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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] - Page 2 Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Fri Jun 01, 2012 11:16 pm

Days have passed, although time has passed, the destruction of Konoha is fresh within Viper's mind as if it only happened yesterday.
At this time, Viper has built himself a small shack on the outskirts of Konoha, he tosses and turns in his sleep, he wakes up growling on his bed crafted from left over materials found in Konoha, his Sharingan eyes glare at the opposing wall, his being panting lightly upon waking up from another vivid nightmare, he holds his head in his hands, he closes his eyes tightly and grits his teeth,"When will the nightmares just go away?!" Viper shouts in to the darkness, his anger frightens the near by animals that were pawing at the shed, Viper gets out of his bed and slips on his tabi, his outfit the same as before, everything he owned in his house destroyed leaving him with nothing but the clothes on his back, and a few ninja tools in his pouches.
Viper opens the door of his shed and looks out in to the darkness, with a sigh he steps forth and shuts the door behind him, he places a thick stone in front of the door to prevent any animals from getting inside.

In an attempt to clear his mind, Viper walks through the forests around Konoha's ruins, he walks casually to a large tree and begins to walk up the side using the tree climbing technique, Viper eventually reaches the top of the tree, he sits upon the tallest branch and looks out at the full moon, tonight, the moon is a crimson red color, Viper's eyes stare in to the moon as he attempts to clear his mind.
He looks down at his shed, he cant go back to sleep so he might as well get some training done, He looks around and locates a small log in the distance, he focuses his chakra and preforms the substitution technique, his form erupting in to smoke as the log now rests in his place against the trunk of the tree, Viper now in the logs location a good twenty meters away.
Viper bends down, he picks up a small tree branch from the forest floor, with use of the Transformation Technique he turns it in to a katana, he turns in place slashing deep in to a tree, the pseudo-katana working quote well.
Rustling occurs from the bushes a slight distance away, a deer leaps from the bushes and runs past Viper, he watches it for a moment then makes his decision, he preforms the body flicker technique and appears upon the creature mounting it, his blade swiftly sinks in to the back of the deer piercing its heart as the creature falls to the ground mid run sliding along the forest floor, Viper leaps off the creature as it falls an lands behind it, he slowly walks towards it as he swings his blade forwards cutting off the head, and legs, and then proceeds to carve in to the deer as he separates a good section of pure meat away from the fat and organs, he lays it upon a stone and looks around, after locating the few things he needs he walks off collecting a good amount of smooth stones, and a few thick sticks and brings them back.
Once the materials are gathered Viper forms a circle from the stones, he lays a few stick in the center and crafts a make shift BBQ spit over the stone circle, Viper preforms the tiger seal, he breaths out a small stream of fire on to the small amount of sticks in the center of the circle, this starts his cooking fire.
Viper walks over to the deer meet and brings it over, he attaches a good amount to his bbq spit and sets it up, slowly rotating it over the fire, for the most part everything seems calm on this night, Viper nearing the completion of his meal when a loud howl is heard in the distance, Viper sighs,"Can't I just enjoy one meal without something trying to take it?"
Viper forms the clone seal, a Shadow Clone appears at his right, Viper nods to it as it patrols around the area, suddenly, three wolves jump out from the surrounding trees, they slowly circle the fire growling deeply, their coal black eyes reflecting the flickering flames, they lunge for the deer carcass but are met with the Shadow clones right foot kicking the side of the closest wolf in to the other two knocking them on their side to lay in a pile, the shadow clone narrows its eyes, the sharingan spinning slowly in it's eyes, regrettably the wolves will not leave that easily, knowing that they would not simply leave and more would be sure to come the clone walks over to the remains of the deer and throws them in to the woods, the wolves following their meal.

Viper pulls the BBQ spit up and inspects his meal, he shrugs finding it cooked well enough as he begins his feast, the clone still patrolling the area until the original finishes his meal, Viper stands up, he looks towards the clone and nods as it disperses itself in a puff of smoke.
Viper stabs his blade in to the ground and carves out a large chunk of dirt to which he tosses on the cooking fire to put it out, he deactivates the henge as his "Blade" returns to the form of a branch that he tosses away, Viper continues his stroll through the moon lit night.
Viper reaches a small clearing in the forest, he walks along the thick grass of the clearing and looks upwards at the moon visible over the tree tops, he still can not sleep so he forms the seals for great fire ball once more, his hands clasp in to the tiger seal as he fires forth an average fireball to the sky, his Katon becoming second nature to him at this point with it taking minimal effort to preform, he watches as it eventually fizzles out in the sky, wanting to try something more creative he holds the tiger seal, his chakra quickly able to form due to the seals being done before hand, Viper puckers his lips and takes several small breaths and exhales rapidly, this causes several miniature fireballs forth in a machine gun like style, the fireballs only being a good two inches in size, he shifts his head from left to right so he fills the sky with his miniature fireballs, the sky having an orange glow to it now as it fades once viper ceases the jutsu.
Satisfied with his work Viper wants to test something, having the tiger seal formed he inhales deeply puffing out his chest, he then breaths out a stream of fire, manipulating his chakra further it takes the shape of a large X that flies in to the sky, Viper now getting better at not only his nature transformation, but his shape manipulation as well, seeing as he can now shape his great fire ball he gets an interesting idea, Viper inhales once more, he holds his chakra before releasing it forth, his chakra shifts to the fire state, it shoots forth from his mouth and twists in to a spherical shape, the colors changing with the bottom being white fire, and the top being crimson red, a small branch off forms at the bottom as the creation flies high in to the sky, the creation when inspected is that of the Uchiha symbol crafted from the fire release, Viper grins at this, the symbol flies higher in to the sky before erupting similar to a fire work, a detailed Uchiha symbol now visible against the moon.
Viper smiles lightly at this, this being a respectful gesture towards all the Uchiha that gave their lives to protect the village, Viper inside wonders what has become of his brothers, he truly hopes they were absent at the time of attack, a saddened expression forms upon his face as he sighs, is he truly the last remaining konoha ninja?
He makes his way through the forest, he in time reaches his shed, he moves the rock out of the way and walks inside and shuts the door behind him, he slides a modified stick between a crack on the door which prevents it from opening, Viper flops down upon his bed and sighs, he slowly drifts off to sleep with his nightmares quelled for the time being.

Word Count:1,430.
Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] - Page 2 Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:52 am
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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] - Page 2 Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:12 am

The sun rises over the hill tops, all is calm during this peaceful morning, the birds singing in the tree tops, the morning dew dripping off the leaves on to the forest floor.
Suddenly, the branches creak in the distance as Viper Uchiha dashes through the tree tops, a grin is on his face with him being in a good mood today, his attire being his Uchiha clan uniform, one of the last few things
he has left from the attack on Konoha, the uniform consists of a black T-shirt with the Uchiha symbol upon the back that resembles a red and white fan, a pair of tan shorts, and black tabi, his
raven black hair has grown longer during his time on his own, his hair now reaching his mid back spiking heavily downwards in separate notable strand that all spike downwards in unison, his front bangs
unevenly cut with a kunai so they do not cover his eyes, the jagged bangs covering his konoha headband that is fastened tightly around his forehead.

Viper kicks off his current branch with his right foot sending him high in to the canopies above, Viper raises his arms and grasps a horizontal branch he passes under, he uses his momentum to swing himself higher as he releases at the
highest point in his swing sending him over the trees, Viper going in to a back flip while he flies through the air, he slowly descends and adjusts his body so he lands upon a high branch grown above the other trees,
Viper looks above the forest as he takes a deep breath of the fresh morning air.
He leans down and grasp a thick stick grown from the branch he is standing upon with his right hand, he twists his hand snapping the stick from the tree, he inspects it while chewing upon his bottom lip,
the stick roughly one meter in length and an inch thick, he nods at the stick and preforms the transformation technique, the stik erupts in a cloud of smoke that quickly fades as fast as it appeared, the stick
now having the form of a perfectly crafted katana blade with a black hilt with red diamond markings and a gold cap, Viper inspects this blade for flaws, he laughs lightly, he is sure getting good
at this.

Viper peers off in to the distance, he smirks lightly as he dashes upon the upper branches of the forest trees, after a bit of running he leans forwards and kicks off the branch sending himself lower
in to the forest, with a branch in his way he brings his right arm down swinging the blade towards it, the blades sharpness added with his momentum built by his run ensures it is slashed clean through,
Viper adjusts his body and angles himself to fly under the branch as it falls behind him, Viper kicks off the tree it grew from and heads back towards the branch, he applies chakra to his feet and grapples the branch with his feet
using it as a proto-hover board as it flies towards the ground, he crashes the tip in to the ground which causes it to impale deep in to the earth, Viper uses this to catapult himself forward, he reaches up with his left hand grabbing a low hanging branch and swings up
wards going in to a tight back flip only to land upon the branch,"Whoo"He exclaims with a big grin on his face.

Viper looks down at his blade, he has an idea, he raises it to his lips after channeling fire release chakra in his chest, he breaths out slowly as a red glowing aura comes from his mouth, pure
fire elemental chakra not yet formed in to the great fireball, he forms it around his blade and has it coat it to give it a red glow, the blade glowing bright orange symbolising it's heat increase.
Interested in testing out this new technique he slashes in to the tree behind him by spinning in a rapid 180 clock wise spin, the tree cut half way through with flames buning along the cut, the flames only lasting for a moment
due to this technique still being low leveled, he smirks at this, he back flips off this tree branch and lands upon the forest floor, he swiftly slashes in an upwards angle in to the tree, thena horizontal slash on top of that cutting a V shape
in to the tree, he proceeds to rotate on his left foot and spin kick the now loose wood chuck from it's space in the tree and leaps to his left, the tree now creakingly falls towards it's point of impact
only to crash in to the ground with a loud thud, the birds and animals in the area scatter with the falling of this mighty tree, Viper's blade returns to it's normal state with the chakra wearing off, seeing no more need to blade training he
cancels the flow of chakra to the transformation technique letting his blade return to it's stick like shape, he tosses it in to the bushes and yawns, how long has he been out here? eh it did not batter, had no where else to go,
he figured he would stay close to home in case his brothers happened to show up, or at least any stray leaf shinobi that were away on missions, although these seemed unlikely, he had hope, deep down he believed
his brothers were alive and he was going to find them.

Seeing it still early in the day Viper figured he would train some more, he had nothing else to do, his iris slowly turns red, his one tomoe spiraling in to the twin scarlet pools blood that was his sharingan eyes, he leans forward and breaks in to a dash through the forest
dodging and weaving through the trees, his sharingan feeling more natural the more he used it, it is almost as if he was starting to slightly see actions before they happened, or maybe this was just his senses growing stronger allowing him to sense more, either way
he enjoyed it, he dashes closer to the trees before turning, waiting to the last second to increase his reflexes, he had to get faster, he had to get stronger, he would acomplish nothing as he currently
was, eventually he reaches the end of the forest, he reaches a large field and skids to a stop, he looks around confused, How far did he run? he looks around trying to map out the area in his head, he views a small pond in the distance and makes his way to it,
he kicks off his tabi and sits down next to the water putting his feet in slowly, Ah, this felt good, his feet slightly sore after his exercises.
He looks up at the clouds, he leans back and places his palms upon the ground, hit feet kicking lightly in the water, his tabi sitting to his right, he sighs thinking of what to do next,
it was always the same thing, train, he wanted to go exploring but where would he go? what if someone came back looking for Konoha? he looks down at his reflection in the water that ripples lightly due to the motion of his feet,
memories of Konoha dance through his mind, memories of his brothers, if only he knew they were safe he could move past Konoha, they were truly the ones he held closest.

The wind lightly brushes against his skin, he breaths in slowly as he slides his hands out from under him letting his body fall on the grass, he looks upwards at the clouds once again, the clouds seemingly form in to familiar shapes,
one being his brother Koroshi, a refrigerator in his hands raised over two smaller clouds that in his mind resembled Echo and himself, he chuckles at this recalling that fond memory,"I can not even recall what it was over, it was something small and stupid, but he tried to crush us with a refrigerator!"
He says in his head with a chuckle following it, what he wouldn't give to go back to those times, but sadly, this was all a part of growing up, he could not be a child at home forever.
He sits up and pushes off the ground with his arms, pulling his feet out of the water and standing, he kick the air a few times to get the water off his feet before slipping them back in to his tabi,
he turns and dashes back the way he came, with this small break his body is refreshed, he gets even closer to the trees, getting within inches before evading to make sure his reaction time is nearly perfect,
he soon reaches the familiar fallen tree that he tested his technique upon, at least he found his way back he thought, looking around at the surrounding tree, now where did he make camp at?
He walks through the forest trying to remember his way back, his eyes attempting to memorize so many details during his training that they all now look the same, he sighs and continues to walk,
he leaps upwards upon a low branch then rebounds to a higher one, he looks around and luckily, he spies his make shift cabin in the distance, he leaps toward it and soon reaches his rickety door hanging half way off the shed,
it was not much, but it was something for him to call home.
He opens it slowly and walks inside, he flops down upon his make shift bed and closes his eyes, taking a nap until later on in the evening.

Word Count:1,637.

+8 Speed
+8 JP
Sameonna Hoshigaki
Sameonna Hoshigaki
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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] - Page 2 Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:14 am
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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] - Page 2 Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:03 am
{Katon Mastery - Lvl 1}

It has been so long since Viper began his training in the art of the shinobi, it is almost as if
the art of war is second nature to him now, what a funny thing to teach children, all the ways to
kill people.
This thought crosses Vipers mind as he chuckles at it, Viper currently standing upon a flat stone in the middle
of a lake, it is today he is going to test an idea he has had for some time, he is going to advance the Uchiha's art even further,
take the fire release further than any other.
His garb today is different, he is only wearing his tan shorts with his shirt and tabi removed,
with his shirt removed his body is shown to be perfectly toned to fit his age, Viper being at
peak physical condition for his body structure, his eyes resembling twin pools of blood, his one tomoe
spinning gracefully around the pupil, he narrows his eyes, he clasps his hands together to form the seal of the tiger, he inhales taking a calming breath as he focuses his chakra,
he gathers it deep within him, he then pushes it outwards slowly, before reaching his skin to make contact with the outside world the technique fails, Vipers hands undo the seal as he pants lightly feeling light headed and slightly drained, the chakra he pulled forth dispersing entirely,
"What a waste.."He says between breaths.
Determined to take his fire release even further Viper forms the seal once more, he focuses the chakra and directs it slower ensuring his focus is strong, slowly it moves through his body, within a few seconds it reaches the space just before his skin where it failed before, with one final push,the chakra exists his body to reach the outside world, Viper gets filled with excitement and slowly loses his focus, the chakra starting to dwindle, Viper pushes all other thoughts from his mind and focuses solely upon the chakra, he allows it to coat his body, he raises his right hand undoing the seal, with the chakra gathered it is no longer needed.
Viper preforms the nature change, he changes the chakra layering his right palm to that of the fire nature, with this accomplished he forms a small fireball within his palm, he smirks at it and sweeps his arm in front of him releasing the fireball towards a large stone, the fireball erupting slightly with the force of a grenade.
Viper grins at this, he did it, he has done what no other Uchiha has done before him, he clenches both his hands in to fists, he curls both of his arms and positions them in front of him parallel with one another, he manipulates the entirety of his remaining chakra and converts it to fire nature, he raises his arms to the sky as the Chakra shoots upwards and begins to spiral, the flames forming a vortex around him that burns for a good thirty seconds before it fizzles out, Viper pants heavily as his legs become weak, he drops to his knees before sitting upon the stone trying to catch his breath, even though he has come far in the art of fire, he still has a long ways to go.

Word Count:550
Sameonna Hoshigaki
Sameonna Hoshigaki
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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] - Page 2 Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:06 am
Katon Mastery Lv 1 Approved.
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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] - Page 2 Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:03 pm
{Katon Mastery - Level 2}

Viper awakens in his shed, he looks upwards at the deformed ceiling crafted from left over boards salvaged from Konoha's destruction, he sighs and sits up, he looks around and stretches upwards with a yawn before rubbing his face trying to full wake up, Viper at this time is wearing only his tan shorts, he turns his body and lets his feet dangle off the edge of his bed and slowly gets to his feet, how long has it been since he was out here? The days seeming to drag on endlessly, but the assault of Konoha still remaining fresh in his mind, every last scream, and every last burning image.
He walks to his poorly crafted door that only opens outwards and grasps an oddly shaped stick that is wedged through a hole carved in the door, this stick acting as a lock for his shed, he twists it to the left as the stick goes vertical allowing the door to open, although the lock is weak and a shinobi could easily break the door in with minimal force, it serves it's purpose for keeping stray animals out.
He steps through his door and turns closing it behind him, sliding the stick in to a small latch that is the rest of his lock, he then traverses through the forest, he leaps upwards landing upon a low tree branch, lazily he leaps from branch to branch heading towards his training spot at the lake
The day is calm, it is still early with the sun giving a dim amber glow to the lands, the clouds are thick today but remain away from the suns rays allowing it to heat up the air, viper reaches his training spot and leaps upon the central stone, he breaths in slowly taking in the warm air in to his lungs, this was perfect for training.
His hands form the tiger seal as chakra flows from his core to the outside world, the chakra moving more fluid after the mastering of the first stage and is much easier the channel, as if the chakra system itself is memorizing how to form the technique the more it is practiced.
The chakra glows slightly around his being with an amber tint, his hands break the seal once the chakra is gathered, Viper extends his right arm in front of him and turns his palm to the sky, within his palm the chakra nature changes to fire elemental chakra, within his palm at first starts a small flicker of flame, this quickly grows in to a palm sized fireball, the shape is kept small for now, Viper causes it to slowly rotate within his palm having it hover slightly, he them compresses the sphere of flame down to a marble like state, the flame seeming now to be thicker as the entirety is compressed tightly in to it's new form, he directs his palm towards the surrounding water and fired forth the condensed katon sphere, it flies in to the water evaporating it up to 3 meters as it travels downwards, the sphere when it's existence nears its end, it proceeds to explode 3 meters under the water with the force of a grenade, the water shooting upwards and rains down upon Viper as a soft rain, his skin moistening slightly, his shirtless upper body shining with the added water against the morning sun, Viper manipulates the chakra surrounding his skin and simply causes it to heat up, all water upon his being instantly evaporating with a unified sizzling sound.
Viper clenches his fists, he curls his arms in front of him and nature changes the chakra around him, this generated a layer of flame around his arms, he sweeps his right arm outwards sending a wave of fire to his right, he does the same motion with his left in unison with his right, twin waves of fire blast to each side of him that sizzle through the air, interested to see how far his limits go he leaps in the air, he flows his chakra downwards and generated fire from it, this generates a propulsion system coming from his bare feet, Vipers being shoots higher in to the sky, higher than he could of ever jumped, he soars higher, he looks down and the trees look like mere specs, he looks up and the clouds that once looked so far away look to be close enough to touch if he goes further, wanting to see he increases the flow of the flames, he moves close to the clouds but as his right hand gets within two inches of the cloud his chakra expires, Viper stays stationary for a minute, as if he was in a cartoon, Viper looks down, he blinks twice, he being suddenly plummets as if it was waiting for him to realize "AHHHHHHHHHH!!" Viper screams as he fall towards the ground, he has to find a way to stop himself for if he hit the ground this would be the end, he forms the tiger seal as he attempts to bring his chakra forth once more, he focuses harder but the rush causes only minimal amounts to form, he channels it's entirety downwards as one massive downwards stream of fire coming from his feet, this drastically slows Vipers momentum, but the technique soon fades once more.
Viper angles his body, he has at least lowered his speed so he will not die upon impact with the ground, he angles his body downwards with his stomach facing the ground, he uses his body as a glider as he aims for the water in he lake, once getting close he curls his body in to a ball before crashing down, the water erupting in all angles from the massive "cannon ball" Viper did upon landing, he recovers and quickly swims to the surface clinging upon the rock and breathing heavily, he pulls himself slowly upon it, his feet begin to burn, he curls his right leg and places it in his palm, leaning to his left to inspect the soles of his feet, a few layers of skin are missing with his feet raw, the last out burst of fire proving too much to use at one time, Viper lays back upon the stone putting his feet in the water, he closes his eyes and sighs letting his feet cool off.

Word Count1,067
Sameonna Hoshigaki
Sameonna Hoshigaki
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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] - Page 2 Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:27 pm
Correction: 1,068.

+5 Chakra, +5 JP
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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] - Page 2 Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:00 am
{Two Tomoe sharingan Mastery.}

So many events have passed in such a short time, many good, and many bad, the survivor of one such event,Viper Uchiha, sits upon the seat of the Hokage in Konohagakure no Sato.
He has done it, the man who started out as an academy student has become Hokage at the young age of thirteen, although he is young, he is powerful, something Konohagakrue no Sato needs in this time of seemingly endless war.
Viper currently is within the Hokage chambers, his right elbow rests upon the table, his right chest resting in his right palm, his eyes are closed with the Uchiha fast asleep, loud snores flow from his mouth, to his left is a large stack of paper work, this insists that the young Hokage has been up all night catching up on paper work, the morning sun peeks through the clouds as focused rays shine directly upon his eye lids, his snoring quits as he jumps lightly in his sleep, his eyes open slightly as he holds his right hand up to block the sun,"Ulgh, what time is it?" He gets to his feet and walks to the window, he pulls a make shift curtain over the window to block the direct sunlight, the material curtain gives the room an amber glow thanks tot he morning sun, Viper raises both of his arms to stretch, he leans backwards popping his back.
Viper's garb consisting of his Chuunin flak jacket and Uchiha uniform both overlaid by his new Hokage robes, the hat hung upon the wall while he does paper work, he inspects all that he has done, he looks towards down at the Hokage robes, then at the hat, with a light smile he says to himself under his breath,"I did it.."
Viper closes his eyes lightly after fully waking up, he recalls distant memories that even though they happened some time ago, are clear as if they occurred yesterday, he recalls the fight with the man known as Kursiu, how each of them swore to lead their villages in to greatness, he ponders what ever happened to him, he only seen him briefly during his capture, but after that he vanished.
Viper opens his eyes as his Sharingan spirals in to his eyes, twin pitch black tomoe exist in both eyes against a canvas of crimson, the tomoe dance softly around his pupil as he recalls the events of the past, after some times the words,"My power is not enough" leave his lips, Viper slips off his Hokage robes and hangs them next to his hat, he rolls his shoulder back popping them, he can not get comfortable and grow soft with this position, he has to get stronger, he walks to the window and slides the curtain to the side before leaping out the window, his body seeming to be a blur to all those who witness his travel, he leaps across the building tops before bounding off a border building and runs up the newly crafted wooden perimeter wall of Konoha, he leaps off the top of the wall not losing any momentum as he soars through the air and in to the forest, he leaps from three branch to tree branch rapidly, his Sharingan taking in every detail of his travel, something that would be impossible for a normal human, the deformations of bark upon the tree trunks, the birds nesting within the trees, he views them all and more, he eventually reaches the site he grew up at, the third training ground, a place where Viper honed his skills on a regular basis, he lands upon the center of the triple logs, he looks outwards towards the river running through the edge of the training field which separate the bordering mountain, what a true beauty this oasis is within the dense forests.

This is no time for reminiscing, this is a time for training, Viper raises his hands to his chest and begins rapidly forming seals, he ensures he makes each seal he knows of, this not used to preform any jutsu, only get his body accustomed to making the seals, his fingers allowed to be more flexible and form the seals casually, his eyes look down at his own palms, his Sharingan views his hands in a slowed fashion, he details each hand sign as it is formed and begins counting how many is made, in reality his hands are moving in a blurred fashion, the seals nigh impossible for anyone with out a Sharingan to view, he labels the seals in his head,"Rabbit,Tiger,Monkey,Rat,Ox" he continues this to not only register his seals, but allow his comprehension speed to grow and process the information instantly upon receiving it, Vipers hands cease upon the tiger seal, he inhales, his chest puffs put as he leans his head back and looks forwards towards the river, he releases the fireball towards it, aimed at the bordering mountain, in an attempt to test his speed he kicks off the log with his right foot, his image blurs, he reappears standing side ways upon the side of the mountain, the fireball headed towards him, by this time it is 25% on it's complete travel, Viper forms the tiger seal again and spits forth a twin fireball aimed towards the oncoming one from before, the two impact at exactly half way in each ones travels, the fireballs erupting over the river causing slight steam to form at their point of impact, Viper smirks.
Viper kicks off the wall back flipping off it, He forms the clone seal by extending his index and middle fingers outwards, his remaining fingers curling downwards, his extended fingers make a cross as he lands facing the mountain, a shadow clone appears at his right flank two meters away, the two smirk at one another before the clone kicks off the ground and draws it's right arm back thrusting his now clenched fist forwards attempting to impact the center of his creators face, Viper notes this motion casually with his Sharingan eyes, he takes a step to his right matching the clones speed, the punch going over his left shoulder, his left arm curling under it to grasp the outside of his upper arm, Viper turns on his left heel timing his actions perfectly with the clones advancing momentum, his right arm crosses his body and grasps the clones extended forearm, Vipers spin rapidly completes itself in to a one eighty spin, the original releasing his clones captured arm only to send it flying twenty meters away, Viper smirks at it as the clones eyes narrow, it skids to a stop upon the ground by adding chakra to the soles of his feet to lessen his momentum, he scoops his right hand down and grabs a palm sized stone from the ground, using the transformation technique he sweeps his hands forward mid activation as the stone erupts in smoke at the point of release, a shuriken now flying forth from the smoke aimed towards the original Vipers chest.
Viper waits till this Shuriken gets within range, he lets it reach three inches from his chest before his right hand shoots upwards, his index finger sliding perfectly within the center hole in the shuriken, the ninja tool left to spin wildly in place before it returns to the shape of a stone spinning now upon the originals index finger, he grips it in his palm and hurls it back at the clone as just a stone, the clone dashes forward at it, he waits till the last moment before swerving to his right by only a few inches the stone passing over his left shoulder, his hands clasp in to the tiger seal, his chakra pushes outwards from his core to layer his being, he sweeps his right arm across his body sending forth a crescent wave of fire towards the original, Viper smirks lightly, he turns and runs towards the mountain wall quickly scaling it, he leaps off it and goes in to a back flip, the crescent slash impacts the mountain wall below him, Viper forms the tiger seal this time as he breaths out a sphere of flame towards his clone roughly five meters in spherical diameter, the clone at this time is passing over the river to reach his creator, when he notes the fireball he kicks his legs forward pushing his chakra forward causing his being to rapidly sink within the water, the fireball impacting the surface and fizzling out, the clone punches his right fist forward as he fires a condensed fist shape fireball roughly five meters as well towards the original while under water, the original views the ripples in the water, then the bubbles as it starts to boil with the fireball reaching the surface, he dashes to his left the fireball emerging and impacting the mountain at his prior location, the clone takes this chance caused by the originals evasion and his concealed location, he channels his chakra behind him as he propels himself through the water, he emerges twenty meters up stream, he fires forth another Katon sphere from his mouth whilst standing upon the water.
Viper notes the sphere coming towards his left flank, he kicks off the mountain with his right foot whilst pushing outwards with his chakra, this propels his being twenty meters through the air, he turns and half way through his motion breaths forth an altered Katon, his lips press together at the center of his mouth thus preventing a full flow of chakra forward before conversion, this crafts instead of a fireball, twin streams of fire that twist around one another like a drill headed towards the clone, Viper skidding side ways upon the ground after he passes over the river, the clone runs to his left to each parallel land with the original but enters the forest surrounding the training field, both clone and creator keep track of one another through their Sharingan's chakra vision, the clone weaves through the trees in an attempt to confuse his creator, he grasps a few small sticks from the forest floor as he weaves through the trees and uses the transformation technique upon each one to turn each one in to a kunai knife, once made he hurls each one through the trees perfectly aiming for the creator with fifteen different angles.

Viper observes his clone in the forest, he pities any that have to go against this unprepared, the kunai fly forth from the trees, Viper's Sharingan views them perfectly, as they get within five inches viper brings the corresponding palm to impact the top of each kunai, this causes them to impact the ground at his feet as he takes a few steps backwards whilst countering them, he smirks at the challenge he can provide to even himself, the clone uses this occupied time to clear the distance between himself and the original, his right fist shoots forward after Viper re directs the final kunai, the fist is noted as Viper brings up his left palm and knocks his hand upwards, viper's right fist thrusting forward to strike the clone as a massive fireball erupts from it engulfing the clone point blank and forcing it to de summon, the explosion following his unique clones nullified by the fireball as it roars off for a bit before Viper cancels the chakra flow to it causing it to fizzle out, with the clone defeated his sparring session is done, he looks towards the sky with a confident smirk, his sharingan spinning gracefully within his eyes as he views the clones above, a quote Echo once said comes to his mind,"The clouds give us nothing but beauty when looked upon, but when they look down upon us we return this with death and war." He chuckles lightly to himself,"Then i will give them a good show." He turns and begins to walk back to Konoha.

{Word Count:2,005}

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