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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] Empty Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Fri May 18, 2012 6:35 am
{Jutsu Training.}

It is a brisk morning within Konoha, dew is fresh upon the grass, a light mist wisps throughout the village.
The alarm within the young Uchiha's room goes off with a series of beeps only to have it slapped from the table and shatter upon the floor, the alarm if inspected closely resembles that of the ninja cats that look after the Uchiha's weapon depot, the head on this alarm clearly snapped clean off.
Viper sits up in his bed with a yawn, his arms stretch upwards as his back pops a few times, his right palm rubs his face as he tries to wake up, the child roughly ten years old at this point in time.
After a few moments to separate himself from the land of dreams he steps forth from his bed, looking forwards he sees his two brothers still dead asleep, carefully he sneaks out of the room garbed in only his pajamas which consist of a Blue t-shit and shorts, his black hair spiking in all directions due to tossing and turning all night.

After a few minutes of preparation Viper exists his home within the Uchiha compound, his outfit now consisting of the Uchiha clan uniform, a black T-shirt and shorts with the Uchiha clan symbol upon the back of the shirt which consists of a red and white fan, his hair combed downwards and detailed to spike outwards with two crescent strands curving between his coal black eyes.
Looking down the street Viper makes his way to the training field, he pats his right hip with his right hand feeling his leather weapon pouch to see if he brought everything he needs.
He looks to each side as he travels through the village, all the lights are off and the doors shut tight, he looks towards the sky and only barely notices it rising over the stone kage faces, this meaning it is around six in the morning, Viper mutters to himself about how he hates getting up this early but eventually reaches the training field.

Viper looks around now reaching the "Third Training Ground", he inhales taking in the brisk morning air, he looks to the surrounding forest and the lake behind him, anxious to get to work Viper reaches back in to his weapon pouch and pulls forth three shuriken which he pins between his index,middle, and ring finger, he sweeps his right arm forwards and flings the triple shuriken forth aimed at the set of three wooden posts before him.
The shuriken whirl through the air before finding their mark upon the dead center of each post, once successful Viper turns in place his hands now forming the following seals, Tiger, Monkey, Boar, Horse, then ends upon Tiger, his hands clasped together, his last three fingers laced together, his thumbs and index finger extended and placed firmly together.
Once the seals are formed Viper inhales and puffs out his chest and moves his head back before thrusting it forwards and expelling forth a large sphere of fire towards the river now in front of him, the sphere roughly 3 meters in spherical diameter.
The large sphere of fire roars through the air singing the grass as it passes along the ground before reaching the water, the force of the Katon causes the waters to part upon it's travel making a steam like mist follow in it's wake before the fireball eventually fizzles out, Viper smirking as he cleared fairly good distance this time.

He kicks off the ground with his right foot and back flips through the air to land in front of the middle post, he turns and collects his shuriken from them and stores them back within his pouch, whilst his right hand is still inside he grasps out a single kunai knife before snapping the button closed on the pouch.
He looks towards the surrounding forest and makes a dash to his left entering the forest, he leaps upwards on to a tree branch and dashes along them utilizing the tree walking technique, he brings the kunai upwards and slashes off smaller branches and leaves them to crash upon the forest floor as he passes them, after a while of this he climbs to the top of one of the trees and stands upon the tallest branch, he looks outwards and takes in a deep breath enjoying the brisk morning air.

He tilts his head upwards, his coal black eyes facing the rising sun as he preforms the aforementioned hand seals for the Great Fireball Technique, he pulls his head back before releasing yet another flaming sphere this time high in to the sky, the heat from the sun acting to aid the Katon on it's travels by preventing the cooling precess for it to fizzle out, Viper watches as to see how far it goes this time as he pants slightly due to putting a good chunk of his chakra in to this one technique, with a smirk he watches as it vanishes in the clouds.
Leaping downwards from the trees Viper lands upon the ground once more and makes his way to the triple posts at the center.
He wipes his brow with his right palm as he looks towards the sun, by it's positioning he has been out here for at least a few hours, his stomach grumbles lightly, his punishment for skipping breakfast to be first to the training field.
Not yet feeling satisfied, Viper looks towards the river once more, he walks towards it as he stands at the shore against the lightly rippling water from his earlier Katon.

Viper narrows his eyes, he forms the desired seals and clasps his hands together for the tiger seal, he pulls his head backwards before opening his mouth wide and expelling a raging inferno that spreads outwards a good 20 meters, growling mixes with the flames as Viper tries to hold the technique for as long as possible, the river steams as the heat grows making a large mist form around the flames, Viper holds this for a good two minutes before his chakra is nearly depleted, he ceases the stream of flame as it crackles and fizzles before vanishing upon the river.

Viper pants after this display of the Uchiha's mastery over the Katon, small flickers of flame mix with his pants as the jutsu dies down after being held for such a time, his body collapses as he falls backwards upon the ground, his arms extended as he looks upwards at the sun, for once a smile on this child's face as he thinks of his future.
Before long the child has drifted off to sleep after a long morning of training.
After a few hours his family has decided to come looking for him, his twin brothers the first to locate him, with a devious smile Echo gestures towards Koroshi who chuckles and nods, he quickly snatches up Viper and hurls him in to the lake in front of them, to this Viper immediately wakes up in a panic and scrambles to reach the surface only to see his brothers laughing hysterically, his eyes narrow as he hollers out "I'll kill both of you!"
Viper gains position upon the water as he stands upon it, his brothers knowing the look in his eyes all to well take off whilst still laughing at him, Viper all the while launches fireballs towards them from behind no bigger then 1ft in size.
After some time the brothers vanish in the distance, thus ending this training session for the young Uchiha.

Word Count:1,269.

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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Sat May 19, 2012 3:10 pm
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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Mon May 21, 2012 12:57 am
{Strength Training.}

Viper wakes up early to his brother Koroshi gripping him by the arm and jerking him out of bed, he hits the ground with a thud, "Koroshi what are you doing!?"
Koroshi looks towards him with a child like grin, "We train now, get dressed!"
Viper sighs, arguing with Koroshi while he is in one of these moods would lead nowhere, he gets to his feet and walks to his closet to put on a pair of black shorts and a White tank top, all the while Koroshi is punching the air and grinning.
Viper finishes getting dressed, he turns to Koroshi who quickly yells "Follow me" before leaping out the window, Viper face palms lightly at this, he looks over to Echo whom is still asleep,"Jeez, he's like a rock....", Viper leaps out the window to follow his brother whom heads towards one of the surrounding mountains.
Viper stops to see Koroshi who has set up his own training course, multiple large boulders are scattered along the area, some have chains connected to them with each having various sizes.

Koroshi points to the first of Vipers tests which is a medium sized boulder with chains connected to each side, reluctantly Viper walks towards it only to have Koroshi clasp the ends of the chains on his wrists, "You do not get to take it off until you go 50 meters!", Koroshi says with a grin, the boulders easily weighing 100 pounds each.
Viper tugs on the chains lightly, he looks at Koroshi and lets out an annoyed sigh, he braces his stance and slowly starts making his way forwards, the chains tightening as the boulders begin to creep after Viper, after getting 1 meter Viper stops for a moment, Koroshi hollers after him,"Come on, quit being a woosey!" Viper grunts a bit as he goes in to a run while trying to pull further, his feet dig in to the ground and he starts to pull them further, he ensures to keep up with his run as to not lose momentum as he eventually reaches a total of 25 meters before he is forced to stop, his wrists blood red from the chains as he pants trying to catch his breath.
Koroshi suddenly jumps upon Viper's back nearly knocking him to the ground as Viper forces himself to stand,"Half way there, now you carry me!"
Viper growls at this, reluctantly he trudges onwards, eventually reaching his coal before collapsing upon the ground, Koroshi letting out a child like chuckle, "Get up, we have only started your warm ups!"
To this, Viper lets out an anguished yell, "Why did he ever agree to this?" he forces himself to his feet as he looks towards Koroshi for further instruction, "Ok, now 200 push ups!"
Viper drops to the ground and gets in position, doing as instructed, upon reaching ten a large pressure is felt upon his back which forces him to the ground, a large boulder roughly 50 pounds placed upon his back,"Urk!" Vipers arms shake as he adjusts to the weight and begins to do more, upon reaching 100 his breathing is heavy, but he forces himself onwards knowing the harder her pushed, the greater the outcome.
Finally, he reaches his goal of two hundred, he rolls slightly knocking the boulder off him before collapsing upon the ground his breathing heavy, "Darn you Koroshi...."
He rolls on to his back as he looks up at Koroshi who is grinning wide,"I do not like it when you smile like that...."
Koroshi crouches and grabs Viper's hands and pulls him to his feet,"Your doing good Viper just a few more and you can go rest" upon completion of his words Koroshi leads Viper to the surrounding forest,"Now, rip this tree out of the ground!"
Viper's right eye twitches at his words, "your kidding, right?" Koroshi shakes his head as he wraps his arms around a tree in a hugging position and bends his knees, with one mighty tug he tears the tree from the ground with the roots ripping themselves from the base, he then turns around and hurls it behind them,"See? Easy, now do it!"
Viper's head sinks lightly within his neck at his brothers display of strength,"You really are a monster."He says with a chuckle, Viper wraps his arms around one of the smaller trees and lifts upwards, the tree shakes but does not uproot, Vipers bends his knees and tries again, to his surprise the tree creaks, Koroshi meanwhile is grinning at his progress, with one last mighty tug Viper pulls the tree from the ground and tosses it a few feet behind him, his arms now dangle at his sides, nothing more than limp noodles at this point, "Am I done yet?"
Koroshi chuckles, "One last thing brother, then you can go back to your sissy ninjutsu."
Viper's eyes narrow as Koroshi positions two more boulders and shackles them to Viper's ankles,"You pride yourself on your speed, but lets see just how strong your legs are!"
Viper tugs upon the chains to test their weight, the stones weighing roughly 50 pounds each,"So how far this time?" Viper asks, Koroshi strokes his chin with his right index finger and thumb as he thinks of a good distance,"Since these are half the weight of the ones for your arms, lets go a full 100 meters this time!"
Viper brings his right leg forwards, slowly the stone shakes before it slides a few inches forwards for his first step, his left leg now moves forwards as the 2nd stone follows the first, slow but steady Viper drags the stones behind him as he picks up a steady momentum, before long he reaches 25 meters, he grits his teeth as he keeps his pace, a slight growl heard from his mouth as he forces himself onwards, soon Viper reaches the 50 meter mark, then the 75, and finally the destined 100 meter mark.
Upon reaching the destination Viper collapses, Koroshi unhooks the chains afterwards as he laughs lightly at his brother, "You did good for your first Koroshi style training, though for me, that would just be a warm up, let's get you home."
Viper lays on the ground exhausted as Koroshi picks him up and drapes him over his right shoulder and heads off in to the sunset whistling a happy tune as Viper snores in his sleep out of pure exhaustion.
Thus ends another day of training for the young Uchiha.

Word Count:1,094.
Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Mon May 21, 2012 1:04 am
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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Fri May 25, 2012 6:03 am
{Jutsu Training.}

It is late may, the air is cool, the sun just barely rising from it's slumber in the eastern sky.
The fresh morning dew sparkles across Konoha's building tops, the air still enveloped in a light morning mist.
Within the center of the newly formed Uchiha compound a young Viper Uchiha wakes from his slumber, the teenager sits up tiredly as he rubs his coal black eyes separating himself from the land of dreams, a
tired yawn leaves his lips as he flops back upon his pillow, he blinks a few times trying to force himself awake, his arms now lay limp and extended to each side, his hands hanging off each side of the bed.
He looks towards his left to see if his brothers are still asleep, this is confirmed by Koroshi's snoring at the far end of the wooden room, Viper sighs and sits up once more kicking off the blankets as his pajamas are revealed,
they are basic, a black t - shirt, and a pair of navy blue material pants.
Viper adjusts himself and steps forth from the left side of his bed, he reaches within his drawers to grab his clothes for the day, he winces at the creaking of the old drawers as he looks towards his brothers who luckily, are still asleep, he waits before continuing for he
knew the price of waking Koroshi up early, he would be forced to attend an all day strength training, to this he shudders recalling the last time.
After a few moments Viper has collected his clothing and lays them upon his bed and begins to dress, his new garb is that of the Uchiha uniform, a black close fitting T - shirt with the Uchiha symbol upon the
back which is detailed as a red and white fan, a symbol that strikes fear in to the hearts of men on the field of battle.
Upon his lower body is a pair of tan shorts, and a pair of deep blue tabi, he walks to the bath room and looks in the mirror at his deformed hair, he raises an eye brow wondering how it ends up
in such a state of disorder day after day, does he really roll around this much in his sleep? He shrugs off the idea and begins to fix it with a comb laying to the right of the sink, he combs
the entirety of his hair downwards and lets it spike once it reaches half way down his head, the back of his hair slightly longer and ending at his shoulder line, the sides of his hair
in comparable length hide his ears within the mass of hair, his frontal bangs are trimmed as a total of four spiked strands reach his eyebrows.
Feeling content, Viper walks back to his bed room and grabs his Konoha head band off his bed before fastening it rightly around his head, he walks towards the window and look outwards at the rising sun only barely visible over
the stone buildings, his head band gleans in the morning sun, Viper grins as he anticipates this to be a truly good day,

Viper leaps out of the window to land upon the lower level of his house, forgetting about the dew he slides upon the curved tiles but quickly recovers and goes with the slide, after bending his knees to pick up
a slight boost of speed he extends his leg in to a jump and lands upon the building top of his neighbors house, his tabi landing upon the stone roof with a slight click, Viper looks up and down the streets
seeing if anyone else has awoken this early, seeing no one he smirks knowing he will be the first one to the third training ground this morning.
Viper sighs at the fact he even has to wake up this early, for when the afternoon comes the training grounds will be filled with retarded children anxious to fulfill their dreams of "Being Hokage",
a slight chuckle follows his thought as he leaps off along the roof tops to reach the training ground.
In only a few minutes he reaches the gates of Konoha, he steps through them and turns to face the village, he takes in a deep breath of the brisk morning air as he overlooks his village, "It wont be long before I'm the Hokage." He says with a smirk as he turns and walks along
the dirt path leading to the training field, the birds within the canopies above are quite loud today, he chuckles at how mad they will be once he starts his training.
The chain gate becomes visible as Viper proceeds along his path, he unhooks the locks and proceeds through the door after shutting it behind him, Viper makes his way to the triple standing log posts
as he looks out at the river which is quite calm at this point, the sun reflecting off the water as it ripples lightly.
Anxious to start his training Viper begins the seals for "Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique", his hands first take the shape of the Tiger seal, his hands clasping together, his middle, ring, and pinky fingers lasing over
once another, his thumb and index finger extended and placed together, his hands then twist in opposite directions, his fingers releasing one another as his palms now lay connected, his thumbs
curled with his pinkies to form the monkey seal, next, his hands slides against one another and twist opposite once more to form the the boar seal, his clenched fists now placed against once another, his thumb extended outwards.
His middle,ring, and pinky finger separate themselves as his opposing fingers slide between the two putting the knuckles against one another, the index finger extended to meet the tip of the opposing finger,
his thumb curled inwards, this makes the horse seal, finally comes the tiger once more to complete the jutsu that they Uchiha are best known for, and the coming of age requirement, Viper clasps his hands
together once more lasing his fingers and extending his index finger and thumb, Viper inhales and puffs out his chest as he molds his Chakra in to the fire element, he breaths out as sparks
form before a large sphere of flame is released towards the river that skims across the surface, sizzling is heard as the bottom of the fireball which totals twelve feet in size
skims the water causing it to near instantly evaporate due to the intense heat this jutsu brings in to play, steam forms in the fireballs wake as it roars across the lake only to impact the far mountain wall
only singing it lightly so Viper does not damage the area to badly, for this is only the beginning.

Observing the location his fire ball impacted with great satisfaction Viper forms the Ram seal,his hands positioned slightly above one another, his left hands middle finger, ring finger, and pinky are
curled inwards, his right hands opposing fingers lay over top the curled fingers, his thumbs curled inwards, his index fingers extended outwards against one another.
With completion of the seal chakra flows through Vipers body, this acts to vitalize Vipers being to preform the "Body Flicker Technique", his body fades in what seems to be a flickering motion, Viper
re appears at the point of impact where his fireball vanished, moments later a burst of wind follows in Viper's wake, the Body Flicker Technique increasing his speed to such levels he near instantly
crossed the entirety of the area, foot step size splashes explode off the water in rapid motions until they reach the shore.
With the chakra still cycling through the teenagers being he vanishes once more in the same familiar flickering motion, his being now appearing in a large tree roughly fifty meters off the ground, quickly he ascends to the
top of the tree, he looks towards the sky and smirks, his hands blur whilst under the influence of the body flicker, his hands blurring to complete the seals for the Fire Release Great Fire ball technique,
they clasp together in to the tiger seal, viper inhales once more and puffs out his chest, he leans forwards and sweeps his head, he focuses his chakra and spits forth ten one foot sized fireballs that shoot towards the sky,
the fire balls swerve around each other as Viper manipulates the fire element chakra ever slightly which causes them to dance across the sky.

After seeing the power of his fire balls Viper decides upon other training methods for him to practice until the children fill the field, he leaps off the tree as he adjusts his feet to be standing upon the side, utilizing
the tree walking technique he dashes down the tree, he reaches the ground by hopping slightly once he hits the bottom of the tree, using this momentum he takes off running through the forest,
he weaves through the many trees as his eyes work to pick up the many details, "This would be so much easier if my Sharingan would activate already!" he growls at this thought, pondering how he can activate it,
Before long lost in thought Viper reaches what seems to be the outskirts of the training field which opens up in to a giant meadow, he stops with a skid and looks around, the terrain looks nearly untouched,
the grass coming up to the teens waist and spanning for a good mile, a large stone rests at the epicenter of this empty space.
Viper trudges through the grass to reach the central stone, his legs being held down by the large grass forces him to exert more force just to walk through this terrain,
after a good hour of walking Viper reaches the central platform, using the tree walking technique he ascends up the side of the stone only to sit atop it panting lightly, he looks downwards annoyed at the grass, half
debating upon burning it all to the ground, but the thought leaves his mind as quickly as it entered, the clear sky perfectly visible with no obstruction, the clouds drift in wisps in front of the sun which
acts to cool the land allowing a perfect summers day, Viper takes a deep breath and smiles before laying back upon the stone and watches the clouds for a few moments, before long he gets lost in
thought of his dreams for the future, and the many new things to come, he recalls his brothers and the many fun times they have shared, even picturing himself in the Hokage's uniform, Viper chuckles at the
idea of him wearing that massive hat and robe.
Suddenly Viper sits up, he remembers his reasoning for being out here this early, hours have passed for the young Uchiha, the sun now much higher in the sky signalling it to be around noon, Viper leaps off the
stone and makes his way through the grass at a much faster pace then when he passed through to reach the stone, Viper reaches the forest in no time as he rushes towards the training field, the sounds of children echoes throughout the area
as Viper lets out an annoyed sigh,"Just great" he exclaims as he reaches the training field once again, massive amounts of academy students now flooding the field, Viper's eyes narrow, how could
he of wasted his training time? he sighs at this, before long a familiar voice is heard from behind him, his brother Echo.
"Yo bro, catch!" Vipers turns just in time, a kunai flung at the back of his head, to this he quickly raises his right hand and snaps his fingers around the hand catching it a few inches from his face,
Echo grins at this, "reflexes still as good as ever huh?" Viper smirks, perhaps he could have some fun with his little brother and salvage what is left of this training day, he suddenly flings the kunai back towards his brother,
Viper leaping backwards off the tree forming the seals for the Great Fire Ball Technique, Echo catching his own kunai and jumping after him accepting the challenge, once Echo exits the tree he is assaulted by a large fireball from below,
narrowly he escapes by flattening out his body to abuse his momentum and fly just past it,"Hey, you could of kill me?!" Echo says with a slight teasing pout that is obviously face, Viper chuckles
at this,"Oh do not worry, if I didn't know you could evade it I would not use it, after all you only have your sissy ninja tools." Vipers smirk spreads across his lips as he teases his brother.
Echo's eyes narrow at this,"Your just jealous cause your aims sucks!" he exclaims as his tongue sticks out towards his brother, Vipers eyes now narrowing, "oh it's on now!"
As the two brothers state their challenge the commotion of the academy students grows silent, the children look towards the two Uchiha and form a circle around them as they begin to chant,"Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight!"
Viper smirks as he takes a step backwards, "Well you heard them Echo, let's not let them down." Echo's lips curl in to his trademark shit eating grin as he takes position across from Viper,"Just do not
let me beat ya down too bad, I would hate to bruise that ego of yours!"
Viper's eyes narrow,"This coming from someone who can not even use Katon, compared to me in the clans eyes you are still a child!", when the clan is brought up Echo's grin fades, his eyes narrow,"The
clan can suck it, do you think i ever cared what they thought of me?"
Viper smirks seeing that he successfully got under Echo's skin, perhaps this truly will be a fun training day after all, He clasps his hands in to the tiger seal as he inhales and fires forth the fire release
great fire ball technique towards Echo, the sphere four meters in size as it rockets towards him, the academy children scream and run for fear of being caught in cross fire, Echo, being in no mood to play around
after his brothers words Echo's left foot slides back to brace himself and he quickly flashes through the Hand signs;Tiger,Ox,Dog,Rabbit and Finally Snake drawing his right and left hand to his
right side parallel with his hip his fists closed his right hand on top of his left,He thrusts his hands forward suddenly in a twisting motion his left hand now on top of his right as his
palms open shooting forth a massive blast of wind concentrated towards the center of the fireball,The wind has such strength behind it the fireball is dispersed the rotation motion of Echo's
hands as he releases the Technique causing a reverse vacuum that both fuels the flames and reverses the trajectory sending the inferno right back at his arrogant brother who's forgotten the rule of the
Three siblings,Never anger Echo Uchiha.

Viper's grin widens further at his brothers counter, perhaps he went a little to far, but they did not matter, he would make that up to him later, now was the time to enjoy himself.
Noting his Fireball being reversed Viper dashes to his right, with his greater speed he clears the fireballs course easily before it gets half way to him, to his surprise he is met with a barrage of kunai
hurled within the fireballs shadow in case Viper did do the predictable, with only a split second Viper kicks his legs forwards as he slides under the assault, quickly recovering and getting to his feet.
"Dang Echo, for a minute there i thought you really were trying to kill me?" Viper raises his right eye brow in confusion, Echo how ever, still has an angered expression on his face,"For what you said you need to
be beat in to the ground, If Koroshi heard that you would have both of us beating you down." Echo's tone is serious, Viper sighs,"Fine, i just wanted to get a rise out of you, I'm sorry."
Echo chuckles a bit, his grin returns as he walks towards Viper, he opens his arms and speaks in an elderly tone, "It is ok my son, now come, give me a hug!" Viper twitches at this, he takes a step back,
he uses the remnants of chakra still built up within his chest and fires forth a smaller fireball towards Echo one foot in size,"Hug that creeper!"
Echo laughs more, he casually side steps as he looks at his brother,"I wonder where Koroshi is?" As if on cue Echo is knocked forwards his face slamming in to the ground, a visible hand print on the back of his head, the words
"Tag, your it!" are heard as his face imprints the ground, Koroshi standing behind Echo grinning wide.
Viper observes this, he steps back,"Yeah, he is it Koroshi I am not playing." Viper knew full well what it was like to play tag with Koroshi, he may be faster, but Koroshi never gave up, he shudders remembering
their last game, why would someone do that while their brother slept?
Echo slowly recovered, he spat out a few pebbles as he looked up at Koroshi,"Oh your gonna get it now!" Koroshi laughs and preforms a back flip before turning and running away so Echo can catch him, Shortly after
Echo gets to his feet and rushes after Koroshi, "I'm gonna make you eat a rock this time!"
Viper shakes his head and laughs, he watches as they vanish as specks in the distance, The academy students seeing no more entertainment decide to go home, Viper looks upwards at the sky, the sun is nearly setting,
his entire day pretty much wasted, though one good thing came out of it, he found and interesting new place to relax at when he needed to get away from his insane brothers.
He gathers his brothers scattered ninja tools from their prior encounter, once finished he makes his way back along the long dirt path leading home, the sun setting upon another completed day of training.

Word Count:3,058.
+15 Chakra.
+15 JP.
Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Fri May 25, 2012 6:57 am
Alright, I confirmed the word count, so approved.
Like you said, +15 Chakra and +15 Jutsu points.
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Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!] Empty Re: Viper Uchiha's Training Sessions. [PRIVATE!]

Sun May 27, 2012 8:39 pm
{One Tomoe Sharingan Mastering/Speed/Stamina Training.}

Is is an exciting morning for the young Viper Uchiha, he awakes early and grabs his brother Echo by
the arm and tosses him out of bed,"get up get up!" Echo lands upon the floor with a thud, he growls and looks up at Viper
whom is now standing over him at this point, Echo growls and narrows his eyes,"What do you want..?"
Viper's mood being something rare, he was excited and needed help with something, he spoke fast
to which Echo only caught half of what he even said,"I need you to help me with my sharingan, you gotta hide chakra items so i can find them!"
Echo looks at him blankly at first, he sits up, stands up, blinks for a few moments, then gets back in his bed.
Viper to this grabs his brothers blankets, with one mighty tug his brother is sent flying in tot he air only to land on the floor again, he looks up at viper annoyed,"If i help you, can i sleep?"
Viper nods grinning wide, he runs off to get dressed, Echo left to groan on the ground about how much he hates his brother this morning.
After a few minutes the brothers are prepared for their day of training, the two exit the house
with casual outfits, each one wearing a similar clan uniform of dark blue with cargo shorts and tabi.

Echo looks towards the sky, to his annoyance, the sun is not even out, he looks towards Viper and yells,"What is wrong with you?!"
Viper's only response to this is a mocking shit eating grin, something Echo normally wears, and childish laugh, Echo glaring at him at this point as he follows him,"I do not like you.."
The two traverse the streets of Konoha, Viper closes his eyes for a moment then reopens them, his iris tuns a deep crimson red, his eyes now resembling twin pools of blood with his black pupil visible at the center,
around the central pupil what looks to be an extra pupil known as a tomoe, this tomoe spins lazily around the pupil in each eye, Viper taking in the details all around him,"I cant wait to master this bad boy!"
Echo sighs,"Just do not catch the CAAS ok? before he can finish his words Viper is gone, he looks off in the distance only to see his brother leaping from building top to building top, his being looking like a shadow against the full moon which is slowly
beginning to set.
In time the two reach the gates of Konoha, they begin to travel down the dirt path towards the third training ground, a place Viper
has grown quite fond of as of recently, by the time they reach the field the sun begins to peek over the eastern hills to cast an orange glow upon the lands.
Viper looks towards Echo,"Did you bring the things I asked?"
Echo reaches in to his right weapon pouch with his right hand only to pull out a stack of chakra
sensitive papers borrowed from the academy, Viper grins upon seeing them,"Ok go set them up and tell me when."
To this, Echo takes off in to the forest, he channels his chakra through the stack of papers and places them upon scattered trees, on the underside of branches, within bushes, and even one to be funny on the leg of a crow to make his brother work for waking him up, the tags
total fifty in all for Viper to locate with his amateur Sharingan.
Echo returns to the opening of the training field and gives Viper a thumbs up with his right hand, upon seeing this Viper dashes off behind his brother, Echo spinning in place cartoon style,"Dang, calm down bro!"
Ignoring his brothers words Viper dashes through the forest, his eyes peeled for the papers, after a few minutes of searching he locates his first paper, to the normal eye these are brown papers, but to his
Sharingan eye these papers glow with a blue aura, he peels the first of the papers from the tree carefully with his right hand and puts it within his weapon pouch on his right hip, his mission to collect
all fifty of the tags.
Viper's training continues, after the first house Viper has obtained a good fifteen tags, he how has to use his head to find the remaining tags, Echo being sure to get creative in their hiding spots,
once this thought crosses his mind Viper leaps upon a tree branch and spies one in the distance placed upon an upper branch,"There's one!" Viper leaps after it and lands upon the branch, only to be flung upwards, a pressure rope trap laid by Echo which wrapped around his legs
once he landed and hoisted him in to the air by his feet, Viper looks to each side slightly embarrassed that he let himself get caught, he reaches towards his ninja pouch and grabs a single kunai in his right hand, he
slides the knife upwards and slices the rope around his feet, quickly recoiling he lands upon his feet on the branch and grabs the tag,"Nice try Echo!"
Now having 16 tags Viper makes his way along the upper tree levels after putting his kunai back in to his pouch, his eyes peeled for signs of Echo's traps, not really wanting to have another experience with them, after some time Viper recovers
four more tags but his luck starts to run short, he rubs his eyes as they sting slightly from over use,"Darn it, I gotta find them fast.."
He leaps to ground level and looks towards the surrounding bushes, suddenly, he spies light glows from within the foliage, reaching inside he finds two more tags putting him at a total of twenty two, he is nearly half way there.
After a few hours Viper has collected a total of forty nine tags, everywhere he looks for the last one, he sits upon a tree branch and sighs, he rubs his eyes as they begin to water from over use"Darn it just one more, where is it!?"
As he says this a flock of birds flies over head, unknown to Viper, his last tag is on it's way to the next valley, just then Viper leans back against the trunk of the tree and looks upwards towards the sky to relax, his eyes widen,
"There it is, the last tag!" he notes the crow in the center of the pack, it's right leg glowing blue,"Echo why did you do that?!" He jumps up and takes off after the flock of crows and jumps along the tree tops, Echo by this point is fast asleep on the training field snoring loudly
after being woken up at four AM.
Viper leaps off the highest branch but sadly, the flock of crows is too high, he continues to give chase knowing they must land some time, this goes on for a good hour, the crows showing no sign of stopping,
Viper stops and leans against the trunk of a nearby tree panting and trying to catch his breath, his eyes burning due to being active for a good twelve hours now, he looks up at the suns positioning as it's
high in the sky signalling late afternoon, Viper debates on giving up when he looks off in the distance, the flock of crows land in his relaxation spot hidden within the forest, the oasis like field in the sea
of trees, he reaches the tree at the edge of the field, he has to do this right, if the bird gets away he will never be done, he forms the clone seal with his fingers as a puff of smoke appears at his left,
from it emerges a perfect replica of himself, a Kage Bunshin.
Viper directs the clone and has it leap in to the tall grass, once ti does the birds go skyward, Vipers eyes pick up the one with the chakra tag as he leaps off the tree grabbing it mid flight and crashing to the ground,"I finally got it!" he exclaims as the bird
pecks and scratches him before he pulls the tag from his leg and lets it free, the clone vanishes in a puff of smoke leaving Viper to lay in the field of grass with a big grin and his eyes closed, his
breathing is slow as he relaxes, he gathers himself for a few moments and sits up and begins to make his way to Echo, seeing him asleep he growls slightly and glared, he tags the stack of tags and slaps them against his forehead, Echo waking up suddenly only to have Viper kick him in the
ribs,"Who the hell puts a chakra tag on a wild crow!?" to this echo bursts out laughing only to be kicked again, he sits up and gathers the tags, "Well lets go home, wouldn't want ya chasing anymore birds
now huh?" to this he receives a swat to the back of his head, all the while Echo laughs at his teasing, the two walk off towards Konoha once more as Viper deactivates his Sharingan and rubs his eyes,"I really need to get used to this." Echo looks towards Viper once more,"That's why I'm not gonna even work for those blasted eyes, they are too much work and cost way too much, nothing but blood spawned power."
Viper thinks over this for a moment and realizes Echo is right about one thing, this is not just a toy, in the history of the Uchiha this Kekkei Genkai was forged from blood, with these thoughts in his head the two vanish within the dense forest on the way to Konoha.

Word Count:1648
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The land is scarred, no building left standing, the harsh sun shines down upon what was once the mighty village of Konohagakure no Sato, the village hidden in the leaves.
Viper arrives at the scene after many events occurred that lead him back home, his eyes narrow at the sight, his fists clench, he looks towards the sky and screams in rage,"Why?! Why did this happen?!" memories of the event dance within his mind, the memories of those present, and the face of the main attacker which took him hostage.
Other memories dance through his mind, one that outweighs the attack, a Konoha Ninja present during the attack on Konoha, when things got to extreme, he ran, his face forever etched in Viper's mind, Dudzi Uchiha, The Uchiha Blood Traitor.
Filled with anger Viper lets these memories dance through his mind to fuel his training, his hands form the seal for the great fireball, he draws his head back and puffs out his chest, he angles his mouth towards the sky and lets out a roaring scream of anger, the flames erupting from his mouth as a raging fire storm that spreads twenty meters in to the sky, Viper holds this for two minutes before ceasing the flow of fire with a growl.

Viper forms the seals once more, he turns to the large crater in the ground, the source of the Senju's mighty tree, Viper leaps upwards his eyes out of anger seeing the man standing with in the crater looking up at him, his smirk clearly visible, mocking him for being unable to save what he loved.
His eyes narrow as he puckers his lips and expels forth a massive sphere of fire larger than any he has produced in the past, the massive sphere of fire measures easily twenty meters in total size, the air cracking and popping around the sphere of fire as it soars towards the crater only to impact the center and explode in a massive torrent of flames that explodes outwards filling the crater.

Viper lands upon the ground, his eyes still narrowed as he looks for other methods to relieve his anger, seeing no other around he forms the clone seal, his index and middle fingers forming a cross like formation, a puff of smoke appears at his right, a perfect replica of himself steps forth, a Shadow Clone, although this looks to be a normal clone, it's hidden nature remains a mystery to all.
Viper and the clone begin to trade blows back and forth, neither caring what happens to their own bodies, only the fact that they need to get rid of their anger, the two fight for around thirty minutes, the nose broken on each of the men, neither moving as they just stand in place wailing on each other, the true Viper strikes forth once last time impacting the clone in the center of the face, this causes to the clone to reach it's limit, Viper's eyes widen, he nearly forgot the clone he used, the Bunshin Daibakuha, or more commonly known as the clone Great Explosion, the clone erupts in a point blank explosion, Viper realizing this at the last moment leaps backwards, his arms crossing over his body to aid in protecting himself from the explosion, his life is spared, but his arms receive terrible burns.

Viper pants lightly, the burns now causing his arms to bleed, despite the injury, Viper ignores the pain, the wounds may be great, but his anger is greater, he looks at the crater his clone made, he chuckles lightly due to forgetting his own powers for a minute.
Viper walks to a nearby tree that borders the ruins, he grabs a single leaf from a low branch and adds his chakra to it, he presses it upon his right fore arm, his chakra making the leaf firm as he grits his teeth, the leaf stopping the blood flow from the wounds, he repeats this process upon his opposite arm stopping the blood from leaking forth anymore that it already has.
He takes the leaves and puts them within his weapon punch with his right hand, whilst still inside he pulls forth a single kunai, he clips the pouch closed as he leaps upwards with a counter clock wise spin, he brings the kunai up and sweeps it on a low hanging branch severing it's connection to the mighty trunk, as it falls Viper swings his feet over it and kicks off it reaching the tree tops, he dashes through the trees going deeper in to the forest, his home now gone, memories of that ensure they make that clear, he swings the kunai as he runs severing the branches in front of him to clear his path, it is not long before he reaches the training field he spent his youth at, surprisingly, it was untouched, this gave the Uchiha a small amount of inner peace, he leaps off the tree branch and lands upon the center stump of the three, he sighs, "What am I going to do now?" he looks around at the remaining territory of Konoha, would it be only a matter of time before this was destroyed as well?
To this though he grips his Kunai tighter, his Sharingan spirals in to his narrowed eyes, his teeth grit themselves and grind back and forth, he will not let that happen, he much push himself harder than he ever has, he will be the one to rebuild his home and protect it, he sweeps his right arm forwards and releases his kunai towards the river aimed for the mountain wall, Viper leans forwards as if he is going to fall off the center log, he lifts his right leg, he brings it down and kicks off the lock propelling himself after the kunai, he keeps up with it, he grasps it once more in mid air, he adjusts his body and turns it sideways landing upon the land across the water with a skid.

Viper puts the kunai back within his pouch, he turns to face the mountain wall, his left fist swings forwards smashing itself in to the massive stone structure, following his left is his right, the alternate as viper lets out an angered yell, after a few minutes of this the point of impact begins to crack and crumble, Viper's knuckles bleeding but he doesn't stop, he continues this for a few more minutes before the pain is unbearable, his arms go limp, his arms stained with blood, he pants his eyes narrowed, he dashes towards the mountain wall and begins to run upon it, he runs upwards until he reaches the top of the mighty mountain, he has to push himself further, once he reaches the top of the mountain he kicks off back flipping through the air to face the river below, he rapidly descends, his arms forcing themselves in front of him, they form the tiger seal, he inhales and just before he reaches the water below he exhales a roaring inferno of flame, this lowers Vipers descending speed and pushes him upwards due to the force, the water below engulfed in fire and evaporating near instantly, the rimming of the water pushing away from the flame, Viper angles his head still producing the flames and pushes himself backward as he lands upon the shore he started upon before ceasing the flames, the water rushing to fill the gap where Viper removed the water, Viper pants lightly, smoke drifts from his mouth after this display of fire release, he collapses back upon the ground, he looks upwards at the clouds, he closes his eyes for a moment before they shoot open filled with rage once more, the incident forever burned in his mind, not even in his sleep can be escape it.
He gets to his feet slowly, his arms burning at this point from their injuries, he limps back to the remains of Konoha, finding the location of the hospital he looks throughout the ruins, before long he finds a small medical supplies box, from it he pulls forth a few rolls of bandage wrapping, he sits upon the pile of rubble and begins to wrap his arms and hands, the bleach white bandages staining themselves with blood, he wraps an extra layer around the blood stained bandages to secure them before attaching the clip at the top, he sighs, his current anger quelling slightly, he inspects his injuries, he needs to be more careful other wise he will not live to see his dreams come true.
He looks towards the sky for answers, the sun setting over the remains of the great kage faces, he sighs and lays back upon a flattened stone drifting off to sleep.

Word Count:1,469
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