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Kahli's Training - Page 2 Empty Re: Kahli's Training

Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:56 am
Kahli walkedin to the familiar looking traing grounds. Ever since she had become a Genin Lahli had being coming here to train more and more often. So often in fact that she even ha a particular spot where she went to train everyday. Kahli looks around her small training area. She stood underneath a tree beside the large rock she would throw to help her strength. Today she had planned on training in speed and stamina but suddenly she didn't feel like it anymore. There was no doubt that speed and stamina were her two weakest areas and Kahli knew she wasn't the strongest Genin around either. Maybe the reason she was so slow and had such little stamina was because she could never find the energy to train in either areas and improve those skills. Kahli shrugs thinking maybe she could work on that earth jursu she had being trying out yesterday the double suicide decapation technique or something like that. Almost self consciously she touches the top of her head where she had hurt herself yesterday while practicing that jutsu. The idea wasn't exactly appealing but neither was running laps for two hours. Pushing off the tree she had being leaning against Kahli walks to the middle of her training area, walking past the hole she had made yesterday. As she walks Kahli begins to wonder if she would be able to combine any of her training together. Other then enhancing her speed and stamina at the same time Kahli wondered if learning to make the hand signs of her Justus fast enough would count as helping her speed. Kahli mentally shrugs anyway here we go. Kahli holds up her hands and performs the hand signs for her jutsu as fast as she can. Almost instinctively she begins to count the seconds in her head.About fifteen seconds passed before the ground benethe Kahli began to move. Slowly she sunk below the ground and the earth began to close over her head. Kahli just stood there for a couple of moments. It took a few seconds before she could make sense of her bearings. Experimentally she moves her right arm through the earth. The ground parting softly over her arm like moving water. Eventually Kahli comes up from the ground it had taken her about fifteen seconds to get below the ground and only ten or so to surface once more. Kahli sighs she had being to slow. If she had being in battle Kahli would probably be dead. Fifteen seconds was long enough for a shurikun to hit you, your opponent to preform a jutsu or prepare themselves for a possible attack, come at you with a kanta or another type of sword, they could even figure out what jutsu your using if their fast enough. No fifteen seconds was way to slow. Kahli blinks holding up her hands again now she had something she could finally work on! She would have to get faster for her jutsu to be effective in battle that was something she could achieve and it didn't sound nearly as boring as running laps. Kahli quickly performs the hand signs and waits patiently for something to happen. A few seconds pass and Kahli relalises what she did wrong. She had missed the middle hand sign. Man she was stupid sometimes! Kahli re does the hand signs going fast but taking care to do them all. Immediately she begins to count in her mind. The ground shifts beneath her and she sinks into the ground. Fifteen seconds. It was the same as before and still way to slow. Moving back above the ground Kahli instantly starts the signs again. The first two times she averaged around fourteen and a half seconds the two after she managed to cut another two seconds if that time. Twelve seconds. Slow still but an improvement none the less. Kahli sighs she doubted she would be able to get the time any faster today, it would be something that came the more she practiced it. Still cutting three seconds from the original wasn't bad. Kahli raises her hands to preform the jutsu one more time "three, two, one.." Kahli performs the signs immediately beginning her count around six seconds the ground would move and by twelve she would be completely gone. Each time Kahli had used the jutsu she had practiced moving around so far she estimated she could go about four to five meters deep before freaking out. Kahli shrugs for the third time that day she was getting faster. Moving up to ground level Kahli stands there for a few moments. She could probably continue the excerise for a bit longer if she felt like it but there was really no point. She would get better in time. Mastering a jutsu after all wasn't ment to be an overnight thing. Besides element Justus were not exactly her speciality. There was a limited chance of her getting any better then she was now plus the technique she was training she was training was only D rank and wasn't exactly ment to be the strongest or the most useful jutsu around. Kahli leans her head back looking up at the trees as she thinks about all of this. Blinking she brings her head back to its normal position there was one more thing she wanted to try before she went home today. It was a C ranked jutsu and she had only tried it once before but... Kahli glances around to check no one was near by incase she happened to fail. Kahli lifts her hands "wood release spiked circle" Kahli mutters as she preforms the signs needed to make the jutsu. She smiles this was easy! Her specialty was in hidden jutsu's. Kahli watches as two wooden poles appear from the ground parallel to each other they curve near the top joining together and making a semi circle around an imaginary foe. As they did small wooden spikes begin to appear. Walking fowards Kahli very carefully touches the point of one of the spikes and applies some pressure. It was probably a stupid thing to do but Kahli was curious to see just how effective this weod release jutsu would be. It takes only a moment for the spike to puncture her skin moving her finger away she inspects the mark it had made. It was only a small hole but if someone was to move fast enough well... This spikes would suddenly became very painful. Kahli grins this was probably the only jutsu she knew that no other Genin she had met had mastered yet. After all not only was it Unqiue to her clan and those with combined elements but this jutsu was also c ranked! And it was only the first step of many towards Kahli's goal. Mastering the ultimate wood release jutsu! Kahli grins at the thought of mastering that jutsu. Unlike most Genin Kahli didn't really care if she was to become an ANBU or the Hokage or even if she would become a Jonin only that she mastered this one jutsu. Kahli looks at the spiked circle with a small smile and mastering this jutsu was the first step of many. Kahli turns heading for home. 

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Kahli's Training - Page 2 Empty Re: Kahli's Training

Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:16 pm
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Kahli's Training - Page 2 Empty Re: Kahli's Training

Thu Jul 05, 2012 6:39 am
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Kahli's Training - Page 2 Empty Re: Kahli's Training

Thu Jul 05, 2012 9:20 am
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