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Unfinished Heavy Rain [Private/Sparring] Empty Unfinished Heavy Rain [Private/Sparring]

Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:48 pm
"I urge to be one. I must be one. And i..musn't back down this time. If i want to walk in the shiny road, i need to be stronger" he encouraged himself biting on his lip slightly. Haru stand on his ground firm under the breeze of cold air that's overflowing his black hair, and the sun ray that's shining upon him. His eyes show determination and the shadow too, stood out firmly on the ground. He felt like there's only him left in the plain empty traning ground. Only him, his shadow and the wood that's used for training. He blinked as he move his hand slightly. "I wonder how much i can develop myself today." he said to himself looking straight forward.

Haru is the child from the main house of one of the noble clan digging their root inside Konoha, the hyuga clan. As one of the noble family, yet part of the main house, Haru has to be strong. He has to spread out the noble name of the hyuga, and there's two way of doing so. Earn fame from his personality or strength. Thus, Haru needs to grow stronger. In the current time being, he's nothing but a mere pathetic trash who's trashing the name of Hyuga. He doesn't want the other to look down on him, nor the losing the good name of Hyuga. From the start, he doesn't like training, but in the current world he's in, he must does so, else...things would be fishy. 
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Unfinished Heavy Rain [Private/Sparring] Empty Re: Unfinished Heavy Rain [Private/Sparring]

Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:17 pm

Unfinished Heavy Rain [Private/Sparring] 3EOLK

Unfinished Heavy Rain [Private/Sparring] EG6wg

Unfinished Heavy Rain [Private/Sparring] Fk8Kg

"You're of the hyuuga clan are you not?"

Hikaru's voice would have been carried in the wind so that it echoed out and resonated within the young man's ears. Standing 6'0 feet tall Hikaru would have glanced at the boy with his ocean blue eyes, swiftly examining any needed detail one would need to know during a battle. This assessing and examination of the surroundings and the situation at hand was a habit of Hikaru's that he could never break. Being a member of Konohagakure, it was almost child's play to realize he was of the Hyuuga clan. It was because of this obvious fact that Hikaru now stood 40 meters away from the boy as he spoke to him, knowing if things were to get out of hand that close combat could be dangerous. Then again, Hikaru was the daring type and willing to take the chance if he deemed it alright. Wearing his usual attire of a white cloth scarf and sash and black outer wear, all which fitted perfectly against Hikaru's muscular toned battle, he awaited the boy's response even though he already knew of the answer. The answer to his next question was what was important to him.

"You are here to train are you not? Perhaps you can help entertain me. I'm sure it would be good practice for us both."

The words escaped Hikaru's parted lips in a soft and gentle tone as he slowly began to draw the two katanas at his side that lay rested in their midnight black sheathes. Once drawn Hikaru held "Datenshi", the blade in his left hand out towards the hyuuga boy in a provoking manner, as if to further tempt him to fight while "Tenshi" the blade of his right hand was held to his side. With a soft smile across his face a gentle breeze made Hikaru's long raven black hair sway. Standing in a defensive position with his blades in hand, Hikaru waited for the response of the man and contemplated all the possible next moves.

Unfinished Heavy Rain [Private/Sparring] Fk8Kg
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Unfinished Heavy Rain [Private/Sparring] Empty Re: Unfinished Heavy Rain [Private/Sparring]

Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:12 am
"Hm?" Haru glanced at the voice that's now entering his right ear. He turned to see man with violet hair, or so he assume with his his white hazel eyes. He look upon the man with his clear vision, raising his head up slightly to make it clearer to observe the guy's face. Despite the long hair that Haru doesn't like, he still seem cool with that hair of his that's relaxing within the nature. He seem to bea middle aged man and he stood far taller than Haru, which starting to annoy him.

"You're right, i'm...uhh...Hyuga." answered Haru with slight fear in his tone. There's nothing to be afraid of the man, the katana that's hanging on his waist aren't that scary. But it's Haru's personality. He's clumsy, and he doesn't like to talk with strange people. Perhap this guy could bring trouble to him...the trouble that might make him run away like there's no more tomorrow.

"Train..? Uhh...Sorry...but no" replied Haru stepping back slightly his leg seem to be trembling, helding both his hands up. As he took another steps, he stop himself, and a split of second after that, the trembling also stopped. Once again, he bite his lips slightly, sticking out his tongue to lick the his lips trying to stop his fear. He blinked instantly, and start to move forward. He shouldn't fall, he musn't. This guy already knows that he's one of the Hyuga, and Haru must show a wolf-like personality. Like a wolf that never back down. Like a wolf that always complete thier task, and a wolf...that fear nothing.

Haru activated his Byakugan as he finished his hand seal. His vein on the temple start to bulge, and he shows a determine face, with the sharp white eyes of his. It's the first time he used his Byakugan to scare someone away, normally he will just run away. He hopes...that there's next time that he will stand firm on his spot and fight back. "What do you want from the Hyuga?" asked Haru coldly. Little that he knows that this guys who's now approaching him isn't the bad guy he imagined.
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