area as well as being exposed to the elements.

Sand covered much of it but it was still clear what the
items were and how they were used. Several dozen logs were tossed about, some
stuck up from the ground as if it were a tree that had never developed limbs or
an top; while others lay near buried beneath the sandy ground.

Those that were visible had pieces of bark missing and dents
and imprints left from the balled fists and feet from previous users who had
trained here while the dummies themselves had cuts from kunai and other objects
inflicted on their person.

Removing his backpack and tossing it to the ground he began
to warm up. His biceps tensed and relaxed as he began to strike rapidly at the
air, each strike was aimed at a precise location in front of him even though he
had no object there.

He would lean in and back, using his upper body to duck and
dodge the imaginary opponent. The sweat that rolled down his forehead and into
his eyes stung and threatened to turn his pupils as red as tomato but he cared
not; it was the price to pay for forgetting his headband and he had endured

“Keep going! If you don’t you’re going to catch a muscle
cramp and be left vulnerable for any scorpions that come along.” he thought as
he switched up his tactic and shifted his weight back.

His right leg would shift into the sand and push it back as
he fell into a moderately even stance. His punches continued though at a
slightly slower rate, the power exhibited was visible by the way his shoulders
moved with each strike.

The run up the hill had been more than enough stress on his
legs but he was only getting started. The only plus was there was no need to go
on a kicking spree to prepare for his work out.

Stopping his assault on the air he clenched the muscles of
his legs and stood up.

Clenching his fists he ran towards the nearest training
dummy and leapt into the air and focused his attention on the head of the dummy
and promptly extended his right leg. As he shot forward he twisted his body
slightly driving his foot into the exposed head of the dummy and without
missing a beat he shifted his weight in midair and brought his legs under his body
to land successfully.

The soles of his boots slid across the loose gravel of the
sand he nearly fell to his face but managed to stand his ground and find a
balance to remain upright.

He gritted his teeth at the thought of his Aunt shouting at
him for the mistake but couldn’t help but chuckle lightly. It was the first
time in a while he could train peacefully, without something disturbing him or

With that thought in mind his muscles bulged and he
violently twisted his body and began to throw heavy punches at the stomach and
chest of the dummy. Between blows he would alternate locations, the impact was
heard in the air, a momentary thud as if a bag of grain or solid object was
being repeatedly tossed against a wall or floor.

His bare hands were used to such acts and though it pained
him to do such drills; he had become accustomed to it.

Akiyama’s speed increased as he now began to alternate
between dummies, he would only stop punching to leap or sidestep as swiftly as
possible to the next dummy and while there were a total of seven in his general
area; they were spread out five feet apart.

His legs burned and his body ached but he kept up the act,
he knew if he couldn’t keep up his actions against a bunch of dummies that
couldn’t hit him back let alone move so they could dodge his incoming blows
than he wouldn’t have any stamina to last against someone who was capable of
dishing out damage in return.

Each breath was taken freely yet also in moderation as he
changed his method of attack. ‘Keep it up. You slack off now and you’ll feel
like a fool when you can’t keep up with an enemy.’ He thought as he focused on
building up his stamina even more.

Leaping back away from the next dummy he would start forming
hand seals and in a instant a clone was made. With a shout he leapt forward
slamming an elbow into the back of the clone and sending it flying into the

Once it collided it would vanish in a puff of white smoke
and Akiyama leapt forward again and clasped his hands together as if he were
making a hammer.

Slamming his fists into the gut of the vulnerable dummy’s
gut he would watch as it shook and vibrated from the impact and with a smile he
continued to repeat the action until his shoulders ached and muscles burned
even more so than before.

The heat and lack of any true moisture in the dessert was
enough to test the stamina and mental strength of a traveler or wild beast and
for Shinobi to train in the environment allowed their brethren to see how
serious they were and how much effort one would put into gaining strength all

For the youth who trained here it was a testament to their
will and the inherited resolve.

At the moment Akiyama was still driving his combined fists
into the dummy’s gut despite his chest rising and falling violently as he
fought to use up more energy that he knew he had within his reserves.

Though it wasn’t much. Bringing his fists up he felt his muscles
clench tightly and a all too familiar tingling and painful sensation pulsed
through his forearms and legs. “Cramps! Son of a…” he started to grumble before
he was forced to fall to his knees and fall over onto his back.

His gi was drenched in sweat and he could only stare as a
large bird flew about in the sky above. The sun gave no sign of letting up and
he could tell by the position in the sky that it was only midday.

(Word Count, 1172)

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Akiyama Training Empty Re: Akiyama Training

Thu Jun 21, 2012 11:51 pm
(Strength Training)

It wasn’t even late in the day and the full yellow sun hung ominously in the
air. Akiyama seemed to see the heat radiating from around the seemingly tiny
ball of fire in the sky.

He wondered sometimes if it was an ultimate technique that was created by
some legendary ninja or gods, or like one crazy villager attempted to convince
him of it being some mass of burning gas that was out of the reach of the world

No matter. He knew that the heat was not so unbearable in his youth, prior
to leaving that is.

Yet now he would kill for even the faintest of gentlest breezes to whisper
to him and give him some kind of relief.

Deep down he enjoyed this environment that he was in. It was home. Not just
to him but to everyone and it made him feel safe. It took a special kind of
person to remain in Sunagakure, especially a denizen of the village.

As if picking up on his positive thoughts a small gust of wind rippled
through the area, though it wasn’t the coldest or even moderately cool; it was
enough to send a small chill through his form and slowly he sat up.

After spending years training in the harsh cold environment of the Igloo
village, he was now back in the harsh heat of the desert and forced to readapt
to the nearly barren wasteland.

This was just another day in the world of Akiyama and any other full blooded
ninja who was just starting their journey into the world of happiness, grief,
murder, blood, victory, losses, bonds and chaos.

Various thoughts ran through the tired youth’s mind as he lay in the sand in
an attempt to gain his second wind so he could resume his training. Instead of
gathering and focusing the energy and stamina he had regained over the past
half hour, his eyelids grew heavy and eventually he succumb to the open arms of

He was aware that he was sleep and within his subconscious he had every intention
of waking up yet couldn’t bring himself to do so-until he felt a growing wetness
spreading over his legs. “That can’t be good.” he thought as his dark eyes
opened and he saw that the sun was setting and the area itself had grown darker
and more importantly the outline of a shadowy figure stood above him pouring
water onto his body.

Several loud curse words flew from Akiyama’s lips as he rolled over and
leapt up. It was nothing fancy, no flips or anything special; he knew there was
no time to show off against an unknown person.

He felt well rested though and his clothes had nearly dried from his earlier
training and sweating, but from the water that was poured on his sleeping body
it looked as if he had an accident.

Lifting his brown eyes to the individual in front of him he scowled and
narrowed his hues, he examined the person in front of him as quickly as
possible. At first glance it was clear the rude person was a woman, even with
the mask on her face there was no hiding the figure that lay beneath the black
robes she wore.

Aside from the robes she wore and the mask that the lower portion of her
face, the woman clutched a small scroll in one hand and Akiyama’s flask in the
other. Recognizing his property he looked over at his backpack and realized
everything had been dumped out.

“Who the hell are you and what is the
meaning of this?” he inquired.

Slowly the woman tilted her head as if she couldn’t understand a word that
left Akiyama’s mouth, but he knew it was a ploy.

At least he hoped it was one. He continued to stare at the woman taking her
in before he came to the conclusion that she was just a random traveler who was
probably disillusioned and thirsty. “Take the water, you need it more than I do
psycho.” he said with a sigh.

Shaking his head he muttered a few curses, losing the water wasn’t upsetting
but having his personal belongings rummaged through was slightly annoying, not
to mention having been foolish enough to nap in the desert and being left open
to an assault.

If his Aunt found out she’d have his head. The thought was enough to make
him grimace and bite his bottom lip as he leaned down to gather his spilled
items into his backpack.

The sudden rapid crunching of feet beneath the sand’s surface made his ears
perk up and he dropped everything he was doing to stand and turn around.

The sight of the woman sliding the scroll into her robes and bolting towards
him was enough to shut him up.

“Damn it!” he shouted as a scowl momentarily disfigured his features.

Immediately he fell into a defensive stance, raising his arms up he would
slightly extend his left and open his palm just enough for his slightly curled
fingers to attempt to catch her forearm or if he was lucky enough maybe even her
fist should she slip up.

As he watched her running a blush fell over his features and the realization
set in.

‘Holy crap…I can’t hit a girl. Especially not one as bouncy as h-’; once
again his thought was interrupted as the woman’s fist slammed into his neck as
if she intended to crush his windpipe, instead she knocked the breath out of
him and he stumbled back and nearly fell flat on his bottom.

His eyes widened and instantly reddened as the pain spread and his nerve
endings lit up from the blow. As that ridiculous amount of pain made its way
through his body, Akiyama shook his head rapidly in an attempt to rid himself
of the pain and focus.

Though he was used to training with a
woman he had never seriously fought one before and as the woman continued her assault
on him, he knew it was most definitely going to be a day of firsts for him.

Her punches exploded with each pump of her arms, each shot was chosen with
care but Akiyama had found his fighting spirit and grunted as he parried her
blows by using his own hands and forearms to punch or block the woman’s assault.

The fight was moving at a slow pace as if she had now decided to feel him
out but it was still a deadly spot to be in.

Purposely he remained on the defensive, his eyes drifted frequently to her
face; the visible half anyway.

Her skin tone was a bit lighter than his, but not by much. While he could
make out a few strands of black hair that peeked out from beneath her hooded
robe, he couldn’t clearly make out her face.

Her eyes were a bright hazel though and despite the predicament the duo were
in; they held a twinkle that let him know she was enjoying herself…maybe a
little too much.

She would fall back from time to time to only balance her weight and quickly
deliver a kick to his lower leg or raised arms to try and break his defenses
but after being put through the grinder with his aunt; he was strong enough to
hold out.

Once he was satisfied with the dismal description he was able to obtain he
began to throw more punches of his own.

The sudden change in his tactics was enough to throw her off her game as he
abandoned his defensive stance and switched into an offensive one. Akiyama’s
feet shifted quickly as he stepped in with each punch that he threw at her
body, his fists missed her body as he invaded her space and pushed forward.

Each time he extended his long muscular arms he felt his tendons cord and
relax as he exerted his strength and attempted to use it to his advantage.

The sand shifted beneath his feet as he continued to shift his weight, the
duo breathed heavily and several low grunts fell from the woman’s masked face
as he landed several punches against her raised arms.

The sensation of his knuckles slamming into her forearms and clenched fists
hurt but he knew he couldn’t let up because each time he landed a blow and drew
his fist back she retaliated and rammed her own fist into his face or chest.

The pain was enough to drive some away but he powered through it.

Shouting loudly he leapt back and shifted his weight in the ground,
crouching low he slammed his hand into the ground. Not for the purpose of
summoning a creature, but to drop into a three-point tackling stance as if he
were a football player.

Growling loudly he charged at the woman and attempted to grab her around the
waist and tackle her into the ground. Seeing through the momentary lapse of the
man’s judgement and skill, she leapt over him and formed several hand signs as
she landed on the ground.

As he skidded to a stop he would hear a light voice, one that was quite
stunning and made him freeze from hearing something so beautiful yet cringe at
the words that were spoken at thesame time; “Earthstyle: QUICKSAND JUTSU!”.

Before he could turn to face the woman he felt the ground beneath him give
way and it felt as though there were a cyclone beneath the sand itself. “Fuck!”
he exclaimed as he felt his footing slipped forcing him to fall to his knees.

Slowly he began to sink being twisted violently until he was shoulder deep
in sand and staring up at his enemy.

“Gods be damned.” he shouted. It definitely wasn’t Akiyama’s idea of a good
fight, the boy continued to grumble beneath his breath as he glared at the
woman in front of him.

Once more she would slowly reveal the scroll and taking a few steps back she
would stare down at him before she began to speak.

“You have been watched for a while Lao Akiyama. My organization has a desire
to recruit you to benefit us and others. Though you may need to brush up on
your basic skills, aside from making an oath to no longer partake in the art of
killing your Aunt is a perfect ninja and trained you well. If I were serious in
my attack I could have killed you, or left you bleeding and broken. None the
less, that is not the reason I have came. As I stated my organization has a
wish to recruit you. We are in need of fresh blood…and your talents and
potential isn’t extraordinary but it is impressive. We are known as the-” her
words were cut off by the sound of Akiyama yawning loudly.

Even beneath the mask he could tell she was furious. Her eyes narrowed as he
smacked his lips and suckled his teeth. Once he realized her attention was his he
tilted his head and stared up at her. His dark brown eyes never left her own
hazel hues as he spoke.

“Miss, I hate to inform you but I’m not interested. I’m still a Genin for
crying out loud. You interrupted my training session to pour water on my
clothes and kick my butt. Good for you. But at the moment I can only say, screw
you and your organization can go straight to hell. Now if you would be so kind
and release me from your jut-”

Before he could complete that sentence a loud shriek erupted from the woman’s
lips and she slammed her left foot to the ground.

In a instance he felt the sand tighten around his body squeezing him
tightly. Groaning he began struggling to free himself and slowly he felt his
body wrenching free but would be interrupted by a shadow falling over him.

Looking up he could only brace his body as he watched the now airborne robed
woman driving her knee down towards him. “You’ll regret that boy!”.

(Word Count 2019)
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