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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] - Page 3 Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:31 am
{Lvl One Henge Mastery}

Viper sits within the Hokage chambers, currently he is stuck doing paper work, he looks forward to simply see a wall of paper, times like these make him miss his Genin days, he places his forehead upon the desk dropping his pin upon the deck next to him, he closes his eyes and lets out an annoyed sigh, he knew somewhere his brothers were laughing at him, could hear their mocking now,"Way to go on becoming Hokage, good luck with the paper work idiot!" Viper then begins thinking of times more simpler then they are now, his thoughts take him back in time as he recalls a memory of when he was six years old, is was winter, the three brothers were building a snow man atop their house, they have spent all morning on it trying to get it perfect, each one of them wearing a thick full body coat to keep warm, they finish the snow man around roughly noon, Echo goes within the house to get decorations for the snow man leaving Viper and Koroshi atop the house, Viper looks at Koroshi and raises his right index finger to his mouth,"Shh" escapes his lips as he forms the dog seal, followed by boar and ram, his body gets enveloped in a cloud of smoke as he stands in front of the snowman and transforms himself in to it, by this time Echo has emerged from the house with a basket full of buttons, a carrot, a scarf, and various items you expect to find upon a snow man, Echo begins to decorate the snowman that is now his brother, he places the carrot nose upon it, followed by two pieces of coal for eyes, and small pebbles for the smile, he has stayed in front of the snowman for the most part so he has not noticed the replica behind him, Echo then takes two large sticks with hooked ends and sticks them in the side of the snowman for arms. once he finishes the mouth of the snowman begins to move slightly, the pebbles now taking on fanged teeth, it's eyes narrowing, a cold echoing laughter comes from the snowman, Echo goes wide eyes and backs up, the laughing grows louder as a demonic voice flows from the snowmans crafted mouth,"Foolish Mortal! You have rebuilt and awakened the great demon of the snow, UJUMBAUB! I will now feast on your soul!" Echo at this point throws his hands in the air, the basket of materials being thrown to his right landing in the snow, Echo turns on his heels to run, fear makes him forget where he is at this moment, he runs straight off the house, his feet keep moving for a minute but he goes no where, he looks down and with a scream plummets in to the snow covered street with a thud, Viper releases the transformation and falls over in the snow laughing aside his brother Koroshi,"Oh man we got him good!" comes from the roof top, Echo growling at this as he gets up, the snow perfectly in planted with his face, he looks down at his facial expressions which are captured with in the snow, even he can not help but chuckle at them, he rubs his hands u[on it scattering the snow so noone knows who fell, he leaps upon a small over hand and back on to the room,"I'll get you for that Viper you know i will" Echo says with a smirk, this unknown at the time would be the start of a long prank war between the three brothers, each one using the ninja arts they learned through life to better prank their brothers, getting lost in the memories viper has dosed off, he is woken up when the door of his chambers opens, he peeks over his papers"Can i help you?" His eyes suddenly grow wide at the sight of one of the elders, "Oh um, here is the form you wanted?"He says while handing them a slip of paper with his seal stamped upon it, they walks out after getting what they needed, Viper wipes his brow and whistles, good thing they didn't catch me sleeping, he thinks with a chuckle.

{Word Count:715}
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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] - Page 3 Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:03 am
{Level Two Henge Mastery}

It's a quiet morning in the Hokage chambers, Viper has been able to get a good sleep, he goes to his office to find now one sign of paper work, to this he gets excited, could he possibly have a day off? He thinks with a hopeful smile, he dashes to his char and spins in it a bit, although he is Hokage he is still just a kid, he spins a few times until he hears creaking come from the door, he drags his feet upon the ground and rapidly stops spinning, he looks towards the door dizzy, an elderly woman steps forth, one of Konoha's surviving elders, behind her an academy student carries in an arm full of paper work, Viper watches her as her form swirls in place, his eyes water a bit from dizziness, he notes the child which places the paper work upon the desk, smiles, and runs off back to class, the elder looks towards the now dizzy Uchiha,"You may have gotten the seat of Hokage, but you have alot of growing up you need to do Viper, do not let us down!" She says in a nagging tone as she slams the door shut.
Viper's eyes narrow, who was she to talk to him like that? He knew what he had to do but no one can expect him to be serious twenty four seven, he picks up his pen and looks at it, hm, he has an idea, he channels his chakra in to it as it gets engulfed in a puff of smoke, the pen now turning in to a senbon needle, he is truly getting good at the art of the shinobi,he turns it back as the puff of smoke occurs for the transformation, he pulls the first of the many papers down and begins looking them over and filling them out, wanting to get this done faster his Sharingan spirals in to his eyes, he uses his natural speed to pull one paper down, read it near instantly, then fill it out and put it in the completed box, this only takes him roughly five minutes to complete, he leans back in his chair with a cocky smirk, he tosses the pen upon the table and puts his hands behind his head relaxing, hm, maybe i should pay that old hag a visit? he thinks with his smirk growing wider.
He pushes off the floor scooting his chair back as he gets to his feet, he preforms the body flicker technique via the necessary hand seals and vanishes, he is now upon the roof tops of the Hokage mansion, his Sharingan views the elder through the roof, he has a splendid idea, his being gets engulfed in smoke, when it clears his body is covered with multiple fake wounds, blood all over his face, his Hokage robes ripped to shreds, he dashes to the edge of the roof and leaps off catching a post and flinging himself through the open window as she passes, his body collides with her as it knocks her over, she is angered at first but looks down to see the bloodied battle scarred body of her Hokage before screaming and passing out, Viper bursts out laughing as he ends the technique and stands next to her, at this time other shinobi fill the hall way after hearing her scream, Viper immediately straightens up, several people rush to her aid, they look to Viper and ask what happened, to which he replies with a shrug,"I just got here as well,I do not know why she yelled." he says with fake concern, medical ninja run in to the hall and begin treating her, her eyes open wide,"The Hokage is dead!" she hollers sitting up rapidly, she looks around to see everyone crouched around her, even Viper who simply smirks at her,"You better take some time off granny, your starting to see things"He says with a chuckle, immediately she knows it was him, although she will not say it due to just being labeled as crazy, she will have her own revenge, this will come as mountains of paper work he will get tomorrow.
Viper walks off unknowing of what he just brought upon himself, he chuckles at the thoughts of what he did, Echo would be proud, he reaches the door for his office and walks inside, he gets curious, what else can he transform? He grips his chair and flows chakra in to it, it gets engulfed in a cloud of smoke and turns to solid gold, Viper smirks lightly, this is going to be fun to use, he grips his desk, it gets enveloped in the same smoke as it turns to solid gold, he sits down in his chair but finds it horribly uncomfortable, he did not think this though, he ends the chakra flow as the chair returns to normal along with the table, he looks towards the window, the sun is setting at this point, ah, what a wonderful day he thinks, he chuckles lightly at his prank once more as he leans back in the chair unbeknownst of the karma he has brought upon himself.

{Word Count:872}
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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] - Page 3 Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Mon Jun 11, 2012 4:56 am
{Katon Mastery Level Three}

Viper sits within the Hokage chambers, mountains of paper work are piled around the room and fill his desk, papers vanish off one stack and get added to another, on the other side of the wall of paper Viper has his Sharingan active and is reading through the papers as fast as possible whilst stamping his approval on those that require it, he has been at this for hours despite moving at top speed, such is his punishment for scaring that old bag of an elder, but oh it was worth it to see her face, he smirks at this as he rushes through the paper work, he busts it out and finishes the entirety of the paper work around the room in an hour, he chuckles to himself,"Take that ya old bitch!" he says in his head, he gets to his feet and leaps out the window and heads to the training field, he bounds off building after building, he leaps high in to the air stretching his legs after being stuck inside, his Hokage uniform left within his chambers, for now he simply wears his Uchiha uniform which consists of a black t-shirt with the symbol of a red and white fan upon the back, and a pair of tan shorts and black tabi, he reaches the border building and leaps off the edge, he flies high in to the air and reaches the top of the perimeter wall in one leap, he looks down smirking, he is getting stronger by the day.
Viper turns in place and does a back flip off the wall, he flips through the air curling his knees to his chest as he vanishes in to the thick canopies below, he extends his legs and lands upon a tree branch, he spins on his right heel and dashes in to the forest going deeper, he leaps slightly and reaches the upper level of branches, he forms the tiger seal, his chakra gets pushed outwards to coat his body, he leaps upwards off a high tree branch and breaths forth a massive sphere of fire towards the sky roughly 10 meters in side, he is in a good mood today, something you do not see often, after a bit of traveling he reaches the training field, he leaps off the tree branch and skids across the ground at training field 3, he smirks as he thinks of how he will test his power today, still having some fire chakra ready he raises his right palm towards the clear sky, from it he fires off a pressurized stream of fire that roars through the air, the heat and mass causing an updraft with the displaced air which causes the flames to reach even further, he ceases the stream and looks upwards as the flames crack and spark out of existence, he forms the tiger seal once more, he is going to get even better at this, he walks to the edge of the river and faces the mountain wall, he takes on a fighting stance where his right foot is positioned six inches back, both his knees are bent lightly, Viper's arms are at his chest balled in to fists, he jabs the air with his left fist, a small fireball blasts forth to impact the mountain wall, immediately following up his jab he preforms a cross with his right fist extending it outwards to release a similar sized fireball from this fist as well, he observes the fireballs impact the mountain wall singing it.
For a few moments he plans his next motions, planning his own fighting style for his flames, viper jabs the air twice following it with a cross, three fireballs blast forth, with a slight hop his feet change position, his weight shifts to his right leg as he curls his left arm upwards, he turns upon the balls of his right foot as his left foot raises and kicks forward sending forth a crescent blast of fire towards the mountain, his leg touches back down as Vipers form rotates back in conjunction returning him to position, Viper this time switches it up, jabs three times before switching his feet once more preforming the same switch kick but this time with his right foot and turning upon the balls of his left feet, the crescent blast of fire shoots forth at the mountain wall, he resets his position.
Viper now tries a different combo, he jabs with his left, crosses with his right, then preforms a hook with his left fist bringing it across his body whilst rotating his torso to the right going with the punch, these three motions make two straight traveling fireballs, and one large crescent arcing wave, Viper re sets position, he steps forward with his right foot and places it three inches in front of his left, his left leg bends and kicks straight forward for a push kick, form the sole of his tabi fires forth a similar sized fireball that was fired from his fist, his leg quickly touches back down upon the ground with the balls of his feet as his weight shifts, he leans to his left and raises his right leg twisting slightly so his right flank faces the wall, his right foot kicks outwards firing a fireball from before to match the left leg.

This is good, but he has more ideas, his stance now becomes looser, he walks towards the river and stands upon it, his hands raises slightly, they remain at his chest but his palms are open, his palms seeming to mimic the Hyuuga if viewed by another, Viper begins walking in a small clock wise circle, he keeps his upper body always facing the center while keeping his legs walking straight along the path he follows, he palms his right hand forwards and releases a small fireball from it only six inches in size, he keeps circling to build momentum, he puts pressure upon his right foot and spins upon it, the spin quicker then normal due to the already gathered momentum by being in motion, he spins to his right quickly facing behind him only to thrust both of his palms forward and fire a pressurized stream of fire towards the mountain wall from each hand, the two merging together in to one large stream, he holds this for a total of thirty seconds, the flames start to slightly melt and deform the stone, this is good, but solo practice will only make him go so far in his skill, for this he needs a partner, who better to practice against them himself? He chuckles at this whilst forming the clone seal, his index and middle finger extending outwards to form a cross, a puff of smoke occurs at his right flank that quickly becomes a mirror image, the two face each other upon the water battlefield.
Their Sharingan take in the exact detail of one another, they stare each other down each one thinking of their own plan of attack, the clone is first to strike, it's form takes on the first style viper practiced in, the Muay-thai fighting style, his left fist jabbing forwards to shoot forth a fireball.
Viper, instead selects the secondary style, that of the Baguazhang, he dashes to his right as he circles the clone while evading the fireball, the clone in the center focuses his eyes upon the originals form, it steps forward while timing it's motions perfectly, it's right foot positions itself six inches forward, his left foot raises in to a push kick timed for when the original when he comes around.
The original notes this, he steps inwards with his left foot, he goes with a grouched spin passing under the clones leg, both of his palms push forward and fire forth a condensed stream of fire in to the clone, the Baguazhang proving dominate over this selective assault, the clone is swallowed up by the flames with it's explosion absorbed by them.
Viper gets the memories of the clone and views his own style through his eyes, he inspects the memory for flaws and as expected, finds none.

He flows chakra to his right index finger tip and points it towards the mountain, his chakra flows like a raging river towards the tip, once it reaches the tip a pressurized sphere of fire is launched forth only one inch in spherical diameter, the condensed flames take on a solid construct making this act like a gun bullet, the flame bullet rapidly travels towards the wall impacting it then exploding in a grenade like explosion heavily denting the wall of the great mountain, Viper blows lightly upon his finger as smoke drifts from the tip, Viper thinks for a moment, normally by this time his ability to mold the chakra in to fire has ceased, strange enough, he feels no chakra surrounding his body, he punches forward with his right fist as chakra flows form his core and through his arm to form a small fireball, he smirks at this, his chakra system memorizing how to create the fire release.

{Word Count:1,528}
Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] - Page 3 Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Mon Jun 11, 2012 7:45 pm
Approved for Henge Mastery Levels one and two.

Approved for Katon Mastery Level 3
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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] - Page 3 Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Thu Jun 14, 2012 6:59 am
{Katon Mastery Lvl 4,Henge Mastery Lvl3,Speed Training.}

The amber glow of the morning sun graces the land as it rises over top the newly rebuilt Hokage monument, the fresh wood of the newly resurrected buildings seems to glow against the suns rays, although not perfect, Konohagakure no Sato is once again inhabitable.
Viper Uchiha, the new Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato, watches the rising sun from his office window, something he has taken a liking towards due to his office towering over the other buildings within the village, this provides him with a perfect view of the sun every morning.
Viper watches it with a light smile, what was once a tragic occurrence within Konohagakure no Sato, now brought so much good in to the Uchiha's life, he has been made Hokage, something he desired since he was little so he could lead his village to prosperity and peace, it also allowed him to do good for two people close to him, his brother Echo Uchiha, and his new partner Sameonna Hoshigaki, both of them being made his Anbu Black Ops Captains, each one now leading their own fraction to defend Konohagakure no Sato from any of it's intruders.
Although at a temporary time of peace due to his leadership, Viper does miss his time in the field, he is unable to leave the village for long periods due to the missing shinobi that could be lying in wait for him to leave his village unguarded, to this he sighs, but, what if nobody knew the Hokage left, not even the villagers?
Viper smirks at this idea, his hands form the clone seal, his index and middle fingers extending outwards on both hands, his ring and pink finger curling downwards, the thumb bends downwards and presses upon the curled finger tips, with a slight fluctuation of chakra a cloud of smirk emerges behind Viper, it slowly fades to reveal a mirror image of Viper, the technique known as the Kage Bunshin No Jutsu, a technique used to craft an exactly replica of the user in exchange for half their chakra that gives the clone life, although this is not a normal Kage Bunshin, no sign of it is given upon it's being, this unique clone is derived from the Bunshin Daibakuha, otherwise known as the Clone Great Explosion, the clone capable of detonating on it's own, or if forcefully struck down, making this clone highly dangerous due to the fact its nature remains unknown unless you can magically select the exploding clone from a group of normal shadow clones, their explosion capable of easily obliterating a fully grown human being at point blank range, a true piece of art.
Viper looks over his creation for any flaws that may give the shadow clone away that it is not the real Hokage, seeing none Viper nods in approval, he instructs the clone to take his seat at the deck while he turns towards the window, his being erupts in to smoke as he preforms his Henge no Jutsu which he has developed to a masterful level he by passes all needed seals, the smoke fades as his attire consists of a heavy black cloak, and a white bird mask, this attire matching an Anbu Black Ops Unit.
Although his disguise is ready, villagers would still panic if the Anbu Black Ops were running around Konohagakure no Sato, for this he needed to be careful, he steps up upon the edge of his window with his right foot and kicks off, his being vanishing whilst his hands form the ram seal, the body flicker technique merging with his already legendary speed allows him to be nigh undetectable, he clears the village near instantly, he stands one mile in to the surrounding forest, seeing no further point in his heavy disguise he ends the henge no jutsu, his being erupting in smoke once more leaving him in his prior attire, his basic Uchiha uniform with the clan symbol of a red and white fan upon the back of his shirt, a pair of tan cargo shorts with multiple pockets, and a pair of black tabi, his raven black hair cut very differently than a few months ago, his hair now short, it still spikes downwards but in all directions front and back, his hair reaching the middle of his neck in the back, in the front a few detailed strands from his bangs curve in crescent strands over his Konohagakure no Sato head band, a deep blue cloth that is tied around his head tightly, a metal plate upon the middle of the cloth to be positioned upon the Shinobi's forehead, upon the plate exists the symbol of Konohagakure no Sato, a small swirl with a triangular point formed at the outside edge.
Vipers coal black eyes take in the surrounding area, the sun only barely peeking over the mountains indicating it is still quite early in the morning, although Viper loves his home, he has to get out and stretch his legs every once in a while, otherwise he will get rusty when and if another attack strikes his home, he has to be ready, Viper's coal black iris begins to change, what was once a dark abyss is now twin crimson pools of blood, twin comma shaped tomoe form in each eye, the form parallel with one another on each side of the pupil and begin to slowly rotate around it, both of his Sharingan tomoe rotating in a slow clockwise circle as he takes in every detail of the area, the thick bark on the trees, the bright green summer leaves in the foliage above, even the small creatures inhabiting the area that he just frightened with his sudden appearance.
Viper looks towards the sky, small breaks in the foliage above that are detailed by dim rays of sunlight allow Viper to find where to look, the clouds above are growing thicker, the suns rays being blocked for the most part by large storm clouds, of all the times for it to storm, why did it have to be the day he snuck out? He sighs at this thought, a little rain never hurt anyone, he figures he best begin his training before the storm starts.
Viper dashes deep in to the forest, he makes a sudden leap to his right whilst keeping his forward momentum, his body twists as the soles of his tabi rebound a near by tree and rocket him in a diagonal angle so he goes up and forwards, he aims for a tree in the distance, his body blurring as he hops from tree to tree, he bounds off the next one as he vanishes in to the foliage above, grasping a lower hanging branch he sling shots himself to the tree tops as he runs along them, he breaths in as he tastes the moisture in the air, he had to locate a safe house so to speak from the weather so he could continue his training between storms, it is not long before he spies a mountain off in the distance, even though the time may of not taken long Vipers speed has allowed him to travel miles in this short amount of time, Viper leaps off the tree tops and lands with a skid upon the moist grass along the side of the mountain, sprinkles are already starting to fall in this part meaning the storm is headed towards Konohagakure no Sato, Viper rounds the mountain but regrettably finds no cave entrance of any kind, needing to find one he scales the mountain with use of the tree climbing technique that is preformed by layering your feet with chakra, he reaches mid way up the mountain before a winding path is visible hidden amongst the rocks, Viper dashes along the mountain side to reach this path, it is small but he leaps upon it, the path only wide enough for one and a half people to travel side by side, he slowly follows this winding mountain trail that leaps higher in to the mountain, before long Viper finds what he is looking for, a large cave seemingly carved out of the mountain.
The rain begins to fall harder as steady rain drops opposed to the prior sprinkles, Viper draws his right arm back, chakra instinctively flows from his core and channels through his arm, he thrusts it forward as a large fireball is fires from his open palm roughly five meters in spherical diameter, the Katon illuminates the cave allowing Viper to see inside, it is small, obviously hollowed out by an earth quake shaking loose debris, being only that of thirty feet in a cubical diameter once you pass through the small oval entrance, Viper walks inside, he raises his right palm towards the ceiling as his chakra flows outwards quickly making the nature change to fire, a small palm sized fireball now hovers within Vipers hand as a torch to view the area closer, this ability being derived from Vipers mastery over the fire release, to think, he came from such levels of making multiple hand signs for small scale techniques, to crafting intricate nearly solid structures of fire with minimal effort, he truly is a genius among the Uchiha.
Viper lowers his right arm as he manipulates the fireball to hover from his hand and on to the floor at the center of the cave, the fire staying lit as long as Viper keeps his focus upon it, Vipers adds more chakra to it by channeling it through the air, the fireball now growing to roughly two feet in size making it an average camp fire, its glow illuminating the caves interior, Vipers sits next to the fire looking outwards at the cave entrance, the rain now comes down harder, thick droplets furiously impact the ground with audible sounds, Viper watches this with a sigh, looks like training is done for now, he shivers lightly, his clothes soaked by the rain on his way to the shelter, he flows his chakra outwards and through his clothing, he makes a semi nature change but only causes the chakra to super heat, this causes the water to evaporate from his clothing drying them off immediately, while at the same time granting him a warm pair of clothes.

Viper looks around the cave, although all outside training is halted for now, it does not mean his time should be wasted by simply sitting here, Viper grasps a small stone at his right, he lifts it with his right palm and inspects it, his chakra flows in to it as the stone falls under the influence of his henge no jutsu, the stone being engulfed in smoke as it now has the form of a single shuriken, Viper spins this ninja tool upon his right index finger by sliding it through the center hole used to carry the weapon safely, suddenly he pinches the end of the shuriken between his right index finger and thumb whilst sliding his finger out from in between the hole, he flicks his wrist to the right whilst releasing his pseudo Shuriken, it flies through the air as if ti was real, it impacts the wall and rebounds to the far side of the cave, off the back wall, and back towards Viper whom catches it upon his right index finger, he smirks lightly, his skills are getting better, maybe he was the right choice for Hokage after all, I mean who else could match his skill?
Viper applies extra chakra to the pseudo shuriken to compensate for what it lacks in matter, the object erupts in smoke once more, a kunai knife is formed this time perfectly detailed down to the white bandaged hilt used for added grip.
Viper slides his right index finger through the hole located at the end of the knife, he spins it lazily upon his finger as he watches the rain with a yawn, this always being something that relaxed him and made him sleepy, Viper takes the shuriken he formed from the initial stone and draws his right arm back only to hurl the knife forwards and out the cave door, the blade swishes as it flies off in to the stormy sky, after some distance, roughly fifty yards or so, the henge no jutsu loses contact with Viper, the kunai erupting with smoke only to return to its original state as a palm sized stone that crashed to the ground, Viper yawns and lays back upon the stone floor, that stone being the highlight of his training session for today, how sad.
His eyes close as he listens to the crackling of the flames in front of him, as well as the hard rain fall, the combined elements quickly lull the Uchiha to sleep, within his dream realm is where the real training begins.

Viper stands upon a large hill top across from his brother Echo, the two are much older then they are now, seeming to be in their mid thirties, Vipers body is different his face is more shaped and matured with his raven black hair
flowing behind him to reach his mid back,his upper body is bare along with his feet, he is only wearing a pair of martial arts pants, within his eyes is something strange, the Mangekyou Sharingan, this dojutsu having the shape of a black eight arrow pointed star along the blood red iris, upon Vipers head is the konohagakure no sato head band, strangely, there is a deep cut along the center of the headband signifying that of a missing ninja.

Echo on the other hand has a sleeker face, his eyes a strange green hue instead of there original coal black, the replacement of his eyes made obvious by a two vertical scars lining his face though they are partially faded, his obsidian black hair shaped much like before, his bangs framing his face in the style of Minato Namikaze his pony tail now long and thick wrapped tightly in white bandages ending at the end, the ends spiking outwards like the tuft of a wolfs tail,His garb consists of a Loose kosode black and white on each sides the back of which come together to form the Symbol of Inner Peace Yin and Yang, a black pair of hakma are his choice of bottoms, a pair of Wooden Hamaji lining his feet modified slightly to fit on the bottom of a boot,He glares forward his headband bare just a simple white headband with long ties which flutter in the breeze a Katana sheathed on Echo's left hip his wrists having two strange bracelets forming around them.

Viper smirks towards his brother,"To think, that it would be you, of all people, to try and stop me." Viper says with a slight sadistic chuckle, Echo's eyes narrow, his left hand grips the hilt of his katana firmly, he speaks towards Viper with a serious yet pleading tone,"Viper, you have the power to end this right now, no one else has to die!" Viper's sick smirk grows wider upon his lips, his sadistic chuckle now turning in to insane laughter, he now speaks in a louder tone towards his brother ceasing the laughter,"Your right Echo, I do have the power! I have all the power in the world!" With this said vipers fists clench, roaring streams of fire shoot downwards off the hill top, his head tilts back, from his mouth erupts a roaring inferno that paints the sky a deep shade of orange, the triple streams of fire capable of easily obliterating a village, Viper in this state of mind is the biggest threat the Shinobi world has had since Madara Uchiha, and the Ten-Tails itself.
Echo slides his left foot back a few inches, his right palm crosses his being to grasp the hilt of his katana firmly, his left hand sliding down to grip the neck of his sheath just below the mouth and the guard of his katana, his eyes remain fixed upon his brother, no fear is present within them at his brothers power, only that of sadness for he knows what he must do should the time come,"Viper, I do not want to fight you, but I will do what I must to stop you." Echo says in a stern tone void of emotion, a state he only enters when he has made the decision to kill.

The streams of fire cease, Viper knowing his brother will not act first Viper takes action, his right palm opens as chakra flows in to it, a small flickering flame forms within, the flames condense keeping this size as it expands lightly to a palm sized fireball, the colors a deep shade of red and orange, what seems to be screeching is heard from the core of the flame, the heat reaching such levels it is creating an audible sound, Viper thrusts his palm forward, what was condensed now bursts forth as a condensed stream of fire easily capable of obliterating all of Konohagakure no sato if it was aimed for it, Echo's stares emotionlessly at the preparation of Vipers Katon, seeing as he will not need his blade for this Echo clasps both of his hands together in what looks to be a praying manner, something Echo uses for concentration, when Vipers attack is unleashed Echo opens his palms and points them towards Vipers while keeping both hands linked at the edge, the palms curved outwards slightly making twin streams of fuuton that start off joined at the beginning, only to scream outwards as the pressurized air tears through the area, Vipers katon shoots in to the central space, once it does it is trapped, the continuous opposing air currents strip the attack of all its power, as it goes deeper in it's met with the core of Echo's mastered great breakthrough, the flames get picked up by the twin fuuton streams and pulled within, Echo no blasting forth twin streams of wind enhanced Fuuton on each side of Viper with him standing in the middle, he soon ceases his stream of fire, Echo releasing his Fuuton as they both stare each other down."I can honestly say Echo, I am glad it was you that came to stop me, no one else would let me have this much fun!" Viper says with his sick smirk returning once more.
Echo returns this with a heartless stare, within his heart aches for he knows that by the end of this, he will most likely lose a brother, his right hand immediately crosses his being once more as his hands take on the aforementioned battojutsu stance, his blade draws rapidly as a condensed crescent wave of chakra roughly five meters fires towards Viper in an upwards diagonal angle, the wave if impact is made would go from Viper's left shoulder, across his body, and through his right hip cutting him in two, but this is not the case Vipers leaps off his hill top and blasts chakra form his feet that takes the shape of fire, his being now propelled upwards as he flies towards Echo, he punches the air towards his brother with each hand sending twin fireballs towards his grounded brother roughly two feet in size, Echo counters this by taking his already drawn blade and slashing once more, a crescent chakra wave slices through both fireballs ending their existence due to the compressed chakra, Viper angling himself upwards so the chakra passes under him, Viper suddenly vanishes with use of the body flicker, is his now at Echo's right flank, Echo's instincts detect this as he rapidly spins in a clock wise circle twisting his wrist so the blade faces his right attempting to bifurcate his brother, due to the fact the stance is shaky, and Vipers Sharingan is active he easily catches the blade by clasping his fingers upon each flat end, immediately he flows Chakra through the blade preforming the henge no jutsu, the blade erupting with a quick cloud of smoke only to take the form of a casual stick which Viper snaps the end off of, Viper steps back allowing Echo to view his broken blade whilst keeping the end of the blade that now exists as only a small twig he smirks,"Alot of good those blades will do to me Echo, it is truly a shame you gave away my spare eyes, they could of helped you in this battle, but your not man enough to use the gifts given to you!"

Echo looks down at his blade that is now turned in to nothing more then a broken stick, he tosses it aside and looks towards Viper as he speaks, he chuckles lightly showing emotion once again, this raises Viper's right brow ri rise in curiosity, Echo finally speaks,"Not man enough? What kind of man uses free abilities handed down to him by a clan, something that requires no skill to use and is a stain upon the world!"A taunting smirk forms upon Echo's lips,"The way I see it is, I'm fighting you with a handicap because i worked for what i have, you got it all free because you have no talent so you had to take the easy road."
Viper's eyes narrow at his words,"Big talk from someone who was kicked out of the family for being a weak dog and turned in to nothing but a common thief, if it was not for Koroshi and I you would of died out there!"
Echo's emotions vanish once more, his eyes narrow,"Don't you dare use Koroshi's name you piece of shit!"
Viper chuckles sadistically once more, his right index finger and thumb grip his chin as he smirks,"Did I hit a sore spot? You better get serious Echo or i'll kill you to-" Vipers words are cut off, vipers face is impacted by Echo's right fist, Viper now flying through the air spiraling as he recovers slightly by shooting fire forth from his body in an omnidirectional angle to halt his spin, then return to his flying by fire feet, Echo now in Sage Mode, his appearance looks more" feral, his canines are enlarged, his eyes are narrowed, his green eyes now look like slits, his finger tips are claws, and his muscles are more defined, he growls and speaks with a deep tone,"I'm ripping your fucking eyes out you weak piece of shit!"

Viper's eyes shoot open, he wakes up panting as he sits up, his body soaked with sweat, the camp fire is out, and the rain has stopped but it is still late at night, a blood red moon illuminated the land, he looks down at his hands as they shake, his eyes widened in horror, what was that? He wishes this was not a vision of things to come, he gets to his feet but his legs are still asleep so he stumbles a bit before getting to his feet, he staggers to the entrance of the cave and reaches towards a puddle formed by the rain and splashes hand fulls upon his face trying to wake himself up and forget this nightmare, there is one thing Viper does know, he must find his missing brother, this must now be his first priority when he gets back to Konoha, it does not matter how much resources he has to spend or if he bankrupts the village, he will find him no matter what.
Viper's body still shakes lightly as memories flash in to his head of his dream, he shakes his head trying to get them out of his head, he will never let these events come to pass, this dream will make sure of that, Viper gets to his feet and looks around, he notes the moons odd color but enjoys it, the sky is calm for the time being with the storm clouds moving on, they are now replaced by thin wisps that gracefully pass over the moon to shade the land with multiple shaped silhouettes, one such silhouette passes next to Viper, he looks at it horrified as it takes the shape in his mind of his lost brother fallen upon the ground, how could he live in peace when he brother was nowhere to be found? He has to get back to training so he can find him, Viper takes a running start and leaps off the mountain only to land upon the trees below, he rebounds off them once he hits the branch to launch himself a good twenty trees further, as he lands again he twists whilst gripping a thin branch with his right hand breaking it off as he lands after a 180 spin to his left, the branch forming in to a masterfully crafted Katana blade through use of the henge no jutsu with no sheath, he sweeps it through the air a few times, he grips the hilt with his left hand as well and swings it firmly in all directions, he leaps off the tree branch to land upon the forest floor, he sweeps the blade at the closest tree cutting a deep gash in it, he turns preforming a spinning slash cutting deep in to five more trees, he spins once more as he extends fire chakra to his blade and forms a raging inferno to form form the blade that forms a ring around him due to his rotation, this obliterates the trees around him as he pants lightly, the flames ceasing to spread due to being under his control, he has to get these memories off his mind, Viper dashes deeper in to the forest, he sweeps the blade at multiple more trees swiftly cutting deep in to them only for them to fall behind him due to the deep gash he has made, his Sharingan seems to burn within his eyes as he details the area at high speeds as he just runs having no destination, he flows chakra to the blade and forms it in to a wooden staff, he spins it around him as he runs, he suddenly slams the bottom in to the ground and vaults high in to the air, the wooden staff now weapon changing to a large great sword, viper brings this over his head and sweeps it in a downwards diagonal angle cutting a large tree clean in half as he lands upon the upper severed section with the tree walking technique, the upper section slides and falls as Viper leaps off it only to stand upon the now flat platform of the trunk, Viper crosses his right arm across his chest bringing the blade with it, he suddenly sweeps his arm back out releasing the hilt of his new blade as he sends it spinning through the air like a massive shuriken, he dashes after it along the tree tops, his sharingan keeps track of the spin as he reaches forward grasping it by the hilt with his right hand, the blade blurring while it spins so grasping the hilt is a great feat.
Viper raises his right arm to the sky, the blade erupts in smoke as Vipers sweeps his arm downwards, what was once a great sword is now a long chain scythe, the scythe blade tears through the trees as Viper wildly swings his arms around, fire erupts from the blade as it obliterates the surrounding trees lightning them ablaze but not spreading due to Vipers manipulation over then, instead the flames shoot high in to the sky and form a ring of fire that explodes, all the while Viper swings his chain scythe while panting lightly, he has to push him self harder than he ever has, he tosses the scythe up in to the air as it erupts in smoke becoming no more than it's branch like form, viper looks up at it and breaths forth a large fireball completely obliterating it, the fireball shoots towards the moon and reaches the clouds as it explodes like a firework, luckily this is far enough away form konohagakure no sato that no one notices, Viper drops to the forest floor, he forms the ram seal as his chakra flows through his body to preform the Shunshin no Jutsu, his being flickering in and out of sight as he travels through the forest, he stops at a small clearing, a lake is at the core, he knees before it and shoves his head in the water drinking gulps to calm himself down and regain his energy, he pulls his head up form the water and pants heavily catching his breath.
Viper looks towards the moon once more, his breathing slows to normal after a few moments of calming breaths, he gets to his feet and begins to run again, he runs
upon the surface of the lake and crosses it to reach the other end of the forest, he leaps upwards reaching the high branches and runs along them hopping from branch to branch, he has to get faster, he has to get stronger, he will not let his dream come to pass, he will be the one everyone looks up to not someone who will destroy everyone including his family, Viper grits his teeth at the memories of the dream that still plague his mind, he growls,"Get out already!" he screams in to the night, he jumps to the tree tops,"Get out!" he yells once more as he roars out a massive stream of fire in to the sky that continues for a straight two minutes, Viper ceases this still growling, he leaps further in to the forest, he is lost by this point not knowing where he even is, nor does he care, his rage blinds him, he only care about getting stronger, he has to, he must be the one everyone can count on! he thinks in his head, he suddenly stops, his body at it's limits, he crouches over and grasps his knees, he pants lightly from exhaustion, he cant keep this up, he has to go home.
Viper forms the clone seal and crafts a kage bunshin next to him, this clone immediately disperses and sends info back to the clone acting in his place as hokage, the clones eyes widen at this, it pulls forth a scroll from the desk drawer and places it upon the table, he unrolls it as a seal formula is visible upon it for a summoning technique, the clone slams his palm upon it and flows chakra in to it, smoke erupts from it as the original Viper is summoned home only to lay exhausted upon the table, the clone erupting in smoke de summoning giving Viper it's chakra.
He looks towards the ceiling panting, he is home, that is all that matters, his eyes close in exhaustion but suddenly shoot open, memories of Echo's face still haunt him, memories of that horrible nightmare, he rolls to the right and gets to his feet, he flops back down in his chair, his body coated in sweat as he wipes his eyes free of the moisture, his Sharingan deactivates as he stares blankly at his dark room, his eyes seeming to be in some form of trance, so much happened in one night, maybe he is better off staying in his peaceful position as Hokage? He closes his eyes once more to relax, the memories gone for now, his hands rub his temples as he tries to relax and forget them, his body grows tired as he soon doses off, his dreams are blank at first, suddenly, the only image in his mind is a fist, one that belongs to his brother Koroshi, along with the words "Quit being a woosey!" vipers wake up to a broken nose as he falls back from his chair, his eyes widen as he holds his nose that is now bleeding.
Vipers sits upon the ground wondering what just happens, this must be pay back from what happened in the dream but also his brothers way to snap him out of his fears no matter where he is, viper lays back upon the ground, he knows Koroshi is alive, he just has to find him, Viper closes his eyes to sleep once more.

Word Count:5,406.

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Sat Jun 16, 2012 9:44 am
{Sharingan Genjutsu Mastery.}

It is a bright full moon night, the illumination of the full moon casts a pearl white glow upon the building of Konohagakure no Sato and the surrounding forests, small cloud wisps float gently with the air currents to pass in front of the moon becoming visible against the bleach white canvas to show silhouettes of gray structures that are the clouds, their shapes only defined by ones own imagination.
It is within the Hokage's bed chambers that Viper Kamu Uchiha, the newest Hokage of Konohagakure no sato resides, his attire is simple, a black t-shirt with the Uchiha symbol upon the back that matches that of a red and white wooden fan, and a pair of dark blue shinobi pants, his raven black hair is un kept, Viper having tossed and turned all night due to past events that have been troubling his mind, he lays back upon his bed staring upwards to the ceiling, his coal black eyes staring blankly upon the newly crafted wooden surface thanks to the combined efforts of all who helped bring Konohagakure no Sato back to greatness.
His blank stare continues, memories of the events plaguing his mind as he recalls them all, most notably, one of the main culprits of Konohagakure no sato's destruction revealed to be one of his own Anbu Black Ops, a girl whom he had even started to develop feelings for, one that he held in equal regards for power, now he is not sure what to think, was he just blinded by longing? Did he want to believe she was innocent to that much of an extent he let her guard down and ignored the obvious signs, things he normally would of pointed out?
His head throbs over his confusion, what is he going to do, how can he expect to lead Konohagakure no sato in to greatness when one of the people he appointed with high authority is one of the ninja responsible for destroying it in the first place?
He rolls over on his left side with a sigh, his eyes catch glimpse of his bed side mirror, he looks upon his own reflection for a moment just thinking of what to do next, his coal black eyes take on a deep shade of red, three comma shaped tomoe's spiraling within the red backdrop only to softly spin around the central pupil, the tomoe's now existing in a triangular formation, he views his eyes in the mirror, the perfect Sharingan, something he always wanted to have, but sadly, he never expected this is how he would get it, a legendary power brought on by so much heart ache and pain, what kind of god would allow such a power to exist, a power that requires one to shed the blood of his brothers and sisters to gain power?
His gaze never leaves the mirror, he is interested in something, the tomoe spin faster as he focuses upon his eyes in the mirror, he activates the Sharingan:Genjutsu, although the Sharingan is perfected, the Genjutsu is weak, being no more than a simple E-Rank at this point, his chakra begins to shift as Viper begins to alter his own senses freely, he alters his vision to one of a more tranquil environment, the young Uchiha now sitting within a grassy field upon a large stone upon the center of the area, he looks around, the field seeming to be endless, the soft summer air lightly blows his hair to the side, his attire within this world is similar to the one in reality, the only real change is the fact that his blue shinobi pants are now tan cargo shorts.
Viper even though this Genjutsu is a low rank, does not resist nor try to see through it for the time being, he begins to alter his perception of reality once more, he views three children comes in to existence, he smiles lightly at them as he observes, the children revealing themselves to be the five year old versions of Echo,Koroshi, and Himself, his attention mostly directed towards Koroshi as sadness fills him, with all his power he still has not located his brother, why was he still this weak?
The children begin to play what they referred to as "tag", the young version of Viper swats Koroshi's arm only to take off running screaming tag, Koroshi grinning and running after him, Koroshi looking like a monster even at that age, Viper chuckles watching them, Koroshi quickly gains on Viper due to picking up momentum in a straight run before Viper breaks to his left causing Koroshi to miss tagging him, he curves to his left to come around, still keeping his momentum and increasing in speed, the child Viper knows he cant stop running, for Koroshi in this state physically can not stop easily being much like a train, he will easily trample him to the ground.
Echo runs in front of Koroshi and passes him,"Cant catch us!" he taunts with his regular shit eating grin, Koroshi now debating on who to chase, this goes on for hours it seems before an older voice summons to boys off, the words "Dinner is ready" echoes from off in the distance, this memory now becoming clear, the scene shifts once more as viper watches the three sit upon the dinner table, an older male at the head of the table with jet black hair, and a more matured looking face, this man is their father, a single tear drops from Vipers right eye as he sees his father that he lost in Konohagakure no Sato, someone he never got to tell good bye, someone who gave everything to ensure they grew up with everything they ever needed.
Viper watches as they tell their father about their game of tag, this goes on for a bit before the brothers finish eating and are off to bed, all seems calm, Viper winces a bit knowing what is coming next, he extends his right hand as if trying to warn his younger self but it is too late, Koroshi has risen from his false slumber, he lifts up his bed with an evil grin and smashes it over Vipers while screaming "Tag your it!" Echo shoots up from his bed startled from the sound, his eyes widen as he views Vipers fate, "Koroshi what did you just do?!" Koroshi chuckles gleefully,"I won our game!" he says with a smile, Echo leaps out of bed and un buries his brother form the rubble that was once Koroshi's bed, Viper is crushed in to his own mattress, his head split open with him knocked out cold, Echo looks horrified, he hollers "Dad come quick!" before the memory quickly fades, he sighs looking out at the grassy plain once more, the full moon illuminating the plains as the knee high grass sways gently in the breeze, the grass whistling as the wind passes through the elongated blades.
Viper closes his eyes within the illusionary world, reaching a moment of peace, he lays back upon the flat stone surface as in breaths slowly taking in the fresh summer air, he lays content for a few moments but other thoughts come to mind and are displayed upon this world in which he is god and creator, two teenagers now stand facing each other, a Kumogakure no Sato Shinobi going by the name of Kurisu, opposite from him, the Konohagakure no Sato Shinobi, Viper Uchiha, a short rivalry that at the time had their words as nothing more that childish dreams, who ever thought they would come true?
Both of them now becoming the corresponding Kage of their own villages, who would of thought that spar would impact their lives so much? He watches as the two repeat their battle, he views the first time he awakened his Sharingan, that was a wonderful day for him but it was short lived, for after the battle he would arrive home to find Konohagakure no Sato destroyed.
The massive tree of the Senju is one of the last thing he sees as it tears down the village, Sameonna Hoshigaki's clones filling the sky with a torrential flood turning the entire village in to a feeding ground with Sharks, this is as far as he remembers, the following is nothing but feelings of intense rage, nightmare after nightmare, until he breaths fresh air once more, Viper being released from his capture by the man in charge of the attack, Nathan Senju, Viper recalls every detail of their conversation down to his tears while telling him the reason behind Konohas destruction, this image soon fades, Vipers eyes stare blankly at the full moon as his eyes are filled with pain and sadness, if only he was strong enough back then, maybe he could of prevented this, he sighs softly his hands raising to meet his temples, his index and middle fingers massaging them softly in small circles.


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Sharingan Genjutsu D-Rank Earned at 1,000 words.
Total of 1,500 for the aforementioned ranks.

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Thu Jun 21, 2012 8:13 pm
{Genjutsu Specialty}

The Hokage, Viper Kamu Uchiha awakens on a calm summers night, recent events have put many things on his mind, one of which being his future meeting with the Raikage of Kumogakure no Sato, how would this be handled? He wished for peace but hatred runs deep, his rival having more than enough reason to want Konohagakure no Sato's destruction, he wished he could let go of this but it seemed forgiveness could not be gained without first getting some for of self satisfaction, such was the world we lived in.
Viper looks to his right to view his village through his glass window, how peaceful it was at night, hard to believe that not to long ago it lied in ruins, he sits up in his bed and kicks the covers off, his garb revealing itself to be a casual white tank top, and a pair of dark blue cloth pants, his hair is a mess due to tossing and turning, he raises both of his hands to his head and ruffles his hair getting it more or less in its normal appearance, the strands spiking downwards in all direction, he arms rise further as he stretches with a yawn, a few pops and cracks being heard, he looks towards a mirror on his bed side table, his coal black iris lightens, what was once an abyssal black is replaced near instantly with what can be compared to twin pools of crimson, three comma shaped tomoe now exist in a triangular formation around the central pupil against their bloody background.
Viper casts a casual ocular Genjutsu with his Sharingan upon the mirror, this rebounds back upon him granting Viper control over his existence, his vision alters as he allows the Genjutsu to take control of him allowing him control of her perception of time and space, he is now standing upon the shore of the island village, his information of this terrain limited only to pictures, this is more that enough for him to recreate a similar environment, his attire has shifted within the illusion, he is now garbed in his Hokage uniform, a red and white pointed hat with the land of fires kanji upon the front, and long white and red robes with the upper half and sleeves white, and the lower half red, his black tabi upon his feet, his Konoha headband tied firmly around his forehead, the symbol of the leaf visible form under the hat as well as his blood red Sharingan eyes, a Dojutsu that has been passed down through the Uchiha for ages, a power gained through blood sacrifice and hatred, the more he thought about the Sharingan's origins, the more he feels he understands his brothers view upon the eye, but regardless of it's origin, it was nothing more than a tool to make his dreams reality.
Within his illusionary realm viper walks through the make shift island village, he takes this chance to map out his route of travel, even plan escape routes if needed.

Word Count:

1,502 transferred from voided Sharingan Genjutsu Mastery.

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