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Kidan Inuzuka
Kidan Inuzuka
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Vakara training journal Empty Vakara training journal

Fri May 04, 2012 11:22 pm
Day 1:Chakra training

Day one of what hopefully will be many entries into my long stay on the training grounds. Vakara had written in his journal he would keep for entries. He had yet to meet his squad or really had time to see instructors of any kind, so why wait? This was Vakara's chance to get stronger. To better deal with the upcoming enemies he needs to be able to at least use simple jutsu. Vakara had headed onto the grounds with a container of water and scraps of food he had been saving for just this occasion. The key word was train. For the first day he would only focus on chakra. If vakara could get good with that aspect of his ninja training he could go back to being the tai specialist he had been so self proclaimed. However, this would be no easy task. The use of chakra was always limited to Vakara, with his fists so durable and his..bone ability he never had reason for jutsu's and in the academy all they had was him forming clones and replacement jutsu which was child's play to be honest. Or at least it should have been.

Vakara headed over to the nearest tree, pulling himself through the mud. It had just rained. The shinobi stopped right in front of the tree giving a deep in hail and exhale. Now falling back nto a horse stance he began to breath even slower. Soon he would be feeling it, just easing out of his surroundings. Focusing only on his breathing. Feeling the body pumping through his body, his heart beating past every second until then it was there. He could finally feel his chakra, not as a constant thing but his focus on the chakra was the only thing that mattered. placing his hands together. Focusing on every detail he had, from his black spiked hair, which was black with the strip of white, the last bit of his real hair. His black sleevless shirt that he was wearing and the pants that matched. His sandals having to get the detail in that. 'clone jutsu'

The poof of smoke generated next to him. Vakara could feel it against his skin, he slowly opened his eyes looking to the side and seeing a perfect image of himself. Both smirked at each other. "Well finally, thought there would be no one as good looking as yours truly." Both laughed. Vakara walked around the clone making sure he got every detail just the way he wanted to and stopped half way. "why...why do you have a tail?" The clone shrugged then vanished after Vakara sent a fist through it. "Damn it!" Vakara got back into horse stance, focusing on his breathing finally poofing up another clone. Opened his eyes. "Perfe-...NO! Why do you have a mustache?!" The clone shrugged Vakara picked up a rock and put it through his clone. "Damn,damn,damn...calm down." Vakara went back into horse stance and focused this time letting go, not pressuring his chakra instead letting the chakra form his clone for him and then...poof! Vakara looked over to the clone, walking around once more. Letting out a large sigh. "Good, your perfect." Vakara stepped over to the tree. Placing a hand on it, to main tain his balance. "That took a bit of focus, alright let's get started." Vakara places a foot on the dead center of the tree, inhaling before stepping right onto the wooden structure. Both feet flat on it now able to stand on the trunk. The dark shinobi was completely horizontal to the ground. A slight smirk back on his face. " we go..." Now placing his hands together to maintain focus Vakara began walking around the tree. The tree was roughly a six foot walk.

Not much but every step had to be flat against the tree so every bit of his chakra could attached him the wooden vessel. "Alright not too hard so far." His clone vanished being unable to main both at the same time. He had walked around the tree for a half hour at least by this time. A small bead of sweat began to fall off his forehead, now making it a bit harder and going up and down the tree at will. Still doing everything he can to maintain his focus. Finally hitting an hour, now two hours passing. This time Vakara is moving quicker and then slowing down around the tree, finally rain began falling. Now planting each step he made to make sure he didnt just slip away and fall off the tree. He had to keep the steady pace crossing each branch.The weather was now working against the ninaj from the leaf, another hour of rain had passed by, large puddles around him had formed and his chakra was draining quickly. Finally the worst thought that could have happened. He slipped....

Vakara slipped right off at the top of the tree trying to use his chakra to reestablish he managed to land on a branch but wanting to continue his training he fell backwards and managed to get held up, upside down by his chakra. The weight combined with slippery environment almost was too much but he managed to hang on, with his chakra no less. Vakara could feel the pull and slip of the branch however not being able to hold on much longer he merely released the hold dropping down seeing a puddle beneath him he couldn't stop his training like this, using all the last bit of force he had left he used his surface jutsu landing on top of the water, leaving a large ripple effect. Vakara was breathing heavy now, until he heard a large crack above him. Looking up to the ar it was a branch about to fall, caught on another branch but heading down Vakara's direction. The Kaguya noticed a rock a few feet away making the hand signals and focusing hard he used his replacement jutsu, switching spaces before the branch smashed into the ground. Vakara poofed up where the rock was and at that moment staying in horse stance he could feel almost completely drained. This was too much. Letting his hands go he merely collapsed into the mud. Rolling over to at least breath. No one would want to hear the story about how Vakara was drown in mud. It was nightfall now, Vakara had gathered enough strength to get up and walk over to his supplies, gorging down some water and biting into a rice ball he found left over uneaten at a restaurant. Vakara leaning against the tree he almost died in was satisfying. Sitting up one last time and figuring why not see if he can do it one more time. Placing his palms together swifting around the hand signs and poof, there was a clone, was a fatter version. "Forget it!" He yelled finishing up his rice ball and growling. Finally writting one more bit of information in the journal to round out the ninjas day.

Today I expanded massively on my chakra energy. Though I don't feel it now, I know I'm increasing my strength day in and day out with these intense raining regiments.

(Word count 1,219- all to chakra P.S I hope you enjoyed my first training post.)
Kidan Inuzuka
Kidan Inuzuka
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Vakara training journal Empty Re: Vakara training journal

Sun May 06, 2012 1:16 am
Day 2: speed training

A new day had dawned, this time was Vakara's next shot to improve his physical skills. In order to be a better shinobi he was going to have to pick up the pace or else fear being stuck in a position of falling behind. Falling behind was not an option, for he was going to be a more improved ninja before he would start his genin abilities. First thing was something he's known since growing up in the boarding house, speed kills. Not that he was killing people, but Vakara had been known to be a bit quicker then his brother and sisters which would always help in training. His sensai senebo used to explain, the first hit is just as important as the strongest, if the enemy throws one powerful punch but you can land a few decent punches before then, your chances of winning go up insanely. Vakara needed to contiue his speed training, the ninja from the leaf was now up and fully stretched. Sleeping under the tree with just a tarp protecting him was rough for comfert but then again this wasn't a vacation, Vakara needed to get better. Still seeing the large branch stabbed into the ground where he had moved Vakara began using his mind to cook up just what exactly he could do with the supplies and turain around him. Stepping over to the branch and ripping it out of the ground with a good tug. The branch was a bit smaller then Vakara maybe four feet long at almost two hundred pounds. Vakara leaped it up on his shoulders, holding it across him just behind his head. Now he began his run, he ran to the outskirts of the training ground to kick off his speed training, rushing as fast as he could, lapping the training ground. The weight of the log was going to keep holding him behind which is why he had to push harder, plus the longer his body has this weight on the longer his body would work around using it. The mud wasn't helping, every step began to lightly sink, this only fueled Vakara.

Finally reaching lap one he could feel his heart picking up. Now stopping, the shinobi could hear explosives going off. He looked to his right putting down large branch almost log size. He noticed ninja from the leaf placing down coals in a large row, using explosive tags to make more rocks, while one of them was heating the coals with a fireball jutsu. Vakara walked over to the shinobi. "What's..this?"

They were obviously a bit higher rank.
'Look here boys, we got a genin who's curious.'

The three shinobi laughed a bit. Vakara still confused as to the row of heated rock.

'This is classic Chunin training. See this will determine how fast we can get if we can pass the coals before getting burned. Without any fancy jutsu or using our chakra to ride the flames.'

Vakara looked on, the coals extended for at least a hundred feet. This was a burst of speed test for sure. The waves coming off the rocks were strong, the heat was easily at a level enough to burn feet.

'We do this in three levels, first we run with our clothes on and our gear on, and a bit of weight to slow us down. Then stage two we remove the weight but also our shoes. Finally stage three, we add weight then we go bare foot so you can feel the pressure of the height and are slowed down.'

Vakara could get ahead of his training, training with chunin may be exactly what he needs. "Give me weight."

'oh..well alright but if you get hurt kid it's on you.'

"If I get hurt it'll be a miracle, since not much can." He snickered a bt. The man handing him thicker darker sandals.

'there put those on, more weight and yours won't get fried.'

Vakara put them on grabbing his branch again. Looking across the way he had about one hundred feet to cross the heavy heated rocks. Stepping just in front of the line he enhailed and finally took right off. Leaping onto the fire coals he could feel the heat rising onto the thicker heavier sandals, however could only keep moving, he kept pushing forward harder and harder, hitting twenty feet pretty quick but the weight of the log still reigning on him, feeling the sandals cooking his feet a bit Vakara tried to move faster hitting forty feet now. Vakara almost couldnt take it, he hit the half way mark and leaped to the right, landing in the cold mud. Vakara crashed and all he could hear was laughing from the chunin. "Damn it.." He hissed getting back to his feet now covered in mud. Vakara whipped off a bit heading over to the starting point once more ignoring their laughing. He took off the particularly fried sandals and his shirt, he wanted the least amount of weight possible, giving deep breathes leaning forward just in front of the trail of coals. This time Vakara sprinted right off the bat, feeling so much faster then last time. His feet rushing through the feild of firey rock. He managed to hit twenty feet in half the time, now forty. However the sting in the bottom of his feet was crucial and unforgiving. He had crossed the fifty feet mark with ease now rushing past sixty feet. He could feel a bit of his flesh really taking the burn.

Vakara hit seventy feet, finally leaping to the right wing once again at eight feet. Missed it only by twenty. There was no laughing now. The young shinobi was almost there. A chunin training system and he came so close to being able to at least finish it. Then in the background he heard the brush of speed behind him. Turning around, it was the chunin that gave him the instructions. He was so fast. The chunin turned around walked over to Vakara.

'you weren't bad. Give it one more shot. Hold that log, if you make it even half way you'll have done better then a lot of kids your rank.'

Vakara rushed over picking up the log, and before thinking ran. His feet still a bit soft from the fire and the run previsouly, he had already hit ten feet feeling the ember below him each step was a strain on his body and mind. He just had to go faster. He had hit the twenty foot mark. Sweating viciously now, Vakara had to ignore the pain and keep going finally he hit the forty mark. The chunins seemed a bit stunned, or at least still in silence. Vakara passed the fifty, a tear running down his face from the stinging pain he leaped out at about the sixty landing his feet in mud. "Aaaahhh.." He sighed with relief. Yet again pushing his body well beyond his limits. Pulling his feet out of the mud, he grabbed his sandals and bowed to the chunin. The one who gave him instruction put his hands together then placed them on Vakara's feet. The pain slowly left him, as roughly ten or fifteen minutes passed and Vakara felt at least eighty percent back. Vakara bowed to the chunin for allowing him to train, now heading back for a long rest and then back to training.

(WC 1251, all SPEED training Thank you hope you enjoyed once again)
Kidan Inuzuka
Kidan Inuzuka
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Vakara training journal Empty Re: Vakara training journal

Tue May 08, 2012 4:04 am
Day 3: Strength

Now was the day to work the young shinobis strength. He would be as strong as an oxe for his tai jutsu to work. He was getting faster while his chakra control was getting even better. Now he would work on his strength. Walking over to a big short tree. The tree or at least what was left had been cut down this was perfect. Vakara squatting into horse stance and wrapped his arms around the bulk of the plant now trying to lift it out of the ground. The roots were deep into the ground, only being able to lift it up barely off the ground. The roots still stuck into the earth beneath him. Vakara however was not going to stop until this thing was out of the ground. Vakara continued to use his legs and upper body raising this wooden structure out of the ground, for the moment it wouldn't budge. Vakara focused using his chakra to fuel his muscles as he began to promptly raise it higher out of the ground, the roots still visible.The worst end though was that they were still planted.

Vakara kept pulling feeling his muscles tighten, using as much force as he could. Finally, the roots broke out and ripped out of the earth. Vakara continued the motion slamming the tree in a bridge. Vakara's feet still planted his body bent like a bridge with the top flat end of the tree on the ground with the top of Vakaras head. Vakara pushed his feet off the ground rotating back to his feet now with a large tree unearthed and in his arms Vakara flipped the tree and again bridged it into the ground.This time Vakara rolled back to his feet again this time doing a half squat and shooting the small tree into the air. The tree was about a third of Vakara's weight , Vakara could not use this mass to simulate an enemy. The dummy Vakara would be using had to be bigger, this way he can practice what he personally enjoys, the brawling of fighting. Vakara managed to get the tree about six feet above him now leaping up to grab the tree and swing it forward into a front slam into the ground. Leaning up Vakara through a few elbows putting dents in the above area of the tree. Picking up the tree once again using one hand to push it up onto his finger tips, Vakara shot his left foot into the air nailing the tree and spiking it into the ground.Now standing over his practice dummy once more he wrapped his arms around the lumber picking it up onto his shoulders, seeing a tree in front of him, he had to use his muscles to maintain his balance so he ran hard seeing a larger tree into front of him he tackeled the tree he was holding into another tree smashing it hard against the plant causing it to tilt a bit out of the ground.

Vakara rolled backwards off his shoulder to a sitting position letting go of his practice dummy seeing it had been broken down pretty bad. Taking in a few deep breaths Vakara needed more power in order to do this.In order for him to be a perfect tai jutsu user, how badly does he want this? More then anything. He stands to his feet and brushes off his pants once again grabbing the small squared tree rolling it to it's side he cuts off the roots making it just a dense piece of wood. Stabbing his blade into the earth he lifts the squared block off wood onto his shoulder then shooting backward suplexs it off his torso, right as the log landed on the ground the shinobi leaped into the air and landed a hard knee on the upper half of it putting another dent in the bark, wrapping his legs around it and throwing down a few elbows, finally stretching his hands up to the air then leaning forward he planted his palms against the earth, his legs still wrapped around the long, taking in a deep breath he lifted the log with just his legs, behind him crashing the log bottom first in another modified bridge. Vakara held it for a few minutes, using his legs to squeeze tightly around the tree. 'what to do next?' He thought to himself when it finally popped into his mind, he leaned down to the ground the top of his head almost touching and he pushed off spinning until he crashed the log into the ground once again except this time in a sitting pile driver position. Vakara pressed off the leg with both of his feet doing a rabbit kick into the log making it flip over and over again on the ground, finally landing back on his feet the shinobi sprung after the log giving it a large up-kick, forcing a powerful kick to merely get the log in the air. Vakara leaped up after the log kicking it once again pushing the log higher. Coming back down to the ground the ninja of the leaf village landed in a squatting form and pushed off as hard as he could to reach the log and double fist it. Then sending himself as quickly back to the ground as possible, Vakara landed and instantly leaned down and pushed as hard as his legs would allow feeling them ache a bit from the push. The bone manipulator shot into the sky now able to barely touch the training dummy he had been using giving it a vicious headbutt. With all the push up power he had to let the log fly, while he crashed back first into the ground. Taking a breath, it was at that moment he realized at about a hundred feet in the air that log was descending, and descending fast. Now almost like a meteor heading towards earth Vakara rose his arms and caught the massive block pulling his arms back as if he was bench pressing or doing a push up. His arms shaking, his chest muscles were stretched and feeling so much pressure. With quick breathing Vakara managed to push the training dummy off of him. The log even had hand prints in it from the young shinobi putting so much force and energy to keep it from flattening the bone manipulator.

Now rising to his feet the young stud could feel his muscles as tired as could be. He was working on the log for an hour after that doing punching and kicking drills until finally moving his limbs was just pointless. The young man fell right on his back looking up to the sky, wondering how strong he could get if he just kept this up. Kept working and more importantly kept pushing. Though his body was sore he would not let anyone pass him. The other ninja could have their jutsu but when Vakara starts lifting whole full grown trees with his bare hands doing curls with them, then he will be a fearful opponent. He already had knock out power, soon he'll have skull cracking power All he could do was laugh loudly. Then almost like a blanket, slumber hit him he was exhausted so perhaps the lad earned some sleep.

(WC-1,228 all strength training)

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Kidan Inuzuka
Kidan Inuzuka
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Vakara training journal Empty Re: Vakara training journal

Wed May 09, 2012 11:51 pm
Day 4 bloodline

Vakara had been worn out now feeling the pain of his strength work out he felt as if his shoulder was out of place, gripping the bone tightly, not able to pop it into place, the pain was a bit much. The shinobi knew what he could do. He was remembering his bone manipulation training from sensi Senebo back at the home, but he couldn't do that. His ability was not what made him. He was a better ninja for not using his ability right? Being a Kaguya meant he could be considered a grand bone manipulator which would improve his tai jutsu but what if...what if he couldn't control it? What if he became dependent on it. The fear of not being able to control it was so terrifying. However, a day lost in training was time he couldn't take off. The ninja from the other villages were so strong how could he match up? He had to do it. Vakara enhailing bringing his hands together in serpent. "Keken genkai Skiotsumyaku" He called, his shoulder not only realigned but his bones felt as if they were being shocked. Vakara fell to a knee as he could feel the controlling of his bones. 'Dance of the willow'

Vakara forced his forearm bones now pushing out of his wrists, making two bone blades above his hands, his knee caps sprouted sharp oints as well as his elbow. This was a not painful a rebirth kind of sensation. Why hadn't he done this sooner? He looked up to a tree now slashing his bones into the wood dummy kneeing and turning around to throw elbows then finally planting both palms into the tree stabbing right through like paper. Finally taking his palms out he watched the tree collapse. "I...can't....I can." He claimed into the thin air. Retracting his bones, looking on in pure shock, the holes still left in his clothes. He fell to both knees now looking over to the fallen tree, it had fallen due to the deep stabs into the structure bringing it down. The worst thing, it cut through the tree almost like paper, with a human body who knows. This was something Vakara had to maintain as a secret, looking to his hands once again using up a bit of chakra and using his bone heal, feeling his bones shift inside his body breathing was scary with his lungs moving while bone was as well hardening. Vakara only could do one thing after it was all done. Laugh. Vakara laughed, this entire time he had figured his ability was wrong, this was still only a last resort but why did it have to feel so right?

(WC-456 training my genkai)
Kidan Inuzuka
Kidan Inuzuka
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Vakara training journal Empty Re: Vakara training journal

Mon May 14, 2012 8:32 pm
BUMPED, please someone take a look.
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Vakara training journal Empty Re: Vakara training journal

Tue May 15, 2012 4:12 pm

Day 1 - 6JP + 6 Chakra stats.
(p.s, your post was excellent!)

Day 2 - 6JP + 6 Speed stats.

Day 3 - 6JP + 6 Strength stats.

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