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Brothers and Punishment Empty Re: Brothers and Punishment

Sun May 20, 2012 7:09 pm
Zachariah walked out of the room. It was getting late. Really quite late. The sun was going away for the day, replacing itself with then moon, not even half full. A light mist covered the streets of Konoha as Zachariah walked out of the meeting hall. He was the last to leave, seeing as he was the only one without any place to be. He had stayed behind to clean up. This discussion had been much more difficult then the one he had had in Kumogakure. In Kumogakure, the local clan leaders had quickly listened to reason. Here, however, in Konohagakure, they were stubborn. They were still not convinced to keep the knowledge of mechanics within the Suijouki. That was an annoyance that the clan leaders thought of as dangerous, but not important enough to deal with themselves. Therefore, they left Zachariah to do it as an envoy. Those in Konoha were still not fully convinced, and it was well into the night. So, after the meeting let out, Zachariah, not feeling tired, stayed late to clean up. An hour passed before the room was returned to the state Zachariah had found it in. These meetings could sure get messy! he thought. Now that he was done, he walked to the small inn he was staying in for the duration of the conference. A small place, with only a futon and a small table. He did not mind it much because he didn't plan to stay long. In his room, into the night, still unable to sleep, he tinkered with his goggles. He wanted to give them a new ability. In a shop earlier that day, he had found a vial of light-reactive dust. Mixing the dust with water and starch, he was able to make a gel out of it. Carefully, he applied a thin layer of the gel to a small, transparent plastic film cut to the size of his goggles. The sun was nearly all the way down when he finished, and he was forced to work by candle light. Even so, he applied the film carefully, making sure no air bubbles gathered on it. Then he put them on. He could see someone off in the distance, walking into a building. Unfortunately, once he walked into the building, Zachariah could really no longer see him. So, the chemical mixture was not all that good. In fact, just a few minutes after he had put them on, they started to cease to function. So, the chemicals were weak and short lived. That was unfortunate, but something that had to be dealt with at a later time. In the meantime, he worked on the toggle for them before they totally lost their useability. Just as he took them off, he saw the heat signature of someone in a tree in the trainings grounds not too far from him, he did not think much of it, however. Taking the goggles off still looking in that direction a moment, he installed a toggle. A small little thing, it would charge tiny bit of chakra to the film, making the coating either activate, allowing the seeing of heat but blocking the regular light, or deactivating the coating, making it 100% transparent.

Zachariah now looked back to the tree as he placed on a new film, freshly made and deactivated. The tree was different. Several small trees now grew around it. Then, they... they MERGED!? They merged with the larger tree. Zachariah was intrigued. He got up and out the door, running over to the training area. He had to see what was happening. Upon arriving, he saw someone sitting in a tree. It was the same tree he had seen before. Except, not at all. It had flowered. It was larger, more alive. He thought of yelling out to the person but instead turned around and pretended to have never noticed the person, walking over to a small pond. There, his back to the person, but his eyes facing him, he made several hidden hand seals, his “backpack” on the ground. The pond drained as an intricate design was added to the pack. There were still three other such designs, all but one of which was formed for the same reason this one was. Then, after the pond was drained and one seal added, he stood back up and wandered, never looking directly at the tree, but never looking completely away from it either.

Brothers and Punishment Empty Re: Brothers and Punishment

Mon May 21, 2012 9:51 pm
Itsuka walked towards the Konoha training ground, pacing through the nighttime only seen as a dark figure. He was a moderately tall, skinny, lanky boy and was quite scrawny, not looking to have much muscle to the average eye. Though really, to other people at the moment Itsuka would only be a tall skinny figure with a grey face wrap mask that went around his face and over his head, covering the top and back of his head and his face. The only thing of Itsuka's head that would be visible would be his eyes, only barely perceivable through his dark garbs and the stark color of the world at night. He continued towards the place called a training ground, wearing his buttoned up thick black trench coat with long sleeves and dark cloth that hung over the ends of the sleeves, concealing his hands. Truly a terrifying figure just to look at.

Itsuka soon arrived at the training ground, concealed in a thickness of trees. He gazed past his cover and saw an opening, there being a pond in the clearing with a boy standing next to it. Yet with the angle Itsuka was placed he could see that the pond drained and the boy had a small, strange contraption out. However, Itsuka expected the man sitting in the tree even further from Itsuka, probably being in a tree around 10 meters from Itsuka, could see the contraption or the draining of the lake. The tall figure in the dark clothes, Itsuka, stepped forward a small distance, closing in on the boy around 3 meters away yet still concealed. It looked as though it were a peaceful seen, though that was not likely the truth. Itsuka had come to see his brother, the man sitting in the tree, but it looked as though a bit of a change in plans was about to happen. But Itsuka simply sat down, not wanting to be noticed by either people there at the training ground. If there were to be a fight, it would be better to catch up on info on the enemy before actually being attacked, just as an upper hand. Not as though an unfair advantage was needed. Itsuka was a top skill assassin, and along with his brother Aeon it would not be likely that a singular opponent could come out victorious against them. Though anything could happen at this rate, so it was just a matter of watching.
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